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  1. Evening It will be much appreciated if you would/could clarify what you are actually sellin. Thanks
  2. Agree with all others re room treatment, directivity of speakers etc. Another option? Have you considered active speakers? For looks - maybe Kef actives - e.g. LS50 will be appropriate - that means speakers and amps are sorted out. If the bass is not enough maybe then add a subwoofer. Dynaudio, PMC, Adam and many others also make active speakers. I srongly suggest going to a shop and listen to speakers/ams in your budget We can give advice , but in the end you have to listen what you buy.
  3. I had Sennheiser HD 800 headphones that was really nice paired with a Luxman headphone amp. May I suggest that you go and visit Addicted to Audio. Enjoy the journey.
  4. I use this: https://www.gadgets4geeks.com.au/epages/shop.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/gadgets4geeks/Products/BTTC-500P-GRY The Avantree products get good reviews. I have not compared it to other stuff for listening, but as a receiver it beats Logitech. Long range helps when walking around in the house and garden.
  5. Alan is normally quite good in responding. I hope you make some progress. I would also suggest you put DEQX in your topic line as well as post in the DEQX owner's thread.
  6. @EV Cali @Prana69 What would your suggestions be for a cartridge on the Rotel RP 850? Please
  7. Waiting for the verdict - that MF amp does do well, so wonder what the valves will do?
  8. Most likely not. The amp is rated 120 W /channel into 8 ohm. It can still drive 6 ohm speakers. Depending on the specs, design etc, it may not drive 6 ohm speakers to 120 W.
  9. Thanks! You are doing a great job! I have a 6 year old laptop i5 running 24 hours and are far behind you! I started a 8 year old mac mini as well this morning to see what it can do. In a few weeks time I may be able to add a new PC. What PC do you use?
  10. Contact @Bill125812 he can make you one.
  11. This was my system from 2011 to 2014. What you can see are: a Panasonic VT58 inch Plasma, Opera Consonance 845s mono blocks and Osborn Eclipse Tower Reference speakers. What you cannot see are: Panasonic BluRay player,Apple TV, Yamaha RXV 2067 AVR, Osborn Centre speaker and surround speakers, laptop, Luxman headphone amp, Sennheiser HD800 headphones and Audio Aero Capitole CD/SACD/DAc/Preamp, all hidden in the cabinet to make sure I have a happy life. (The cardboard under the speakers were my "sliders" for moving them around - later replaced by Herbies feet.) I have sold the headphone side, and still have the rest, will post more photos. But I have so much more now - photos - and for sale ads coming .
  12. Further information: Opera Consonance PW-1 Power Board or as Greg descibes it: Audio Grade Hi-Fi mains filter a Line Conditioner and Line Protector. All the info is right here: https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/power-boards Basically it is a power board and filter and line conditioner that accepts power plugs from many countries. I am selling as I am downsizing and simplifying. Please let me know if you have any questions. Photos:
  13. Hi I have created a team, just enter the number when you join: 267219 Thanks
  14. Who is behind this? https://foldingathome.org/category/fah-team-members/
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