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  1. ones i have are circa 1992 ! not sure what mk they are but can see all info I have on them. they are still superb !!! certainly not after Ralph
  2. is ti possible to post a picture of the back ? if harlequins then yeah mk 1 ... we have later harlequin from 90s these had soft dome tweeter and the two mid bass drivers but was internally twin cabinets and twin ports that youd bung either or both or leave both as ports... excellent speakers even today !
  3. I'd skip the AVRs then. grab a suitable rotel power amp for the 804's and an av processor can feed the signal to the 2ch rig to power the mains ... nad is still doing decent gear...but gone up in ranks.... and again you would be buying and paying a lot for a receiver with a lot of power for many channels you just won't use... what od you need to feed it for source ? is it anything fancy ...otehrwise even a good quality ut back catalog av processor would do.... and there are usually some nice ones always coming up ...
  4. gosh... kaynin ! I reckon even one of any of above would do it
  5. B&W 804s ? id be powering with a decent rotel amp at least.... what is rest of the system ? is a processor all you need coupled with a 2ch rotel for your rears ?
  6. hi lynne you are right not many fold completely flat. not even golf I had... they fold sort of flat... fully flat i remember with 3 french cars I owned.. and they do the jazz thing where have to turn the seat base forward and then the seat backs fold flat... that said my current small hatch the seats fold sufficiently flat can fit a webber BBQ in the back flat enough for me
  7. its whether a concern going forward ? we are getting more and more with full bandwidth requirement older again but perfectly suitable for blu-ray dvd fta tv and dont have to go uhd... but if going uhd id go whole hog current model rather than an older one that doesnt fully comply... with an older projector like this... seeing in person would be best... so can be happy with what getting. now old unit is probably had a few lamps since... check how many hours on current lamp ? is lamp an no name one or actual epson ? yes and no... you want to achieve something in picture ... that comes at a cost .... jsut have to determine what happy with in picture and costs follows
  8. it only supports 10 gbps not 18gbps full bandwidth for 4k uhd. this was something amongst other things the 9400 brought. worth reading some reviews and researching to understand fully. check promuctreview.com on retailers, will get some clues if never ever dealt with them.
  9. While I agree the 9300 seems overpriced for superseded model with not even a full bandwidth hdmi. Make sure whatever do, do not just buy on price. There are shonky retailers out there that are bricks mortar and sell on eBay. Make sure to check product review.com for clues ...
  10. Ha think missed this boat last one Was rx8 was decade ago and twin rotor ...we might still get another Rx though who knows what will power it !
  11. if you can do it .... and this is always recommended....before getting the screen...use a step latter with a plank between the legs to position the epson about where its going to sit, firing onto a blank wall in the room. scale up the image for both scope and 16:9... use it like that for a little while ....see what both you and wife feel comfortable with.... the results might surprise or confirm...whcih is good too...whats there to loose... far better to do this. than get a screen and find its not really going to work for what ever reason... and then ends up in the classifieds as you see screens going at a small fraction of what cost....
  12. what have i started here ok given i missed boat on datsun 240Z... my eyes then turned to a mazda RX7... ofourse couldn't afford one at the time either ... orignal aussie ad, and when i could finally afford one about 10 years later .... again those early RX7s were looking a bit ungainly... rough around the edges....and the newer ones were bloating up .... and then priced out of the universe ! will there be an RX that i own one days .... who knows
  13. theres only a 20% difference in lumens and you can gain that with the jvc not using its filter, keeping in mind the epson go pretty whacko in colours when crank right up in anywise.... regardless both I think would benefit with calibration, the jvc especially with a curve to suit a calibrator worth salt would do would still have an example of a premier projector many are holding onto ! definitely will get you basics. but what have seen of the epson between calibrated vs not...definitely could benefit with a calibration a pro one if can manage
  14. theres a subsonic that might interest. as an aussie sub brand quite well made and pretty good quality at a great price here.
  15. welcome emma ! I hope your hifi is useful to get you through lockdown ! hopefully end up upgrading to the Densen you are looking to get to
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