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  1. Item: Quality MC Phono Cartridge Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Interested in a Quality MC Phono Cartridge. Koetsu, Phasemation, My Sonic Labs, EMT, Dynavector etc. etc.
  2. Sorry for the late reply! No, but it has been to my tech and given a full bill of health.
  3. For me, the jury is out on that guy. I’ve watched some of his comparison video’s and my experiences have differed...
  4. Item: Pink Floyd - DSOTM Japanese ‘Pro Use’ vinyl pressing Price Range: Neg. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Keen to grab a copy of this if anyone has one out there? eBay pricing is, of course, over the top.
  5. Don’t settle on the stands yet! Also, Harbeth’s play best with tubes. Well designed SS Class A next in line.
  6. Well, I'm happy to say that after 4 weeks my room build is 95% complete, minus one more visit from the electrician. Being a tradesperson, I have the fortunate insight enough to know how to manage other tradesmen and get them to deliver quickly. 3x5.7x8.1m in dimension, all windows removed, acoustic plaster & premium insulation utilised, beautiful thick carpet & underlay, and a colour palette to die for! Once work calms down I'll finally get the chance to drag the gear and vinyl in there and hear the result of all of the hard work... and what treatment I'll be needing
  7. I have heard the SHL5's and own the 40.2's, of course rooms confines will determine which is most suitable for your needs, but the 40.2's are noticeably better. And they'd want to be given the difference in RRP! Also, don't sell yourself short on the skylan stands. While they are good, the Ton Trager stands wipe the floor with them. They are quite simply a non-negotiable!
  8. Further information: For sale is this Denon HA1000 Headamp/Step Up. Excellent cosmetic condition. Almost like new and works perfectly. 220V which is fine with Oz 240V. Happy to post. Photos:
  9. Not personally hand built by him, but commissioned to be built at a time where he was well versed in speaker design via his own business.
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