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  1. Hi, can I please have the following, Al Di Meola - Tour De Force "Live", 25AP 2471, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $21 Django Reinhartdt - The Legendary Django Reinhardt, GNP 9039, NM/NM $19 George Benson - In Concert - Carnegie Hall, LAX-3221, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $17 Stephane Grapelli - Afternoon in Paris, MPS Records, ULS-6054-P, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $15 The Bud Powell Trio - The Bud Powell Trio, YW-7501-RO, JAP Press, VG+/NM $18 I await your instructions. Geoff
  2. What suburb of Brisbane can these be collected from? Thanks
  3. Item: Clearaudio Smart Phono stage, and Schiit JIL Analogue to Digital Converter Location: South Brisbane Price: $250 each inclusive of postage by Express Post Satchel. Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought the phono stage from member a few years ago and it has been great. So small, wonderful output. Can be used with both MM and MC cartridges. Have original packaging and operating instructions. I understand unit was originally purchased in Germany, and comes with adapter for Australian sockets. The Schiit JIL analogue to digital converter was purchased from Addicted to Audio in November 2018, and is as new. I purchased it to put my foot in the water with digitising vinyl, and it worked great. New price is $399. Purchase both and I will throw in a pair of Schiit PYST 6 inch RCA cables. Please PM me with any queries or interest. Pictures:
  4. Item: Pro-Ject CD Box DS2T Location: South Brisbane Price: $500 plus postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving to CD ripper/ Music Player combo. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This item presents and operates like new. and has not had a lot of use. I purchased it from Kolumbus Audio in Germany the end of April 2018 before this model was available here. New price locally now is close to $1000. Original receipt available. It comes with a remote, operating instructions, and original packaging. Plug on transformer power supply has an adapter to suit Australian sockets Package dimensions are 400 x 300 x150mm, and weighs 3 kg. Please PM with any queries or interest. Pictures:
  5. Using Mojave 10.14.1. PureVinyl got back to me straightaway and issue sorted. I have recorded a couple of albums with success, and today have ordered the Pro version. Many thanks for pointing me in the VS direction, and your help. Software looks great, dinosaur friendly, and well supported. No doubt I will be seeking your assistance again when I move past the recording stage.
  6. Have tried a few times today but keeps falling over near end of installation. Have sent VinylStudio an email. Agree with you, it looks really good, and is well supported.
  7. Thanks Ophool. Your last paragraph was the fix needed.
  8. Thanks, will look at Vinyl Studio. Have been experimenting with a few trial programs.
  9. No pop up list, Built in Microphone is the only option.
  10. Thanks. Find I am unable to get USB input in to appear in Audacity despite it being set in Sound and Midi set up on Mac. clearly I am doing something wrong. Copy of screens attached.
  11. Thanks. There is a limit on trial software where the final 30 seconds fades to nothing. Have tried Garage Band and can hear record playing through internal speakers. When I record a metronome tick tock sound appears, and when I playback through iTunes the metronome sound is all i hear. I guess the fact that the record plays suggests the ADC line in is working?
  12. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone out there is using Pure Vinyl 5 As a senior with a few issues I decided I would like to make digital copies of my favourite vinyl for those occasions when I am unable to sit down and listen quietly with a glass of nice red in my hand I have downloaded trial copy of Pure Vinyl 5. Instead of running the output from my Clearaudio Phono to the analog input on my active speakers, I direct it through a Schiit JIL ADC and then a USB cable to my MacBook Pro. Input Sound on the Mac recognises the USB input, and inbuilt speaker output. When I record there is no sound, although a file is created, and when I playback that file, there is no sound. I point out I have also tried Audacity with similar results. Clearly something is amiss and I would welcome any assistance members can offer, Thanks, Geoff
  13. I would very much like these. Can you work to a price to bundle them up and post to South Brisbane 4101? I will pay by PayPal as a friend. Thanks.
  14. Item: Yellowtec PUC2 Lite Hi Definition USB Audio Adapter. Location: South Brisbane Price: $350 inclusive of delivery by Express Post Satchel Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required. Moved to dedicated music player with range of outputs. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased mid 2016 to use with MacBook Pro and Audirvana Plus. There are plenty of reviews and commentary on this product to be found on Google. I was very pleased with the noticeable difference it made. Comes with manufacturer supplied USB Y-cord. Please PM me with any queries. Pictures:
  15. Item: Khozmo Acoustics fully balanced PASSIVE PREAMPLIFIER with input selector and remote control. Location: South Brisbane, Qld Price: $499 plus postage. Item Condition: Like new. Reason for selling: Change of direction to fully active speakers. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is basically a brand new unit, and incorporates Khozmo's new attenuator and remote. It was a replacement unit for an earlier version which developed issues with remote operation. While waiting (and waiting) for the replacement unit to arrive, I had a change of direction and purchased a pair of Avantgarde fully active speakers. This preamplifier has only been connected to power to see the remote operation works. Please PM me with any queries or interest. Brisbane residents are welcome to inspect. Pictures:
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