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  1. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    just standard 5.1.2 as per above was what i was suggesting, boxed so they actually have an enclosure, rather than same sound coming out one side fills the ceiling space the other travelling through the house. also so the rear of speaker is boxed in rather than creepy crawlies etc entering making their home , dust dirt etc if can box in yourself with some lining material all the better
  2. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    wouldn't bother with angled speakers personally as you'll achieve pretty well, well within the required angles in positioning firing likely just straight down at you not 5.1.4 as have back to the wall. and doesnt really leave any room for mounting rear heights as such ps only thing id say those jamo dont have back boxes. I think they are really worth it. either buying speakers with them or buying / making your own back boxes
  3. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    ah kuky, I forget you are in the EU jamo would be fine. do they come with back boxes ? yes no 6 is the front height positions. note the angles are just to do with positioning in front of couch . you are however going to be a 5.1.2 setup so https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/dolby-atmos-speaker-setup/5-1-2-setups.html as the suggestion says "The angles shown in all diagrams represent the ideal placement range relative to your listening position. " so nothing to do with angling speakers or anything like that. with 5.1.2 setup given the likely narrow angle even if were firing directly down is going to be just fine you'll find many in ceiling with adjustable tweeter angle and can always adjust those a tad if feel necessary. note the more in-depth dolby installation guidelines.
  4. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    kuky re brand what is rest of your speaker set ? if its jamo just buy the jamo in ceiling. most brands sell in ceiling speakers these days I see no real reason to go off brand re atmos and your setup with your couch to the wall I reckon you could still get a couple of atmos speakers in front of the main listening post and probably lined up with the couch even if means a bit skew if with the mains. with on board calibration what what ever avr you are running it will all likely still work in well re angled or straight firing isn't a bit issue. stay within the atmos spec for angle and even if down firing it will work well
  5. The joys of being an old SLK driver

    a cousin of ours had a silver SLK same vintage. she was quite distraught it had to go after being drowned in some floods melbourne had a while back. she so wanted it to be resuscitated ! but insurance company was adamant it was right off. once drowned thats it apparently ! so if you have a SLK dont drown it !
  6. I went x7000 and its new light engine with better grid polarisers for better contrast etc could be attributable to a few things but. i found the upgrade x35 to x7000 VERY worthwhile and thats even with the x35 doing very good things in 1080p as i mentioned its good chance for first time we are actually seeing 2k at the very least. for others its 3-3.5k at best ! then there are other aspects UHD such as HDR and WCG. all to good benefit. and i say this now enjoying for quite some time a couple of years this series of jvc. @Kazz went x35 to x5000 as well so maybe worth checking in what thoughts were in the move
  7. Blade Runner 2049

    hey hydrology, am not sure what post you feel deleted by a moderator. because looking back on this thread, there isn't one or anything I can see thats been deleted (or why?) getting back to object of your discussion i tend to visit a range of cinemas from little small scale upto the crown complex with its massive krix setup ,even sat in THE appointed sweet spot. but no am doing better in my humble home theatre. and it isnt in my opinion that much harder to achieve better in the home. theres a few reasons for this. we can achieve some pretty impressive stuff with projection in the home. and am sitting here with immersion to THX spec. On audio front we can achieve quite an awesome enveloping experience in the home likes of which very difficult to achieve in a commercial theatre given the huge audience the experience needs to cover. and then there is bass. commercial theatres typically tend to hive off below 40hz because it is difficult to control leakage to adjoining theatres let alone adjoining businesses also difficult to energise such a large space that low,. commercial theatres are definitely getting better but its still easy to do better in the home. thats not to say we down still for outings and social experience not still go watch movies. And we have seen a few movies of late both in the commercial theatres and home and home is in the lead. an exception is imax. i am not trying to recreate an imax experience nor would i be able to replicate its scale, however there are few and far between imax movies I tend to watch in anycase. I am quite happy if you disagree. am not here to convince you. neither am i to really drag this off thread off topic. take it to pm with me if feel want to pursue...
  8. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    Have you measured them inroom ? With a quoted 29hz if legit in room should easily be 20hz or lower so worth measuring. But also will mean more effort in integration placement of sub is supreme importance again here if have measured where work best will have your answer
  9. Epson 9300 VS Optomo UHD65

    Yep I was same had heart set on dlp with infocus then benq. Never noticed in casual viewing. Abd then in extended viewing started to notice. And I was the same too had to ask what those colours were. For those that don't see it's a wierd question ... because they don't see anything. But yeah once start seeing it's a problem. thr issue can also benif you don't see, what if family etc are susceptible. Can be bit of a gamble
  10. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    You'll find dual sub systems that will ping and measure separately and then will eq together.
  11. Subaru Levorg MY18

    my golf gti battery died 1 week before warranty ran out. fortunately VW did it week before trading the car in and warranty running out hehe I've been told basically any new car batteries tend to last 3 years. if you buy one been sitting on the lot for a year. expect 2 years out of it. honda, mazda, citroen, fiat, VW are all so far proving this point !
  12. Epson 9300 VS Optomo UHD65

    have a read with a google about DLP rainbow effect. its very real and even though i thought i was not someone who would see or bother, with a slightly extended viewing past just demoing I soon realised otherwise. once you see them you cant stop re 4K it really is quite a beat up. no one literally is going to be sitting close enough to fully resolve 4K and between the optoma and epson I would be very surprised if its much if anything. keeping in mind DLP by nature do look sharper. however the epsons are excellent too. particularly with contrast etc I think a step up from DLP tech. good you are not going grey. in which case seek out both to see wiht own eyes to decide which you prefer
  13. Even on the denon/marantz, night selection on dynamic volume is far too aggressive !
  14. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    Yeah however just because equidistant doesn't mean they are interaction or in response exactly the same in a room. ive seen subs placed mirror image in a room one responds quite different to other as one next to structural external wall. Other next to an internal wall. youll find most av processors with quite sophisticated dual sub systems to measure and eq to calibrate and setup for integration
  15. Epson 9300 VS Optomo UHD65

    no 1 question i guess... do DLPs give you rainbows ? I always loved picture of DLPs over a few models had seen but watching for a little while (more than occasional watching) I found I was susceptible to rainbows.... which ruined the viewing experience for me re the epson its a solid performer id suggest over the years been refined. I dont think the whole 4k thing should be the red herring. keeping in mind the epson 9300 uses eshift and supports uhd. and the optoma isn't native 4k or anything either. am sure both will give beyond 2k but am not sure will make this aspect should be a deciding point isn the optoma a grey import ? i would never suggest buying a projector grey. they are such delicate things. can arrive DOA and can fail in use. you want a local bought projector and with local support. personally with a pitch black room etc id go for PQ first. rather than grey id go a superseded jvc if want. will kick either of these out the window for pure PQ I have no doubt ! and thats not to say either arent great projectors in own right. and am sure as previous epson owner will do a pretty decent job picture wise