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  1. just back from the dinner, was still in full swing with folks moving across from the dinning area where chatting across to the live band to take in the tunes, a couple of shots from earlier with catching up with all, and the lovely meal accompanying great to see everyone again, along with with putting some familiar names to faces
  2. some of the favourite systems I checked out in limited time i had Serhan + Swift & Musical Fidelity Mcintosh and Sonus faber and good to hear the dynamics and scale of the horns... Didnt get a photo of the kharma & Chord setup, but I think a good photo of that was already posted. probably THE best sounds of the show.
  3. Hi all we now have a thread for 2019 Stereonet Melbourne Hi-Fi Show - Reports & Feedback
  4. I'll be waiting to see one in white and blue patrolling the highways 😛 think can get away from me .... punk !
  5. good find CWT, steve withers av forums review has been long time coming.... high respect for the guy ! and great its over 10 months ! and also taking in the new firmware v3.10 and picked up how well the new dynamic tone mapping and frame adapt HDR is working. Totally agree with his summation in regards that, "This new Frame Adapt HDR feature is awesome, and we go as far as to say that it delivers the best projected HDR images we have seen to date." I also very much agree with the verdict passed. though the score of 10/10 is a bit much 9/10 or 8/10 would be more appropriate I would suggest..... there are always things that can be improved ! 😮 Verdict 10/10 JVC DLA-N7 4K D-ILA Projector Review The JVC DLA-N7B is a superb native 4K projector, that delivers stunning SDR, HDR and 3D images. It's well made, has a great new remote control, fully-spec'd HDMI inputs and a comprehensive set of features. The image accuracy is impressive, while the brightness and black levels are both excellent, even if the contrast performance isn't quite as good as the previous generation. However what really impresses are the new HDR features, with Frame Adapt HDR dynamically adjusting the tone mapping based on the incoming video signal. The result is the best projected HDR we have seen to date. This projector isn't small, nor is it cheap, but it's definitely worth it. Our only real complaints are a shoddy lens cover and lack of a dedicated 3D mode, but otherwise the N7 is hard to beat and the best in its class What are my alternatives? The obvious alternative is the Sony VPL-VW570ES, which you can pick up for £7,999. The Sony is a good 4K projector, but we can't help feeling the company has failed to fully innovate due to a lack of competition. Sony was first to market with native 4K projectors, and it appears the company has been happy to coast on that monopoly for the last few years. However the arrival of JVC's N Series changes all that, and these new projectors are better built, better specified and better performing. JVC may have taken longer to reach the market with native 4K projectors but it was worth the wait, and the company has done more to push 4K HDR projection in the last eight months than Sony has in the previous five years. If you want native 4K but are on a tighter budget, then you could go for the JVC DLA-N5 at £6,499. You get all the same features, aside from a wide colour gamut filter, and although the N5 isn't quite as bright and the contrast ratio isn't quite as good, the chances are you won't notice the difference. Alternatively you could get the Sony VPL-VW270ES for £4,999, but you lose a lot of features with that model
  6. https://www.drive.com.au/news/mazda-ev-interior-teased-ahead-of-tokyo-debut-122648.html some hints of mazda's new EV which should come out of hiding at the Tokyo show next week.
  7. ha ! sounds very much like a flag waver than anything ... hope more than a few mortals be able to own... but then again there are many out there I guess, cashed up that will be lining up for something like this as a must have !! when you have special edition $2.25M mclaren hyper car sold out even before announced with 100 folk snapping up...shows the kind of cash out there and what people will pay for hyper cars.. https://fortune.com/2018/10/26/mclarens-new-2-25-million-hypercar-sold-out-before-it-was-even-announced/
  8. agree tasso. most of the streamers are terrible in use let alone in results most also cant even stream in native format of streamed material forcing frame rates up for instance to what player can only handle... which his not a good thing !
  9. hi simon, by default like the pana the oppo does this.... you just leave the video settings on auto. if want to make sure just go in the player settings and hit factory reset. only takes a few minutes and a reboot...
  10. oh yeah i full well know the story ... both sides and yes on that accord it will very much be a come back.. tesla have a point to prove I sure hope they do
  11. thats quite a come back considering the whole top gear saga with the original roadster
  12. I cant believe myself i just sort of found out last minute even get the art centre emails and all hehe thank goodness could even get a ticket !
  13. Loved it ! More than mx5 shared platform with. I would have got 124 was 100% no 1 choice if I could get away with 2 seats ! They go really cheaply too vs the Mazda yet both come out of Hiroshima manual likely suit, but Mazda 6 speed auto was fine
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