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  1. I purchase the emitter off EBay for $130 odd which shipped direct from JVC and had a receipt in it for $90 +gst for the emitter and $10 +gst for postage which is interesting. I’m assuming this was/is the cost price to dealers that shouldn’t of been put in the box. i got the xpand glasses from Amazon AU and only ordered 1 first to see if 3D was worth investing in hardware wise if the JVC did a good enough job. It did. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00BFO4XSA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Just hooked up the JVC emitter and Xpand 105 3D glasses and watched some Imax Under the Sea 3D, Avatar 3D, and Dredd 3D. Pretty happy with it
  3. From Kris Deering some info- I could see some people finding the image to be too dim if they just use the AUTO selection for processing. I found MEDIUM and HIGH gave the best results, with HIGH being the closest to what I see with the Lumagen more often than not, though it doesn't do as well with high APL/High CLL content, so in those cases you may have to go to MEDIUM or LOW (The Meg is a good example of this).
  4. Can't wait for this weekend to put it through its paces with the new firmware.
  5. Just a correction -4 x S300T (RRP $6,499 each) Tripole Cinema Rear/Surround ($25,996) I believe these are $6499 a pair listed on multiple websites so 4 speakers (2 pairs) would be $12998?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I have already tried the 60hz as well as disabling the frame convert, etc and still get lip sync for only the Amazon app. Both Netflix and Stan are perfect and issue free for me.
  7. Just did some research on the Foxtel fourm. Looks like Foxtel is indeed using the BT2020 color space on the Foxtel IQ4 box, though incorrectly in its application as it should be rec709 as you point out. There is a 19 page thread about washed out colors for TV owners through Foxtels non-standard implementation of the BT.2020 colour standard. Until Foxtel fix this I will continue to use the BT2020 filter as once again the colors look to me correct with it in place on the NX7.
  8. Even though it displays it is receiving a BT2020 signal that certainly is possible. I still stand by that I personally think the colors look correct with the BT2020 filter in place. This may change post calibration but for now the BT2020 filter stays in place. YMMV.
  9. I haven't owned the other JVCs and I am happy with the black levels, but if that was the case with those units then the black bars are definitely still existent for me on the NX7.
  10. Thanks for doing this. Yeah no issues here either with Netflix or Stan for myself Because FTA looked so poor via the AppleTV I didn't leave it long enough to look for lip sync issues but I will recheck. Now this is very interesting as I definetly have lip sync issues with the Amazon app. My AppleTV 4K is set for HDR 4K 50hz with match frame rate and dynamic range switched on. Is yours set the same? My Denon is the AVR-X7200WA. The Oppo 103 has a 4k setting as someone one AVS was using theirs for upscaling. I to am surprised the Panny 820 is having an issue with the lip sync upscaling. This is so spooky. I switched on my unit today as well and pulled up the lens menu pattern and mine to had dropped by around the same amount. Was worried maybe the Peerless mount had moved somehow.
  11. Al the lip sync issues are peculiar. I have tried various settings on my Denon AVR so its only passing through, different settings on the players and no dice. I am using Monoprice High Speed Certified cables as well from Amazon AU so don't see that as an issue. Still investigating but my setup is working well as I've described above for now.
