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  1. I must have hit the jackpot! My better half loves my Quad ESL57's and Stax ELS's.
  2. John Barbuto is a dear friend of mine. I happened to run these speakers past him tonight and he remembers them well and recalls that they were built in 1978/79 and he also added that the owners Mataxas amps (and preamp also) were custom built by Kostas Metaxas. GLTWS. He happens to have one pair of the JBL's left currently. John Woodhead at Aranmar built numerous Tannoy boxes for John also in recent years, FYI. Not to mention every other speaker box Woodhead built for him back in the JB days! (JB Foster's, Kef's etc. etc.).
  3. Can't help myself... whats with the vase??
  4. Brilliant speakers that just cannot be beat at this price point. No brainer!
  5. Agreed. I have IC’s and speaker cables of Mark’s. Sonic Art’s products are top notch!
  6. I would strongly suggest returning them to their original state. They are in great condition though by the photos! 👍
  7. They are great amplifiers. Expect to pay $3500+ and substantially more for the mono's! Unobtainium alert! But by god do they look good. I'd be very, very surprised if there were anything of this calibre in Australia.
  8. This may have been the ELS-8X?
  9. Amazing that they're still for sale! If I wasn't so invested in my current system I would have them in my lounge room now!
  10. This is how the turntable arrived when new. So I suppose so John.
  11. Item: NAD 3020 Amp, 4020A tuner & 5120 Turntable. Location: Geelong, Vic Price: $700 Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Rationalising. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer. Extra Info: Up for grabs is my little NAD system. I have been wrestling with the idea of keeping this but I simply need to rationalise. As you can see by the photo's it comprises of the legendary 3020 integrated amplifier, its matching 4020A tuner & the 5120 turntable. Both the amplifier and tuner were recently looked over and given a clean bill of health and are in fantastic condition. The turntable works great, comes with a Ortofon X1-MC cartridge, has it's original box, box foam, it's owners manual and is in outstanding near new condition. This turntable has design & build cues similar to that of a Thorens and was actually built for NAD by Pro-Ject. A competent deck! Happy to audition. Pick up from Geelong or West Footscray. Drop off in Melbourne can be arranged. Prefer not to post, but will consider.
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