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  1. Waaay back in the day I remember auditioning Krix Lyrix and Krix Superbrix. The Lyrix went lower, but the timing of the Superbrix and the perceived "speed" of the low end was miles better... No contest. Less bass but faster and tighter low end wins for me.
  2. The TU260 (L?) was supposed to sound good and shouldn’t cost you a bomb.
  3. Still no pics folks, just some more listening... So this last week I coughed up the minimal funds to get 3 pairs of Chord C-Line interconnects. No, they are not the ultimate in leads, but in all the reviews I've read they are praised for positive attributes while being accused of very few sins of omission or notable problems. They are definitely a step up from the bog standard Jaycar patch leads that they replaced. Cabling is a 3m run of Audio Principe silver/copper solid core twisted pair for speakers, 0.5M runs of C-Line from turntable arm lead (needed an extension of the lead to reach the phono input, the main line out being very fine braided Cardas) and 0.5M pre to power and a 1M lead from the Audiolab 8000CDE. Is it placebo or is it real? I don't know, but the various pieces of instrumentation within recordings seem far better differentiated than they were previously. Of course it does make screw ups in the studio/production train painfully obvious as additional singers appear from nowhere when double tracking happens. It's worse if the multitracking was done in a different audio space as you hear a differently sized studio room pop into and out of existence as the edits happen... Loving the resolution of the Martin Logan electrostatics, the resolution of John Curl's phono stage design, Nelson Pass's linestage and Stasis power amp design, Nakamichi's build quality and the PRaT inherent in the Garrard 401/Wand/PPDL103r front end. Detail without harshness, speed, timing, timbre... This is what I've waited 20+ years for. :-)
  4. I run a Paradox Pulse rebodied DL103R and love it. Previously I had an Ortofon Rondo blue which sounded great until the diamond simply fell off the end of the cantilever mid record side...
  5. Yes, they were sold in Australia. I remember auditioning one in Adelaide in the early 90’s.
  6. More money generally buys you: -Higher quality drive units which are more revealing, less prone to compression, of greater magnetic efficiency and thus faster to react to input and of smoother response. A Vifa D19td tweeter isn’t in the same league as a Scanspeak Revelatory. It also buys larger and better built, more rigid, better braced and less coloured cabinets. And better crossover coils, capacitors and internal cabling.
  7. If there is 200r across the input the cartridge sees 200r load. If I add another 200r in series, the cartridge will see 400r across the load, but overall level gain of the MC input stage will drop by 6dB.
  8. Andy, Optimum is a never ending path. I know that I could bypass the inbuilt MC stage and run a SUT, but if I did, it's be "Do I get an Altec 4772 or a Cinemag, or a Hashimoto HM7 or try to find an EAR H.E.A.D or a Cotter or a Silk..." I don't think there is the capacity to take all of the loading resistors out of circuit and access the 47k when using the MC stage. I don't want to go the stand alone phono path either as from what I've read, I'd be looking at a 1k+ outlay to better the CA-5 anyway. By all reports 200r is pretty close to optimum for a DL103r and that's one of the cartridges John Curl used in designing the phono stage, which is why 200r is one of the offered impedances. There is a bucket of headroom on the preamp. Even going loud I'm not getting past 11 o'clock, so the scope is there to add a hundred or two in series with the MC input if I feel the need. At present I don't. The main obvious place where the system could be improved is in interconnects (currently 5 dollar Jaycar leads or the give aways that come in the box with most cd/dvd players) and in recapping the power amp and preamp which are now nearly 30 years old. Even without any tweaking it is sounding brilliant so I'm currently very satisfied.
  9. Pretty sure all the Australian pressings were the quad versions. There are aspects of the mix that are weird. i want to grab a uk stereo pressing.
  10. From some info I’ve read, John Curl and Nelson Pass who jointly designed the CA-5 deliberately included the 200r load so as to suit the DL103R well. I’m very happy with the sound of the result and have no burning need to tweak the load at present. It sounds great.
  11. Huge win and epic week for me. Final link in my audio chain sorted. Foryears I’ve been happy with my Garrard 401 in custom corian and brushbox plinth with The Wand unipivot and Paradox Pulse DL103r. Equally, I’ve been stoked with my Martin Logan Electromotion ESLs, but I knew the link between them wasn’t getting the most out of the source or speakers. This week a pair of Nelson Pass designed Nakamichi amps arrived. The CA-5 has a killer phono stage and a brilliant line stage and the PA-5 is a 150w amp that electrically is pretty much a clone of a Threshold Stasis 200. Sytem is everything I could wish for aside from crappy give away interconnects that are now the only remaining thing I consider could do with upgrading. I’m in a very happy audio place right now. It has been a 25 year journey, but I think I’m finally done.
  12. Hmm, pics will have to wait for a bit I’m afraid. Maybe this coming weekend... Not that there is much to see, just 2 black boxes... Still astounded at the upgrade in sound. Clarity and separation of musical strands with no harshness or clinical sounding downside and easily another octave of well controlled bass. loving the Naks
  13. Okay, so the basic upshot is that they are working perfectly and sound freaking awesome. I no longer have a need to chase speaker or amplification upgrades. Interconnects and I'm sorted. So happy right now.
  14. After beginning this journey back in 1992, I think that aside from some new interconnects I might actually be very close to my own personal end point. Currently heading home after collecting a Nelson Pass designed Nakamichi CA-5 PA-5 pairing. Depending on what you read, the preamp is one of the best made and is a perfect match for the lead and alloy bodied DL103r sitting on my Garrard 401. The Stasis technology PA-5 should be happy driving my Martin Logan Electromotion ESLs. There are some rumblings that the PA-5 responds well to the odd circuit tweak, but I’ll live with it for a while and see how it sounds before I’m tempted to break out a soldering iron. Even then I think I’ll start with replacing the main PSU caps before contemplating anything else. Most of my interconnects are generic throw away items so maybe it’s time to get something reasonable there and then call it quits. Excited to get home and power things up again...
  15. This is clean shot like that shown in image, not recycled battery lead shot? (I've purchased some before that was bright orange!) If so, very interested.
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