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  1. Be Quiet...Listen

    Tannoy eaton hpd295's

    Top 50 is a broad stroke... Great speakers and a great seller. Buy with confidence here!
  2. Be Quiet...Listen

    FS: Garrard 401 SOLD

    Happy marriage then...
  3. Be Quiet...Listen

    My System this morning

    A picture taken while visiting a dear friend. They say that variety is the spice of life??
  4. Be Quiet...Listen

    Knowledgeable repairer in/around Melbourne.

    John Hall has retired, yes? I’ve been told that even if he is still plugging away that he won’t take on anything outside of quad panels.
  5. Hi guys, Looking for a knowledgeable servicemen/repairer in or around Melbourne for some tube gear that I have and also for electrostatic speakers. Please, do not mention Dallas Clarke or Clarke Audio. We all know what direction that will go down... Appreciate any help,
  6. Be Quiet...Listen

    SOLD: FS: Khozmo Passive Preamp - Shunt Design

    @Audionutz you love these things...
  7. Be Quiet...Listen

    FS: Rega ISIS CD Player

    I have heard the CD9 on many occasions. Very nice player.
  8. Be Quiet...Listen

    "The Cult of the Yamaha NS-1000 Monitor Loudspeaker"

    You haven’t heard them set up properly.
  9. Be Quiet...Listen

    FS: JBL 4350B Studio Monitors

    My thoughts exactly! Fair enough insight from the OP...
  10. So, it’s been a busy week at my place... If you know your stuff then you know what these are! Had a night in with the Stax last night. And yet to hear the VTL. The things us analog guys get up to to get the most out of our shiny silver disc’s... 🤣 A Wadia WT3200 transport was added also, but not pictured.
  11. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    Is that a Lux MQ60 in the background? Close. MB-3045’s.
  12. Be Quiet...Listen

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    Regardless of opinions of the seller this seems to have gone to far already. If you don't like it dont buy it. If you dont think it's a great buy why list it in a 'great buys' forum stating that it's overpriced?? Look above Jakes post and you’ll see that he simply shared/quoted another members contribution to this thread. Pretty simple really. And, after all, this is an open forum!
  13. Be Quiet...Listen

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    We should get a SNA wide betting ring going. Where in the world (Melbourne suburb anyway) does Michael Beckett live... and goooo...
  14. Be Quiet...Listen

    Vintage HiFi

    After having heard them for some 10 hours now I can appreciate why some say that the NS2000’s border on electrostatic sound. Bass is shy, but mids and treble are just captivating. Very life like, airy and delicate. These are going nowhere! And, the better half absolutely loves their aesthetics and feels they’re very ‘mid century’ looking. She’s slowly becoming an audiophile herself. At present I have borrowed a big SS power amp and valve pre from a good mate, but I do have my big valve mono’s in for a service. They should work wonders on these.