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  1. For fun: Lounge room 9TB NAS - not connected - need to get my act together Mac Mini - with Audirvana - not connected to stereo system. Is connected to Yamaha AVR and Panasonic TV for movies etc. Apple TV - old one - connected to AVR - kids wanted it done Logitech Bluetooth receiver connected to AVR Auralic Aries - streamer - does a magic job. Dac - Audio Aero Capitole . Second dac - Weiss Minerva Other "computers": all the iphones, ipads, chromebooks and laptops in the house. We just connect via apple, bluetooth, wi fi or if necessary via hdmi. For Stereo I use an idevice to stream Tidal to the Auralic Aries - not really computers but idevices are so good.
  2. I would recommend looking at an Elektra as well
  3. No worries re ignorance and questions. That is what the forum is all about. I learned most of what I know by asking questions. If you use the sound card you need cable/s to connect the soundcard to either amp and then speakers or active speakers (which has the amp built in) Let's do this another way. Tell us what you want to do in your bedroom and what you want to spend. I think we will then be able to show you possible solutions. (P.S. My original bedroom system was a Panasonic TV, Panasonic Blu Ray player, Apple TV, Wadia 151 and 171 into AR18 speakers. Now I run a Panasonic TV into a Bluesound into a Luxman amp into Karri Wallpole speakers. Not more than 2 channel but way more than needed for a bedroom.)
  4. IMO Edifier is not going to provide GOOD sound, neither will Logitech. I know I had most of them. Bose is overpriced, but better - look at used options. Read my posts - if you use the sound card in the computer you don't need to use optical - you need RCA our headphone out. I know the mac's headphone out is also an optical out, but you need to decide if you want to use the dac in the sound card or in external speakers.
  5. @Snoopy8 has given good advice. I will try to expand it a bit more. Anything that is on a CD, bluray, dvd, hard disk, other computer media is in DIGITAL format. Something needs to convert the digital to analog we call it a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). The first step is to decide how you are going to convert the digital sound into analog. There are many ways, e.g computer (sound card etc.) or external dac. The next step is amplification. That is easy - There should be an amp somewhere. And then you need speakers to make the sound. There are many products that can do various things. It all depends on how much you wish to spend and how complicated you wish to make it. You have already said that you wish to use the Mac's sound card (that means the mac converts from digital to analog). In that case you can connect RCA cables to an amp and then speakers. Or connect RCA's to active speakers that has amps built in. You could even connect something like some Bose systems to the headphone out that will give you from 2 channel to 5.1 channels. If you wish to use an external dac then you can use the usb or optical/toslink out. The options from here are endless.
  6. Well, well, well - great news! @bhobba and @Gieseler Audio - I trust your ears - this is great news. Have to hear them now.
  7. Cantate Domino is excellent @darthlaker has excellent taste in music
  8. You have many many options. You don't mention which model Mac Mini you have? Anyway There are many improvements you can make to a mac mini, e.g.: Uptone power mod, using a ssd, booting from a ram disk, etc. Software: I use Audirvana and Foobar (there are many others) Streaming: I prefer Tidal (don't have access to Qobuz). For general listening I use Spotify. (My dac only has spdif input and I did find the more I spent on usb/spdif converters the better it was.) I have no idea re Topping dac's. Many members here reckon it is very good value. I am not an expert, but IME / IMO you need to get a dac that has a RRP of more than $1,000 (Gieseler products are an exception - very good value for money.) Once you have the computer and dac sorted out you can start worrying about cables and other add-ons, as the law of diminishing returns kick in. Unfortunately there are not really right and wrong answers, it is more like trial and error. I would suggest listening to dacs before you buy if you could. Alternatively buy a product that has good reviews in the used market. That way if you don't like it you can sell it at not much of a loss.
  9. Morning You cannot receive messages, so here is a request please. Could you please provide the model number of the Tascam. Thanks a lot.
  10. Agree with @Bunno77 - foreign market should be a target.
  11. Ah ha - makes sense. Will have to try Ebay and Gumtree.
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