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  1. having looked for Onkyo products recently I find the brand presence in Australia very odd. Hard to find anything in stock, "stockists" per the website don't seem to carry them. Are they in financial trouble here in Australia? So I imagine after sales service is a risk potentially.
  2. yeah might have to do some more research. If we take a risk re warranty and buy internationally are there any specific recommendations? Will have a search of the forums I guess. no doubt Sony aren't paying tax in Australia either, shifting it all to Singapore or Ireland or something like that.
  3. From Whathifi: After a gap year Sony came back fighting, with all the specs boxes duly ticked this time. The addition of Dolby Atmos – as well as other cutting-edge features – makes the STR-DN1080 a complete AVR package for a now eye-openingly low price of just £429 ($500, AU$1749). Do those numbers seem right? Wtf is going on with Sony Australia? I know there is always a discrepancy but that is massive. Was thinking about surround sound, but might just stick with some high quality stereo methinks, and something other than Sony...
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