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  1. very rudimentary pre amp it would make though. with very basic switching and processing functionality. no 3D audio and what not. most basic pre amps would surpass i would suggest...
  2. its not a totally silent machine, there are noises made booting up and synching to signal, filter moving in place and such. so dow tknow if that is what refer to. the coffee grinding is pretty vicious and only ever heard once where no doubt resetting it self completely or something. are you running some custom setup gear . not sure what doing to shut down ? if it were completely resetting it self as did for me once post update i too would be wondering what go is
  3. thats a very interesting reason with regards the 4:3 presentation. I've really only been in deep dense tassie forests in one part near Cradle mountain... and its pretty amazing. Claustrophobic it certainly can be where right in the midsts ! and can be quite dense and dark !
  4. its not a new thing, am sure i remember javs with the issue with previous gen...can happen. not that seen it either on previous or current gen. but good to know if ever happens ...just open and close ....
  5. ive seen in local melbourne retailer and few years ago... so its certainly been here, though not seen lately...
  6. speakers are such a pers pref thing. look aussie in brands indeed something like the legend audio are excellent for money. is a pre power setup really needed for a under $1k stand mount ? id say for go cost of additional box and interconnects and spend the money on a better 2ch integrated amp instead.
  7. hi hs, the grey box in the screen shot I posted explains it. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/300572-gemini-man/?do=findComment&comment=4453196 I would be very careful relying on automatic. And unless turn 4k 50/60 on ie selecting one of formate 4:4:4 or 4:2:0 it won’t display ie if you leave that off
  8. Nope menu was exactly same I remember when had the 900 and ran billy Lynn
  9. If pana auto selected, it’s been setup to do so. But will also mean it is likely also upping everything else to 50/60 as well which is not good ... a bit of a watch out. Have to switch 50/60 m as manually if don’t not want that happening
  10. https://www.drive.com.au/news/holden-discounts-cars-by-up-to-17-500-some-models-are-half-price-123279.html on the upside, or is that down side holden will be clearing out new cars for upto 50% off ! some saving of $17500 ! that will be good for new car buyers buy will not be very good for resale on those who have these already. goodness knows what will resale of holdens be like this especially with the only 10 years of parts / support hanging over each sale.
  11. glad got to bottom of things even if just know what problem is ! bit crazy really a GZ current gen latest tech thing only accepts 8bit 4:2:0 for 60fps ...but anyways grrr... indeed this is the watch out for hdmi 2.1.... its just a feature set and just because something is quoted wiht hdmi 2.1 doesnt mean it supports the whole feature set. so indeed not worth holding breath !
  12. I had the Integral, other units tend to do what it does plus more which may not be needed there are other local options eg bluestream sold by specialist shops , I tried retuned it. therr is also mono price black bird. No experience with that the simple splitter used as a hdcp stripper Officeworks-jaycar I found most cost effective but that was fir my need
  13. Honestly want local option hdfury was source of frustration for me, didn’t really solve my problem. It’s lot cash too
  14. think about whats going to happen in due course with lot of dealerships abandoning the brand ... who wants the dead on large billing out the front of your business... and why hold parts for them ? holdens going to have to hold all those parts and next 10 years off them. thats a flippin lot !!! I can tell you this for car makers...its not the cars that are the money....thats just the trojan horse ... parts is where the money is... cars need them... not only when fail but when crash them. its big money...as is holding storing and managing them as well. and also considering any element of holden business going forward has to live off the back of parts.
  15. better to walk in a store grab one can return than buying online and figuring how to get money back. are you running 2 displays ? indeed if ever running 2 displays and splitting for that it will go lowest common denominator. but as long as both are not switched on (and not using active cables) then only one switched on will decide the resolution. not updating the AVR you are possibly entering a world of pain... keeping in mind splitting audio and video in itself is going to create potential for lip synch as both audio and video is going to be processed differently and not one signal path for either to know. a problem dont have with just one signal path and everything its kept in synch. in store device i am aware off that works is the bluestream. i woudl aim to buy one to try ...return if doesnt work for you.
  16. I caught on blu-ray there are a lot off things left wondering about in the movie....even the cover image used for the movie ... why are peoples eyes blanked out ... dont need to answer if gives away the movie ...ok to leave me wondering It reminds me of slum dog millionaire for some aspects... a class and injustice with folks at two ends. interesting how rambles along and things jsut fall apart bad to worse ! Interestingly done even the ending...some themes how folk accept their lot in life and oblivious to things and yet dont accept interesting ! not watched a lot of korean films, but enjoyed this... if can be enjoyed id rate the movie 7.5/10 it is filmed beautifully ! id rate picture 8/10, audio is not really a big feature of this film but adds well in music sounds effects and things so id rate 7.5/10. I wouldnt personally buy the disc unless a huge favourite of it or genre. probably one to stream... if can... not really that viable an option in australia unless buying outright through fetch or apple movies or something. some screen shots to capture the excellent scenes from this movie.
  17. thats why the original google chrome cast is no longer getting supported with updates...
  18. probably just used to a dumb tv...as I am... no apps built in etc its just a monitor which is fine for me use an apple tv instead adds smartness as does fetch tv box. in-laws have a pana and its interface is not great. if i had same id jsut keep using appel tv and fetch with it. probably setup the netflix button properly incase someone hits it by mistake or something personally rather the dumb tv approach. that ways tv wont go dumb over the years as support for apps drop off no longer work. easier jsut to update the appletV than TV itself every few years
  19. since all the local part makers shut along with the car makers. if something unique part wise these have had to be hoarded ie continue support X years.... cost of holding inventory is massive ! suspect that would be some part of cost... though only guessing in that regard.
  20. theres no Dallas clarke audio in mulgrave, might be thinking glen waverley ?
  21. hi ccrider, the only settings that default to factory relate to the HDR. as since those menu screens have updated to the new screens with Dynamic tone mapping. so with new screens and setttings all they can do is update them to factory. if havent changed any of them from factory they will still be the same. from memory its all the processing, eg motion control and such, lamp output which defaults to high.
  22. If bought from oz just do what he recommends can trust his advice
  23. X700 will be well out of warranty. If bought from local retailer just take to them should sort out and likely access to cheaper shipping than you can. Otherwise I’d just ship to a repairer
  24. probably a chevy motor, but doesnt stop it being a holden theres plenty out there with passion enough wont let a lot of these things die. never mind its white too but doesnt mean its white goods on wheels that many prefer to buy
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