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  1. Suddenly working like a charm (more luck than good judgement). Thanks to all.
  2. Thanks Skasey. I was trying to load on my iPad and someone suggested using my iPhone instead. Using the iPhone and Essentials App I have been able to get to the stage of signing in and being asked to "add a music service". I am trying Tidal for a month and can login okay, but then I get "Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid" Tidal is loaded on my iPad and recognises my smart TV, and Apple TV in another room, but so far not the Elac. Hope you can assist this dinosaur further, Geoff
  3. Thanks Tarkan. Sorry , yes the Roon Essentials App. Hope you can assist. Geoff
  4. I have recently purchased an ELAC Discovery Server DS-S101-G on SNA. I am having difficult getting the Discovery App to communicate with the server. Does anyone have any experience with this Server?
  5. Further information: I purchased this lovely unit from a fellow SNA member earlier this year. It is clearly the best phono amp I have owned. Many glowing reviews can be found on the internet. Please PM me with any queries or interest. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the ac
  6. Further information: I purchased this unit recently from a recognised SNA'er, to enhance my system. My understanding is that it was purchased from the Australian distributor about 6 months ago. Current price at Audio Solutions is $2890. I experienced difficulty setting it up because of the small size of my turntable platform. Consequently I was unable to experiment to find an optimum position for the Ionizer. Also I cannot leave it with my turntable as it is too tall for my cover. Rather than rebuild my platform and cover to accommodate and persist I have d
  7. Further information: Considering selling my NATIV VITA Music player and matching DISC for ripping CD's. The player has a 11.6 " touchscreen. Both have upgraded walnut bases. The DISC is top fed and can be mounted on its base, or flat such that the player sits on top of it. The photos show the MUSIC PLAYER in my rack, and the Disc on a table. Both units are identical in looks and size, except the DISC screen is not an active touch screen. The PLAYER is fitted with a 1 TB SSD. This set up has a retail price close to A$4000. For more information visit
  8. Further information: Having to stay indoors gives one a lot of time to spend on the computer looking around. ( lockdown upgrade virus 😀 ) I am considering upgrading a few areas of my system, one being my turntable. Nothing wrong with it at all, but I have just seen some others that I might like to try. Fitted with Ortofon Bronze cartridge. I have the original box so shipping is available. Reasonable offers will be considered as will a trade on a quality phono stage. Please PM me with any queries Pho
  9. Further information: I purchased this unit in January 2019 with the idea I would duplicate my vinyl in digital format. I also purchased VinylStudio to facilitate this. Sadly it was all too much for me and I have decided to do more listening and less tinkering. I am therefore selling this unit in favour of a simple quality MM/MC phono stage. I have the original double boxing, so can ship. Includes a bound copy of Owners Reference Instructions for use, including printed VinylStudio Guide. Apologies for lack of photos but I am still using as a phono stage, and
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