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  1. :) al

    TW9300 vs X5900

    thanks brodo, our pelmets and blinds cost us a bit but really worth it. and yes not worth trying yourself. where ever you are check local papers there is likely someone working from home that does this thing day in day out and get something done pretty affordably but still with quality fabrics and good end result. great to hear planning to experiment to find what best suits needs after all a lot of these things are down to preference as well. I myself have found sitting around 2.2 screen heights is the sweet spot for varying diet of stuff we tend to watch from fta tv to streaming, still some DVD, blu-ray and uhd and gaming on top as well. I'd be careful going too big... keep in mind the larger you go the more you are pushing things with projector output and harder it will be to experience gains with HDR material... which need output ! you want atleast 100nits output to enjoy benefits of HDR. go too large in screen and will end up needing to run in high lamp ... which just reduces what have up the sleeve in output and lamp life. also keep in mind with scope screens that all material is infact 16:9 so unless using a scope lens you will be zooming in which case. a 150" scope screen has a 3515 screen width which equates to a 16:9 screen size of ... 160" ... and alternatively if watching 16:9 material on it you will only have equivalent height of a 120" 16:9 screen yeah I tend to like the thx spec for immersion... which works well to over resolve 1080p but also give gains with uhd material but not too crazy that lower grade material ie sub 1080p looks bad ! id be careful sitting 3.4m as that is close to middle of room of a room 6.3m long ...id be looking at more like 4.2m from original front wall (not false wall) for best acoustics will put back seats closer to back walls but I wouldnt bother about that too much most people dont ! but yeah sounds like have plenty of lee way to explore so am sure will find what is best for you and in your setting
  2. :) al

    TW9300 vs X5900

    the light in the room will be a concern for BOTH projectors. you have to remove 1st any sources of direct light and any indirect will impact. that window with the blinds will need pelmet and full block out blinds. if the big opening at other end is filled in then no longer a concern. but yes you 100 % dont want light coming in via that window to go straight onto the screen will kill all goodness ! I've owned a couple of epsons and a couple of JVCs. and in a non dedicated room. 1st lets get the misnomer out the way from those that suggest an epson over jvc in non dedicated room (white walls non black hole theatre). I think they feel the greater black capability of the jvc is lost ? well my experience hasnt been the case. what I have actually found is the jvcs have more blacks up the sleeve and hence end up still better in the same situation ! I think also where the misnomer perhaps comes from way way back when epsons were relative light cannons too vs jvc which back then a bit weaker in output. however its been years since thats swapped around the jvcs pump out some serious output these days so if planning to run in room with ambient light for non critical viewing they do just fine gaming wise both have gaming modes. I dont see that as a drama. the epsons big draw back is the not upto snuff hdmi board. you'd hope they get that sorted next release. the jvc one big huge advantage is the 5900 basically gets optics and most of basics of the upper model jvcs and they are stunners very sharp optics vs epson. The upper model are better but at a cost and for the money the 5900 is great buying... if can pick up a older 7x00 series i woudl certainly grab it as they do come up as well. dont get me wrong the epsons are great value for money i loved the two models i had but the jvc are a step up and worth grabbing if can afford. the room is HUGE and 120" scope for a room 6.3m ! long room sounds a bit off. lets say sitting at 2/3rd room length thats 4.2m viewing distance.... am thinking 130" scope is probably more needed. also keep in mind larger you go in screen the more light throws off more reflection over those white walls and ceiling. closer too likely the screen to the ceiling....
  3. :) al

    Best entry level turntable?

