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  1. Black Jazz Consortium (Fred P) - Evolution Of Light Rock solid deep house here as one would expect from Fred P. South American themes.
  2. The Field - Infinite Moment Warm and euphoric as always. Solid way to compliment the heat wave.
  3. Some good tips here. Also make sure to remove the records from their covers and remaining in the outer sleeves. This should both prevent seam splits and protect the cover. Personally, I re-use mailers (Amazon are fine) while following the above and haven’t had any dramas with the records I’ve sold.
  4. Wrapping things up this evening with the Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. Lovely Xmas prezzy from my partner who’s not quite sure what she’s done.
  5. Jealous. Still need to pick this up. Easily their best since At War With The Mystics and comfortably one of last years best albums.
  6. Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin Keeping on with the 90’s vibes. Had the pleasure of seeing them a few times, little did I know gig at Hamer Hall in late 2019 would be one of the last I venture to for years.
  7. Radiohead - OK Computer. Capitol Vaults reissue https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-OK-Computer/release/1587168 One of the first albums I picked up. I reckon these are a safe choice when it comes to Radiohead reissues.
  8. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe Beautiful record.
  9. Nice headphones! Been my daily driver for years. For anyone curious about the headband cushion, it can be replaced with a Beyerdynamic part which can be had cheaply. The stock Denon headband cushion is easy to cut away. GLWS
  10. Cheers for the AIR vibes. Great way to kick off NYE. Followed up with some more downtempo goodness from Bonobo, Migration.
  11. Some good advice in here. I reuse Amazon mailers, always take the records out of the sleeve and ship within a plastic outer sleeve. On the odd occasion someone makes a bulk order i tape multiple mailers together. Domestically this has minimal impact on cost!
  12. It's a sad reality that's been offset by live music revenue or if they're lucky commercial use like advertising. Things get darker the further you read: https://www.riaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Mid-Year-2020-RIAA-Revenue-Statistics.pdf
  13. Unless you’re in dire need of a new machine then then yeah it’d be best to wait and see what the new machines are like.
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