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  1. betty boop

    Anyone have a view on JL Audio products?

    primarily a car audio maker gone with some home audio in some years though. their car audio stuff is very good all made in us, I ran an amp and sub in my last car from them, cant fault. their home audio gear looks very well made, excellent quality just as their car audio gear is. some serious performance on tap. dont expect price to compare with more price seeking brands If you like, I would get without hesitation
  2. betty boop

    New NS-1000m build

    will they darken up as samples posted earlier look a lot darker ? these look like fire engine red ...but that could be lighting or unless that is finish were chasing
  3. betty boop

    LR speakers amped by a HT AVR?

    Couple of things avrs that let down ie restrictions with the pre amp stage and the power stage the pre amp stage as avrs are predominately digital devices leaving things like analog stage power supplies necessary dacs etc not quite in league of dedicated 2ch gear with power stage especially with move to 3D audio quite some compromise has to occur to fit all those amps in same chassis still allowing for sufficient electrical isolation and things like cooling and power supplies necessary. Look at all the dedicated 2ch gear in source streaming dac pre amp power amps etc and wonder how they squeeze all that into an avr but not end of world as you spend more on avrs eg with denon and Marantz the quality of analog stage pre amp stage power supplies amp stages all improve. All denon and Marantz avrs run pure analog in vol stage but even there the pre stage in these just get better as go up the tree. There are also some brands which give some 2ch focus eg Cambridge rotel nad rotel arcam. But check out what that arcam avr costs ! No doubt comes at price ... another approach is get the avr you want for 2ch duties and then augment with 2ch integrated or pre/pwr with ht bypass. Best of both worlds and means you don’t chuck out your 2ch rig every time update your Av side. I’ve been doing this going on 15+ years now. Enjoying 2ch and Av and. It to the compromise of either
  4. betty boop

    New Epson TW 9400?

    some differences in contrast and lumen between the two models https://www.epson.com.au/products/projector/EH-TW9300_Specs.asp https://www.epson.de/en/products/projectors/home-cinema/eh-tw9400#specifications appears to be still using the D9 panels going back to the 9000 series I had ? no doubt new 18 gbps chip set
  5. betty boop

    New Epson TW 9400?

    have they done something to improve its HDR ? just the 18 gbps chips set isnt it that new model brings ? or is it something else as well as updates ?
  6. definitely take the effort its worth posting pics, if can pm pics post them here if android app is a problem. dont use it, just use the browser version
  7. betty boop

    Where the Divas Sing

    Its good I can see through walls ... took plenty of pics at frame stage while house was being built ! I am planning to wall mount in the space in-between those two narrow windows.... It seems to have studs running either side next to the windows as frame and then one down middle of the gap. thinking I am going to have to place a piece of mdf or ply across the section have affixed to the stud/s so have something solid to mount onto for the bracket any other thoughts / ideas / suggestions folks ? ps below are the cryptic rega instructions... http://www.rega.co.uk/uploads/rega-wall-bracket-instructions.pdf so come with the necessary screws, just have to affix in the right spot and finish off
  8. betty boop

    Where the Divas Sing

    @buddyev jazz response above might help thanks kazz indeed something have thought about for a while too.
  9. typically not as projectors are typically designed to be either table or ceiling mounted. you just have to swap the setting in the menu. why dont you try it if you have a ladder ? re 140 vs 150 check out for yourself. larger screen will give more immersion but also at expense some what in sharpness and punch to the picture.... worth trying to find out what is best sweet spot for your self
  10. betty boop

    Where the Divas Sing

    thanks evil, looking forward to difference makes. defintely works a treat in your setup. and yeah i agree hardly seen anyone mount this ways, and yet seems a no brainer ! lets see
  11. betty boop

    Cheap screen discussion

    if money is an issue just buy 2nd hand, always some good screens going at fraction of new price
  12. betty boop

    No MONO for me thanks.

    hope clears up soon grumpy ! id had the blocked years a couple of times. do get sinus at times and flying as I do at times doesnt help either nothing as bad as what you are experiencing though so hope its gone soon !
  13. just be aware the jvc specific mount will mean you wont be able to use the mount for anything else brand wise. the universal mount is another option, you just spread the arms out to suit the jvc. been using one myself over 2 models of epson followed by two models of jvc. when replaced jvc with another just a straight swap. so no different to using the plate. infact I purchased the plate model out of curiosity and ended up selling it as there is no benefit really. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=details&IWB=AU&O=&Q=&gclid=Cj0KCQiA3b3gBRDAARIsAL6D-N-C9qibY4jmlBh3sVV1NhSFtVaDTYkr9dOP6aIVRXB-nMZMWoFjqPAaAobKEALw_wcB&is=REG&lsft=BI%3A514&pcur=ZAUD&sku=525470 yes the mount goes up flush to the ceiling if thats what looking for. but please make sure its screwed securely into the rafters. these are serious projectors !
  14. betty boop

    Where the Divas Sing

    a couple of more little additions.... Whats in the big box ? a rega wall mount ofcourse infact when I picked up the box at CAV on the way home this evening, I wondered if there was anything in the box the box is so light ! ... even paul there wasnt sure, Darren piped in as reminder on the rega philosophy... light and rigid we opened top the box and so he was right indeed... inside is a wall mount and this is INCREDIBLY light I tell you. its made of aluminium I believe and painted white.... a fantastic piece of engineering now to work out using the cryptic instructions ... the best ways to mount this.... I have been dead keen to wall mount my Rega p9 and here's hoping this finally makes this a possibility also one other little item. in a mono price 30ft premium certified hdmi cable this should make possible to stick the oppo 205 amongst the 2ch source gear and still be able to use it if I want for AV and multichannel duties via hdmi. this thing too looks incredibly well made. I would have got the officeworks comsol cable locally, but this was only $59 so $10 cheaper and free shipping via amazon prime. also since dont need 10m I thought to give this 30ft premium certified cable a go instead. now only one bother, I some how ordered two of them by mistake ... there goes the saving ! grrr... not sure how amazon go with returns ... the woes of buying online stupid me ! anyways will explore the all mount business over the next week cant wait to get the p9 mounted so hopefully can get around to it sooner rather than later !
  15. betty boop

    No MONO for me thanks.

    am all ears .... ALL !