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  1. agree on bmw service .... only been satisfied and happy... nothing to complain about. have only seen them try their best to please fantastic PB for a first time ! agree very composed, watched many races there but never driven on it, but doubt id do as good or better either... yes bmw seem to do their drive days there, though never managed to get to even one yet, maybe one day when have more time. will keep that time in back of my mind
  2. great to see these come back together again for you. no doubt 2020 will remain best forgotten ! great that get to finally enjoy these and the full system back together again
  3. Am sure will be fine and really happy ... but to be sure I hope things all sorted for you sooner than later after debacle in last year, bet can’t wait to be enjoying again on the big screen !
  4. the main problem with emotiva direct importing has always been repairs and support, which might possibly need. as end with an amp here which if needs support you some how need to get it sorted over the phone or via email. and they wont send parts or have a local repair facility that can fix them. the things like capacitors used in the emotiva are also not great and ask some techs who have worked on them what they think of them. So overall ends up costing quite a bit to get here when there are some pretty good options could buy instead new and 2nd hand. buying new clearly gets you support in ca
  5. hi avian, tony does do melbourne, does regular visits, thats how i managed to get mine done, not sure when tony's next trip to melbourne is but this is the melbourne calibration thread
  6. oh indeed done well to grab one, i would just to be safe make sure you test it though... even for a few hours on a wall. you dont want to find any DOA issues down the track. better to find upfront
  7. oh congrats indeed Kazz ! oh i definitely missed the little hint dropped in the last post too ! definitely getting bigger and heavier ! all for the better though
  8. well that is all a bit unfortunate ! i wonder if these bugs and issues translate from the emotiva as they he been notorious in the bug department as well. anyways your experience is a good heads up for anyone indeed considering the items in question...
  9. It’s been some good general chat on Av processors in this thread, gene from audioholics , in last month or so had a good discussion, on YouTube dealing with the Sony is dead thing, leading to some talk on awesome Av gear Sony once did then really talking current state of play with Av processors...what to get, look for amd watch outs is a good part of it....lot of respect for gene ...
  10. Yamaha's heritage with processing goes way back. i suspect they will come through with something pretty tasty. they also dont tend to be just empty boxes inside and with a strong focus on the quality of sound and music. which like marantz has always been pretty important. so suspect soemthing juicy will come. the only other brand in the japanese missing in action are the onkyo/intragra processors but then perhaps far too much water gone under the bridge with those now...
  11. yes doubt DTS-X pro is a concern for D as not planning heights... but if indeed considering heights and DTS-X pro. that is quite a watch out between the brands ! seeing the table below that krobar pulled tougher Key - DTS:X Pro / Auro / CH+VOG / VOG Only / CH Only Denon / Marantz - Most 13 Channel models - Yes / Yes / Yes (7.1.4+) / Yes (7.1.4+) / Yes (7.1.4+) Trinnov Altitude - Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes Storm Audio Mk2 - Soon / Yes / Yes / Yes? / Yes? Arcam / JBL Synth / Audiocontrol - Current Models - Soon? / Yes / Yes / No / No Anthem - 2020 Models - Yes / No / No? / N
  12. how we all going over here I can't beleive 3 years is coming up for mine... boy thats gone quick...suspect the next 7 will rapidly go the same... given the little driving over covid... i pretty much drove it around in "sport" all the time... good to enjoy it one way or other not sure i'll ever get mine over to phillip island, one of the lads on facebook posted his going around.... lovely race track... so smooth...love the curves ... dont think the mic there on audio really captures the screaming banshee the inline six can be in full flight...
  13. the lyngdorf have a good rep, no idea on 2ch but they have had some focus on that in the past. the audio control is really an arcam with different dac and the arcams are buggy as hell from all accounts ... last time i went from SF to Seattle I caught a plane we already have under hood shots of avm70 and avm90 and really theres 2/5ths of nothing between them and yes the avm70 in configuration looks very similar to the avm60 and its donor AVRs. anthem no longer do dedicated processors like they did back in the day with the anthem D2V and such ... so many options r
  14. that is great to hear ! that did get one and enjoying definitely worth the calibration, I had tony from Clarity do mine and to great result and very happy since https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/251332-projector-tv-calibration-in-melbourne/?do=findComment&comment=4670013 not sure if Tony gets your way, but i do see there is a note from someone in canberra region asking there as well,
  15. this is fantastic to see... looks like a real return to the kind heights paradigm were some years ago now with the studio reference series they used to have. these going a long ways forward. paradigm to me were always about incredible detail dynamics and attack and am sure this line continues that on. I do wonder if there will be a founder range of subwoofers as that is a massive strength of paradigm as well going back to the servo range they used to have. great to see this brand very truly back as was thinking they had lost there ways a bit for a while loo
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