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  1. Opinions on Osborn Interludes sought

    Great news, enjoy! Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  2. Opinions on Osborn Interludes sought

    I have a lot of respect for the Legend speakers. The good DR really knows what he is doing. Greg's speakers are by no means the best money can buy, but which speaker is and if it is who can afford it. It is fantastic value for money and that is why I bought his speakers. There are a few other Aussie manufacturers like Legend and Hulgich etc. - the solution is to listen to what you can and make a decision on that. Please look at it like this: We all have different hearing abilities, specific personal and family circumstances, age, music taste etc etc Then there is budget and stuff we have and stuff we still want to buy. As well as WAF In other words there is no right or wrong answer. I boils down to what music you like and your budget. I am very happy with my speakers and amps I bought offf Greg in 2010/2011. There is something else though. It is called "synergy" it is important that the different pieces of equipment works well together. It means you have/buy equipment and cables that work well together. That is another discussion for another day, but that is wht I said that you should take your amps etc to Greg as it will influence what you are hearing. Please tell Greg Johannes from Alice Springs, now Grafton says hello.
  3. Opinions on Osborn Interludes sought

    @Itsmoi I have listened to them, but that was many years ago, about 2011. I have visited Greg another time after that as well as listened to his speakers at a hifi show. My preference for music is different from yours, so my comments may not be relevant. I went with a certain budget in mind and thankfully the first time I visited him I stopped listening at at the Epitomes. I have not heard the Eos and I don't think it will work for your type of music. The F4's did nothing for me, the Interludes started to raise my interest, the Eclipse sounded good and the Epitomes were the ones I wanted. Budget and WAF meant I ended up with Eclipse Reference Towers. Good to hear that you are going to visit to Greg. Go with an open mind and take your amps and music with. Enjoy!
  4. Mac mini problems playing movies

    Great to hear the problem is sorted. And also great to hear it was a SNA member that helped.
  5. I'm not new........just dropped in to say hello.

    Good day I joined in about 2011 and enjoyed your posts then. Great to hear from you.
  6. Vikings

    Yeah, I will get my teenager son to help me on the various ways available on the internet
  7. Vikings

    Unfortunately expired.
  8. Vikings

    I am having great difficulty trying to watch Series 5 episodes 1 - 5. Not on Netflix , Amazon gives me the flick and History cant download it. The universe is against me. Any tips, please?
  9. GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    I have spoken to people, whose ears and opnion I trust based on what they have told me before, and they tell me that it is much better. Unfortunately I have not delved into the detail and I do understand where you are coming from. I would suggest putting your hand up for the one that is/will be going on tour. IMO the only way to find out is to listen to the equipment.
  10. Sourdough hifi newbie in Brisbane

    Welcome, lots of friendly people her that can help.
  11. Commodore 64's turn - The C64 Mini

    Spent a lot of time adjusting those tape decks!
  12. @Sime Fly to Coolangatta and taxi to his factory.
  13. New Cables from LenehanAudio

    Hi Cameron - thanks for the kind post. Looking forward to catch up at a future GTG. You had a good post - hence me posting. I have actually heard the difference springs made this weekend - I think for the price it is a massive bargain. I will soon buy some. If what I have heard in @Darren69 system the Foilteks will not dissapoint. Darren moved from $10K Valhalla's to the Foilteks. Daz knows his system and thinks the Foilteks are better - I don't know his system that well but I can say I don't miss the Valhallas. In other words a $1.5K cable replacing a $10K cable - wow, glad to have Mike in Australia! See you next time and enjoy.
  14. 3+ Channel high end preamplifiers.

    Cary Cinema So happens I will one for sale soon .
  15. This is a photo of @darren69 with his flowing locks (He did manage not to have a photo taken at the GTG, but all present can vouch that it was his pad and he was there and there is no hiding from the internet - haha). Daz.jpg