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  1. Be Quiet...Listen

    WTB: Kef 104AB speakers.

    Item: Kef 104AB speakers. Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi guys. Hoping to track down a pair of these speakers. If you can help out I look forward to hearing you. Cheers, Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Be Quiet...Listen

    B&W 808 Speakers

    Something with decent power and current. Those particular speakers would benefit from that. A solid state amp like a ME850/150/1400/1500 would do the job. Obviously there are others out there that forum members can recommend.
  3. @Steve M & @Al.M put your money where your mouth is... ??
  4. Read above comments @JSmith
  5. I think the general undertone and message in the rebirthing of this thread has been lost. No-one is saying that the NS-5000’s aren’t capable speakers. Their value is seen in the eyes (or shall we say “ears”) of the beholder. And in many “circles” the 5000’s just will not cut the mustard at $20K.
  6. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    Reviews aren’t my strong point or why I’m in this hobby. I did actually begin to write one but I was woffling on far too much. There’s plenty of info on the net about them already.
  7. The proof will most certainly be in the pudding. The NS-1000M’s production ran for almost 20 years and saw 300,000 units built. Obviously indicating that people were not shy purchasing a great performer that represented value for money. If the 5000’s are truly a benchmark and flagship model we will see them do something similar.
  8. This hobby is very subjective. Are you familiar with the NS2000’s themselves @Steve M? Perhaps my listening session with the 5000’s was indeed hampered by the above mentioned issues. My point remains, at a RRP of $20K, the 5000’s simply do not stand up in a debate of economics when the 2000’s can be had from $4.5K. Furthermore, one must look at the overall design between both speakers. Sealed box vs. bass reflex design. 90db vs. 88db efficiencies. Subjectively they are two entirely different speakers! So then, the only real discussion/s come down to personal preference and economics or “value” to be had in these purchases. It’s not hard to see the point I am making here... Sure, when the second hand market softens and the 5000’s float down to a sane and friendly market value I know I will experiment with them but I’m not expecting any kind of revelation compared to their predecessors. And, this will require people to actually buy them. And I have not heard of them running out the door. Not yet anyway!
  9. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    Pete, they are on permanent house arrest! Running them with some Luxman tube gear. Great partnership.
  10. I was a little disappointed that I never received a reply to my last comment from nearly six months ago. Whoever has bought pairs of 5000's are staying strangley quiet! I had the opportunity to audition a pair at Carlton AV a couple of weeks back. Not really the ideal room set up, speaker placement or amps but being somewhat familiar with the shop arrangement enough to fill the gaps I can say that I was a little underwhelmed with their performance! Relatively speaking, when compared to competing speaker manufacturers, their offerings and more importantly their price points I think the NS5000's represent great value. BUT, what was a happy coincidence and great timing, was the fact that I had recently purchased a pair of Yamaha NS2000's about a month before hearing the 5000's. And I can tell you without a shadow of doubt, the 2000's are better. Take your 20K, buy some 2000's and with your remaining 15K buy a good system and your fast approaching audio nirvana! Here's a quick snap of mine...
  11. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    Thanks Jake. Much appreciated.
  12. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    Here's a quick snap of my latest toys. The stands arrived from Japan this morning. Picked up in Tokyo late Thursday night and on my lounge room floor early afternoon today. Love the Japanese and their efficiency! Very inert and a great designed stand.
  13. Item: WTB: Old TDA1540 CD Player (Loewe CD9000, Philips CD202, Marantz CD73 etc.) Price Range: Open to negotiations. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi guys. Looking around for an old TDA1540 CD player eg. Loewe CD9000, Philips CD100/200/202/303, Marantz CD63/73, Revox B225 etc. etc. Thanks for looking!
  14. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS2000 or NS1000X Speakers

    You’re more than welcome to have a listen if you feel so inclined Jake.
  15. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS2000 or NS1000X Speakers

    I’ve heard a good handful of JBL’s biggest and most lusted after speakers and I can definitively say that the NS2000’s leave them for dead with regards to tonal balance, accuracy, driver integration and musicality. Much better for long listening sessions too!