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  1. sadly by then I was well and truly under the mis apprehension that vinyl was dead...would be another 5 years before I rediscovered vinyl via a rega p25
  2. 1994 ? getting right into the hifi thing... stuff like CD transports and dacs were all the range ... was enjoying a esoteric spinner feeding a valve dac.... still have the valve dac switch it on now and then to reminisce most of everything else from that era is long gone... though still have an audio alchemy headphone amp also from that time
  3. missed joz's previous post no doubt
  4. the price of progress 🤣 sorry...but what else is there to say. my dad still wishes he could turn back time. he was quite happy prior to nbn with his cable too... id get in touch with your isp. and pester then for a resolution... not much else can do I dont think...
  5. VW increasing spend on EV, hybrid and digital tech development good to see the 10 year horizon and also focus on the affordable platforms https://www.drive.com.au/news/volkswagen-group-increases-spending-on-electric-vehicles-122801.html "After a meeting of the Volkswagen Group's supervisory board, it confirmed it was increasing its average annual spend on developing electric, hybrid and digital technologies. The increase will go up by around 36% from €8.8 billion ($14.3 billion) to €12 billion ($19.5 billion). As part of Volkswagen's latest five-year plan, it will increase spending on EV development to €6.6 billion ($10.7 billion) annually. Thanks to this increased outlay, the company will launch 75 EVs by the end of 2029, up from the 70 it had previously committed to. The automaker will also release 60 hybrids during the same period. The automaker now expects to sell 26 million pure electric vehicles by the 2029. This will consist of 20 million cars based on the affordable MEB architecture for the Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat brands." "Production of the company's first electric car on the MEB platform, the Golf-sized ID.3 (below), began last month, but the car won't arrive in Australia until 2022. In fact, the yet-to-be-revealed ID.4 crossover will be the company's first EV for the Australian market. The majority of the remaining six million anticipated sales will use the high-end PPE architecture currently being developed by Porsche and Audi. Electric vehicles will be built in the group's plants in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and China. The figures in Volkswagen's latest announcement excludes investments in China, because vehicles produced there are done by 50/50 joint ventures with FAW and SAIC, and money for these companies are raised from separate sources."
  6. worth checking out options as i myself found out...one things for sure ... the OP sure has had a heads up that hey guess what tube integrated might just be ok...heck not just ok on the hulgichs that were being proclaimed as not worthy ... phoeeey to that and all the other old fashioned ideas that are often proclaimed
  7. I dont know if a joke but this is apparently the electric mustang SUV they can keep it ! why even put the mustang tag to it have no idea... https://www.caradvice.com.au/808562/2021-ford-mustang-mach-e/
  8. Good on you for checking out ... see ! Well worth effort to find out. I too checked out evils melody, https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/43217-bedroom-system/?do=findComment&comment=3795515 much came abd went through this system only a valve integrated satisfied that joy of valves only a valve integrated can bring ...
