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  1. Apparently installed in Waxflower, 153 Weston St Brunswick, might have grab a drink and have a listen! That is how I heard about the speakers! It's quite near me so I've been keen for lockdown to end so I can go for a session. I think the phono stage would probably be the isonoe mixer itself.
  2. These guys are, I think, new to domestic hifi but not new to audio engineering: https://www.pittandgiblin.com.au/ I think these speakers look beautiful!
  3. Thanks, yes that is what they are. I have them crossed at 40hz. The B&Ws have a great sense of scale but surprisingly don't go amazingly low so a bit of reinforcement in the bottom octave does help.
  4. Thanks! I made the stands, but I had a local hifi expert help with the crossovers and driver reconstruction. All I did was a little bit of soldering to disconnect then reconnect the drivers
  5. All done, hooked up and sounding big and lovely!
  6. With a pair of speakers like that you can have years of fun trying preamp and power amp combinations! Also, I gather these were made some time in the 1970s? Might be worth getting the crossovers recapped at some point.
  7. Drivers have been disassembled and cleaned. baskets cleaned of corrosion and repainted. Surrounds have been conditioned to return suppleness. The spider needed to be reconstructed too. After this they should be good for another 40 years or so!
  8. Guess I need to improve my search skills! Thanks for the links
  9. I feel sure this has been discussed on the forum before, but I can't find it so forgive me starting a new topic. I'm a bit confused by impedance matching: I have a preamp that specifies output impedance of "Z (source) + 240 ohm". My power ampsnare hypex ncore 400 with an input impedance specified as: "DM: 104kohm and CM: 1.5mOhm" I'm not really sure what that means and if my pre will be a reasonable match to my power amps. I'd appreciate any advice
  10. I'm the new owner of these speakers so I thought I would provide an update... I've taken them to a well regarded repairer here in Melbourne. The cone and surrounds of the drivers are good, but there is some oxidation on the basket. They are being sent for cleaning and reconstruction. The crossovers are interesting. It appears that they were recapped at some point, around 20 years or so ago. It was done like this... I haven't seen this technique in a crossover before, but I'm no expert. Would be interested to know if anyone has
  11. Wow! I'm glad you brought this back up. What a great thread to read, and such awesome speakers at the end!
  12. Just going to chuck out an option for you: look at something like a Cambridge CXN - very easy to use and very good performance for price. Then add a pair of powered speakers - budget like Acoustic Energy, more pricey like Kef Ls50, and many more excellent choices with no upper limit to price.
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