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  1. I would reach out to Magenta Audio. They are the importers/distributors.
  2. Listened to her on Tidal last night, she is great.
  3. I agree with all the members that have already posted. Buying tyres is almost like buying hifi equipment - you are going to get different opinions as there is choice and personal preference. I have had good and bad experiences with several brands (my favourite brand now is Toyo). But, IMO it depends on your personal circumstances, that is what and where you are driving. Best advice I can give you is to ask people around you that has practical and related experience, like neighbours and local tyre suppliers.
  4. I had a similar problem. Check out Harvey Norman - not the best there is, but there are options. I bought one of their units my wife liked and then modified it. The unit I bought had adjustable shelves. My mods include: drilling more holes to be able to adjust the shelves even more - e.g. making space for the AVR using a hole saw drilling large holes in the backto allow for cables and airflow using a jigsaw removing parts of the back panel so as to reach the back of the AVR and cd player running a usb powered fan for airflow. I guess what I am trying tosay it that yiumay get awaywith a "standard" unit if yiucan make certain adjustments yourself.
  5. Hi Nidri Welcome. Left SA in 1994 and moved to Namibia. Then moved to Aus in 2000. I drove the HiFi dealers in central Johannesburg mad when I was living there in the mid eighties (shows my age ). Thanks for joining and now participating. Great to hear you are enoying the Integrated Amp thread. @ Cafad is a great guy and is doing a fantastic job. We have attended a few GTG's together and he knows his stuff. Wish I had his budget! Enjoy.
  6. I have had similar experiences. I have been referred to him to repair a very expensive product I bought. I contacted him - I got an abrupt and not helpful reply. When another SNA member contacted him years later re the same product and the same issue - his reply was to replace the unit. I have fixed my item myself - the part cost is less than $100.
  7. I did not know what effusion is: Google: "In medical terminology, an effusion refers to accumulation of fluid in an anatomic space" Reads a lot better than Meniere's or Tinnitus!
  8. My 42 inch Pana is now 12 years old and still works like new I do have 4 more, they are 2011, 2014 and 2015 models - so, hopefully they will all keep working. (They are in my house as well as parents.) When I can get NBN and free to air quality TV I may upgrade to 4K, but at the moment my Panasonics are doing well. By the way I bought a Loewe in 2000. It was a great TV except that it could not handle temperature changes - interesting problem as it was close to our wood stove in Adelaide which means there were lots of temparature changes. Cost me about $350 every few years to fix. Finally died at age 11 due to a lightning strike
  9. @Marc My wife is a long term fybromyalgia sufferer - the only thing that works is Lyrica/Gabapanthin(spelling) - both has side effects whilst using and after, so be careful, but it is very effective. (Both the products may lead to suicide tendencies). Maybe it is a solution? Valium and Endone are highly addictive, actually all opoids are, so please be careful. Not to say you cannot/should not take them - just be careful , as in not too much etc. Apologies, I have no idea re cannabis related products. I have had sciatica in 2007 and lost all control of a foot - it was fixed over time and with physio after a painblocking injection during a CT scan. I have recently had damage to my ulnar nerve - nerve running from elbow to hand - far out - I popped 2 Norufens every 2 hours just to cope, and had very little sleep for 2 weeks. Just popped the painkillers and waited for it to get better. Wanted to cut off the arm from elbow and below. I am fully with you ther - untill experienced no one has th foggiest idea what nerve pain is. In the end Accucupuncture worked wonders. So: Please ask the Dr's for stuff that may help without dependancy issues. Try Accupunture Try really good physiotherapists And, mate all the best, you are in a position most people do not wish to be in and cannot comprehend. I am very sorry for it and wish you all the best.
  10. @Pcignorant You have a serious investment in computers and hifi gear - I am jealous. I was an early adopter of jplay - unfortunately to date there are not many users as far as I know in Australia. I have since moved to a simpler setup. In my opnion if you wish to follow a jPlay route you need to ask for help on all the forums and try step by step to sort things out. In other words try the jPlay forum first, then SNA , Audiophile Style (Computer Audiophile) DIY Audio etc etc. It may be worthwile to post a post: Please help with jPlay setup on SNA. Sorry for not being able to address your specific questions.
  11. Item: Livescribe 3 Pro edition with moleskin journal cover and refills Location: Grafton NSW Price: $100 postage included Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: I dont use it - just love my fountain pens too much. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a good video: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/livescribe-3-smartpen-mgapx00020 The Livescribe 3 pen in Pro/Black/Moleskin editions are the same thing. It is basically a pen that you use on special paper (purchased or printed) which then allow you to record writing and sound to your phone and do wonderful things with it. What I have to sell is the pen, the moleskin journal cover (discontinued, but nice) and several refills. You can buy journals(books) from the website or print you own. Lots of info on the internet. Sorry, I dont have the original box etc. There is nothing cheaper on ebay . Pictures: Let me know if you want, but the pen and journal cover looks like th eones in this photo : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Livescribe-3-Smartpen-Pro-Smart-Pen-Android-iOS-2-extra-Journals-Ink-Refills/153402325576?hash=item23b77dba48:g:EqAAAOSwgrZcVkZk&frcectupt=true
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