    the regas are plug and play and make great entry level. so what i would go. but keeping in mind there are always specials on these things, run outs promotions you name it. so would try get model up for same money and such. its usually possible
  4. @cyberkank given kind of room(likely non dedicated anyways) I would likely go the 7900 foregoing the 9900. honestly with all feedback ive read its not worth it for extra outlay which id put in a quality screen instead. they are basically same projector with the 9900 you are looking at some hand picked parts which seems to be a bit of a gamble anyways. a motorised lift for the projector is going to be an extremely expensive outlay do you realy need it ? most people in my setup dont even notice the projector and i have a pretty typical lounge room setting. first thing they infact notice is and this is rare too ... the drop down screen mounted on the ceiling. and then ask if have a projector you'd think they'd see it but its out of line of sight ie people rarely look up tend to look across the room etc. mine is over a door way and wiht high ceilings not noticed .... get a decent ceiling mount like the peerless precision gear mount and mount at ceiling (it will be pretty flush... and unlikely people will notice. note a good mount like this is ESSENTIAL please dont buy any other rubbish. Oztheatre stocks it or can get from B&H photo. note motorised screens are good if dont want the screen to a prominent feature of the room and disappearing out of view when not needed. I use one as I have a multipurpose room is our lounge room and also my study, music room etc. and we also use a 50" flat panel for every day TV with the projector screen just dropping down in front of it when needed for larger screen viewing eg movies, sport, concerts etc. looking at your room sketch it looks a little oddly shaped / arranged... but yeah many of us have some non dedicated rooms with their own challenges. given a room like and dont know other specifics... but I would use 4.27 length to project up onto I know mentioned before on wife limitations but I would likely re orientate the couch ... and place it so you walk in the room and the couch is parallel to wall to left. I wouldnt as you had it had back to wall as this is worst case scenario audio wise. I would use the rule of thirds as that works well for both audio and video to place the main listening position abut 1.6m off back wall. and leaving yourself sitting 3.26m from front wall to THX spec for immersion that means a screen size in order of 102-110" for someone who likes sitting around middle row in a cinema id go for the 102" and at this distance you will easily resolve 1080p blu-ray and also start to get some benefit of 4k uhd res material. sitting off the back wall will do well for coherency of vocals and also make sure you arent sitting in an area of bass gain. 2ch wise as well will allow you to place your front mains at a decent distance to have you sitting just out of equilateral which works well for imaging with rule of 1/3rds id experiment with the fronts so moving them away from front wall as far ahead as some 1.5m from front with a 102" screen and the jvcs you'll have plenty of output up sleeve. can have projector discretely up the back even in a bookshelf if want and no one would know its ever there another bonus of having couch off back wall ! having couch of back wall will also mean can have side surrounds and rear surrounds for a 7.1 rig and if want leaves options of 4 front and rear heights as well with plenty of room around the couch for them to work. could end up with a pretty nice setup I would say the above ofcourse making quite a few assumptions. quite possible none will suits given room orientation or some other requirements we are un aware off.
  5. all can say thank goodness not relying on any APPs @Rec. 709 have you rung qualifi locally ? they are usually pretty responsive
  6. :) al

    JVC 4K E-shift & UHD?

    Tasso, the below is a great bit of work capturing the essence of why they do look different and in essence its the HDR aspect and WCG working together to bring gains it does.... over plain SDR. in my opinion its a triple whammy of some detail gains (4k), the greater dynamic range of HDR and wider colour gamut (giving the greater colour volume) that gives the overall wham.... http://www.avsforum.com/forum/166-lcd-flat-panel-displays/2812161-what-color-volume.html no projectors cant achieve 10000 nits of dolby volume but neither do their own projectors in movie theatres. neither do we even have displays doing full rec 2020...which is in itself only 75.8% of the visible spectrum. neither do we have displays or cameras for that matter that can achieve the 20-24 stops of dynamic range our human eyes can achieve.... below from the article is best example of what we are chasing with HDR .... and any closer the formats & gear can get us there, i for one see as a good thing... as the pictorial describes even the above definition of HDR is still not a direct replication of reality but just ever helping us get closer and closer to it
  7. :) al

    JVC 7900 Good With Motion?

    hi flamjam i can only suggest go check out for yourself just as did with the sony. I absolutely love the film like nature of the JVCs with both the previous gen and current gen I now own. I do say though I am not a fan of motion interpolation and frame insertion methods and what not and tend to turn all of these schemes off on projectors as absolutely abhor the opposite which is the Soap opera effect ! I watched florida project on the jvc yesterday and that was shot on 35mm film ...looked absolutely amazing ! and that had kids running around etc. so motion i would say fine for me. ie i am fine with film judder ... though i would say a good part of how thats handled is actually back right upto the person behind the camera how they pan etc so i would say more to do with source than anything so make sure what ever considering you explore with a few different sources to see how handles and make sure comfortable with.
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  9. :) al

    Random cars of interest

    love those old cars. would easily have that c1 corvette... what a classic. ps i dont think would even fit in our garage ... let alone being able to afford it. the citroen 2CV looks quite a bit of affordable fun though
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  12. Having spent a good part of life in a developing country... yes we are quite privileged here just look around where ever sitting right now and look above to see roof and ceiling above you things around you, think of your life style what and would soon realise we are pretty privileged vs a lot many of worlds population not so lucky. it still is the lucky country. and yes we are also rich in wealth in other senses eg with other cultures, freedoms, opportunities etc. sometimes we just down realise just how lucky we are ! anyways getting back to aussie made gear ... one of the other luxuries of living in this country in the low price and availability given we live here.
  13. :) al

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    not avm60 but I run 3 power amps, 2x7ch and 1x2ch for my setup I used to just run one 7xmch and 2ch, 2 different amp makers, but i didnt like the imbalance in levels or that some channels were left RCA vs 2ch that was balanced and clearly benefitting in the noise floor with the XLR runs. so ended up moving across to all via XLR. as per snoopy above i would just run things see where end up before deciding on otherwise.
  14. :) al

    Hello from Greece

    welcome and thanks for the song recommendation
  15. :) al

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    just depends... as mentioned the trims are really there to level up for small differences tend to have due to location of speakers, efficiencies etc, but not equipment imbalances due to massive signal level differences on top of that... which can lead to be maxed out in trims. I suspect will be fine but am also aware of some signal level issues with emotivas to start with (specific model related) hence the suggestion and attenuators can be handy to have up the sleeve if needed.