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  1. Item: IMG Recliner Chairs with matching footstools Location: Brisbane Price: $400 each or $750 for the Pair Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: I have 2 of these for sale with matching footstools. I bought them new in December 2012 (Current RRP for these chairs is $2359 each). IMG calls these "Nordic-21 model" chairs and they are covered in genuine leather. They are “Latte” coloured leather with “Dark Brown” timber legs. Some more info on this model chair, including dimensions, can be found here - https://www.makeyourhouseahome.com.au/product/3001/48641/nordic-21-recliner-by-img-of-norway/ I shopped around for a long while looking for the perfect listening chair for my room and these were the winners for me. If you want something that is extremely comfortable, adjustable recline and headrest, and small form factor (ie don't take up heaps of space), IMG chairs are the ones to go for! Both are in Very Good condition having spent their life in my Media Room. I can’t post these so this is Pickup only from Holland Park in Brisbane. Pictures:
  2. I believe it has 60dB of gain Petng. So it will run a cart as low as 0.15mV
  3. Valves are 2 x 12 SN7 and 1 x PCC88. Yes it is hybrid with Fet gain stage. And loadings are 50, 100, 220, 470, 700 and 1000 ohm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes Frankie. The TW punches well above its weight .... But the Kondo punches harder. Plus I have to repair my bleeding bank account, so time to sell some items I am no longer using.
  5. Yes. Will post at buyers expense. Pm me if your interested BB
  6. Item: Harmonic Resolution Systems - M3X Isolation Platform Location: Brisbane Price:$2750 Item Condition: Like new Reason for selling: Upgraded Turntable and new one is too large for this platform. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: I custom ordered this M3X to match my Kuzma Stabi M turntable. The external dimensions are 19†x 25†or 63.5cm W x 48.3cm D. The HRS platform can be ordered to suit different equipment weights – this one is the Blue, optimised for 27-54kg load. If you are not familiar with HRS have a look here - http://audiofederation.com/brands/hrs/hrs-price-list I have the original box so happy to post Australia wide. I bought this when the aussie dollar was on parity with the $US., and even then it cost close to $4k. So I’m guessing buying one now would be close to $5k. The only reason I am considering selling is that I no longer have the Turntable which I bought this for. My new TT is too large to fit so I am currently using the HRS under my preamp and am very happy with the results. But it is way too large for my preamp so I am considering selling and buying a smaller M3X. If I don’t get any interest I am happy to keep this in my system as they are the best isolation product I have ever used and are rarely seen on the local second hand market. Pictures:
  7. Item: SK Filter – Turntable anti-static device Location: Brisbane Price:$200 (RRP $330) Item Condition: Like new Reason for selling: No space to fit on my TT plinth since I have added a second arm. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, If posted - EFT Extra Info: Great product that I found worked better than Antistat gun or other similar products I have tried. My experience was it reduced the noise floor even when records weren't displaying characteristics of being effected by static (like sticking to inner sleeves etc). Here is the blurb from the manufacturer which explains what it is and how it works: SK-FILTER is a remarkable product, set up to the side of the record player to discharge and remove static electricity from the record into the air while playing music. SK-FILTER uses the patented material “Thunderon®†which has the ability to discharge static electricity into the air when static charged material approaches. To develop the new material for SK-FILTER the “Thunderon®â€material was made into a thread-like material then knitted as not come apart. It looks like a whisk, but it is not necessary to physically brush the record surface. It performs with the SK-FILTER s few millimeters away from the record surface. It is also designed to match with a range of analog players with its height and distance from the platter adjustment. "Silent†is the only word to describe the performance of SK-FILTER. It liberates the record from static electricity so the noise floor is dramatically reduced. Enjoy the sound with incredible resolution. If you are having problems with static then the SK-FILTER continuously removes the static for you. Thunderon is a Patented organic conductivity fibre. Made in Japan
