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  1. Target Turntable with Bluetooth

    [moderator] lets keep this a Beginners and purchase advice thread its supposed to be... please. [end moderator post]
  2. for someone on a budget the THX mode of the 9000 series is a real boon, in a previous i found it pretty close to a calibration with just a few minor adjustments needed to suit the setting for a very natural picture. dont also discount the wifi capability. I found it very handy on my previous gen epson with hdmi standards and using with a legacy avr. the krix do come with back boxes though one in the range has an open back box so need to be carefull otherwise dynabox back boxes re a boon. i used them and they are fantastic for in ceiling. not only for not letting sound leak into ceiling space but also not letting creepy crawlies and what not that might be up there. plus also giving the speaker an enclosure in itself. well worth it if going speakers without back boxes I dont know the view master pro, but i run their premium electricinema which was top of the line in their motorised screens when i bought it some years back now being aussie made they can make to custom to what ever your needs are which is great for motorised screens. one i wouldn't get is the lp morgan rondo its made with some sort of stretchy material and I know of a few people now who ended up with bother with it. their regular screens are probably just as fine as their fixed screens are and another great local aussie option.
  3. Dangers of cycling

    oh wow ! a car maker actually considering cyclists safety ? an audi that wont let you open a door and "door" a cyclists coming up ! http://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/audi-reveals-cyclist-friendly-tech-115989.html now we are thinking !
  4. M&K and krix make some great in wall speakers. agree with AG above. paradigm are great ! one thing can do is drop screen lower. I have extra long leader 600mm and means screen drops lower down. less effects of light off the ceiling. we have a charcoal carpet now which made a differnece. we also have curtains all around which also lessen impact of white reflecting walls but curtains and furniture is lighter coloured than darker. we all likely have some compromises ! agree with this one. try keep hdmi cable run avr to projector as short as possible and within 10m if can also re remotes the harmony for money are hard to beet ! anything more especially dealer supplied needing customisation etc seems to go in the megabucks !
  5. @bugster check my room link in my signature. you will see i run a projector and have done for some years in a pretty homely setting, typical lounge room. one key factor is light control. will need heavy blinds with pelmets. I have them all arounds and means can enjoy movies during day times before sun goes down. so we run a flat panel for every day TV. didnt even bother with cavity box or anything re projector screen. it just sits there own the ceiling, wouldn't probably notice unless looked. and we use for larger screen stuff movies, sport, concerts. even though i run a relatively small screen it is some 50% larger than the 65" flat panel. so a good jump up i have similar room depth in 5.5m and with projector at one end and screen at other. I have run epsons before and they are great projectors for the money and picked over the sony alternatives. i would consider jvc even 2nd hand a just superseded e.g. x35 or newer model will easily pick up. in the epsons try go for the 9000 series as bring good gains. main listening or viewing position is critical in a projector setup in a room 5.5m depth i would sit at the 3- 3.5m depth. this will allow some space behind for speakers and also mean you wont necessarily have to go a larger screen. larger screens cost more. mean lamps have to be pushed further. smaller screens will give a punchier picture and give you more up your sleeve. at the 3m or so a 100-102" is about all needed audio wise as well sitting at the 2/3rd room depth will mean out of middle of the room and not sitting wiht back to wall that many make mistake off doing to the detriment of vocal clarity and siting in a point of bass gain. keep in mind going 120" you will end ups with a relatively large screen for a drop down as well. which might introduce other factors such as ripples etc. which i dont see with a smaller screen. and choose well with the screen and invest here. something will keep for many years while projectors might come and go. my setup has seen 3 projectors already
  6. Holden to Close

    its very sad, but at least an honour having been the first car maker to be the last. hopefully not THE last. I have some hope.... we have the capability and the people. the sad part is our government with the lack of vision and support for the future of what this country could be ! for a country that now will have 3 idle plants that could have ideally been making low volumes that they are of electric cars ? why not ! instead of the billions they pump into roads and what not, why not a bit of it into maybe an electric car that would travel in it instead. one of our main problems has been that unlike a lot of other countries our car plants have been foreign owned. when you have someone wiht a home in another country and their interests else where why would you expect they'd ever have the best interests of this country at top off their minds. anyways, heres to hope in the future...
  7. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    one of the reasons I would be still suggesting a LFE channel be maintained. by all means make mains full range. but no need for them to be doing LFE for very reasons you mentioned. and I would be crossing the LFE channel at 80hz as well. the dedicated LFE channel which is there for most mixes tends to have info right upto 120hz however further up there is going to be no bother for most speakers to achieve
  8. Holden to Close

    https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/holdens-manufacturing-history-1856-2017-59620 people probably dont realise how far back holden's history go its 2nd oldest behind peugeot. as a brand actually making anything will soon be gone. with just badge engineering and design etc from here on very much just a gm brand .... impact on SA - adelaide is a bit hard to comprehend !
  9. FS: JVC X9500 Projector

    @seanoo please use this thread, I've unmarked as sold and update as you see the need, rather than starting a new one. noe we dont allow relists before 30 days.
  10. Cooling setup for AVR

    I remember this story cav posted of a cat that liked sleeping on amps... this can be worse than dust ! http://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/news/amp_cat/ I made sure my elektra is 12V triggers... so when not using its stone cold and cat doesnt seek it out
  11. might need recapping quite possibly at 37 years old caps either close to shot or dried out ? headphone out usually pretty crappy on most lap tops. ok for ear buds or some powered speakers or something but likely not delivering the best analog stages on laptops usually pretty carp as on most pcs. as is typical its not usually the dac built in .. but power supplies and analog stage that is usually the let down with most things... so yes a dac(which usually include a better analog stage) will improve. but keep in mind the vintage of the nad receiver....
  12. Cooling setup for AVR

    What dont like about the boxed units is the box will actually block all top vent grills on what ever unit trying to cool. You basically move from natural convection to 100% forced cooling. Is this needed ? maybe in a sealed rack unit or something. But in entertainment racks I've used use one to two fans plonked on top to assist natural convection seems to be more than enough
  13. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    just standard 5.1.2 as per above was what i was suggesting, boxed so they actually have an enclosure, rather than same sound coming out one side fills the ceiling space the other travelling through the house. also so the rear of speaker is boxed in rather than creepy crawlies etc entering making their home , dust dirt etc if can box in yourself with some lining material all the better
  14. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    wouldn't bother with angled speakers personally as you'll achieve pretty well, well within the required angles in positioning firing likely just straight down at you not 5.1.4 as have back to the wall. and doesnt really leave any room for mounting rear heights as such ps only thing id say those jamo dont have back boxes. I think they are really worth it. either buying speakers with them or buying / making your own back boxes
  15. recommend atmos ceiling speakers

    ah kuky, I forget you are in the EU jamo would be fine. do they come with back boxes ? yes no 6 is the front height positions. note the angles are just to do with positioning in front of couch . you are however going to be a 5.1.2 setup so https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/dolby-atmos-speaker-setup/5-1-2-setups.html as the suggestion says "The angles shown in all diagrams represent the ideal placement range relative to your listening position. " so nothing to do with angling speakers or anything like that. with 5.1.2 setup given the likely narrow angle even if were firing directly down is going to be just fine you'll find many in ceiling with adjustable tweeter angle and can always adjust those a tad if feel necessary. note the more in-depth dolby installation guidelines.