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  1. That's how I think of it too: excited to see how your experiment goes and maybe try and replicate some of it if you have success. But.... That is me as well!
  2. Just going to try and jump on this: hope OP doesn't mind! I'm looking for recommendations in Melbourne to repair/upgrade crossovers in a pair of B&W 801 s80 that I recently acquired. I'm in Brunswick so, generally speaking, north of the Yarra would be preferred (but I can cross if I must!)
  3. Hi Joachim! Haha! Yeah, I know - there were some things I could only get on vinyl! Plus it is fun as you know! One TT is a diy experiment: an SME tonearm on a modified Pro-ject essential platform. The other is a Technics sl1210. The Technics is a lot better! And actually I am still waiting for amps to arrive: a pair of hypex nc400. I feel like the b&W have been installed in enough pro-studios to fit with my hifi philosophy though.
  4. Just took delivery of these old B&W 801 s80. I'm not ready to let the ME Geithains leave my house, so for now everything is in and nothing is out.
  5. Further information: In very good condition, probably around 20-30 hours of use. sounds a lot better than the Pro-ject essential I had before, but not quite as good as the Technics I have now. I don't have the original box but I am happy to organise shipping at buyer's expense and I will try to do it as securely as possible. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP
  6. Well I was comparing to a Pro-ject RPM3 with ortofon silver and the 1210 mk7 was a significant improvement. The GR would be better still (that's why I want one!)
  7. Sounds like the fluid damper is definitely worthwhile
  8. Definitely! I mean I have been watching DJs for more than 20years, and watching a skilled DJ playing vinyl is always a treat and always fascinating. That's just how I feel about it. And that's why the SL1200 has a strong allure for me as TT.
  9. looks great in your set-up too! I have to admit that the classic 1200 look is a big part of the appeal for me. After years of watching my favourite DJs use them it is nice to have one for home use too. And during lockdown I have really gotten into the Telekom beats videos, especially the b-sides series like this - and just enjoying watching them pick up and put down the stylus - easy and casual.
  10. Not my MK7 ,unfortunately Helps to keep the cost down I suppose, like no hinges. No gauge with mine either, though it was "open box" so maybe somebody already found a use for it. At the moment I'm using a Concorde club so the overhang should be ok I think.
  11. I've ordered an oyaide mat. I will certainly go for the fluid damping. I know that what will probably happen is that I will do a bunch of the upgrades to the mk7 and then eventually end up going to a gr.
  12. That sounds like a great idea! If order parts from those guys, is it difficult to install them? I mean, the cartridge is fine of course, but upgrading the bearings and tonearm sounds a bit more technical. I don't really want to send the whole unit around the world though. I guess I could find a technician in Australia though.
  13. I came Icross one of these on special and sort of bought it on impulse. I'm actually really impressed and I think it sounds great! Maybe the best turntable I have had, including a few of the more modest Pro-ject offerings (up to RPM3) and a cleaudio concept. It's not had the best reception online due to apparently not being as well built as the previous sl1200s. But like I said - I am really pleased with it. Not only the sound which I am thoroughly enjoying, but also the feel of using it. It's just fun and easy to play records with this. Because this hobb
  14. Item: SME 3009 tonearm (detachable headshell type) Price Range: found, thanks! Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'd could be interested in other brands of similar quality too
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