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  1. Jventer

    FS: Sun SV-2A3 Amplifier

    @TD19 My apologies for all the sideways comments, it is not meant to derail your post. I think it is an excellent product and hope you get a good sale.
  2. Jventer

    FS: Sun SV-2A3 Amplifier

    Agree on this Jventer. Sounds South African Yep, left the southern bit of Africa in 1994. Beautiful place, but too many problems. A lot easier to battle first world issues like used values on hifi equipment :).
  3. Jventer

    FS: Sun SV-2A3 Amplifier

    Sorry to say, SNA members are tight arsed and stingy. You will be lucky to get 33% of the RRP/new price on here, if you do get an offer at all. No offence to anyone, but to optimise your selling price do ebay, gumtree, audiogon and every other facility available..
  4. Jventer


    So who will be distributing it now?
  5. Jventer

    Hi from Darwin

    Afternoon I was in Alice Springs from 2007 to 2014. Love the Territory. Blank canvas re HiFi unfortunately. Have to visit the HiFi Shows or HiFi shops interstate to get a good idea. Anyway, welcome here, please keep posting and all the best with your journey.
  6. Jventer

    Nura hype???

    That is not good to hear/read.
  7. Evening Sir I would like to go backup on the fountain pen please. (The Simple Audio speakers are still going great, thanks) Johannes
  8. Jventer

    PDX DAC project

    No idea if it may be usefull, but check out the Allo site.
  9. Jventer

    Bocchino vs WBT spades

    @guru can maybe help re Bocchino
  10. Jventer

    RCA Cable Differences

    @Byron Bae RCA cables do make a difference and there will be many that agree and disagree BUT Your question is specifically regarding a RCA cable for a Sub. So what the previous posters are saying and what I agree with is that you don't have to worry/spend that much on a RCA cable to connect a sub. I am not a specialist, but I have used cheap cables as as well as 10 times as expensive Monster RCA cables and I could never hear a difference. My advice is to use what you have and relax.
  11. I was not in the market for a 205, but it looks like a lot of people are really kicking themselves for not buying one. At the possible prices it may be a better alternative to go for separates.
  12. Pricing looks good!
  13. The price is still bothering me, more than 2,000 Euros!
  14. Great news. I see there are good offers on Devialet as well.