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  1. Cadenza Red. Much more musical than blue.
  2. Further information: Very limited vinyl mastered by Bernie Grundman 1998. This just sold for $200US on eBay last week would rather let an SNA member get a chance for a fair price. If no interest it’s on EBay. Photos:
  3. Thanks for all the interest. Price drop to make it more attractive
  4. Further information: never played 4LP box set. Sell for $160 so save some $ Photos:
  5. Further information: the man that puts the tone in Baritone! 4 albums Blues Funeral Straight songs of Sorrow with Animals Phantom Radio Photos:
  6. Further information: This is the latest version and one of the first in the country. It is less then 2 months old. One thing I have learnt is that it doesn’t matter how good your arm TT or cartridge is, if you’re phono stage isn’t up to the task you are wasting money and forever chopping and changing. This was already a great phono stage but this version has a much more natural and warm presentation. It bested my valve phono stages by a considerable amount. It has XLR out too! I am actually really reluctant to sell this out of all the items I listed. It can get the most out of ANY cartridge hooked up to it. I have all boxes etc. https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/phono-stages/rcm-sensor-2-mkii Photos:
  7. Sounds great to me @Bunno77 I think it's the Naim more than anything else. I now see why people get hooked on Naim gear. Sounds like good vinyl but MM not MC.
  8. This has been corrected. It is the 1m. Price reduced accordingly. Thanks for the heads up
  9. Have edited this. Turntable now only for sale. Tonearm sold. Phono stage will list soon [PM me direct]
  10. Thanks gentlemen. Unfortunately this is dragging on too long in VIc and a lot of people are hurting. Pains me to let this go.
  11. Further information: Unfortunately due to Pandemic I am forced to sell my gear. This is my favourite TT and has been the longest I’ve had. This TT is phenomenal and I don’t I want to let this go but don’t have a choice. The Ref2 is the latest with the updated power supply. Purchased from the wonderful guys at Sonic Purity. Will be selling Phono stage separately Your chance to get an endgame TT package at nearly Half price!!!! RRP: $14,900 Buyer to pay out of pocket Paypal fees. Will be boxed so can arrange freight to interstate. TURNTABLE ONLY FOR SALE Have all boxes and packaging. Will be boxing them in the next few days Nd will post photos. Photos:
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