  9. Dealers do make money on sale. But if getting a quote from a small dealership in whoop whoop they’re unlikely to one be Able to be squeezed to heck on price vs larger volume city dealership and 2 they generally are viable only on loyalty and return business which seems something many don’t value these days but does work for small regional locations
  10. Now some will remember my post a month and half back with some initial thoughts (franin quoted it a day or so ago ) https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/262506-jvc-dla-n5dla-n7dla-nx9-owners-thread/?do=findComment&comment=4390969 Looking back on that, I think with some 80 hours clocked up, post the frame adapt HDR update done and having viewed across a range of material from blu-ray to DVD to UHD blu-ray to streaming and FTA TV. Its worth reviewing my initial conclusions, and it really is worth reviewing, as I indicated post the frame adapt HDR update particularly with UHD HDR material across streaming and via UHD blu-ray it literally feels like a whole new projector again... Firstly the frame adapt HDR update, has very much taken tone mapping to a new level. Infact I cant really believe how good it is. it really has been seamless set and forget on no matter what feed it. I am just using it on frame by frame and on auto and using the Wide colour gamut filter. Watching scenes in "for all mankind" on appleTV+ or the uhd of Casino Royale with all the very bright sunshine shots to ones shot in darkness these are rendered quite beautifully. Same goes with material regardless of source whether it has meta data or not or whether metadata is screwy and regardless of source be it panasonic UHD player to oppo uhd to apple TV+ all just so seamless like water off a ducks back for the JVC. finally we have dynamic tone mapping that works and works so well and in the projector where i have always believed is where it belongs. Where my conclusions have not wavered infact only further re enforced .... are on a quite a few counts. firstly if there are any bugs or problems... am sorry but i am yet ot see this. no white stripes or green stripes or yellowing or any sort of funny business...and i have kept my eyes peeled. secondly contrast. IF there is any loss of contrast on this latest n7 vs the previous gen x7000 that I owned. am sorry but I am not missing it. What I have instead been experiencing movie after movie, watching new stuff and re discovering old title after title, what I can categorically say is that what i am seeing and enjoying in them is the best I have seen to date. On a hifi forum if I were to describe in hifi terms...and i will do my best to do vs previous gen JVC if i were to describe contrast in say terms of sub bass the difference quite honestly is between a speaker that can do say down to 30hz vs one that can do down to 20hz and possibly even more subtle than that given not missing it. on other hand where the N7 is literally running well ahead on the field is in pure clarity, dynamic range (due to dynamic tone mapping), and rendering of detail and colour in the image it creates. And its not just stuff thats 4k UHD and with HDR and the very best reference material that only shines. I've been enjoying movie after movie on blu-ray, streaming and even older stuff thats maybe a bit on the rougher side of things. No looking back... and goodness number of hours i have clocked up in stuff ive watched in the last month or so is unheard off for me. Really am enjoying this thing with plenty more lined up to look forward to coming months and christmas break.... happy days !!
  11. love my rega wall mount, i have a later one, but. this one is a bargain. one of best things i did... not sure why more folk dont do... if you want the ultimate of isolation for your rega TT... get the rega wall mount. not only isolation but I found it elevated too level of detail garner off the disc.
  12. if you get a stand alone dac connect it to the CD input, as suggested by @Soundfever right now id also connect it via digital coax so can compare then vs bluesounds analog output(ie bluesounds inbuilt dac) vs bluesounds coax out using the marantz as dac go with what ever sounds best to your ears
  13. @Sime might be able to assist, he runs a marantz am pretty sure an external dac, sub and bluesound node.
  14. this is part;y because running a pre pro. the L&R variable pre out and sub out are not to run into a pre amp. they are there if you were using the bluesound as a pre amp and then using its volume control and enabling and feeding sub out if want to use that, with pre ins on the marantz that is for really a multichannel disc player where you would still send it fixed level low level signal idea here is not to send variable level. with regards using dacs and processing on the marantz there are ways to do this. the marantz runs its volume control in analog domain. its not digital as some might think. however to disengage dacs and processing you pretty much have to make sure by looking at the marantz display that no processing is engaged. audyssey is off etc. however then all digital processing eliminated I dont believe you will be able to run your sub woofer. if you are having problems with integrating the subwoofer you need to follow the rule of position position position. first. ie optimally locate the sub. then use EQ and level and phase to integrate with your mains. you have all the tools necessary in the marantz to do that and it should be a bother. but if have location poor and some other room issues nothing the marantz does will fix that. only try make best of bad situation.
  15. ah no... the L&R out are either for feeding a fixed volume low level signal via RCA which you would feed to Marantz any input labeled CD etc in audio in section 13. or L&R out would be configured as variable low level signal that would feed in the L&R input of a power amplifier... in this case you would use the sub out to feed a subwoofer if enabling it in the feature set and wanting to use one. with this the blue sound would replace the pre amp as your volume control and feeding power amp and sub if want to use.
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