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  1. Looks to be in great nick, I had an Aaron sub good quality Australian Hifi gear, the owner retired I believe and Aaron no longer exists but I could be wrong glws
  2. I have this and the sound beautiful no surface noise whatsoever and don76 is a top bloke
  3. Don’t you love it when you talk to yourself and fix the problem
  4. Hi have you watched any content in Dolby Vision and if so where on the Hisense does it show you your tv is playing Dolby Vision I can only seem to see HDR10 when I press the info button
  5. Dude whatever your on when you wrote this speal I want some, Yachts, the sea and sailing sounded so romantic, I grabbed out my Rod Stewart record and played Sailing, your right music is a form of travel, a love affair, a state of mind a euphoric experience, I think I actually got a bit of tan listening this avo, good one man
  6. Holy smoke, good looking bunch, I have some of those embarrassing photos floating around of me in my Hush Puppies and a brown corduroy jacket and some big arse flared pants and sporting an Afro and I’m white, what hell was I thinking
  7. I seen these guys do a cover of Adam Raised the Cain at Springsteen Tribute Benefit, man she just blew the roof off the house, incredible
  8. Hi is this the Verve Label version of this record ?
  9. Top quality German Engineering, at this price it’s a no brainer if need to move up the headphone amp food chain
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