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  1. Crystara


    Come on Musicman, the only reason your selling this is because you gorged yourself on Phil’s collection you luck bugger living so close to him [emoji6]
  2. Crystara

    SOLD: Bluesound Node 2 Wireless Streamer

    Jgolla Was looking for one
  3. Crystara

    FS: Monday Vinyl Sale

    Kind of Blue 3172 thank you
  4. Hi Jon is Chapter and verse still available and Queen Greatest Vol 1 and both 30% off
  5. Crystara

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Hi Phil add to my pile please Mudcrutch and the 3 Ray Lamontagne Lps please
  6. Crystara

    FS: Various Vinyl, second batch

    Hi Phil Wrecking Ball and High Hopes, Kill Rock, After the Gold Rush, Boys Don’t Cry, In Rainbows and you might as well pass me all the Josh Rouse Lp’s Cheers Mate I will call you
  7. I also have one and think it’s a fantastic piece of kit
  8. Crystara

    FS: Vinyl, Various - first batch

    I also can attest to this, I picked up a few albums off Phil today 2 unopened and the other in Mint condition and a real nice and interesting guy to talk to, a very positive experience
  9. I have 2 of these for my audio set up and they are a perfect sealed sub for music, the price is spot on for a mint SB 12, if I could integrate a 3rd I would have grabbed this in a heartbeat. Best of luck with the sale young man
  10. Crystara

    FS: Vinyl, Various - first batch

    Phil can I grab the Black Keys please
  11. Crystara

    FS:Tonearm Acos Lustre ST 510D

    How old would this be, is there a head shell ?
  12. Crystara

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    It’s all there in black white Judge, should of gone to Specsavers [emoji6]
  13. Crystara

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    The Great Wall (Blu ray+Digital UV) Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes ( Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy) Transformers - Region Free Please Ian