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  1. Thorens numbers are back to front but big I reckon this would be more than competitive with either a Linn (unless top spec perhaps) or a TD125.
  2. Even though they look kind of similar the Connoisseur had a pretty decent bearing ... certainly much more substantial than the one in the JH and the 10” platter was cast aluminum rather than pressed sheet metal. All in all a very simple but quite effective design. A BD1 was my first hifi purchase (at age 16) with a JH formula IV arm and Ortofon mm cart ... brings back memories.
  3. A suggestion if you specifically want to stick with an arm that has a detachable headshell. A bit left of field I know but you could look for a Fidelity Research FR12 .... it's the arm Ikeda san designed for suspended subclass turntables (namely the LP12). It's somewhat lighter and slightly shorter than the the (more well known) FR64s and I think it suits the LP12 very well having listened to one on a Linn several times back in the day. Probably worth getting it rewired but the good thing is they are nowhere near as expensive to buy as the FR64/66 series. I owned one some time ago but it was years after I sold my Linn so used it on a Garrard 401 ..... it was versatile, nicely made and easy to use. Having said that, if I owned a Linn I'd probably have a Naim Aro on it.
  4. Peace Beyond Passion - Me'Shell Ndegeocello
  5. From Oxtayls post above: "The drive is by way of the same Dutch-made 48-pole synchronous motor used by Linn, which spins at a very slow and quiet 250rpm. It produces remarkably accurate platter speeds. Atop the motor is a stainless steel drive pulley. " If thats the case the link below should get you out of trouble or you could look for a used Linn motor. You'll need to transfer the pulley ... if the ERA has a set screw securing the pulley it should be easy. If it's a press fit you'll need some sort of puller and you'll need to be careful not to damage the motor when pressing on the pulley. Hope this helps https://au.element14.com/allied-motion-premotec/9904-111-31813/motor-110vac-250rpm/dp/1784855?CMP=KNC-GAU-GEN-DSA-e14-AB-test-updated&mckv=s_dc|pcrid|384288031329|pkw||pmt|b|slid||product||pgrid|94250445559|ptaid|dsa-82306211808|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqvS2irGb6QIVi30rCh1HDAuxEAAYAiAAEgIx9_D_BwE
  6. The modern Audio Notes would be my choice of currently produced arms as some of the current AN tts which they were designed for evolved from the Systemdeck. Vintage Helius or Mission 774 (original not LC) would also be a good choice as well I reckon.
  7. Have some acoustas if you're interested.
  8. The amp looks like a Marantz 7t preamp...... solid state version of the Model 7. Tuner looks like a 10b. Not sure about the tt though. Dual maybe?
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