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  1. Jventer

    FS: Boulder 1010 Pre-Amp w Phono Stage

    @zipstartcanoe MSB in the background?
  2. I was in front of the TV by accident. I respect the opinion of everyone and there are IMO no wrongs and rights. Whilst I was surprised by the sermon, I found it fascinating that an American, especiallally a black one was involved in an English Royal wedding. Is this not something to be celebrated? Whilst the delivery may not have been to everyone's liking, it was delivered with gusto, energy etc. and my take was: love conquers all. That is a beautiful message. If we/everyone can love everyone, like they love themselves, the world will certainly be a much better place. And in a marriage, love (and respect) is certainly the foundation of a successful relationship. I always try to see the good side of everything - life is a lot better that way.
  3. Jventer

    Do I need the power leg on USB cable?

    I had the Curious and the LH 2G. I used them both with a Luxman headphone amp and Sennheiser 800's with several dac's In my system I did not find either bright. Maybe you dont need a 10G as maybe a 5G or 2G may suffice. As others have stated, you can return the Curious - or sell it anywhere for a good price. In principle, I believe that the power on a usb cable is very important, but I also believe in synergy. Does not really matter what I say/believ or what others say/believe. You have to try things in your system and keep what you like. There are other usb cables that people like Lush. Keep trying untill you are happy.
  4. Jventer

    SOTM Ultra or UltraRendu

    The reason I was stirring a bit is that with either the SOTM or the rendu (or other products) it appears that it does not end there either. From what I read on the net there are the additions of further clocks, cables, adaptors, power supplies etc. From my perspective it would be ideal to compare the spend/sound of the whole package, which on the price side may be easy, but a lot harder in a practical sense.
  5. Jventer

    SOTM Ultra or UltraRendu

    Now stirring sideways - which usb and dc cables? But then I am now looking at the best spdif or bnc cable I can afford! Does it ever end.
  6. Jventer

    SOTM Ultra or UltraRendu

    Sorry, just stirring, So @bhobba posted that his new mac laptop with Audirvana is very good and a competitor to the Aries and HQ player, and it was much cheaper I am so happy with my Auralic Aries (Femto). what software, spaghetti cable and power supplies do you need with the alternatives.
  7. Jventer

    Macbook Pro w large HDD

    Possibly unrelated but what about have wireless portable hard drives?
  8. Jventer

    Gieseler Power Supply owners thread

    @Gieseler Audio I think it would be the 9V one, but the sonore website has some recommendations
  9. Does it have phono input, please?
  10. Agree Find the applicable consumer protection dept for your state and let them sort it out.
  11. To all those members looking at rendus and SOTM's and streamers etc. Just buy this. One box withpower supply and will do the lot.
  12. Jventer

    MicroRendu and JRiver

    Sorry to hear about all your issues. Unfortunately/fortunately I am a "Apple/Mac" user via Audirvana, so cannot comment. Hopefully some other SNA members could/would assist. (Not good news re red herring, all the best)
  13. Looks great, thanks for sharing