  8. Item: TW Acustic – Raven Phono Stage Location: Brisbane Price: $4500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: Anyone interested in this top-end phono stage will already know what this is, but a list of some of its unique features are: - Point to point wired, tube phono stage - Inputs for 3 turntables – front switchable - On-the-fly loading via front panel controls - Hand made in Germany - Very quiet and with enough gain for LOMC carts. Pictures:
  9. Item:Octave HP300 Mk2 Tube Preamplifier Location: Brisbane Qld Price: $2500 (current RRP is $6500) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to Octave HP500SE Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: I am the original owner of this fantastic preamp. Bought new about 3 years ago from Pure Music Group, The Australian Distributor. Octave gear is designed and manufactured in Germany, evident by the amazing build quality and clever design of this understated looking preamp. I would describe the sound as very neutral but with a hint of tube warmth; a very dynamic sounding pre with tight Bass and lovely extended top end. I used this preamp with Active speakers to great success and then also used it in my system with some revealing 4-way horn speakers - it has truly been a great performing preamp and was ousted only by upgrading to the HP500SE. The HP 300 MKII features a total of five single-ended (RCA) inputs, one balanced (XLR) input. Outputs are one RCA Record output, two pair of RCA and one pair of XLR outputs. There is also a HT bypass function fitted. The preamplifier is equipped with a multistage Turn-On/Soft-Start electronic protection circuit to avoid stress caused by high inrush currents during the turn on phase. The unit powers up in a defined sequence, and during warm-up the output of the HP 300 MKII is shorted to ground. The same occurs when the unit is switched off. This avoids unwanted signals being passed to the power amplifier. The lifetime of the tubes are extended considerably while their sound quality remains stable for many years due to this protective measure. Full Specs on the unit can be found here: http://www.octave.de/en/htdocs/verstaerker/hp300mk2.php This unit is not fitted with the optional Phono board. It comes with original remote control and can be posted Australia wide in the factory packaging. Pictures:
  10. Item: 13L Ultrasonic Cleaner & 1RPM 240v Motor Location:Brisbane Price: $200 Item Condition: Used once Reason for selling: A project that never happened Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this ultrasonic cleaner off ebay with the plan to use it for cleaning records. It is a 42kHz model and the dimensions are perfect for 12" records. It is fitted with a heater and a drain/tap. My plan was to build a rig to hold a few records; fit a motor to rotate them slowl ; and attach a filter system to filter the fluid (hence I made sure I purchased a unit with a drain & tap. I will include in the sale a motor I bought for the project - it is 240v 1 Revolution Per Minute unit. There are plenty of plans on the net which outline how to build your own Ultrasonic RCM. I had intended to give it a try but never quite got around to it. I paid over au$400 for it about 18 months ago. The same unit is now listed on ebay for au$361 plus postage. This is the exact unit I am selling http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-13L-Liters-Digital-Ultrasonic-Cleaner-Timer-Heater-Cleaning-Stainless-Clean-/191460489316?hash=item2c93ef3864:m:mPKKe-xWT66rID2weCsbgRw Internal dimensions are 330m Long x 300 Wide x 245mm Deep. You should be able to clean about 6 records at a time given the size. It has been used once to make sure it worked. It is a bit dusty from sitting around, but otherwise in perfect condition. Would prefer local pickup but will post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  11. More great Booker... Found this awesome album for $5 at a record fair in New York. And when I arrived home and had a closer look I found this tucked away inside the jacket. The $15 cheque never got banked by the New York College of music by the looks of it. And maybe the previous owner of this album became an accountant instead of a jazz drummer. But how exciting must it have been to be this guy. Living in New York in 1969 as a budding Jazz Drummer. Looks like his Mum had signed the cheque, but for what ever reason Kenneth decided to file the application in his Booker Ervin album cover instead of posting it.
  12. I was about to suggest the kuzma Stabi M myself. I Went this way rather than the XL for all the reasons you have sold yours simon. Looks like a traditional old school record player but with all the performance of the XL. Even Frank Kuzma admits that the performance is incredibly close to his flagship TT. The only compromise you make with this model is you can't add a second arm. But that also goes along with the "keep it simple" philosophy that appealed to me about the Stabi M.
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