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  1. Jventer

    Measurements on stock vs a modded oppo105

    I have heard unmodded Oppo 105's a few times. My memory is that it is good, could not fault it etc., but I did not emotionally connected to it. Unfortunately I have not been able to listen to a standard Oppo compared to a modded Oppo. However, and I have posted this somewhere on Stereonet, I have had the privilege to listen to a JLTi modded 105. I was also privileged to listen to it with an additional tube buffer (a JLTi designed/built) in the chain. At that event we were also listening to Klein dacs - one was a PCM dac and the other one had AKM chips. IMO, that day, the PCM Klein dac at about $500 was the best, followed by the Klein AKM dac at about $500, followed by the modded Oppo and tube buffer at more than $3,000 followed by the modded Oppo. Member bhobba was present and he loved the Oppo for its versatility in modded and unmodded form (without the tube buffer). From memory his reasoning was that it is a wonderful machine for 2 channel and multichannel whilst not using his "main" system. I agree that the Oppos are very versatile, and in unmodded and modded state can do lots of things, but for just 2 channel they are expensive. Looking forward to opnions and measurements of stock Oppo compared to modded (without tubes).
  2. Jventer

    Greetings from cold sunny Brisbane

    What models?
  3. Jventer

    Room acoustics

    I have tried several systems including HT, 2 channel, IEM's and headphones etc. My advice would be to stick with headphones. I have sold a lot of my stuff and I miss my HD800's. For serious listening and not bothering anyone headphones are good. The problem with speakers is the volume. I have limited listening time as not to bother my wife, children or the neighbours. If you would like to get speakers, maybe look at active speakers like Audioengine, Genelec, KEF activ etc. By being active they have their amps built in and saves some space.
  4. I have just moved house (as an aside despite promised ADSL2 + am still on ADSL). For no extra cost I received a new Telstra Smart Modem, which works fine. In my previous house I used a Netgear modem and a Linksys AC1900. The latter was quite usefull for remote management as well as smartphone management. Question please: Do I now just stick with the Telstra modem/router or is it worth it to install the Linksys Router?
  5. IMHO you should try. I bought a cheap pair and quickly upgraded. Then lost it bought same pair again. (I am selling it as I need money.) Etymotics fly under the radar IMO but good value for money. Google adnyou wll find excellent reviews.
  6. Jventer

    Audio Note DAC

  7. Jventer

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Hoping their are clashing symbals and massive bass music in your head :), for abusing the IPA's etc.
  8. Jventer

    Dive Shop Sound System

    Prayer and hope may not be for those bearing guns, but what do you offer to those in need. I have been on the receiving end of the positive power of prayer many times, so I believe in it. By offering input by praying for a good outcome is better than doing nothing?
  9. Jventer

    World Music: Currently Spinning

    Thanks a lot for posting this, listening as we speak.
  10. Jventer

    Tour de France 2018

    I don't know much, but @proftournesol IMHO knows a lot about cycling. He was right about Armstrong - who got away for years with doping ( and I was wrong as I believed in Armstrong). The prof IMO has explained that team Sky and others are using stuff that allowed to get better results, and my understanding is that Froome "suddenly" started suffering from asthma and needed medication for that. For most of us a painkiller or some chemical would not make a difference in our day to day lives, but when seconds count, I do think that all these supplements and chemicals they pump into the sport people does. Lets see what happens.
  11. Jventer

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Check out Tommie Strydom on You Tube. He caught a marlin from his kayak. (My wife works for him.) I admire you guys that go fishing with kayaks, especially on the ocean. Plan to start this season doing same, but on the local river :).
  12. Jventer

    Dive Shop Sound System

    I am only a "novice" diver and know how easy it is to panic underwater. Many times for a stupid reason I would panic and suck up air like their is no tomorrow or just wanted to go up ,and breath normal air. Their is no way I will ever go cave diving - I am just too scared. It is mind over matter and the poor boys have never done this before so it will be very very hard. I am hoping the fact that they have survived so far shows that they have the strenght to do it. Maybe their young age and lack of understanding of the dangers mights stand them in good stead. Praying that they can the boys out.
  13. Jventer

    Tour de France 2018

    I was a massive fan of Armstrong. Having suffered the same illness he had and overcame made him someone I could look up to and admire. I bought his books and videos etc. When the rumours surfaced I turned a blind eye, but in the end the rumours were correct and the truth was even more damning! Froome and Sky IMO looks to good to be true, maybe I am wrong, but once bitten twice shy. I will remain a sceptic. Will still be waching the Tour!
  14. Jventer

    Getting out of hifi

    Excellent post
  15. Jventer

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Sorry guys (and girls) I am in a pickle. @Cafad and @bhobba and @Sparkle I have met before, but my memory fails me re the rest. So the rest of you better pitch up so that we can have a good GTG :).