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  1. I have one as well. It is just the ticket for pumping up air mattresses and the like. 👍
  2. if you’re happy with your current setup then the main thing to do is enjoy listening to your music/movies. This is sensible advice but let’s be honest this ain’t going to happen once you have the upgrade bug - Half the fun is trying new stuff and learning about what you like and don’t like. The other argument against this strategy is that it takes a long time to understand what’s out there, what you like, what you don’t and where the value is. I have tread down this path and my advice would be to enjoy it. But I would also caution you about the law of diminishing returns
  3. Beautiful cables. Unfortunately I don’t have any spare $$$. Damn you COVID!! GLWTS
  4. Anyone remember this one? Terrified my back in the 80’s. https://youtu.be/Iyy9n8r16hs
  5. I borrowed a set of these from a friend once and they are fantastic cables. They were so good in-fact that I only listened to them for about half an hour before I realised that I could not listen to them any longer without them leaving me disappointed with my current set up. Although I had them for a couple of days I never used them again. GLWTS.
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