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  1. melody's are good in the bedroom 🥰 speaking from personal experience
  2. Looking great UM ! lot of effort but has paid off !
  3. hmm seems no longer 4K uhd.. due to throttling to protect bandwidth.... .... really wondering why i pre paid for this thing till end of the year... should have gone for month to month option and dumped it !
  4. ah good stuff ! I thought were upto something else ah i see ! because be no chance with 10m on that one ! I can imagine not in any hurry to upgrade. but no cant future proof on hdmi at this stage the ultra high speed cable spec means being certified is mandated. And they come in about 3m length longest I have seen so far but am sure in time we will have it, though in mean time for anything we need premium certified covers that length easy. but as you said no hurry to change so might as well wait it out.
  5. yeah cant believe this either ! for $1200 including the matching centre also being sold can have a full active meridian front stage.... just add AV processor goodness ! what the heck is this still doing here
  6. wow this is one serious cetane speaker for $400. active even ! no meridian fans out there that would just grab this I would have thought !
  7. have you tried paradigms importer ? audio active ? its probably just a straight swap over of xover ? in anycase am sure could advise on the local repairer especially given they are located in melb themselves. https://www.stereo.net.au/brands/paradigm
  8. couple of reviews of n5 in the uk... from avforums, https://www.avforums.com/reviews/jvc-dla-n5-rs1000-native-4k-projector-review.17398 "JVC DLA-N5 (RS1000) Native 4K Projector Review While the JVC DLA-N5 may well be the entry-level when it comes to native 4K, the performance on offer is excellent. It might not have the WCG filter of the N7 and NX9 but it still manages to produce some of the best HDR10 images we have seen from a projector at the price point. The only small negative being an overall lack of absolute colour saturation, but it is not something you would notice in isolation and as such is probably not going to any issue for the vast majority of users. The Frame Adapt dynamic tone mapping is a game-changer for JVC and elevates their machines above the competition for balanced, nuanced and effective HDR image quality. That alone is worth the entry price. SDR as you would expect looks sublime with stunning image accuracy, detail and black levels. Yes, the black floor is ever so slightly raised compared to the outgoing X-series, but you would only notice this moving from one to the other, as we did. In all other respects, the JVC still has the best black levels of any currently available native 4K projector. Video processing is also very good with no issues when it comes to upscaling content to 4K and motion is also very good with 24fps material. There is a frame interpolation system available if you want to watch big-screen sports and this works fairly well but does add in artefacts at the highest settings. It shouldn’t be used with film or drama content. 3D playback is also very good indeed with no issues with obvious crosstalk of ghosting within images. Alita: Battle Angel looked stunning in 3D on the big screen and it is nice to see manufacturers continuing to add this to projectors like the N5. If you want to add in the wide colour gamut filter to that excellent HDR then you will need to step up to the JVC DLA-N7 which Steve reviewed for the site, but be prepared for the jump in price point. You could also consider the Sony VPL-VW570ES that remains as a current model even though we reviewed it back in 2018. It has many of the features the DLA-N5 has but I certainly feel the HDR on the JVC would sway me if I had to make the choice. Obviously, at the time of this review, it is difficult to demo any equipment, but I would recommend a demo at a specialist dealer of both before spending this much on the projector. Overall, the DLA-N5 is an excellent entry point to native 4K projection from JVC and it offers superb SDR and very good HDR picture quality. The lack of a WCG filter is not a major factor as the image quality with HDR is still some of the best we have yet seen from a projector. We are struggling to find any real negatives with the N5 and as such it comes highly recommended." Verdict. The Good Excellent SDR picture quality Excellent HDR picture quality Frame Adapt dynamic tone mapping Good calibration controls Excellent black levels and shadow details Very good 3D playback Motorised lens shift, zoom, focus The Bad No motorised lens cover Slightly lacking absolute colour saturation for HDR Auto Calibration needs to feature all high-end meters"Slightly lacking absolute colour saturation for HDR" giving it the highly recommended award. and also from uk hifi choice where given "best buy" https://uk.jvc.com/news/awards/dlan5-hcc/?_ga=2.171353184.1580654380.1586087898-248399598.1586087898
