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  1. I suspect with chord, system matching is an important aspect ? it is important with most gear but probably more important in this case ?. last weekend I head some revealing focal stand mounts and neutral valves fed by a the chord front end. Did it no favours. swapping to Ayon disc player inbuilt dac was instant relief. I have heard do well in some other systems which better balanced for it perhaps... so a case of choosing wisely to partner with I suspect
  2. forget about the MX30... unless putting that in...no point thinking about it. do your head in I would follow VAFs advice of replacing the centre with the i91 centre... no need to replace the mains ... Id also relocate the centre speaker ... can it not go on the top shelf of the unit there ? makes no sense why it is put in such a low shelf it would be firing at your shins and not doing it any favours at all move the centre if you can as high up as can to ear level. the top shelf would still; have below the telly so not blocking it and shouldn't be hampered by the drop down screen ? even before getting the new centre I would move current one up and re calibrate. having your mains in that alcove and against walls there would be helping them ...but if can do anything cant do anything ?
  3. I see Kris Deerings note below, as he says JVC are onto it with regards "yellowing" be very surprised if they dont sort out. and as to other aspect re clipping HDR, if qppears on one and not other, you'd think they could sort that out too Originally Posted by Kris Deering The problem is not a gamma issue. Auto 2 on the JVC projectors DOES NOT MODULATE gamma at all. None, zero, zilch. Auto 1 modulates gamma. Auto 2 modulates the aperture and the lamp driver only (total power). JVC is aware of the issue and working on a solution. Hopefully they are successful. I'm also hoping the fix will help with the spires with extreme testing (small white object on a black background) as this seems to be related to that issue as well. As I mentioned in my review, I RARELY saw this in normal viewing, but it was really easy to show with certain test cases and test patterns. But they need to address it for sure. The clipping issue with HDR material that Manni has talked about so much seems to be a NX7 issue as I could not replicate it under any circumstance with the NX9.
  4. there are some great cd players in the under $500 mark. dont hesitate to spend on those... any usual suspects in brands are worth the asking. nad, rotel, marantz, denon, musical fidelity, rega, cambridge, arcam some that come to mind.... but likely plenty others as well. check the for sales ....
  5. @gillmaverick here ya go... if still looking, id take this over any one box A5/m5/m6/m6si... these power amps are in another level... as good as the integrated are... and they are GOOD too. all then need is a pre...and could possibly use what have ...if a good match and just wait up till a pre pops by....
  6. Can say with personal experience they do 100% go up as go up range, in every facet. Rather than pushing self to lower model I’d just wait till get refreshed and then buy when discounted or 2nd hand when folks upgrade. also the denon Marantz units are cousins so can also look out from Marantz equivalent will find exact same menus etc so won’t find have to relearn everything !
  7. @mercury10 sound quality between AVRS indeed does differ. not only power supplies, analog stages, dacs, power stage, av pre stage, processing and implementation. I am not sure why would take such a step back to the under $1k yammy. keep in mind the equivalent current denon to replace yours is the x4500 worth nearly $3k ! your current denon also has dual outs just not compatible https://www.audiotrends.com.au/denon-avr-x4500h.html yes av gear does progress at quite a rate, I wish had asked in the first place re the x4100 as I know I was going around telling all folk not to buy the pre hdcp2.2 units, not only displays but also airs and such even if they said 4k because we knew they were not going to support hdcp required for 4k uhd if you don't want to replace your denon, there is a way round. you can buy a splitter unit that will strip hdcp... just about all do... but have to pick choose to find one that will also pass 4k uhd.... check with @EZYHD alternatively buy a more expensive bluestream unit.... its brought in the country by qualifi and most BPP stores have them. in early days of uhd one of them was happy to lend me one. you put these ither before or after the denon and will do the trick. borrow one to try if unsure. your jvc also has edid B on hdmi 2 in which is also worth exploring as provided for older avrs. and thos using can comment more. you can also get a player that has dual out... eg the upper market panasonics and such... this will pass one signal to your avr for audio another to projector for picture... this is for non compliant AVRs... so few ways to cut this... just no need to dump a good avr for a very below budget one in the cheap yammy....
  8. I believe PLs theory is they dont drive their valves as hard ... ok so maybe you get twice the life... but they use twice as many valves ? but I guess since when did you get something for nuffin !
  9. you can buy from addicted to audio refer link i posted above
  10. looks like it is sold locally... but good gosh the price $17999 !!! 😮 https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/octave-audio/products/octave-v80-se-integrated-amplifier
  11. wow that is quite eye opening I never would have considered ! to be perfectly honest I have always thought the EVO takingits price well over $7k was pushing the comfort zone ! but never considered the cost of the kt150s. indeed that is a lot of money and it is pushing the amp price into another category I feel. a lot of money for valves too... likely going to have to refresh them at some stage ! ? tube rolling ? gets an expensive exercise too ! but I wouldnt count chickens before hatched ... perhaps check out and listen too.. .maybe you'll turn out to be an EL34 lover as have been case for me as a heads up I ordered a matched sextet of Tung Sol EL34s and matched pair of Tungsol 12AX7s(exact OEM replacement) from reputable source overseas for $169 USD delivered ! seem to be a very much affordable valve by contrast. indeed perhaps its worth considering some KT150 amps in the first place rather than buying and then having to upgrade ? that said I do think the arc seems a heck of a lot of money for what it is too ? but not like i have heard it and keeping in mind it would cost half the price of the PL to refresh ? in the kt150 amps the ones have come across are the SLI 100 cary, https://www.caryaudio.com/products/sli-100/ and this looks interesting in the octave V80SE not sure who sells them locally if anyone does ...
  12. https://www.facebook.com/abigail.gianan philippines ? as per the thread link posted above please lodge a police report via Acorn....
  13. @Marc insert nick not working ...ie when you hover over member name. using latest OSX on mac with safari here.
  14. definitely a bit of this going on... play it again.. listened again to what I demoed with and going back to some of my favourite music over the years ...
  15. ofcourse it is ... but the point is "its not mutually exclusive thing just for EVs "
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