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  1. :) al

    Possible Fetch replacement

    with years .... of digital tv from early days... what I see above wiht tearing of picture is just poor signal/strength. if delve into the fetch menu I am sure there will be a signal strength indicator. I used to get it myself at one stage some years ago.... turned out one element of antenna had fallen off(visiting birds)... this was way before the fetch with the TivoHD we used to run. also remember it when in regional victoria... but that was more down to the signal boosters needed there. my dad used to get that too... was when his old pre digital antenna was inside the roof. replaced with a new one on the roof and problem went away. again just signal related is not the right antenna in the right place !
  2. Looks like the n5/n9 having a showing in Toronto at one of the shows there. One other comment read is there is no way loss is 30% with the filter jvc rep apparently quoted 16% which is pretty reasonable. I know on my x7000 it’s only s click or do difference on the iris filter engaged or not
  3. This Pio has region feeing capabilities ?
  4. Exactly .., though I would like to see how n7 compares. Good to see Ekki at it ... even if always some disagreement / controversary with his measurements
  5. :) al

    Possible Fetch replacement

    We have 3 fetch mighties. All seem fine ? One is Optus provided others out right purchase. have owned a few pvr in my time being a digital tv early adopter. Frankly have got no complaints about the fetch...
  6. :) al

    Cork or not to Cork?

    100% cork... the blue horizon split platter mat is one to get, impregnated with natural rubber
  7. Congrats Frank. Am sure will be quite pleased !
  8. the 9300 is indeed a very good machine for the money. the 9400 fixes up a few things, and while not 4k native it I am quite sure would be more than sufficient for a lot of folk for the money. Epson actually has been a bit cautious in quite a few years. eg the 9000 model didnt get 3D after quite a few others makers had already introduced however it was very good at it. same goes with 4k uhd where were a bit lacking with full bandwidth hdmi chip and the like which only now the 9400 will fix. what they need to do is get their flagship laser unit sorted which is quite lagging. epson is a bit of a giant lot larger than likes of jvc. but still they tend to perfect and only then release. so we might b e waiting a while ...
  9. :) al

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    its the piggy in the middle. iPhone shots in lower light can be easily picked. tend to have greater noise and loose dynamics and colour. still for most conditions the iphone are pretty good really and most people I woudl suggest will use them for every day shots.
  10. looks like Ekki has done some comparisons reckons overall the N5 a worthy competitor for the sony 270 "Found by a member of a UK forums. First impression of the N5 from Ekki Scmitt from cine4home Here are a few visual impressions: Black level and contrast very good (quite similar to X5 series, both black and in-picture contrast). Could not make any serious mistakes of the FI, I liked it a lot.Of course, better than X series. Sharpness very good, but no "magic". HDR presentation was not final.With Peters "Arve like" optimization but good, as with X series DCI color filter system has been changed to X-series, so unfortunately the N5 no longer reaches the DCI red, like his little X5 brother. The result is a well-saturated red, but with yellowing. Green as good as a top X5 (they came quite far with green) Panel PWM noise in dark grayscale as in the X series, I have specially checked with a freeze frame. You can look in from the outside into the light engine (see photo) Overall a worthy competitor to the Sony VW270." also a note from RK10YJ from the uk, looks like will be doing some comparisons with the n5 vs the v270. "do not know if it is exactly the same as a Sony (as had no Sony to reference it against), but it did seem to be an obvious improvement to what I am used to. I will be testing the N5 against the VW270 over the weekend/early next week, so should be able to confirm after some testing. I cant imagine the NX9 will have a vastly different sync time compared to the N5." I wish he'd compare with the 5900 or n7 but will have to do and should hopefully get some thoughts on how stacks up
  11. the only ultra high speed cable not to be confused by "uhd" I am aware off is the Belkin and only seen it in 2m thats it. not really much use for projectors...
  12. they wont though. and it doest work like that. great majority of shops sell sony and they'll just sell it as here look 4k and so much cheaper than jvc and jvc ? oh they were never really ever 4k and now have 4k but its a first effort and you will pay a lot more to find out ! most of these things get sold off in bundles too. with the sony I bet you the retailers will move them at full price...and why not vs needing to greatly discount and reduced margins on the jvcs for them to move I think other ways around. sony will sell a lot more of these than ever before. to my mind first sony model which is half decent in spec for the money especially at the price point they have made sure its at. on other hand the n5 I suggest will be the sufferer.... anyone cluey enough will buy the n7 or buying / keeping the older gen jvc instead. the epsons are actually very good, (say that as a previous gen epson owner) for most people I would suggest will be more than enough. they are a pretty serious projector and at the ~$3.6k they go for there really is nothing in my opinion to compete. the 5900 was getting close at $4k but that will be gone soon...
  13. average folk wont know or probably care. the 270es is the opening model and jvc will loose massively id suggest vs the spruiking traders that often dont even know themselves the ins and outs of these things and will be flogging it. for them the sony is a 4k machine and opening model my bet it will be suggested even by retailers time and time again to win the sale rather than suggest the n5 vs 570es in a bundle that goes way up. if anything sony has been very smart I'd suggest they will win against jvc in not only the n5 but also the n7 and also likely the 760es even rather than the n9. sony has more credibility out there with 4k anyhow. I can see the jvc being pulled back further even with it being suggested as a first effort and such. and why blame them. the n5/n7/n9 all have some work to be done to establish themselves. outside forums unlikely be setup properly by anyone let alone be demoed next to jvcs for anyone to know otherwise. with people just buying the sony branded cheaper thing in its place. dont forget javs...you yourself (for your own reasons no doubtP did the exact same thing once. I quite remember in conversations with you, me posting about jvc and yourself with your sony 300
  14. :) al

    Centre Chanel speaker

    I upgraded twice in older systems with better centre speakers than what the maker had/allowed. better centres are just better centres. even if not quite matching in timbre. if you stay reasonably close in sonic signature it can work pretty well. that said if maker themselves make a good centre just go for it.
  15. its all a bit up no question as I posted my self particularly the n5 is way off vs say sony opening model. and really how much is there to gain from the x5x00 to the n5 ? for such a price up ? we have nothin to suggest its justified. they lay their bed they'll lay in it. those of us with 7x00-9x00 unlikely to be looking for much more. its in the small gains I'd suggest. not seen anything to suggest otherwise to date. those in the x5x00 can always consider x7x00 or n7 but expect tp pay the price go for... I see how naming works, in that the n5 & n7 is really x5x00 and x7x00 with new chasis and the native chip. naming them anything more than that just to justify a price most would see through... the n9 is FINALLY a true step up. sorry I never bought the hand picked malarkey of the 9 series and slight lumen increase the claimed for the price increase it was over the lower models. atleast now in the lamp models it is a true flagship. I can see a few folk buying that where couldnt afford the Z be a few others I suspect looking or an all out lamp model as well. if when they replace the Z its only going to go further up until we have some true comparisons we have not much more to go on to justify apart from our own personal take on these things.