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  1. Item:Dual 1229 Turntable Price Range:$300 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi I am looking for one of these hopefully serviced with decent cart on it and in Victoria please reach out to me if you have one laying around you want to off load thank you
  2. Now your feeling me, the budget out the window, is this it she is a good looking unit have it facing outwards
  3. I am keen to see this thing now you guys have me thinking custom clear acrylic plinth thanks mate
  4. He even sell Quitars some sick stuff there mate thanks for the heads up I have a starting point and thank you for taking the time, your vernacular of explaining things is very unique, secret agent like release cracks me up cheers mate
  5. Nicely put, if the king cool had one in his pad then good enough for me I will take a look at the Denon, the Technics look is not my thing but I am sure the sales figures dictate them to be excellent TT, Dual sounds interesting as I have always been a tradesman I love mechanical stuff cheers mate
  6. Hi Mat thank you for your quick response, I would like something under $1000, I have a Graham Slee & Shiit Mani Phono I am a MM cart guy I have a Garrott P77 Shure 15 iv and Nagaoka MP110, Luxman Garrard and Thorne I am happy to try Thanks again mate appreciate your help today
  7. Hi I have been into hifi for 30+ years, I already have a good system in my listening room, Aura TT (technically it is vintage) some Martin Logan’s but I want to add something vintage Japanese or European wet my toes so to speak, but nothing crazy money Linn Sondek, I would like something that has a Tonearm that I can swap out my cartridges easily preferably the plug in headshell type like the Jelco but not essential, I am thinking Japanese would like it to have wooden base but I am open minded, I would really appreciate your help in finding something that would suit my needs or pointing out op
  8. How do I explain this to you, I am glad I upgraded, $350 happier, in my listening environment, Yes money well spent for me
  9. Yes still waiting for 9 licorice black delicious discs to be shipped from the US with some funky murse, hopefully some pot inside it from Tom’s personal stash and maybe a lock of his hair at this price
  10. I have the V15 Type IV with the SAS on it where do you live ? I enjoy it very much I also have a HE but I don’t listen to it anymore since buying the SAS, is it a $350 worthwhile purchase only your ears can tell you that 🤔
  11. Item: Furutech Anti Static Brush Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hopefully someone has one of these brushes they are not using anymore please pm me thank you Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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