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  1. Luxman D-06 Thoughts

    Good luck rob. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Luxman D-06 Thoughts

    Ok rob I'm back from my testing Vega v DA-06. So without doing a long winded review, here's what I thought of the Vega: more forward sounding crisp slightly plastic sound to all instrument except acoustic guitar (really good) lovely bubbly bass high and wide sound stage liked messing about with all the filters and clock speeds etc built in digital preamp if you need it and now the Luxman: instruments and voices sound more natural and convincing Lovely rounded sound to all instruments deep bass if it's in the recording Great separation high and wide sound stage (Vega edges it though) more distant presentation interestingly the presentation from the Vega was just too intense until I moved the speakers further apart when it smoothed out considerably also detail levels actually seemed pretty comparable but it possibly seemed like there was more detail from the Vega just because it had a more up front presentation. Neither dac will disappoint in this area. My my preference is very much for the Luxman but I was surprised how engaging the Auralic was particularly with acoustic guitar. I just think that the naturalness of the luxman makes for better long term listening. hope that helps
  3. Luxman D-06 Thoughts

    Hi rob my take of this is that the luxman is more about the shape and structure of the music while the Vega is trying to dig deeper into the recording. At the end of the day I would say that the Vega has the edge in detail. I would also say that it's that extra edge in the detail that makes the Vega that much more difficult to listen to over the length of an evening. It's just too in your face whereas the Luxman (to me) gets the balance just right and delivers a sound that makes you want to go right through music library every night. You've piqued my interest in this too. Not got much on tonight. I'm going to plumb the Vega back into the system and do a bit of a comparison. I'll share my thoughts after that.
  4. Luxman D-06 Thoughts

    I've had a DA-06 for over a year to replace an Auralic vega. Connected to a Luxman L-507u and Harbeth speakers, the sound is just beautiful. Used to be on an endless upgrade trail but now I've stopped dead. No need to change just listen. Looks like the DA-06 was the missing link and I haven't really even touched DSD yet!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk