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  1. Kia Stinger

    @Tony M congrats on the new audi an s5 sportback is going to be an awesome thing. but i agree re the stinger. i saw a i30 SR hyundia the other day and couldnt help but notice the very obvious rip off of the red highlights from the merc a250 even down to the red seat belts! ... still the i30SR is great value though for a new car (won car of the year).... it gives tech performance of a mk6 golf gti from couple of cars ago i owned but at quite a bargain. the newer hvyundia i30N which is to challenge the current golf gti is actually not far off in price ! getting right up there but will still be up there. i wouldn't be surprised in some golf gti buyers indeed looking at the i30N instead...
  2. The Dolby Atmos Path

    good to hear michael and quite frankly krix probably would have been one of my first choice if were going off brand for reason of its back boxes. though while your atmospheric, hemispheric etc are made this way, not all your in ceiling speakers are. eg your holo graphix are only semi sealed, similarly the helix inceilings are also semi enclosed. and same goes for the stratosphrix. ofcourse am sure these are not usually recommend in this application, but something to keep in mind along with many other in ceiling speakers on the market that are made this way or without any back boxes to speak off, or alternatively sold as an extra at quite some expense. aftermarket back boxes I am talking about are the dynamat dynabox which are very much in the ilk of a conventional speaker enclosure but are flexible, can be retrofitted and a good thing where speakers come without back boxes of any description though i suspect wiht krix in ceilings people would likely not use / need them.
  3. The Dolby Atmos Path

    i wouldn't over think it speaker wise. if running brand X you will likely find brand X also has in ceiling speakers they sell. just grab them. most brands tend to have a range from affordable to more pricey. i would if using in ceiling speakers consider back boxes. stop sound travelling across the house and through ceiling and also insects making your speakers home. will likely add some cost, but worth it long run. some brands like krix do come with back boxes though usually thin plastic/steel types but atleast enclosed. the installation side likely need more thinking through. ie getting ideally placed and getting wires run etc ...all that a bigger challenge i suspect for most
  4. pretty good price id say, will be pleased with step up id say. make sure buy from a retailer of some standing have a good relationship and will look after you for after sales which is always a possibility with projectors
  5. A HUGE Shootout happened on the weekend over in us, including the jvc x9900 us equivalent the top dog JVC laser and vs equivalent Sony's Done by John Schuermann over on AVS, as was described in details below, "Sony / JVC shootout this weekend here in north Colorado Springs. All projectors will be calibrated this afternoon by Gregg Loewen of THX, who will also hang around to answer questions both days. So, confirmed for the shootout:Sony VPL-VW885ES JVC DLA-RS4500 Sony VPL-VW385ES JVC DLA-RS640 Plus one of the attendees is offering to bring an Epson 6040 as well." thoughts from John below, "Just a few thoughts, as we expect a much smaller crowd today. Yesterday was packed - thanks to all that came! From my poll of the six people left at the end of the day, it was 5 out of 6 thought the JVCs were the winner overall, both the RS640 and RS4500. People were coming in and out during the day, so there were some I was not able to query but will be following up. Couple of issues I noticed being right up in the front at the screen: The Sonys all looked slightly soft and "flat" to me. I used my usual closeup of Aaron Eckhart in a shot toward the end of SULLY that reveals fine details in the texture of his shirt. The RS4500 clearly revealed every stitch in the weave, while on both the Sonys the stitches were hard to make out. Of course, this is the stuff that is only noticeable close to the screen, but still was surprising to me. Even here I did not see that much difference with the eShift vs. the native 4K panels on the Sonys. The JVC RS640 did look a bit dark, simply in terms of how it rose out of black (I agree with Jerry here). Another person shared the same thoughts, and Gregg and I thought they had a point. We went in during the last hour and tweaked the picture tone and dark level controls on the JVC and that brought the rise out of black much more in line with what was seen on the Sony. This tweak just adjusted the rise out of black but of course did not affect contrast. Even the two people I know of who preferred the Sony (including Jerry, clearly) acknowledged the clearly better black levels of the JVC RS640 over all the other projectors (inlcuding the 4500). Today with the Sonys I am going to go into the service menu and use ArrowAV's tweak to override Sony's locked panel alignment and see if I can get back some Sony sharpness. RE: Billy Lynn and banding with the 385. I didn't see any in the brief sequences we watched. However, when we played Billy Lynn on the 640, the wider color gamut was clearly visible. Just my thoughts, mixed in with some shared thoughts from several others. Hopefully others will join in. Gregg and I are also going to play with the HDR contrast setting on the Sony's a bit more today. During the scene in SULLY where Tom Hanks jogs through Times Square, we noticed that some of the bright neon signs were getting blown out on the Sonys. We dialed back the HDR contrast setting to bring out the detail in bright areas of the picture, but this did "flatten out" the image somewhat (obviously decreasing overall brightness and "pop" as a result). In fairness, though, the Times Square scene in SULLY is a true torture test for this kind of thing, and this is one of the areas where projector compromises often need to be made, as projection systems are not inclined to handle specular highlights as well as something like a Z series Sony or OLED. IMO, the RS4500 was the overall "winner," but I'd be curious to hear other's thoughts. And I will repeat what I said in my previous review - I can't imagine anyone going wrong with any of these projectors. BTW, anyone at yesterdays shootout who wants to come back for a "redo" with some of the tweaks mentioned above is welcome to return. We still have plenty of food, beer and wine left over " so thre you go... 5 out of 6 preferred the jvcs in poling. in both the RS640 (x9900 equivalent) and the top z1, the sonys looking soft and flat by comparison....
  6. NBN HFC setup question

