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  1. fountain gate for the pot of gold
  2. splashed out to take advantage of the JB sale, to get hold of the gurrumul discs ... instant collection
  3. https://www.drive.com.au/news/bmw-i3-future-uncertain-report-121961.html i3 haven served purpose ... ie development vehicle for small bmw and looks like possibly i8 as large state of art thing it is both should be shelved with cooper se taking up the small city car... the ix3 to come next year as the little suv and larger i4 to come year after..... likely as full electric 3 / 4 series ? for bmw looks like they will keep the plug in hybrids as interim...
  4. Serves you right for actually cracking a record open to play on it
  5. ive got on uhd dead pool 2 and black klansman would be happy to swap for something ... got a few blu-rays keen to move on though not sure what to swap for
  6. very nice @unclemack trip to jb tomorrow it will be . opportune to stock up on some gurrumul discs !
  7. like anything... it can be as simple and complicated as want to make it i suppose.... swaps are meant to be permanent ... ie once handed over its the other persons it could be meeting up and swapping some discs over or both parties posting out their discs to each other obviously details via pm. but can put hand up here and acknowledge the swap here. so dont still have people wanting to swap the same once deal is done ? obviously some level of trust needed. id still use the feedback system to leave feedback on how went. so others more comfortable in doing...
  8. wow ! nice bargain pickup for some one
  9. its early days for uhd still, if going that ways will have to likely upgrade not only projector but cables, player and avr as well if using one. if dont particularly need uhd better of buying a good 1080p in the interim and by the time need uhd will be a whole lot more options and likely cheaper too that what they are now
  10. even though budget is up, haven't mentioned uhd/hdr as a particular requirement. in which i wouldnt spend to buy those. stick with an older really good 1080p unit and put money into calibration new bulb and such if uhd / hdr is a requirement really there's the cheaper benq 2700 I think is in budget, pick up a epson 9300 second hand. or maybe a jvc x5000-x5900 dont think budget would allow for much more ?
  11. depends what chasing. and budget. if happy enough with blu-ray no older than x35 or xX5models. any older all had some sort of issues. especially for 3D they really came good from x35 onwards....in epson you can go as far back as tw9000 all were good for blu-ray and 3D just be wary of the epson below 8000/9000 series as they are all lacking severely in lens shift which can make awkward for utilising. obviously newer models will take you forward... just depends on budget and what can get hands on....
  12. here..$600 ... granted pick up only and in sydney...but kind of bargains that come up
  13. have you checked the classifieds ? some stunning options come up... likely get twice the sub for same price or less... anyways worth keeping a look out ... thats said being in perth options might limit in anywise.... worth visiting some retailers to check out in person too.. make sure either of these are going to hit the spot ...
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