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  1. FYI All the TOOL albums are now available on Spotify as of this week
  2. My PMC Ayre combo sounds effortlessly life like, are the words that come to mind.
  3. The rig is changed up at the moment as I am about to ship my Ayre MX-R mono blocks off for a board upgrade in Melbourne. Listening to more of the black stuff of late as well. Current TT setup is a Rega p9 with RB1000 and Ortofon Jubilee. Also added a Herron VTPH-2a phono stage a while back. Such a lovely stage, you can read more on it here; https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/herron-vtph-2a-review.757256/
  4. Weed. Serious edit, because the way i saw it the sound is projected towards the centre of the back wall where i sit, so i figured it bounced back to the front centre.. The room is heavily treated due to materials used on construction. Best Mind you I am a computer nerd, not a scientist
  5. This thread is lacking pics of late so to keep things in the spirit of the thread........
  6. I have had 4 pairs now, and still own two of those 4. What would you like to know?
  7. I have seen others report good gains using thick pure silver jumpers they sourced from jewlers etc..
  8. Very tempted to grab these for my office at work. Will pair well with my thorens124 mk2 and other spares for a dedicated office rig
  9. Its about time Ayre made such a change, I guess Charlie was very loyal to his channel to the point of fault. May he RIP and Ayre live long and prosper!
  10. We hear stories around the traps of not so great experiences with after market service, be it audio, cars, home electrical etc.... but thankfully its not always like that. As some of you know I run a pair of Ayre MX-R mono blocks which I got from an SNA member some time ago, as it would turn out these mono blocks were imported from the UK to Australia some years ago and came with the original boards. these original boards have a known fault where they over heat and blow fuses when cranked at high volume for hours at a time ( who would do that right?). AYre has a proper fix which is new internals ( not the 20 upgrade, just new boards) SO to cut a long story short, I have been trying to get my boards replaced since Feb 2019 but the experience with the distributor at the time was , well non existent. They just didnt respond even when asked by Ayre directly to quote me on the swap out. Ayre had already agreed to replace my boards at no charge as long as I sent the old ones back to them, this is long long after the warranty had expired...I kid you not I got a miffed after 3 months and had a winge to Ayre the local authorised repair center was not doing the job and they ;et em know two weeks later they had replaced the local authorized disti with Audio Magic of Melb VIC. Audio Magic then contacted me and informed me that my boards are now on the way and that there is no charge for the labour, how good is that? 3rd owner, imported from another country and Ayre didnt even care, they just want to fix them so I can get em back in place ....I do not know of any other high end manufacturer that would do that and the change in local distribution appears to mark a new era for support and sales of the Ayre range. Figured this would make a few of you smile and if you want to get a taste of some fresh Ayre, give Audio Magic a call and say good bye to Audio Con-nections
  11. Log a request online with PMC for a replacement and the local disti will send you out one. Do not do it direct through the local disti or they will wait until they have another shipment coming in and add it to that,. which could be months... Dont ask me how I know this. Blowing speakers is what audio peoples do, just like car nuts sticking pistons
  12. PMC MB2S-P's , loved them from the very first song. Same deal with my MSB DAC.
  13. I tried the black version on my Thorens 124mk2 with sme 3009, up against my tricked out Rega p9 with rb 1000 and Jubilee cart.. Mounted with the Credenza black, the 124 edged the Rega P9 out with some margin. Only had that cart here for a day so that IS my take on them
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