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  1. @darren69 I have a bnc to bnc cable somewhere. I also have an adaptor that takes bnc to rca. You can borrow that - just let me know. Digital cables are ASFAIU not that simple. One to buy https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/314929-fs-ecosse-the-producer-digital-coaxial-audio-cable/?tab=comments#comment-4561998 But read this @Bill125812 can make you one as well.
  2. Looks like a soundcard is your cheapest option. A dac will most likely cost more than a soundcard, but if you buy used and sell later you may not lose much in the end. Topping Dac's are very popular at the moment.
  3. This is more than your budget, but you can sell off the bits you dont want. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/314574-audiophilleo-mk1-pure-power-usb-regen-curious-usb-bulk-lot/ I would also look at Singxer products.
  4. The problem: RCA output to RCA input, but we would like RCA output to XLR input. What cables are available?
  5. I have done a bucket load of research on selector switches for various reasons. I have not seen anything close to 1 in and three out, but have seen 1 in and 2 out. Hope this helps: https://www.goldpt.com/sw2x.html
  6. Hi @Kaynin Our speakers were bought and then made about the same time. I still have mine. Well done on upgrading! Anyway - agree with you, speakers need to be matched to the right amp.
  7. Hi You IMO are correct - that is what I also found - the bass was all over the place. Do yourself a favour and go to Greg and listen to the speakers in his setup.
  8. Hi, you have to have a big room! Seriously I love them, but this is an issue. Maybe not if you only listen at low volume, but then you do not want these anyway. Lovely speakers, sounds great in the right space. Be careful re small spaces and they are heavy as - I know - my Osborn speakers only weigh about 90kg. I bought them for that reason - kids could not push them over - - but not easy to move.
  9. Hi Luc I am an Osborn fan - maybe because I have to be with my investment in his speakers - but, when I listened to his big speakers at a show, compared to at his house the difference was significant. Based on what I heard in the hotel room I would not have bought them, from my listening position at the back of the room they were actually irritating, the bass especially. I told Greg that and he agreed. The answer in my layman terms was that the room was too small, e.g room nodes.My speakers, Eclipse Reference, in different places I have lived, I have and still experience that the rooms and placement do make a difference, especially with the bass. This brings me to your post: I believe the small speakers were not influenced (influenced less) by the room as the bigger speakers. So, I agree, in a hotel room those Epitomes would drive me bonkers! Those EOS or whatever they were called before and what they are called now would be ideal.
  10. I one day would like to build something like that. Chris did a good job as he has recommendations if one wish to build in stages. I guess the problem is that technology is moving at fast speed and equipment that is not widely known has no future value, if you have the upgrade bug.For that reason I am "old" technology and upgrades when those at the forefront sells their stuff :). By the way Clay Gieseler( @Gieseler Audio ) has just bought and off the shelf product the Auralic Aries G1 from Mike Lenehan( @Lenehan Audio )- he says it sounds better than his server. So now I am trying to find a used one!
  11. Hi @Gieseler Audio How much better in your view than Auralic Aries - the one that you have/had?
  12. You are in Melbourne, go and visit Greg Osborn.
  13. Favourites for myself (and the family) Sennheiser PXC 550 and Sennheiser Momentum - keeps a lot of peace.
  14. Welcome, I have certainly learned a lot here.
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