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  1. woofer even in my homely surrounds going from carpet like yours to our charcoal now I saw the benefit so have no doubts your changes would have been significant ! myself only so far can go ofcourse
  2. with white ceiling and screen up near the ceiling as i suggest back earlier it would be impacting pretty heavily. if scroll back at your pics you will see quite a few of the black surfaces even reflective (the speakers are black piano ?. people who are [email protected] about these things cover everything in black felt /velvet. the fanatics go for the "black - hole" essentially everything covered in light sucking velvet / felt. just depends how far want to go.... things like all the displays illuminated on your gear is enough in a room to see a white screen in your room I would bet. thats all needed.
  3. this is what i would suggest.... if happy on the av side then no need to replace this. unlikely just power amp changes likely to bring gains. being in melbourne i would find a friendly helpful specialist store ready and willing to help and lend you stuff to try to see if brings you gains you are looking for
  4. Post some pics thread...

    the state library seems to have some amazing pictures one below "Palmers hut" Gembrook Palmers' [?] Hut [Gembrook] [picture] N. J Caire 1837-1918, photographer. [ca. 1888-ca. 1890] http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/310218 Nicholas John Caire was quite the photographer in those early days it would seem, http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/caire-nicholas-john-3139
  5. thanks Steffanth for the suggestion, a good one and I have added in. Very true to people are indeed often happy to help and good on you for also offering to assist
  6. I really dont understand how people can sell things they dont have ? i know hind sight and no bl**dy good now but can i urge not to buy stuff unless can actually verify is legit / actually exist in possession. a good way is request pictures beyond what are shown. google search the pictures in chrome browser will tell you if photos are from another seller, if have paid with PayPal. lodge a claim right now ! I have posted some buying and selling online guidelines below, tried my best to capture all possible, but always open to suggestions to stay one step ahead !
  7. i did that as a fellow long term (8 years) avp-a1hd owner and mine was fully tricked out with all its updates and calibrated the same. yes the denon is a beast and a cut above. there isnt anything much on the market that comes close in my opinion. however the marantz is good and quite good ! to the point with atmos , dts-x, neural x and dolby surrounds upsampling its taken enjoyment to another level. however i can easily say too if denon or marantz came out with something in the ilk of the big AVP id skip over in a heart beat but in the mean time i'm hardly slumming it. the 8802A is a fantastic piece . if just calibrate it to reference and use pro kit if can will be very pleased id suggest. ps for record the marantz is not a SMPS but a linear supply and using a single toroidal.. where the mighty denon uses two much larger torroids in its place the denon is true balanced and a beast as such.
  8. congrats ! can mix match, just keep in mind when calibrating will see there is a difference in trims to compensate in the different level source. not sure re usb updates, make sure supplied to you fully updated... and from there updates likely are few and far between. i know people who have never updated and still going with various units. is there no means of updating at home ? internet off phone or something. or borrowing a mobile dongle or something ?
  9. Dangers of cycling

    cyclists in other countries have some other dangers to worry about check the video out as scroll down this article .... http://www.metaspoon.com/ostrich-chases-bicyclists?cat=animals&fb=M1
  10. Dangers of cycling

    evil. i am shocked to learn from age 12 my daughter in victoria is forced to ride her bicycle on the road.... seriously ? i prefer the nanny state rule of other states where they let kids ride on the path at that age. its only adults ride on the road. we just arent at the point of courtesy or awareness on the road to have kids on it. anyways for us the laws below re riding on footpaths arounds country, https://www.bykbikes.com/riding-bikes-on-the-footpath-the-laws-for-kids-and-adults-in-australia/ a great article from bicycle victoria out how foot path access boosts bike riding, https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/newsroom/2018/01/08/footpath-access-boosts-bike-riding/ also good article below re the need for the ride to school program https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/newsroom/2018/01/23/need-national-ride2school/ i am still determined to do the ride to school wiht my daughter. its crazy we use 4 wheels for these things !
  11. hey sime, i think he is just trying to acknowledge nothing is perfect. but fair to say hard to flaw marantz last few processors 8801 included. their support is getting pretty much hard to beat too i think. i had one hardware update on the 8802 already and they have promised next mid year to bring upto spec. not too many makers do this.
  12. electric cars

    bmw is trying their i3 to appear more sporty, not sure something working that well for them, as per review below as they say if expecting it to be a electric hot hatch think again.... https://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/2018-bmw-i3s-first-drive-review-117260.html?trackLink=homePageReview3 "But if you’re expecting these changes to turn the i3s into an electric hot hatch, think again. Even our brief test drive of the battery-powered machine was enough to tell us that this is still a car built for the city. On the open roads to the north-east of Melbourne where we tested the i3s, it felt out of place. The ride is firm and tended to bounce and shudder down the uneven surfaces, rather the absorb the imperfections. And despite the new-look body and wider wheels there’s no escaping this is quite a tall car running on narrow tyres, so there’s lean when cornering and its grip threshold feels low." as they surmise : "Ultimately though the i3s doesn’t fundamentally alter what the car has always offered. Yes, the new styling gives it a different on-road presence, and there’s a bit more pep in its step when you put your foot down. But the i3s is still a quirky electric hatch that will appeal to those who want to help the planet and make a statement doing it." this is selling at $69,900 plus onroads... when consider bmw's own 140i sells for $10k less with almost twice the power and torque and a scintillating 0-100, then have to conclude bmw has some way to go if trying to attract people wanting a electric hot hatch for this sort of money.
  13. I was going to suggest the ATI thats basically a dataset, but have just seen this note from steve H who is pretty close to these things, "While the Marantz prepro's are NOT perfect, they are darn close to flawless. I wish I could say that for everyone. It's the difference between 200+ engineers and 2-3. It is what it is... Re: the ATI processor. It's not coming to a "theater near you" anytime soon. ATI doesn't over promise and under deliver. But I am very much interested in putting it though it's paces when it is available. " hi point re marantz is a valid one too, he has visited marantz operations in japan, D&M (denon and marantz) are a giant. while he sells other brands he's made the point before where d&m has some 200+ engineers working on this stuff most other makers ...and there are only few have 2-3.... gives some idea of the scale and effort behind products like the marantz here.
  14. i remember some similar 2 way snell's run off a naim stack. this would be late 80s early 90s... sounded pretty darn good ! indeed... i remember once a group that were ardent followers of 1 ways... it was utter magic with the stuff they were listening to... sans subwoofer let alone woofer of any kind. not my kind of thing but really they seemed pretty happy ... could say the same thing about 3 ways though ... surely.... and thats the point. then comes down to the need for subwoofers. some will argue the need, some wont. and i say this with a sub woofer in the main system, bedroom system and even the car
  15. reminds me of those kenwood fridge sized 12 way brash's specials in the 80s .... they sounded shite ! the point is a 2 way implemented well can be magic ! they were still working as a 2-way...just happened to have a sub in tow no different realy to a 3 way with sub. eg in my main system... the sub doesnt even come on at times ... it self wakes as needed .... whether the sub is needed or not is a whole another discussion. but i can think of MANY instances when they will not. i have given some already and illustrating that 2 ways ...CAN be very good ...