    http://www.theage.com.au/business/optus-to-compensate-8700-customers-who-were-misled-about-nbn-speeds-20171211-p4yxle.html optus to pay 8700 customers not getting what paid for... ...also ordered to check with new customers within 4 weeks of install and remedy in cases where not getting what paid for. am not getting 100/40 for instance so wonder if that means something will be done to rectify ...
  7. RAM for imac

    i would do ram and a new larger SSD drive they are getting cheaper. any of the apple 3rd party places will do. otherwise places like ram city, mac fixit have all need to update. i did our older 2011 MacBook and its perfectly useable after this upgrade.
  8. NBN HFC setup question

    nbn tech lady i spoke to when getting my connection said they had been clear the problems with 20+ year old copper in the mix. and said to me no guarantees. seems to be working fine now since the initial high jinx but not sure what will be like as more people in my suburb come on line.
  9. 4K HDR AppleTV

    hi spearmint wiht the telstra unit you might mean hdcp 2.2, it is likely still a hdmi 2.0 some variant ie ver a or b . only step up is hdmi 2.1 and no one seems to be doing anything with that as yet with the massive step up bandwidth for 8k etc. ps the hdmi implementation and particularly with hdcp appears to be quite variable between units. the apple atv 4k is really well implemented as with all the disc players these days (pana, samsung, oppo and such). the x box one x is very average in this regard. the optus supplied fetch mighty tv is also not great and requires a cheap splitter to be used in the path as they inadvertently strip the hdcp ! ps i will definitely explore the home kit side of the apple tv. certainly looks a very interesting idea. didnt realise the atv could increase bluetooth range !
  10. New 250w integrated from perreaux

    wow that is one tasty looking thing. great to see soemthgin of this sort of quality from across the ditch
  11. New XBox one x

    hi cwt yes in the very first uhd player release I remember getting hold of a blue stream unit unit that is sold locally to try get this very hurdle. thank goodness samsung worked out quickly in he first week themselves they needed to sort the hdcp hand shaking on their unit and bunged out a firmware update promptly to fix. . hopefully microsoft realises them selves too at some stage ! indeed gaming has come a heck of a long way. that forza 7 sure is some eye candy ! and cwt it looks sensational via the jvc x7000 one thing will say though. the x box one x as a media streamer in its interface pretty much sucks. compared to say apple Atv 4k been using last few days. to the point I think will leave the xbox one just for gaming. I couldnt even see myself using it for blu-ray disc play. god its a very clunky interface !
  12. watched Wadjda the other evening https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/1085796931664/wadjda great little movie. about a 10 year old girl growing up in saudi arabia. gives a good insight into life there and the challenges faced. a very cute film... I was particularly taken I think because my daughter her self is a pretty similar age and I only just in the last year so taught her how to ride a bike... how life in different societies can be so different ! to a certain extent am amazed this film was made and appears to be a saudi-german co production.
  13. Oled

    people sweared about image retention on plasmas never seen it on mine or families and with numerous hours sport what not. that not cranked at factory/show room settings probably something to do with it. 12 hours on same thing ? best we'd get is bathurst or cricket all day or something but all these are interspersed with adds, changing logos blanking between screen shots etc which are all part of normal viewing. anyone getting image retention would have to be doing something pretty silly or extreme I think in this day and age !