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  1. Some electrostatics. Eying off something else but that won’t be for a good while yet.
  2. Thanks for the kind words! Amazed by the interest they have had. Potential buyer looking into freight costs today and will advise.
  3. Thanks for the kind words gents. Fielding a lot of interest but still currently available.
  4. Yet another regretful sale... my pair of the legendary Yamaha NS2000's. In excellent cosmetic condition. Very nice and complete examples as they come with their original Yamaha made, hardwood African Padouk stands. Woofers were recently redone with the recommended aftermarket units and glue from Japan. Get your tubes and/or Class A amps out and make wonderful music! Downsizing as we have bought and moving into a smaller home. Happy to answer any questions.
  5. For sale here (with a heavy heart!) is my pair of the legendary Yamaha NS1000M's. Having bought them from their original owner in Feb 2012, they have been the longest serving of all of my hifi gear. I just couldn't bring myself to letting them go. In excellent cosmetic condition. Probably will not find better. They come with their original owners manual and custom made hardwood stands in the original Yamaha style/Kenrick Sound style units. Also, they come with their original grills that were never used. They sat in a cupboard from new and never mounted. Like new! Downsizing as we have bought and moving into a smaller home. Happy to answer any questions.
  6. For sale here is a Hickok 539C tube tester. Very desirable unit in the world of tube testers. It is in excellent cosmetic condition, comes with two manuals and two associated cables/cords. Was purchased at a military auction some time ago and has not been used. An ex 110V US army unit. Downsizing as we have bought and moving into a smaller home.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated. The vast majority of feedback I have had points away from Lyra carts. I do keep an open mind though.
  8. Gents, Doing some research on cartridges that seemingly match the 4 Point 11 arm of mine. So far I’m leaning towards EMT’s, Dynavector & Soundsmith as options. Caveats - Not bright. Not too forward. Not lean. Musicality, realism and engagement is king here. Anyone else have experience or recommendations they could put forward?
  9. I know of one. It's a 100V unit and not in the best of shape. If you PM me I can let you know where it is. But it is a drive, Bellarine Peninsula.
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