  9. interesting stuff with the treatments ! audibly any gains ? not surprised on gemini man... its pretty dividing in appeal are you still using the original kordz prs active cable ? as that is not specd to do anything beyond 4k24 surprised got it to work at all with 4k 60 ! ive for some years been running office works passive cable and it seems to pass 4k/60 no probs with pana/marantz/jvc combo ... without any hitch. if can get away with shorter than 10m ie 30ft then mono price premium certified works and certified to work. and only $56 and free delivery with amazon prime . but unlikely anything bar gemini man to push limits of what you have ... so if happy with as is ... and hated gemini man then id just keep enjoying
  10. the beauty wiht this setup is yes I bet could do a drop down projector screen too and if sitting further back from flat panel you can end up with great size screen... for bigger screen experience and still enjoy the flat panel for day to day tv. drop down screens depending on false ceiling can also be concealed if want. but even a simple slim motorised screen will hardly be noticed. I too would suggest go in steps ... dont have to do all in once.... jsut go 5.1 then see 7.1 can add in two front heights, later 2 rear heights ... projector at any stage ... if want... its great when done this ways as can enjoy journey and stop at any point where sufficient for needs and budget indeed its matter of living with what have and what can best accommodate / adapt for space and budget... as is case for most even with those with dedicated rooms
  11. well i got suckered in ! ended up watching The Phantom Menace ! I VERY much enjoyed it ! its a very playful movie I feel, young skywalker probably adds that element, great to see characters within and like the way story pans around. Now i am only tempted further to watch the rest From get go I have to only say i was impressed by both picture and audio of this movie.... the atmos adds a fantastic sense to the movie with space ships zooming past, light sabres resonating around room. and great bass - sub bass. The picture quality and I know this is both 35mm film and 1080p sourced and while 4K mastered, there are some out there dissing it. Well I am not one the detail of spaceships interiors the characters and costumes even C3PO and RTD2 ! . I am super impressed how well that this has come up... and if this is one of the least adapted to uhd blu-ray, well i cant wait to see further in the series in that case ! Colours are rich, there is great details, lighting, naturalness of look of it all. there are certainly some questionable scenes eg one in the initial grand council or what ever its called a bit blurry out the windows and a bit of halo or something around heads. there is a grey/black white shot where they are going through a forest. a shot where panning when awaiting in the forest. there is probably in total about a handful of fleeting moments but rest is glorious. I have captured some scenes going back on the movie showing how great this can look. And there are some magnificent scenes in this movie.... the last i saw this was with an epson 1080p projector and 1080p blu-ray...how far things have come very much looking forward to rest of this series ... bring it on great what they have done to bring to uhd blu-ray !
  12. hi its worth introducing your self and posting and getting involved in the forum first... suggest read the message sent to you when joined up. Alternatively read back on this thread to help self
  13. just not subwoofers joz folks i know have these really love them for their vocals ... voices kinda hang in space .... as to woofers thats all they are ... if want sub base will have to cut them appropriately and hook twins or something upto to handle low end ps no one i know with these things usually listen at high spls im suprised you didnt go for some JBLs of some sort or interim... would have united twins with making a family reunion
  14. I would always avoid a middle of a room seating position... as usually where null resides. ideal position is more 2/3rd room depth. keeps away from back wall and not sitting in middle of room. if possible I woudl swap things around so can have seated in more 2/3rd room depth. usually folks put something behind there... whether a bookshelf or bar or table/cabinet something. this 2/3rd depth will find will more optimum for both picture (screen will appear larger than when sitting at the wall, and also the 2/3rd room depth will make more possible a 5.1.4 setup or possibly even 7.1.4 depending on what can manage.
  15. hi couj, dont worry we all face some challenges with our spaces... i do our own... which is also room not only wife but family use. but it is amazing how some small changes can impact really greatly. eg that rack seems to be constraining the speakers positioning. eliminating or changing might make a significant impact in being able to space speakers sufficiently for some gains. eg why a whole large rack anyways ... I know looks nice with all the gear there. and one option might be get the monos out of it... into more discrete floor rack/stand each that can go next to each speaker. being form factor of monos would take up less floor space even. leaving just source and pre which can stash away easily even on a tea table sized thing up other end ? I honestly think will get far more gains in optimising location of speakers and main listening position in this case vs room that with amp changes...not to say amp changes wont give any gains or impact... just likely to give more different than anything...
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