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  1. It is not for Atmos according to what I can see on the net
  2. Thank you so much for posting. I lived in the NT and have been involved in the music industry there, but Gurrumul is an absolute standout! Just watched - in tears - a testament of what music is capable of.
  3. Allo Digione, then mRendu and now Auralic Aries. Wont change soon
  4. Great amp - vastly underrated in Australia
  5. Pm'd you with LOTS of thanks re the new toy got the same message that you cant receive PM's New toy is working beautifully - even my wife is impressed!
  6. I can't PM you - says you cannot receive messages. I have a dac I am not using that you can borrow, just Pm me and I can even deliver :).
  7. Evening One of the main brands in Australia is Clipsal, you can find it in most electrical shops and Bunnings. You can then move up the chain, and I agree with the previous posters. Alternatively you can buy something like this, which I use for AUS and US power cords and would suit you existing power cords: https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/product-page/consonance-pw-3-6-plug-shielded-power-board I do have to mention that in Australia on a state by stae basis either your power cords or this power boards would be "illegal" as it does not conform to state based legislation.
  8. I am in two, maybe three minds about this. Speakers historically mostly have been wood finish or black. There are lots of colours available, e.g. Foca and Linn to name a couple. TV's and HiFi equipment historically have been mostly black and silver, sometimes gold and sometimes white. Whilst most of my stuff are black and silver, I have spent a considerable amount thinking about this. My current thought is that it should be whatever the owner wants it to be. When you spend this amount of $ on a speaker I think the colour should be custom. This can be made custom, be painted custom or be vinyl wrapped custom. (By the way the latter is my current favourite. as it can be changed in future.)
  9. I have not been as active as I would have liked on SNA lately. Been working 7 days a week and a few other things, my apologies for those that have been trying to be in contact with me etc. Anyway A friend of mine has a pair of Beolab 9 speakers she wishes to sell. I offered to assist her in the process. There are historical posts here on SNA and elsewhere on the web, but I thought I would ask again, especially re: who are using them - and feedback? what they would be worth? how easy it is to connect to a TV, without lip-syncing issues? Any feedback will be appreciated.
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