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  1. time will tell, upto folk I guess frank. as i mentioned i tend to check lamp usually somewhere in 100-200 hours... so myself likely just same time once played with that hit the set button surprised its not just self refreshed though ...probably a good call out from kris.
  2. same here frank...been set forget for me from day one of update last year...so hope can continue be interesting what the home theatre optimiser adds in practice ... as think its going to be setup dependant just how much value gives to folk.
  3. hi J the 12V trigger is all about say triggering a motorised screen. so when you switch on the projector the screen drop downs... or curtains open up or something .. theres no 12V in... but how most folk do this is either just use pj remote to switch on. or use a universal remote... so when hit "watch movie" it fires up everything related ...including the PJ
  4. hi frank, i believe from what I read the auto is still there for HDR mode... but also have 5 levels if want to do it manually yourself(up from 3 prior)... also there is the low medium high or off setting for the Home theatre optimiser thing which is the new one happy to be corrected on this as this is what have understood
  5. technically I know its possible... but i also expect makers to make that possible I guess... so wondering when.. especially since as mentioned projectors some quarter the price and both mine ive had over last 5+ years at half price offer the option .... all in good time i guess WCG is an important part of UHD spec so hopefully they can meet at some stage. they need to sort out though one way or there for something costing what it does
  6. don't know mobe, but its just something comes standard and been so for some years with many projectors (2 gen of both epson and JVC). . so just wondering when Sony will - especially for what is pretty reasonable projector in $20k plus 790es. Certainly my last two JVC have come with it standard, Epson manages it in $4-$5k projector in 9400 so thinking should be possible for sony to slip in ? just wondering when
  7. I use the Teac/Tascam branded unit, https://tascam.com/us/product/uh-7000/top not sure if available here, I got mine from overseas... and they work on our local voyage as happens... been using some years for vinyl rips... for streaming, the DAP and car
  8. @Marc another question for sony. (to add to my prior 4) 5. Per Phil Jones' review - see note below, as he states the sony 915ES(790ES) does not have a colour filter and so can only achieve 90% of dci-p3. At what stage will sony decide to fit a colour filter to their projector, same as Epson and JVC have for some years, to achieve dci-p3 colour space for 4k UHD . "While the VW915ES could only produce about 90% of DCI-P3 color space, I found HDR colors still appeared rich and vibrant. Unlike some competitive home theater projectors, the VW915ES does not use a color filter
  9. groan .... he at around 9min point while explaining how it works, says the processor works to still maintain the highlights...and give you good black levels... but then in his review he says ... "Sometimes brighter highlights are still clipped, but Sony believes this necessary to keep most of the image on screen as close to the director’s intent as possible" we'll have to wait for an answer from sony,
  10. just reading over article... apart from caveats already mentioned - lamp ageing ( doesnt auto adapt have to hit set to refresh so it can recalculate) and also A lens(have to put in equivalent as it has no idea what you are doing otherwise) the below is great news they havent as such changed way it works....so previous still holds ! he sees no issues with clipping I’ve tested various HDR solutions for projectors since the format hit the scene and have even helped develop frame adaptive tone mapping for outboard video processors. For that reason, I have lots of experien
  11. yeah it will be a set once forget. they have gone this way so auto can work based on content and automatically detecting so should be set forget (kris mentions this) but lets see....
  12. JVC and oztheatre or through your own dealer would be my suggestion. my spare lamp came from JVC as bonus when i got mine. you can also do the dominic chan options through avs but appears it has 25% less output. also option muriwai posted in separate thread for oem... his was x7000... the bare bulbs are same but they also sell housings and full assembly I beleive
  13. thats the beauty it has separate setting for SDR and HDR so will sort out that ways they've even split SDR to 2DSDR and 3DSDR as some will run lamp in low for isntance in 2DSDR but high lamp for 3D so covered that ways but definitely some caveats... one for A lens/scope ... it doesnt know what you are doing there so have to input the equivalent as says in early article also it doesnt adapt with ageing ... so have to regularly go in there and hit the "set" button in the screen shot seems. I would do every 100-200 hours as i do now to check how lamp is going
  14. good on you Cinder, as I wondered if Tony provided that sort of thing, good he does and thats what id have at hand...but yeah screen shot every screen is what id suggest. I did the same with the last update yeah if tony is coming again as am sure he would could just redo ...but yeah a full calibration id save for next lamp
  15. And the review of the new update is also up... https://www.soundandvision.com/content/hands-jvc-s-new-theater-optimizer-function " CEDIA 2020 Hands-On with JVC’s New Theater Optimizer Function Kris Deering | Sep 15, 2020 At the last CEDIA Expo in September 2019, JVC announced a firmware update for its native 4K D-ILA projectors that delivered true frame adaptive HDR tone mapping to the lineup. For CEDIA Expo Virtual 2020, the company’s key announcement is an improved version of that Frame Adapt HDR feature called Theater Optimizer. The
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