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  1. yep the flagship av8805A processor with hdmi 2.1 board installed is list price of $6,499...we've been enjoying great marantz and denon pricing since about start of this year ! never been a better time to go separates ! there is likely a 7706A but that is probably only a september announcement and not sure when would land here...
  2. Lupin looks fantastic on Netflix and via projector in 4khdr... it is so lovely shot... beautiful lighting... I do have high bandwidth nbn internet here and probably getting the best netflix has to offer. Lovely sound track too.. with a 5.1 mix that beautifully upmixes to 7.1.6 with neural - X . Very enjoyable we are upto episode 3 on series 2 already was tempted to binge through last 2-3 episodes but it got late. Did skim back through for some screen shots ... some scenes and characters...
  3. oh my.... great budget.... trade in the clears for stellia and arche... with what you get for the clears and some discounting on buying the bundle... I think you could easily squeeze in a stellia-arche combo is super impressive ... definitely demo if can ... i suspect would be impressed it does all come down to taste though.... so really comes down to what looking for and whether hits the spot ...
  4. Luoin the gentleman burglar is back... series 2 and 5 episodes... am on it
  5. 10 year anniversary of this film and they have released it on 4k uhd blu-ray Its come up a stunner... looks excellent ... and sounds just plain amazing... that train wreck scene and plenty others is trueHD 7.1 sound track that is indeed just amazing upmixed with dolby surround ! picture wise ...its taken nicely to 4k uhd blu-ray and I skipped back through a few select scenes... with the key characters...has a lovely look to it... that last scene have the JJ Abr
  6. yes, that is what i would do...
  7. Krix sell kits for their surrounds so can wall mount or ceiling mount them. However their inceiling speakers do work very well to in setups have experienced where used as heights
  8. I think will find what was early in my research myself... and what was my closing statement in that post ... and yep that is exactly what i ended up going and would suggest... but yes as i have already said anything i or anyone says is only suggestion... it is your money....your choice...do make your own decisions... at end its for yourself to be happy with not only your purchase and end results. so do what ever makes you happy doesnt ever matter what anyone else says
  9. impossible saying opposite as I have actually used back boxes on my focals in 2015, perhaps you are misinterpreting … but I can assure you for focal speakers you are using, I would suggest back boxes as I have using last 5+ years on focal Electra/sopra versions Anyways leave it there, as your choice … I already said once before not wanting to go on about it. As made my point. Make own choice … be happy with what ever it is want to do
  10. you need probably earc anyways ...arc itself was flaky and very limiting... so something 2018 onwards would be best id suggest if wanting to go that way... this will also have you covered for hdmi 2.1 if ever going that way...where usually you do plug hdmi 2.1 devices to hdmi 2.1 TV and earc full bandwidth audio out ...
  11. if the speakers aren't released yet quite possible both will appear at the same time... worth a call to local importer/distrbutor ?
  12. purrfect... especially their olde-world tannoy or klipsch look that their oak surrounds and oatmeal grilles bring
  13. agree... folk worry on impedance ...but how hard a speaker is to drive is dependant not only on impedance but efficiency and frequency response need to handle...in this case they will be crossed over at likely 80hz.. driving them off avr is least of issue...more likely issue is mains or centre or bed surrounds likely a more demanding load...
  14. yes another model... in focal is the 300ICW-6 which doesnt cost much more ... gets you a 6inch which is the sweet spot, i wouldnt go smaller or larger is really necessary https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/focal-300-icw-6-in-ceiling-speaker? also gets you aimable tweeter...rather than the fixed one in the 4". I run the 6" electra/sopra range equivalents. and uses same mount hole as the smaller 4" model does. they 100% need back boxes for several reasons... yes focal only sell fire boxes but just because they dont sell them, doesnt mean they dont make
  15. you dont need to.. but they are also not just "effects" speakers... we moved long past that from dolby prologic days.... and now with entire sound field being steered around the sound stage using all the speakers ... all speakers are important.. they aren't there just for effects....
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