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  1. betty boop

    One sub or two.

    have never ever heard a vaf sub kensell, so cant comment but it would be crazy given your close proximity to such great speaker makers that dont consider buying local
  2. betty boop

    One sub or two.

    in my experience. get the one decent sub rather than two half decent splitting the price. get best sub can afford and rather than the half decent ones it will dig deeper, punch harder and and add a heck of a lot more fun factor than just some average subs instead. the other thing with subs is its hard enough to optimally place one, let alone optimally placing two. if using multi subs they work together. so keep in mind if not optimally placed they can actually even work against each other. krix make some great subs and with them local, be hard to understand why wouldn't get one off them. in a room that size I would go something like tektonix or volcanix. https://www.krix.com.au/subwoofer/
  3. betty boop

    Presentation of items for sale

    I see some stuff and think. gawd was it dragged behind a ute or something ! how on earth does some gear get so battle scarred !?!?!?! how can some gear be so unloved and mistreated !!
  4. thank you winno, they are speakers I have no plan to replace... ever ... if I can help it have owned them some 10+ years so serving me well. I haven't come across a "dynamic" speaker that does vocals as well as the focals do, I have heard a martin local electrostatic panel that did a better job with vocals, but they aren't as versatile a speaker as these focal are. they have a great top end I agree and are a very dynamic speaker. which is why I also use them as my mains for HT, as they also serve for 2ch duties. I dont know if you know me'shell ndegecello her album peace beyond passion, also st germain's tourist, massive attack's Angel these are some albums/tracks with some stupendous bass that the Divas do very well I listen to a wide range and styles of music and love them for it. amazing you had the mission 753s, I owned a pair for over a decade and a speaker much loved. searched high and low and took the Divas to replace them
  5. betty boop

    HDMI 4K Combo - No weak link?

    not recommended to join cables but they can be used as inline hdcp strippers as the y'all do it inadvertently... which may be a benefit or hurdle...
  6. depends what chasing I went with my focal utopia Divas that have a pretty slim line profile due to its efficient isobaric design for its 2 x 8". which are side firing in this design. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/59834-where-the-divas-sing/ I've always liked slim baffle speakers with the previous speaker I ran being the very lonely mission 753S(random web image) If I were buying another speaker tomorrow, Id seriously consider the 803D3 or 802D3 if going a bit more darlek in nature
  7. betty boop

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    definitely whatever works. I have diabetes in the family too, don't have it, and will do my best to not get it. no 1 thing I have been advised medically is the beneficial effect of weights ie gym. I try my best to include a couple fo days of exercise in the gym each week. not always possible but I do try
  8. betty boop

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Good to here blybo, Following different tact here than ever have, will post next week if having some early results cautiously optimistic but don’t want to get too excited yet
  9. betty boop

    2019 projector releases ?

    Joe rods review of the 870es http://hstrial-jrodriguez996.homestead.com/SONY-VPL-VW995ES-4K-HDR10-projector.html?_=1544678181106 looks like a sensational projector for those that can afford one(not me)
  10. I’d upgrade the avr. Most have streaming capability if its your mode of listening id look at positioning of mains, is it possible to pull mains out that corner it’s jammed in now. Move ahead of sub and in line with where it is now will get mains away from walls at back and to sides once get new avr make sure you recalibrate everything in the new setting best way way to often drive interest is media ... god interesting stuff want to watch / listen to ... will get you back in
  11. betty boop

    HDMI 4K Combo - No weak link?

    be wary of 4k HDMI splitters... I don't know ezyhds spec. some strip HDCP. which will be a problem for some devices, not such a problem for others. not running an avr ? dont need sound ? for short 1m cables just about anything will do. ig want premium certified ie these will 100% work they are available from amazon au, can get mono price and free delivery from us if have amazon prime membership. even with the 10m does it have to be 10m ? can you get away with 30ft ? as in 9.1m ? then can use a mono price premium certified at $59 delivered. will save you a lot of cash ... I would run and test anything before running anything in walls. no matter what cable you get. test with known tests eg apple tv 4k, oppo or xboxonex. it will either work or it wont and you will soon know if some hiccup in the midst.
  12. betty boop

    2019 projector releases ?

    completely off topic, but if you are thinking AT screens definitely check out the krix modular systems ! if I were doing an AT screen what I would go for. just be aware that AT screens are much lower screen gain 0.7 and such so output takes a hit there as well !
  13. betty boop

    7.1.4 Setup and Yamaha Rx A3070

    can buy a separate amp to power the in ceilings I see the affordably priced amc amps listed above, probably just grab one of those depending on no of channels need. so a slim line 2ch one if thats all need. alternatively grab the 4ch one and take a bit more load off the aVR re the inciting speakers am sure klipsch make some suitable ones
  14. betty boop

    Where the Divas Sing

    Haha do it once do it right ! That’s me yes need back board as wall mount is narrower than Span between studs I’m wondering whether to not only screw but also glue the back board to the wall the glue probably overkill hehe thoughts anyone ? I have no more nails the patching, undercoat paint will mean stretched over few days. So no pronto ! 😛
  15. betty boop

    Das Boot mini series on SBS.

    Watched 1st couple of episodes. It’s good stuff ! I’m liking how played out. Much to my surprise my wife joined me in watching as well. The French resistance / uboat parallel stories are going along nicely. Good acting good character building plenty of grit ! we’ll probably watch another episode tonight ps pq/aq is a bit starved by sbs on demand which is a pity. Wonder if can get this on blu-ray