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  1. TEAC were the distributors for Tannoy in Japan @rockeater
  2. My Hifi journey really got serious when I purchased my first valves (from a dear friend after much auditioning) and set me off on a course of much exploration. Not too mention an immediate downsizing of my collection that instantly seemed irrelevant. These amps are the Luxman MB-3045’s. They were love at first listen and the very last things I will ever part with! I also own EAR 509’s, Radford MA25’s & SC22P Pre, Radford STA25, Leak ST20 & Point One Pre and a few others.
  3. My most recent addition. Need to find the time to listen to it!
  4. NOS tubes are head and shoulders better than the current production offerings. But, in saying that, I do feel that the current companies are improving. Ever so slowly 😫 I have been slowly collecting a little bag of older tubes and listening to the differences between the Euro, English, Japanese & US tubes. They all have either strength and weaknesses and it’s very hard to recommend a tube with knowing 1) your complete system. 2) what music you listen to and 3) having an idea of how you ultimately like to hear your music.
  5. I’m interested! PM coming. Thanks @Darryl
  6. Two completely different animals. One requiring tubes and one solid state (my judgement and preference thus far anyway). Nice to have options!
  7. Just about the epitome of esoteric Japanese vintage Hifi.
  8. Not back to, exclusively, by any means. I am pretty damn happy with these amps. I have only heard one other pair of SS amps that suit my tastes. So these big brutes will be only SS amps I foresee keeping company with my tube gear. Also, I managed to track down and import these amplifiers from the US and they are in fact STAX built, one-off prototypes. Class-A DC monoblocks. I have touched base with some good people from homeland Japan and this information has been verified. So, it's a near on 100% likelihood that this full STAX system has never been hooked up and listened to before now. Chuffed to be the first!
  9. Ok, so here’s a quick snap of my latest meanderings through this obsessive hobby of ours. It has taken quite some time to curate, but it seems that all good things do. For the better part of my time I have been tube amp & conventional speaker centric and I never would have thought that SS would do it for me... I happened upon a pair of the electrostatics pictured 12 months ago, got hooked and managed to piece together this entirely exclusive STAX system. Fine tuning with the room and speakers position is yet to be done. But nevertheless, I am suitably impressed!
  10. GT2000X lurking there in the background. All that Walnut-ty goodness! Someone has been keeping japan post busy. GLWTS.
  11. I once had the SCA35’s brother, the ST35. There’s something nice about those EL84’s! And if this unit sports the same transformers (and it certainly appears to) they’re said to be the best iron Dynaco ever made! GLWTS.
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