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  1. Yamaha NS-1000XW Loudspeakers (Ultra-Rare)

    Nice to see some XW’s out there. The veneer is simply stunning and a nice change to the typical black boxes! GLWTS.
  2. WTB: Yamaha NS2000 Speakers

    Will do once I’ve properly set them up and I’m at least 10 albums deep 😉
  3. Ear Yoshino Acute & 890 , Audio Physic Virgo V

    Nice but of kit here. Always been keen to hear some of DeParavinci’s work.
  4. "The Cult of the Yamaha NS-1000 Monitor Loudspeaker"

    So, after having owned a pair of NS1000M's for 6 years, and having slowly improved their performance, I have just pulled the trigger on a pair of NS2000's. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but in my short first listening session the preliminary thoughts are very positive indeed. And by god do they dwarf the 1000's in stature!
  5. WTB: Yamaha NS2000 Speakers

    Found! Thanks guys.
  6. SOLD: FS: Vintage LPs

    This has been clarified previously and has well and truly been clarified to the seller by the content of my PM from early this morning.
  7. SOLD: FS: Vintage LPs

    It’s my own business, but PM was sent with intention to buy at advertised price...
  8. SOLD: FS: Vintage LPs

    PM sent.
  9. FS: C.E.C. TL5100 belt drive CD transport

    PM sent.
  10. SONAB OA 2212

    Private message sent Peter.
  11. WTB: Yamaha NS2000 Speakers

    Item: Yamaha NS2000 Speakers Price Range: Negotiable. Item Condition: Excellent Extra Info: Looking for a pair of Yamaha NS2000's. If you have a pair you're happy to sell I look forward to hearing you.
  12. FS: Jazz CDs bulk #2

    I’ll go seconds. Thanks.
  13. Chelsea Wolfe NZ/Aus March 2018

    Saw her at Dark Mofo in 2016. One word, INTENSE!
  14. Ok guys, so this is the newest addition to the ever evolving main system. But this, and my recently finished Garrard 401, should definitely slow down any other movement! 🤣 I have had this player for just on 2 weeks now and I cannot stop listening. Simply stunning digital reproduction. Like others have said, it’s very deserving of its legendary status. Captivating sonic’s, built like a tank and a remote that would thwart a home robbery. Marantz got it right with this champagne baby!