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  1. :) al

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    I must remember to come suitably attired to next Evilc gtg now austerity measures have been turned on and heating turned off ! do look out for my byo (bread and water) gtg later in the year I remember @joz bringing a most lovely Turkish bread to a gtg of mine. But no one ever brings water ! Jokes aside i dont think I have ever been disappointed with the hospitality food or drink or any aspect with any gtg been to. Perhaps am easily pleased or see the REAL reason for gtg’s the getting together, the stuff in person, the forum behind the forum. Anyways power to people to make them happen. In any form. youll see some threads of mine from some years ago trying to get them happening in other states even with tassie/wa ! Although I was treated with some suspicion by some and people even asking if I wanted to sell them something or ulterior motive or something (F ! Me what the hell ?) These though still did happen. And I was much taken with the generosity and great to see these still going on. i am sure they do still go on, we just don’t hear about all of them. Don’t have problem with that. I value my own privacy and security of family and home and all too aware of inviting complete strangers in the home. i tend to invite those get to know, feel comfortable with. After all I do see these as a “meeting of friends” But I don’t think any set formula for these things, anyone is welcome to make these whatever they are comfortable with
  2. :) al

    Our birthday...

    congrats Batty !!! to you and mrs B
  3. rumoured possibly still to come... with the 2nd moon rising... lets see ...it could also be a model down... though all previous flagship pio universals have had XLRs.
  4. :) al

    How does the Rega Automatic bias work?

    as above, auto bias as in factory set tracking weight for supplied cartridge and you dont need to set vta with the rega cartridges either. no rega are not for the tweakers. you know the type who feel you need to adjust these kind of things half way through an LP to optimise more for the set and forget type. infact these will not require any setting at all. just buy from the shop and plug in and go, its all set for you
  5. scroll up... scroll up... we do have some from further up in the thread not a full shot mind, just what sneaky cam shot they could get i guess with something hooked up and on display
  6. We have it guys, from our friends at avs, someone took a close up of the unit there are the sacd and dvda logos pioneer is indeed filling the oppo void...now all is needed is the suggested lx700? all out XLR model to take up where the oppo 205 leaves off ...
  7. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  8. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  9. :) al

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    Well my ship could be coming in this weekend ....so in another 2 to 3 weeks ... anyways in the mean time picked up another bit for a sunday 7
  10. :) al

    WTB: Meridian CD 500 series 506/508/588

    hi all, managed to get hold of a 502 pre today. which quite pleased about, so now just looking for a matching 500 series CD player can be 506/508/588 and as mint as possible with box and manuals etc if a possibility.....
  11. hope so. they are calling it a UDP ie universal disc player... I hope that is indeed universal... but unless they have a model with XLRs I doubt those with their 205s be too keen to give them up just yet ps I'll merge this thread with the original one we had going already
  12. :) al

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    i wouldnt fret, its not always about the system. people tend to spend more time yacking, drinking being merry enjoying bit of food. the hifi is usually 2nd fiddle
  13. :) al

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    that is the main thing I think. everyone is so busy. my weekends seem to just disappear and during the week seems to be a bit busy ! they do take some commitment, and I applaud those who do it, and I very much appreciate the invites. I too try and do once year at least. but for me family commitments are a struggle, work and study on top. bring a plate is always a good idea. last time I did that we had SO much food ! so peoples generosity is definitely there. I still feel obliged as host though to provide food, drink etc once a month ? I remember when we did 3 in the one day am sure we'll have ups and downs quiet stretches...
  14. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.