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  1. Terry, I have an ex780 and i found the best setup on you-tube https://youtu.be/Odk-PoA44ew cheers, Ivan
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply, Ben. I'm v interested; but awaiting response from sale of my Coincident rc pre.
  3. V interested; will you post? Cheers, Ivan
  4. Item: Tom Evans 'The Vibe' Pre amp Location: Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Queensland Price: 2850 Item Condition: Excellent 9.5 Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hardly needs introduction; one of the finest pre-amps available. Pictures:
  5. Thanks for the tip, Colin- duly noted. I will follow that advice, Cheers.
  6. Of course, Lynne. Thank you for your response. I didn't think of that. Since unpluging and repluging the mac always reset the screen immediately, i hadn't considered that 4K was the problem. Cheers, Ivan
  7. I have an issue with my EX780A 65. i have a mac mini running to it through HDMI 2. When i start up the mac, the tv screen goes blank right after the mac loads. The solution is to unplug the Mac HDMI and plug it in again; then all is fine. I have changed the screen resolutions and tried all hdmi choices. Any ideas from all you knowledgeable sparks out there? I never had this problem with my previous Pana.
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