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  1. Love it when the posty brings records rather than bills especially when they are this good
  2. Price drop, Ill sell the amps on their own for $2300 I'm not keen on splitting the amps individually
  3. Cheers mate, guilty as charged your honour
  4. I’d rather sell together if possible
  5. Item: Schiit Freya & 2 Vidar pre/power amps Location: Perth Price: $2800 ono Price drop, Ill sell the amps for $2300 Item Condition: mint, less than 12 months old Reason for selling: Upgraditis Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The amps are less than 12 months old & cost me $1200 each for the 3 of them. There is a Cardas balanced XLR cable that I’ll sell with the amps that cost $300 Ill sell the rack with the amps that cost me $300 for the materials So it owes me $4200 I'd to get $2800 for the whole set up but don't be shy about throwing me an offer Ive got the manuals & remote but not the boxes Happy to help with shipping Cheers Brad Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. I’m looking for suggestions on a CD player under 2 grand cheers
  7. Yes mate I’ll advertise the schiit set up shortly
  8. G’day Lindsay Very impressed with the amp so far mate Cheers
  9. It replaced this Shiit Freya pre & Vidar power amps
  10. No I haven't as yet but Ive read its pretty good Ive only listened through my Graham Slee Accession phono stage so far
  11. @Food Food Bubba Report reply Food Food Bubba
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