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  1. Looks like great speakers, The seller really needs to look at his presentation and especially spelling :).
  2. Yes I have, with 7 and or 5 speakers and a sub. And yes it does make some difference. And I have stopped using it. I have also experienced listening to a system with DEQX, which was replaced with a passive system with better results. The OP's budget is limited and he is only wanting to use 2 speakers and a sub. Room correction cannot fix everything that is wrong with a system and room and it needs more investment, effort and work. if you have the budget - go for it - for a person like me I would rather spend some money on proper equipment and the room. There are a few members that say this, but it appears that it does not sink in - the important thing is THE ROOM. As in real estate the 3 most important things are location, location, location. As an aside - Nad does not have the best history of reliability
  3. @G-Dubz Dont make things too complicated. Room correction, in whatever format you choose, is not really that important. I would like to stress this - dont go down this rabbit hole. (You could, but then you have to mutilply your budget.) What is important is proper amplification and your physical room. The LS50 has fantastic specs and as othe members have said the only thing you may want to add is a sub. And such a sub may need room correction or proper placement. Important: If you just want to do 2.1 just buy a good OLD AVR and move on. For example you can get a top of the range Pioneer here in the classifieds for less than $300 plus shipping. Alternatively buy the cheapest AVR with pre outs and a proper integrated amp. Anyway, we all are on a journey, enjoy.
  4. At last a new tape measure. I shall refrain form other comments
  5. So sorry, I have had a boys look :). At least we agree :). The price is good even before the sub.
  6. Genelec active monitors with sub https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genelec-1029A-Active-Studio-Monitors-sub-woofer-Pair/283330418133
  7. Jventer

    My Custom made turntable

    @Calcom Amazing, thanks for sharing.
  8. Jventer

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    I am not a fan of usb from laptop to dac. Used the Audiophilleo for years from mac mini into dac. Great solution. They come up use at very reasonable prices. (Theer are better products - depends on budget.) From a streaming/renderer perspective I found the MicroRendu better than the Mac Mini. That and the SoTm products are now coming up used at very reasonable prices and then you wont need a usb/spdif converter. Another alternative could be an Auralic Aries Mini. I would suggest trying the usb/spdif converters or the renderers as you can get them used at reasonable prices an if you want to upgrade you can sell at not much of a loss.
  9. @Yngvi Very interesting speaker and reviews I am not in the market, but please post some photos of your speakers, may help with the sale thereof. Also, what are you upgrading to?
  10. Jventer

    Hi from Bass Traps

    @Audiodyna Best to post mobile number via PM Anyway thanks to @ Bass trap. All the best you 2, please keep us informed .
  11. Jventer

    NBN SkyMuster satellite experience

    @proftournesol Good news re Optus, bad news re meshpoints. Hope once you have sorted out the mesh points all will be good.
  12. Jventer

    Hi from taree

    @IsaacG Welcome, what headphones etc do you have? Good to see a new regional NSW member.
  13. Jventer

    NAD D3020 vs AV Receiver

    Cannot agree more, great post
  14. Jventer

    NAD D3020 vs AV Receiver

    You need to decide what you want - 2 channel or HT or both. For 2 channel most of the functions of an AVR is not necessary. For 2 channel many of us don't bother with Bass management or room correction. And when we do bother with it most of us we will not use an AVR to do it. 2 channel stereo room correction and bass management is way above what most AVR's can do. For HT I 100% believe in the centre channel, then bass management. Room correction is nice, but different AVR's have different capabilities.
  15. Jventer

    NAD D3020 vs AV Receiver

    @redline0201 It is great that you ask for advice, I wish I did before I bought lots of things that I don'd use, have sold or will sell at a loss. The Yamaha you quoted in your first post has the ability for "Bi Amping". That means that the AVR can either drive front left and right speakers or that you can connect the AVR front left and front right to the NAD and the NAD to the speakers. That means the Yamaha drives all the speakers except for the the two front speakers. Not all AVR's have that function, so please be careful.