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  1. What, those little speakers I heard when I got that preamp off you? 😁 I kind of forgot they were SGR: pretty epic!
  2. Would love to see a pic of these!
  3. I love the way the Neumanns look on those stands! The drivers of the Quested and Neumann look almost the same size?
  4. RL930k finished in apple wood. I like everything about them. Most importantly the sound of course, but also the design and even the history of the company from its East German origins to now.
  5. Nice: I can practically hear the way they must sound from the chart! I heard them once at the dealership and once again in the hifi show and both times I thought they were exceptional speakers! I thought about trading my Geithains but I love them too much to let them go.
  6. You went from Hs8 to Kii? That's quite a step up! Congrats! Do you use subs with the kiis?
  7. That's where I would go. The Kii with the bass modules...🤤. But I am biased since I really like the aesthetics of pro studio monitors!
  8. I did have one of them! But then I dropped it 😕
  9. My favourite thing about the Phantoms was the enormous sound you get from miniscule size. I loved playing them a nightclub volumes! My least favourite thing was Spark, and I feel much happier now using an external DAC so I can have a volume knob!
  10. Nothing wrong with placebo effects! I just used cat litter (unused!) in my stands but also found an improvement as a result
  11. Hi J. I'm still using the MEGs! It will be a long time before I part with them! The KSD are in my studio and the MEGs are at home. The Funk is having a rest at the moment. I'm currently using an RME ADI 2 DAC pre and it is great! I sold the Lampi a while back and sort of regret it, but this gets back to something close: decent hi-end sound anyway. Makua is some pretty serious kit! Would love to hear it some time
  12. Kii3s are amazing, I agree! I've only heard SGR once and maybe not in the best setting. I'd love to hear them in a decent room.
  13. Those are a pair of diy actives I purchased off a fellow SNAer. 12"woofer, 6"mid and 4 titanium tweeters powered by a pair of hypex amps.
  14. Just received a new pair of KSDigital C88 reference speakers and they are pretty great. I've been interested in active speakers for a while, and these are some of the best I've heard. Others I have owned include Martin Bullfrogs, Adam F5 (excellent for the porce), ME Geithain Rl903 (these are probably really the best), Aktimate minis (so fun!) And Phantoms (bass!). I quite like using studio monitors and pro gear in general because I feel like it's get close to how the producers hear the music when they make it. Also, the threads over on the pro music boards reveal a community obsessed with nuances of sound quality just as much as home audiophiles, but with a different flavour. Anyway, here are pics of the C88
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