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  1. I have been thinking about this now for weeks. Was thinking on how to do it as well. Have no experience so would love to hear what you suggest
  2. Welcome. Great to hear you have found answers here, it a great forum.
  3. Sound like French made - emotional! (apologies, could not resist, love them anyway)
  4. Apologies, I forgot to mention the Audio Clubs, especially in this instance the QAC. I am too far away for either the Sydney or QLD ones, but think it is a great idea to join.
  5. Everyone with a collection have a similar issue: sell individually, grouped or as a whole lot, but freight/postage do play a significant roll @twak - I do not know Discogs that well, but what if you put them in the Marketplace? If people wish to split - another idea may be to do a spreadsheet on Google sheets or alternative with prices where people can put in what they want. That may be easier to manage. All the best.
  6. Hi Ben I have never thought about it, but as you have raised the question let's look at the options IME: To listen to any gear we normally go to the various locations where we can audition things. That means going to shops or to premises where items that are for sale are displayed. Members and sponsors here hosts get togethers GTG) where people go to a home/shop and listen to that person's equipment and their own. Attending a hifi show All of these are not perfect, but gives an idea. With Covid-19 things got a bit more complicated.
  7. If members here cannot help or if you want good advice: https://hifiguru.com.au/
  8. I think the resident Burson specialist here on SNA is @Cafad Pm him, he may be able to assist
  9. Interesting to hear your view? By the way - there is a Citation amp for sale on Audiogon
  10. Hi Rudi Welcome to SNA Looking forward to your contributions here and to the industry. Johannes
  11. Hi Julia Welcome. Unfortunately you are going to get many different views here and elsewhere re which amp to buy. There are so many variables, like your room, you music taste, your budget etc. You also need a a phono stage - that is something you need to be able to use your turntable. The easiest way to go ahead is to buy an Integrated Amplifier, that is an amplifier that includes the phono stage, has volume control and a few other functions like the ability to connect your TV, a cd player , a streamer etc. Your speakers are have an impedance of 8ohms and a sens
  12. Morning Len Wallis is still there. I am assuming your speakers are still good. Bluetooth is not really for HiFi IMO. It is possible to stream from a device to amps/receivers/speakers via bluetooth and from certain equipment to headphones if you wish. Wifi is good for streaming - you can stream from the internet or from your NAS. You could buy an integrated amp that can do all the streaming as well as amplify or you could go separates as in a streamer and then an amp. You could also look at the modern AVR's. Things to look at for is how you connect your TV and tur
  13. Back to the question - Is it worthwhile to consider that an AVR can produce high res music so well that you would hear the difference between that and other streamed music ? I don't know the answer, but there is a debate here and elsewhere that "High-Res" may not be the be all and end all of music. That is AFAIU the different interpretations of what is high res and the ability of people to actually hear the difference.
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