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  1. I can’t access the mobile sites with an iPad or iPhone... it’s very annoying
  2. I would snap these up if I hadn’t just bought something on SNA. 2 days earlier and these would have been mine. GLWTS
  3. Your dead right, and that’s what it comes down to these days, specially with DACs. The flip side is, there is some good buying for the savvy audiophile.
  4. I have to agree with the other comments here these are fantastic amps that sound terrific. I had the earlier non S version and only sold them because valves and my family don’t mix. Having said that I would have no hesitation in buying them back one day GLWST
  5. I know. I really want it even though I have no need for it (don’t have a pre amp), I cant pick it up, I can’t afford it and I am not allowed to buy it......damn you classifieds you always make me sad! [emoji26][emoji26][emoji26][emoji26]
  6. I borrowed the RCA version of these cables from a friend a while back. I put them in my system but took them out after half an hour and vowed never to listen to them again (quite an achievement considering I had them for the weekend). They sounded fantastic, I could not afford them and knew the more I listened to them more I would be disillusioned with my current cables. Good luck with the sale.
  7. If you enjoyed that have a look on YouTube for Paul Hogan’s speech at the Oscars, it cracked me up.
  8. Wow, absolutely beautiful, if I had any money this would be mine!
  9. Great watch, you don’t see these come up every day.
  10. Yep impressive and very helpful, thanks again.
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