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  1. Haha fair enough. I plan to give them a call over the next couple of days 👍
  2. I like the sound of that....was that through the Myfoxtel app?
  3. I watched the final episode of season two last night, what a fantastic ending! Can’t wait for season 3, anyone know when it is supposed to be out?
  4. Item: 2 Beyonwiz HD PVR's (DP-H1 & DP-Lite) Location: Ascot Vale, 3032 Price: Free to good home - donation to SNA, I will leave it to your conscience Item Condition: OK Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup only Extra Info: I have had these for a while with them sitting in sotrage for the last few years. I have no use for them so thought they might be of use to somoene else. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Brian Cox plays a great role as the father, perfect casting. I have only one episode to go
  6. Thanks for your input. I had wondered if the IQ 4 would be an improvement. I might have to bite the bullet and get an IQ4, I just don’t want to give Foxtel anymore money ,I have a love hate relationship with them.
  7. I recently bought a TV to replace my old Panasonic Plasma (Samsung QR 60). I have spend some time playing with the colours and have the picture looking good for everything except for some content when using the Foxtel IQ3. Previously I would use the IQ3 for watching (and recording) all free to air stuff. Unfortunately the difference in picture quality between the TV’s internal tuner and the IQ3 is so great I wont use the IQ3 anymore (the colours can be very red). Has anybody else come across this?
  8. Anyone been watching Succession on Foxtel? It is a fantastic show, I am totally addicted and I don’t really know why. I thought I would through this out there in case anyone was looking for a good show to binge on and might not have heard about it. Enjoy, Darren
  9. Item: Audeze LCD2 complete with box Location: Melbourne - Ascot Vale Price: $750 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not a headphone guy Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am not a headphone guy but in Sep 2019 I had the urge to buy some audio gear and purchase these from SNA (the link to the add is below). I have used them for probably 4 hours and while they sound fantastic, no matter how much I want to get into headphones, I just find it too limiting to be tied to the one spot by a cable. I have replaced the pads with Dekoni Audio Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin pads (fromA2A) and the headphones are in fantastic condition. In fact, I gave them a good look over when I took the pictures and I could not fault them, the previous owner certainly looked after these. Original add is here..... Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. I used these guys a few years back and they were ok. https://servicesphere.com.au/
  11. I will let you in on the secret...there is no end game, its a modern take on a primordial urge to hunt and want more. But don’t be disheartened as this is where the fun lies. The real fun in this hobby is the want, get, try and repeat. Once you accept this (and move into the second hand market) you will find peace in knowing you will never be content.
  12. More into natural sounding timbre, great sounding vocals and imaging (sucker for a sweat midrange). Given your music taste I would steer you towards the Harbeth, without a doubt. I would also point you towards the C7 rather than to he 30.1. Perfect for timber, vocals and mid range.
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