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  1. Hey grant , no bother if check the subforum will see atleast 2 threads below this one covering hopefully your question. And done to death
  2. :) al

    error 502

    @Marc I have also seen these last couple of days
  3. [moderator post] for the 2nd time and this time as a moderator post, enough with the tired arguments please. And no need to make this another 4k argument thread, they already exist. Can we keep to 2019 projector releases please. People come to view posts but instead find same old arguments ...[end moderator post]
  4. Not sure about getting Bluetooth to your Mf. But something like the bluesound node2 will get you tidal
  5. :) al

    Subwoofer Integration

    dont have to match brands, and rel have always worked well to integrate with mains. particularly in many cases they are looked more as a woofer than sub woofer for extension and work well in that role. ps monitor audio do make some really good subs to so I wouldnt eliminate them, and they would match in well aesthetically as well
  6. :) al

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    yep thats what we like about our hibachi. while the main bbq is gas. the hibachi is a nice change for charcoal grilling and on a smaller scale. eg 3 little steaks or some kebabs or just grilling some fish or something. we have take ours places too ! great that yours is portable as well.
  7. :) al

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    looks a good unit rantan, are these available from local target ?
  8. :) al

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    miki I am not sure if you saw my post, but I have that hibachi, and got from bbq galore when they used to sell them at $49 so am not sure id ever pay $300 for one
  9. mikizee I have a couple pf those.... hibachi charcoal grills. as a heads I got mine from bbq galore for $49 quite a few years back couldnt believe the bargain ! maybe worth searching around as I wouldnt pay $300 for one !
  10. imikey congrats on achieveing an end with something you especially wanted. thats fantastic to hear. especially given under $1k with 2nd hand gear. and particuallry since started out looking at 4k projector worth few thousands and screens for ust which are similarly priced ! well done indeed. you should share more on the particular gear and installation for others it shows how different the needs though rather than a 100" projected imagine in our bedroom we run a 32" lcd and have done for years. with minimal use no thoughts of ever replacing. it goes to show the different perspectives and and how met. just a point on this. previous 5-8? years ago epson I owned had wireless hdmi and did an excellent job seamlessly including 3D so wireless tech is around and can be had for any projector if want. so dont have to run cables if dont want. will need power but most have power with lighting in ceilings yes would need a mount but even the most complex are only two screws into rafters. but I can understand not going that way for a bedroom. I certainly wouldnt there certainly is, and I am sure they will most projectors (well all I have owned epsons and jvcs) can achieve 130" in ~3m. same goes with benq even base models there are some with shorter throw and have come across a few DLPs that are made to be used close up. there is one facility I have visited that uses a little projector that sits on their conference room table that blasts onto a wall and only couple of m's away. does a reasonable job. its wireless too. For most appartments I can imagine people just going with a flat panel. but I can see the use of a UST there as well particularly even in Australia where some live in what are 1 bedroom glorified hotel rooms. houses/apartments and units are getting smaller with developers trying to get away with as little as they can make them
  11. :) al


    selby do indeed sell these, here it is no cables run through one in use, you can get these in innies or outies https://www.selby.com.au/2-pack-bull-nose-wall-plates-for-cable-management-white-bullprwh.html
  12. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Custom-Length-Microphone-Leads-Neutrik-Gold-XLR-Plugs-Sommer-Carbokab-Cables/160743609385?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=460053763962&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 its worth checking these guys out they custom make the german sommer carbocab with good quality neutrik golds. and will do in any length you want. designable are over in the uk, but very prompt and ship super fast and to good quality end result. 12m is nothing for XLRs ...
  13. because I dont like when people dispel misconceptions as though fact. and no I am not a projector installer I have my own day job totally unrelated to hifi or av or projectors apart from having to use them for presentations. or where been in senior site management roles where had to buy the da mn things and with what have gained over years have had to step in to help at times. And I have helped people personally where I can with projectors and hifi and av... whether with posts or first hand/personally. Just as people have very generously helped me, its just my way of giving back and i do it gratis, its not my living, its my hobby. god forbid would i want to make hobbies and interests into means of making living as most say best way to kill the enjoyment. now I was considerate in my response. but please enough ! especially now you are getting personal and casting aspersions on my intent. frankly i have no time for that kind of thing ! wish you well good luck. sure, I totally agree, but I hope can be seen in a balanced light pardon the pun. everything has its pros cons
  14. I have seen the coffee table. actually the projector was within, used by one of our members here in tassie. large room high ceilings. but easily got by wiht this. you wouldn't even know the projector was there unless walked around the front of room. I have also seen racks used with projector on it. shelves, even a small rack behind main viewing area. and also not to forget wall mounts. rooms even if have heigh ceilings need walls ! and we have excellent wall mounts can use with precision mount attached and it is not a problem and there are many options for high ceiling rooms... and that without even just using a pole as many people do .... to hang projectors as they hang their lighting or ceiling fans and what not. but in anycase. enough with all this, I am simply repeating ...