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  1. Anyone remember this one? Terrified my back in the 80’s. https://youtu.be/Iyy9n8r16hs
  2. I borrowed a set of these from a friend once and they are fantastic cables. They were so good in-fact that I only listened to them for about half an hour before I realised that I could not listen to them any longer without them leaving me disappointed with my current set up. Although I had them for a couple of days I never used them again. GLWTS.
  3. I also use PLEX for all my photos. I have been looking for a way to have easy access to all my digital pics; iCloud was too expensive and I don’t trust google. I bought a NUC on SNA copied my pics to the HDD and now I can access them all on multiple devices, TV’s, even remotely over the internet. It’s not as fancy as google pics but it preserves our privacy and works great. Often I set our two TV’s to shuffle through our pics in different rooms. I just leave them going, it’s great to see the pics of the kids when they were young.
  4. These bring back fond memories, they were my gateway drug into spending a crap load of money on hifi gear. Great sound for the money, GLWTS.
  5. It’s enough to drive you made isn’t it. Sorry I couldn’t help.
  6. I have found PLEX to be weird with my USB drive. While I can access it in Linux through the file manager I cannot find folders vis PLEX unless it is formatted in NTFS. When you are in PLEX and pointing it to where you keep your movies can you see the folder on the drive where you keep your movies or just the drive itself? If I use any format other than NTFS I can only see the drive and not the folders and PLEX will not load anything,
  7. I wish I could offer more but I’m very much the beginner with Linux.
  8. I have also tried different file formats. I found that I could get Plex to recognise the drive with all formats but Plex would only see folders on the drive when I use NTFS.
  9. Thanks for the kind words and I hope it saves someone some pain and frustration😀
  10. The last time I used Ink Hub. A great price and I think they got them to me the next day. I would definitely use them again. https://www.inkhub.com.au
  11. I have recent bought a NUC of SNA and decided that I would like to use it as a Roon core and to share my family photos and videos using Plex. I have never used (or even seen) Linux and while installing Roon was straight forward getting PLEX up and running was a challenge. I had no problem installing PLEX but I could not get it to create libraries from the USB SSD I had my media stored on. I have spent the the last couple of days on this problem and there is a lot of advice, suggestions and different solutions offered on forums and I have tried a lot of them. I eventually found the following process that worked and got me up and running. I thought I would share this with the SNA community in case anyone has this problem in the future. The process is very simple... Cheers, Darren GUI method plug in the drive. Go to Disks in the desktop finder (or sudo gnome-diskson a terminal) Select the correct disk in the left column. Click the gear icon Select edit mount options Turn off Check both mount at startup and show user interface Thats it! shareimprove this answer edited Nov 22 '17 at 5:57 Ciro Santilli 新疆改造中心法轮功六四事件 13.7k66 gold badges5959 silver badges6363 bronze badges answered Nov 11 '14 at 20:21
  12. I first tried Roon a couple a yeas ago when I used the free trail. I wasn’t impressed and the need to use a PC put me of as it wasn’t family friendly. About a month ago I bought a yearly membership and again wasn’t impressed...until I bought NUC of SNA to use as a dedicated core and gave myself some time to get used to how Roon works. Now I love it. It just works, no mucking around, no glitches , the GUI is slick and intuitive and the way it recommends music is incredible. The team at Roon have done a great job and really picked a need in the market: makes you wonder why someone didn’t develop this earlier.
  13. Haha fair enough. I plan to give them a call over the next couple of days 👍
  14. I like the sound of that....was that through the Myfoxtel app?
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