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  1. If you enjoyed that have a look on YouTube for Paul Hogan’s speech at the Oscars, it cracked me up.
  2. Wow, absolutely beautiful, if I had any money this would be mine!
  3. Great watch, you don’t see these come up every day.
  4. Yep impressive and very helpful, thanks again.
  5. Thanks guys, I knew I came to the right place [emoji106]
  6. A friend of mine’s brother has recently passed away and he was extremely passionate about Hifi. The family is currently working through all of his equipment and I have been asked if I know what this turn table is and what it might be worth. Unfortunately they have asked the wrong person as I don’t know anything about vinyl and was hoping someone here might be able to help? Can anyone shed any light on this unit?
  7. I have always wanted to try these, one day I will when I have the spare cash.
  8. A great buy at half RRP. I would buy this if i didn’t already have one
  9. Thanks for all the interest the amps are now sold pending payment and pick up.
  10. That’s not something I hear everyday
  11. It seems I am having some issues. I will fix later today.
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