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  1. I am not even going comment, for fear of being sent to the principals office again
  2. Great price shame is doesn’t support Dolby Vision glws
  3. I also have this model sitting my rack and 200+ movies it not worth selling it, the problem with movies is they didn’t all come with a hi res audio track but DD+ wasn’t to bad a compromise
  4. I have run one of these on my TT for the for the past 36 years and with my P77 I have not needed to upgrade, terrific little arm
  5. Absolutely floors me that one of the greatest albums sits unclaimed, I will grab the Byrds record mate PM inbound
  6. They are real nice looking I bet you were pissed when you or whoever knocked that speaker over and destroyed that corner
  7. The tray is on the right hand side of the unit, I know what your thinking. Perreaxe make great gear
  8. These look to be still in excellent condition and I love that Shiraz , Ox Blood red, if you where in Victoria I would hire a trailer and grab them best of luck selling these beautiful pieces of furniture
  9. I like them, why would anyone cover that beautiful timber in black, leaves me scratching my head, but as usual they are in another state, best of luck with the sale
  10. Does the entertainment unit come with it ? Seriously are you upgrading ?
  11. Shocked this never sold the first time you advertise, Rock Soild Preamp
  12. Hi are these still available ? If so how much is shipping to 3172 Melbourne please thank you
  13. It’s a pity your in Sydney, would have loved these, I am sure they will be sold shortly ☹️
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