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  1. Hi @Darren69 but really interested how you know this
  2. May I suggest that you try to do what many of us do, that is not using a pre at all. I go straight from dac to amp. By the way value for money you cant go wrong with Clay and Mike's stuff. Enjoy!
  3. Great value here, just buy and enjoy!
  4. I think we all understand the problem: which is user pays. In an ideal world that would be good, but what should a government provide? People all over Australia pays the same rates of tax on their income - why should there be a differentiation on services provided? User pays is a Commercial/Business outlook - which I understand. But it is not applicable to all services. The debate IMHO should be: what is the minimum standard the population of Australia should be given? which services should have a minimum standard which services should have a user pay or an additional user pay cost We are debating NBN - which is somewhat of an issue and should be sorted out, but our internet problems pales into significance when we look at other issues. just look at Medicare and Health Insurance and the mess that is in. look at dental benefits under medicare! Sorry Prof, but at the moment electrical vehicles don't pay the same amount for road use as fuel vehicles! why is road transport used so much and why is rail not used IMO, the federal and state governments have to work together to establish a basic package of all services that will be available to everyone in Australia. After that we can move on to a user pays model.
  5. Well I have a mostly good story. My internet story: I have lived all over Australia and have experienced positives and negatives; In Adelaide in the early 2000's all was fine until I moved 4 km out of town where the only options was satellite internet access - it was a pain but at least I could get something. Then moved to Alice Springs where we could always get the latest ADSL speeds (our local Telstra shop were always one of the first shops to get new iPhones!) Then moved to Grafton NSW where things went backwards - I ended up on ADSL 1 - that is 3 times lower speed as I could get in Alice Springs! And finally on Friday got the NBN, FTTC- so far so good - love it! Speed is 10x as fast as I had - wife and kids are smiling all the time! There were a few hiccups in getting the NBN. We were promised it in March, then April, then May and then June. In the meantime we got mail from all the providers to connect and as a Telstra customer got an email to connect. As I am an existing Telstra customer, I decided to stick with them until at least we have the NBN. I finally received an email to say i will be connected by 10 July. That day came and went and nothing happened. I finally contacted them last weekend via their website and "chatted" with a friendly person. After about 40 minutes I understood that despite the promises I still had to book the request and go through the process. After that I got several emails and an sms saying a tech will be here on 26 July between 8 and 12, and needed to confirm or change etc. We confirmed and started "holding our breath". Low and behold at 10 past 8 the tech was in our driveway, he phoned, we let him in and apart from his xero people skills personality, did a great job. The tech new exactly what he needed to do. He asked for all the access points, asked which one we wanted to sue, disconnected the rest and got it working. We are a happy family! My questions and thoughts about NBN and other infrastructure in Australia Regarding a few of the points raised in this topic, a few thoughts for consideration and debate. Australia is a vast country - it is expensive to provide the same services to all people. I get: that is - it is cheaper to roll out internet infrastructure to cities than the rest of the country. This is understandable. But: How much does it really cost to have all the people in the cities? Just look at the spending required on roads and rail - it is billions! Australia is a rich country - why cant all people have the same services? Why should all people not having access to the same services? Everyone has the same access to water and electricity, why cant we have the same access to internet? Everyone has the same access to water and electricity, why cant we have the same access to medical facilities? Why should everyone live in the cities? What is wrong living in the country? Living in the country puts less of a burden on the cities and their infrastructure? Living in the country utilise the vast land Australia have better? Are the various governments looking at a user pay model or a model that each resident have the same benefit model? Why do we pay tax? From a Federal Tax perspective: surely regardless of where you live the tax rates are the same? So why cant everyone have the same benefit? What are all the city dwellers going to do if the rest of the country stop producing food? Import it? At what price and quality? And what if their governments put a stop to exports? We can take this concept a lot further: Available land: There is vast amounts of land under utilised in Australia - why? Why should everyone live mostly live south, south east and within 300km of the sea? Defending Australia: Why would anyone go to the bottom end of Australia to attack us? Most of our potential adversaries are in the North. How much infrastructure to protect the country is down South and how much is North (and for the same matter East and West? Agricultural land: Where is all the produce coming from? Not form the cities, but from the country - they need the same infrastructure that everyone else need. Mining: Australia would be crippled if it was not for our mineral exports. Where are the mines and the workers? NOT in the cities!. So why cant they have the same benefits as everyone else? I don't have all the answers, but in my simple opinion: The federal, state and local governments should provide the same basic benefits to all citizens regardless of where they live The question is what is basic benefits? I would say: an opportunity to work, clean water, electricity, sewage facilities, health, transport and then communication. Signed A happy NBN user Thankful for all the benefits he can access in the country
  6. Welcome Great place! I have been led astray many times :).
  7. It is not for Atmos according to what I can see on the net
  8. Thank you so much for posting. I lived in the NT and have been involved in the music industry there, but Gurrumul is an absolute standout! Just watched - in tears - a testament of what music is capable of.
  9. Allo Digione, then mRendu and now Auralic Aries. Wont change soon
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