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  1. I’ll go back up for all four The Modern Jazz Quartet albums. Cheers,
  2. Be Quiet...Listen

    FS: Premium Jazz Vol 4. Lps

    Next in line for Anne Bisson of sale falls through. Cheers,
  3. Be Quiet...Listen

    How really compromised is 16/44 CD quality?

    A close friend of mine has a very high end system with a Audio Research CD9 Player. I have, over a period of time, become very familiar with this system and have on multiple ocassions switched through the players sampling rates, which go all the way to 196. I can tell you definitively, the unanimous consensus is that 44.1 comes out on top. The three best and most convincing digital front ends I have heard are the above mentioned ARC CD9 (current), the Marantz CD12 (1989) and the Stax X1T (1990). And the last two do not sample past 48. That, my friends, was (and is) the golden age of digital. Period.
  4. Be Quiet...Listen

    My System this morning

    All a part of the journey. Experience and education is never a waste 😉
  5. Be Quiet...Listen

    My System this morning

    No ‘flavour of the month’ here for this little black duck!
  6. Be Quiet...Listen

    FS: VTL Reference D/A Converter (DAC)

    Item: VTL Reference D/A Converter (DAC) Location: Geelong, Vic. Price: $3000 Item Condition: Great. Reason for selling: Surplus. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: Guys, for sale is my VTL Reference D/A Converter. Those of you into the high-end digital side of the hobby will instantly recognise this machine! It sports the renowned Ultra-Analog 20 bit UA20400 chips, has a tube output stage and was reviewed as being a world class reference DAC upon release and having a RRP of US$7000 circa 1990 and only being surpassed in performance (subjectively) and price (US$12-14000) by the Stax X1t of the same era. I don’t really need to sell it, so we’ll see how It goes. Price is firm. Included is a quad of PSVANE 12AT7-T’s. The best of today’s current offerings. This is a rare chance to get on your hands on this machine and something that is never advertised here in Australia! Any further questions or details please PM me. Wadia transport pictured is not included and not for sale. Pick up is from Geelong (more than happy to demo) or can potentially organise a drop off in Melbourne, but please enquire. Here is is a link to the aforementioned review... https://www.stereophile.com/digitalprocessors/vtl_reference_da_processor/index.html Pictures:
  7. Be Quiet...Listen

    Power Conditioners - What do you notice?

    Nothing positive!
  8. Be Quiet...Listen

    Yamaha NS 2000 Surrounds

    Just take the plunge yourself. You’re no stranger to international shipping or the Yamaha sound for that matter! 😉
  9. Be Quiet...Listen

    My System this morning

    It certainly does Mark!
  10. Be Quiet...Listen

    What is the best audio purchase you have ever made?

    I should have been more specific. I was referring to the valve monoblocks in the picture, the Luxman MB-3045’s. They are just something else. The Yammie’s were around long before they were and the preamp was temporarily borrowed from a good friend.
  11. Be Quiet...Listen

    My System this morning

    Floored by the sound quality, yes.
  12. Be Quiet...Listen

    My System this morning

    This has been my afternoon in a nutshell.
  13. Be Quiet...Listen

    What is the best audio purchase you have ever made?

    Absolutely hands down these are mine. Purchased July 2015 (photo from that same time) and catapulted myself into the right direction and paved the way for many a great piece to come!