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  1. Sound like a lot cochlear manipulation to me
  2. You must of Loved , Love you brought 2 of them and then didn’t play them, what’s the G O
  3. I am still trying to figure out what he means, must be something they say out west
  4. It’s the red light district of Melbourne, oh and nice rack ! Is that from Bunnings ?
  5. I thought I seen a post last year that you had sold your Klein or am I mistaken ?
  6. The only small problem I see with external Dac on the Bluesound Node 2 is you disabled the ability to decode MQA files (Tidal) unless your external Dac supports that ability, but this is opening a whole new can of worms
  7. What’s this bloody record cleaner weekend
  8. With mine, when the player is in standby as above I press the number for the zone required and the player starts up in that region, pop in your disc and voila your in business
  9. What terrific compact little system, Grab yourself a streaming service and your in business, glwts
  10. You said it, I can guarantee you will regret selling these best of luck mate
  11. I grabbed Bruce Springsteen The Box Set Vol 2 for $130 Bargain plus it will be fedexed to me in under a week
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