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  1. Spot on mate, thats the reason I went away from a CD player & went to the Itunes in the first place But dont get me wrong, Fellas I appreciate the pointers
  2. All I can say is WOW What are you powering the 500's with?
  3. Advice required please My left rear speaker has began hissing in my 5.1 system It only does it when watching a bluray or something on foxtel etc Its not volume related I switched the rear speakers from side to side & its still in the left rear Pic below of the system Pioneer SC-LX83 receiver drives the centre channel, rears & sub. Luxman 507UX drives the fronts Any ideas?
  4. Just came across this thread & figured Id better share Ive got some PL300's that I bought used Amp is a Luxman 507ux & source is a Rega RP6 The speakers are utterly magnificent, Id like to try them with a more powerful amp one day but I'm very happy
  5. It’s a 440 cube clevor so Cleveland heads on a Windsor bottom end
  6. Yeah it’s licenced, I don’t drive it on the road much Its ran 9.48@141.6
  7. XT mate, yeah it’s mine, my other expensive hobby Thanks
  8. In my bar area Im using an Ipad with Itunes as a source with music from my CD's ripped in the FLAC setting Is this a decent way of listening or am I doing myself a disservice? System is Musical Fidelity MS5i amp going to Monitor Audio Gold 100 speakers. Ive got a Gieseler Kompakt DAC coming for the system as well Cheers
  9. Thanks for the recommendations, I pulled the trigger on a used Gieseler Kompact DAC
  10. Thanks for the recommendations I’ve ripped my CD collection to ITunes on the FLAC setting I think it’s called if I run the Gieseler Kompact DAC between my IPad & the MF M5Si amp will I hear better audio?
  11. G'day I have a Musical Fidelity M5Si amp that powers Monitor Audio Gold 100 speakers Lately I have been playing music from my Ipad into the M5Si's DAC I was thinking of buying MF M3S CD player but a mate suggested I might be better off with a better quality DAC Can you suggest a DAC up to around the 2K mark that would fit the purpose Cheers
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