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  1. @PeteMac love the understated looks... the RS can be a bit too lairy...with all the red RS badging inside etc... love the seats etc on the superb..interior .reminds me more holden calais....these are a rather large car though no doubt...good some large car options still exist like this
  2. Depends if needs the mothership I suppose for life support .... I know for instance that’s how tivohd vanished ... no longer a mother ship so suddenly a useless box... they offered a subsidised trade into fetch via Harvey Norman ... who took old useless tivohd so could be e-waste main reason I’ll still hang onto physical media ...
  3. So presumably just keep working as always has ? If the case what is the bother ? With mature product presume it will be pretty stable anyhow ? thst said I know with blue sound always seem some update, and don’t know what happens if don’t bother updating ? Will stop working eventually ? accc has some rule once of 7 years support, not sure still case or what specifically applicable to anymore ...
  4. congrats ! looks an absolute beauty.... these things definitely have a long lasting feel to them
  5. @jim13 as happens brother in law picked a daimler that looks very similar... actually was gifted to him by a long term very happy customer of his. which is plain crazy but these things happen it is quite minty and amazing inside with wood everywhere. spectacular actually. even has a part digital dash... amazing had all that time back...some brands only discovering that now some element of royalty to it too... with a fold out tray table off back seats and what not he treats it like royalty and plans to have it running many years into future...
  6. i recently bought a much smaller one(different brand type). But can confirm these things are quite pricey if try to buy new ! especially in this sort of size and ones that can keep ice over a few days. agree with comments above there are a lot of use for this things as they can hold over quite some days.
  7. definitely check the options, oztheatre would be local to you am thinking, hence crazy not to check. we also have two other local screen makers in LP morgan and screentechnics. all great products ! be many overseas options too am sure but not sure how accessible....
  8. this is very true....something i noticed with my FWD hot hatches even with all wizardry can struggle put power down for traction scrambling to grip. something I have found both RWD and AWD are better for... but still GTI has its place.... it sells a great portion of golf for VW so very important model for them and for most folk about as quick a car as need and electronic nannies these days mean would have to be silly to get into trouble.
  9. audio trends is also selling for same... perhaps its the new price
  10. its broken cover... should be here later this year... https://www.caradvice.com.au/821128/2021-vw-golf-gti-breaks-cover-due-in-australian-showrooms-by-the-end-of-this-year/ not sure much of a departure externally. the droopy front nose isnt great ! back looks a bit toyota corolla-ish... perhaps like many cars ... better in the metal but the interior looks a massive step forward from existing car...main point difference would suggest. otherwise looks more an interim model before next gen becomes hyperised with electric power of some sort... which am sure will come ...
  11. agree...many makers use a plastic sheet screwed to top... so folks dont try to swivel a screw driver or knife of something through the grill to slide switch across... with it likely powered (shudder). some companies do pop these on the back of casing to stop need to expose to mains !
  12. been in many a theatre with projector jsut behind or ahead. the sony looks to me same as current gen jvc where gone for a larger casing.... larger fans air movement so likely much quieter for lumen to smaller case and fan projectors especially for HDR. so i for one wouldnt hesitates for one minute to mount one of these ahead especially if gets you valuable lumens for HDR...as forward as can for brightest outcome ! need all can for HDR ! especially wiht a larger screen. high gain screen for AT certainly exist with perf and micro perf eg stewart and such. doesnt seymour screen do a higher gain AT screen ? I would also talk to oztheatre as suggested prior for local option...save a lot on postage and buying local.. Id be trying to get upto 1.3 gain at least....
  13. indeed Moana is very good ...not seen the uhd though, just 3D on the n7 and was a stunning thing !
  14. Wow watching scar face on uhd yesterday night. Goodness how fantastic does this old classic come up on the Jvc n series. The colours, detail and depth to the picture. Indeed some back ground noise given old source but great they haven’t DNR’d it for wax faces ! New lease of life and great to watch on the N7
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