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  1. Item: Quality MC Phono Cartridge. Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Ok guys, hoping to find a quality MC phono cartridge. Miyajima, Soundsmith, EMT & Koetsu spring to mind. Perhaps certain Dynavector's, VDH's or Ortofon's? Anyway, shoot me a message with what you've got. Thanks,
  2. Further information: A classic & highly regarded MC headamp/step-up device having two selectable settings of 24dB and 32dB gain. Separate power supply feeds the unit with DC current and obviously be located quite a distance away with it having a lengthy coil-like lead attached. The MM setting, as opposed to the MC, is actually a straight pass-through with no gain, so this unit is intended for use with amplifiers that have an inbuilt MM phono stage but require top quality MC step up performance. The unit is working perfectly. Just gotten back from a
  3. I’d say you’d best look at the more decent product offerings from companies that have been bought out by bigger conglomerates in the past couple of years. Most have only gone backwards since the takeovers. Making some of their past models something to watch! ie. Marantz, Mark Levinson to name a couple. Also, looking forward to the new iteration of Audio Research! Fingers crossed they make some modern classics this time around also.
  4. Item: Harbeth 40.2 Speaker Stands. Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Just about to take possession of some Harbeth 40.2’s and seeing if anyone here happens to have a pair of stands surplus that they would be happy to move on. Cheers,
  5. They are 40.2’s. He loves them far too much to sell.
  6. Heard these at the Tokyo Audio Show last year. Very impressive speakers for the money! GLWTS.
  7. That’s a tall order secondhand in Australia! Might pay to buy new. https://www.frankprowsehifi.com.au/product/luxman-mq-88uc
  8. Absolutely. And he's loving very minute of it!
  9. A quick snap from a visit to a dear friends. He has some seriously good sound going on currently I can tell you!
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