  12. A few more things I have found. Now have 14 hours on the lamp If you are using the Foxtel IQ4 box and outputting in 4K I strongly suggest using the BT2020 filter in the projector as that is what the Fox box is outputting and the colors looks right with it in place. I have also discovered the Iris Yellow Bug, not in material (or I haven't noticed it in material) but using the Apple TV 4K box. launching the Stan app and when the play/resume box white box comes up against a black screen with either the Iris engaged in Auto 1 or Auto 2 the white box yellows. With the Iris in Manual there is no yellowing. I will retest when the DTM firmware lands with someone testing saying it resolved this issue on his NX7 and Kris Deering saying it didn't with the slight issue he has on his NX9 which is interesting in itself as I thought the NX9 with its different light path was free of this issue. Also using the Amazon app via the Apple TV 4K box results in lip sync issues for me. I have seen a few threads on the internet about this so put it down to a Amazon/Apple TV issue for some users. Netflix and Stan are perfect streaming 4K, HDR and HD material to the NX7. Still haven't resolved the lip sync issue using the Oppo 103 or Panny 820 upscaling to 4K so I leave the Panny outputting 4k for the UltraHD titles and the Oppo for 1080p Blu-Ray duties. I have seen the images from reviews showing the upscaling of the JVC to introduce jaggies etc but I haven't noticed that issue luckily or maybe im just not discerning enough Played Stranger Things in 4K HDR from the Apple TV box and there is a ferris wheel scene at night and the colors just pop with great looking blacks. Since I only have my Marantz as a reference I am impressed with the black levels, so I can only imagine how much better the contrast is on the JVC X7500/9500 since the NX5/7 series is supposed to be on par with the X5000 I believe. Only the high fan noise when HDR kicks in is the only slightly disappointing factor but I am used to it with my Marantz and the DTM may allow me to run HDR in low lamp. Also I tried streaming FTA channels via the Apple TV 4K box however the results were no where near as good as using the Foxtel IQ4 box with it set to 4K output. Luckily no lip sync issues here. I have now disabled the MPC which came up when turning low latency off as well as already having CMD off. So I am happy with the motion on the JVC which was a worry coming from a DLP. Now if only my Vicoustic panels would hurry up and arrive (6 month delay for the panels specified from the Vicoustic Project request service) I could fully enjoy my room as a total.
  13. Just watched a few movies on the NX7. Pretty impressed. Absolutely destroys my Marantz, and much better than the Sony 570ES I saw. I don't think I will be upgrading for a long time.
  14. Just joined the JVC NX7 owners club. Arrived yesterday and have just installed it with the Peerless UNV mount just in time for the DTM firmware release. (Thanks Al for the help with the Peerless mount). I am coming from my trustly old Marantz VP-15S1 projector which recently died and was worried about going from a DLP to the LCOS tech. However first impressions with the NX7 showed I had nothing to worry about. My unit is a September 2019 build and came with firmware 2.09 installed. It has also like a few people have mentioned light corners in the top left and top right, when there is no image but during content I haven't noticed it yet. Convergence seems no issue. The image is pretty sharp and has better black levels than my Marantz. In low lamp it is quieter than my Marantz. I played Mad Max Fury Road UltraHD which kicked the JVC into HDR mode with High lamp and it sounded nearly as loud as the Marantz on high lamp but it looked excellent, and this is just with out of the box settings. Also played some HD Blu-Rays both the the player upscaling to 4K (tried my Oppo and Panasonic) and then with the projector doing the upscaling. I think with the players doing the upscaling I was getting a slight lip sync issue but I am still investigating as it might be a setting with my Denon AVR. When the players are outputting 1080p for normal blu-rays no lip sync issue. Tried FTA from the Foxtel 4K box outputting in 4K and am very surprised and happy. FTA HD looks great as does the Foxtel HD channels. The Foxtel 4K channel is pretty impressive and motion with the Footy on looked very good with no noticeable blurring. Have to get around to playing with the Apple 4K TV box. Will have a lot to go over on the long weekend as there are so many settings. I will get the JVC ISF calibrated after the lamp settles down in a 100 hours. I think the image is a bit to bright in low lamp mode (o maybe i was just used to my dimming towards lamp end Marantz) so may need to lower that down. It came with Low latency turned on. Should i turn it off? Also CMD is off but how do I disable all motion processing and sharpening controls which I assume is MPC as there is no off mode I can see. Is it advisable to disable these? I want to avoid any soap opera effect and any artificial sharpening. Was awaiting a native 4K projector around this price point with the optics of the NX9/Sony 870ES/BenQ 970 and laser llight engine, and high ANSI but this will more than tide me over until that be comes a reality.
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