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  1. Be careful with the hot air gun near the driver as I'm fairly sure the cone is polystyrene foam with an aluminium skin .. may not take too kindly to heat. Nice speakers btw.
  2. Don't forget Neville Thiele and Richard Small ... they had a massive influence on loudspeaker design the world over. Mark Dohman should be on the team as well for turntable design. Also Max Townshend and Stewart Tyler. Probably all more notable for world wide recognition than most of the names put forward so far.
  3. I’ll take this if still available. PM coming .... thanks.
  4. Eddy current brake disc maybe?
  5. Also playing Sydney in July (13th &14th I think). Venue is Glen St Theatre, Belrose. One of the pair performing is Aidan Roberts who some of us know from another project of his called ‘The Maple Trail’. @ABG
  6. If you want to straighten the plastic one don’t use the oven. A hair dryer is a much better way.
  7. You should be able to fit a Hadcock headshell which is metal rather than plastic. It was a known tweak to the jh back in the day. My first proper turntable (bought when I was 16 in1979) was a Connoisseur BD1 with a formula iv and I recall fitting a Hadcock headshell to the arm. From memory as the jh armtube was a smaller diameter I had to buy (from Hobbyco) some aluminium tubing so as I could cut a small, maybe 10-15mm long, sleeve to go over the end of the arm tube and allow the headshell to fit snugly.
  8. Been spinning lots of Coltrane this week after seeing a terrific documentary about him as part of the Antenna Festival. "Chasing 'Trane" .. a must see for anyone interested in jazz. Even some audiophile eye candy there for some of you keen observers.
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