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  1. This is clean shot like that shown in image, not recycled battery lead shot? (I've purchased some before that was bright orange!) If so, very interested.
  2. Hi all, I'm doing okay. Still not listening much, but we'll see how things go in the holidays...
  3. I've never been ale to understand how a class A amplifier which draws a constant amount of current from the power supply needs a "fast supply" or one that responds quickly to change in demand, let alone a different brand of power cord. If the current draw remains constant then there shouldn't be a change required to respond to. Same, how much diode switching noise gets through a choke filtered pi filter? So a tube rectified class A cct sounds different to a diode rectified class a cct. There's certainly a massive wad of anecdotal evidence that suggest that this is the case, but the scientific/engineering part of my brain sure as hell can't explain it... Anyone?
  4. Just a change in tonearm on my Garrard 401 from generic gimballed arm to a unipivot drastically impacted on the PRaT of my replay chain. Some people spend too much time looking at oscilloscopes and not enough time listening to music...
  5. Sorry, can't explain it, but it's real. Sometimes it's just a recording, but the right combo of kit can get the band boogieing together so your foot taps like a mid 80's Linn dealer...
  6. So, deck, arm and cartridge are sorted. Garrard 401 in custom brushbox and Corian plinth, The Wand unipivot and Paradox Pulse bodied DL103r... My VLPS/VPSU developed a weird noise so I'm currently using a first generation Project Phono Box which is definitely the weak link in the front end. Looking at a budget in the vicinity of 1k I just can't get my head clear on where to head. I can sling solder, so a Bottlehead Reduction or Eros kit is an option, so is a Boozhound phono stage, or a TubeCad Tetra Sans phono... I can get some Silk MC SUT's, Cinemags or some vintage trannies (4722, 15095 etc). There's Ray Samuels Nighthawk, Lounge Audio LCR, Heed Quasar, Lehmann Black Cube, Tube box, Graham Slee, Cambridge, Jasmine/Salience, second hand Michell/Trichord blah blah blah blah... Looking at reviews doesn't help much. So many things get a rave review. There are so many choices and I've just got no idea what to choose. I'm over the merry go round. I just want to chill out and enjoy listening. Tired of the chase. Any thoughts?
  7. Jim Tate stereo can't assist? They were Linn/Naim dealers... Or have they closed?
  8. LOL! The day my wife watches a soap opera, I'll know something has gone terribly wrong! No chance in hell.
  9. Firstly all, many thanks for the concern over my wellbeing. It is hugely appreciated. I have suffered from depression in the past (25 years back), and one of the symptoms was simply not caring about anything. Truth be told, although work pressure is presently high, and income relatively low (the joys of small business), I'm presently happier than I've ever been in my life. But when the apathy hits, I just can't be stuffed listening to music.
  10. I don't know if it's symptomatic of depression or what, but lately I'm finding it almost a chore to actually play music. I just can't get inspired. Crazy as my system as it currently stands is the best its ever been. Current rig is a Garrard 401 on a custom brushbox and corian plinth with a The Wand unipivot arm and a Paradox Pulse rebodied DL103r. CD source is an Audiolab 8000 CDE with custom offboard PSU. Speakers are Martin Logan Electromotion ESL. Amplification wise I've got a Project phonobox running into an Audio Analogue Primo Settanta. Without doubt the amplification area is where upgrades are needed, they are certainly the limiting point in the hifi chain, problem is I'm barely listening at all anymore... I've spent 25 years getting to this point and all of a sudden I'm just going "Meh..." Don't know why, but it makes further audio purchases very hard to justify.
  11. Staticmaster antistatic brush is still available from the US. Polonium 210 source inside (somewhere there's an emoji for WTF, freaking terrifying, are they nuts?). $89 US and still in stock...
  12. The issue is in the original question: "Assuming they were the same, simply the watts were different" Arguably there's no such comparison that can be made. An amp with a higher wattage, must by definition be capable of delivering higher current to the load. That would generally mean a more generous power supply, greater number of output devices and probably a higher damping factor, just for starters. No manufacturer would build an amp with a huge overspec of heatsink, number of output devices, current capacity in the PSU and then just make one model limited in voltage swing to make it a 50W amp instead of a 100W amp.
  13. I cannot speak for the turntable, but I have one of the original Wand arms on my Garrard 401 and it's brilliant.
  14. Item: Give Away CD from Hi Fi News mid 90s, yellow and purple CD called "All Time Greats" Location: Australia Price: Offers Item Condition: Playable Reason for buying: I lost mine Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This was an Ace records compilation put together by Ken Kessler. Includes: Isaac Hayes: theme from shaft Mel and Tim: Too much wheeling and dealing Dexter Gordon: Cry me a river The Standells: Dirty Water The Damned: Smash It Up Hadda Brooks Dana Gillespie Rocking Sidney Albert King Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers ...amongst a stack of other stuff Anyone got a copy that they'd sell?
  15. Sorry Chanin, afraid this is the 6.5" version. I picked them over the 4 inch and 8 inch variants due to the fact that they had the flattest response.
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