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  1. Chelsea Wolfe NZ/Aus March 2018

    Saw her at Dark Mofo in 2016. One word, INTENSE!
  2. Ok guys, so this is the newest addition to the ever evolving main system. But this, and my recently finished Garrard 401, should definitely slow down any other movement! 🤣 I have had this player for just on 2 weeks now and I cannot stop listening. Simply stunning digital reproduction. Like others have said, it’s very deserving of its legendary status. Captivating sonic’s, built like a tank and a remote that would thwart a home robbery. Marantz got it right with this champagne baby!
  3. Yamaha Speakers Comparison/Shootout

    The 690’s will sound better with the Yamaha receiver. A more forgiving speaker. Give the 1000’s the right tube amp and you will definitely find them more pleasing.
  4. Yamaha Speakers Comparison/Shootout

    Agreed with Lansche plasma guy here! They look like NS690's to me? Agree with you here Al.M. Have to say that either are acceptable and dependent on ones positioning and listening room. I have only ever had my mids/tweeters on the inner side. Did try it on the outer once and that didn't even last one song!
  5. FS: (MEL) Yamaha NS-690ii

    Are they dents/indentations I see on the midrange drivers?
  6. Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    I had them made by a friend who is a hobbyist woodworker. They’re solid Tasmanian Oak. No veneer here. Definitely a great design for these speakers. Helped in the bass department and also helped control soundstage and centre imaging.
  7. Yamaha NS-1000 best speaker stands poll

    As Kellossus posted on page 1, I too prefer the Kenrick sound/original Yamaha style stand. Here are mine,
  8. FS: Cary 303/200 HDCD Player

    Item: Cary 303/200 HDCD Player Location: Geelong, Vic. Price: $1500 Item Condition: Very nice. Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: Ok, so my Cary 303/200 player is up for sale. Its probably not the best day of the year to advertise but I’m putting it out there. Very, very capable player and I have enjoyed it for quite some time now. Only selling as I have upgraded. Cosmetically the player is in very good condition and operationally everything works as it should. 240V conversion was done by a technician. Remote control is present (as seen in pictures) and fully working. This metal controller weighs a tonne! Many questions please PM me. See pictures for further details. Merry Christmas. Forgot to mention, the unit has been modded with an extra AD844 as per georgehifi's DIY thread. Thread is easily found for reference. Mod can be reversed. Pictures:
  9. So, has anyone here on SNA fronted up the money and have a pair in their lounge room yet? There's a lot of fuss and even more great reviews but no-one seems to own a pair! I, myself, will locate a dealer in Vic (if someone has a pair?) so that I can audition these over my Christmas break. Very interested to hear what they can do!
  10. FS: Acoustic Energy AE2 Speakers and subs

    I have heard these and they're every bit as good as nutz has described. Great sound for the money right here! If only they were in Melbs... 😫
  11. JBL Help

    I'd be inclined to go for the 4430's, personally. The 4435's do have issues with the 15's integrating with each other. Not too mention, the 4430's are a little more room and wife friendly. I'd grab Ray's stock also. He's a good guy and is very familiar with JBL's.
  12. Show us your Turntables!!!

    The matt is made from acrylic and was purchased from Cherry Audio in the UK Thanks for the kind words. Yes, both the knobs and that Garrard fascia received the black treatment. And the chassis/outer plinth is in gloss black.
  13. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Thanks Hensa. It has come out pretty nice! I personally don't, sorry. As it's all set up and level at the moment I'm a little reluctant to open her up. I'll ask the builder if he has one (I'm sure he will).