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  1. News flash: Huge marble sale in Lidcome, up to 99% off retail. Slightly used. Canary Prices ( cheap cheap) Strictly cash only! Please send all inquiries to Habib on [email protected]
  2. kit appears to be sold, just waiting on the final transfer to clear into my account. thanks all for your help in finding this setup a new home.
  3. The White (farmer) Australia Policy

    Being forced to give land back that you stole is not losing your farm, its returning what was never yours to its rightful owners. No wonder the Australian government has such a soft spot for them. Birds of a feather.....
  4. Music Fidelity V-Link or similar

    I have a Jkenny MK3 spdif converter looking for a home, pm me if you are interested. Worked very well indeed with my old M51.
  5. I have a 48RU HPE rack coming out of production use that I will be looking to offload. Doors and sides come off. Hallam make decent racks as well. drop me a PM if you want it, shipping might sting though
  6. Top seller and all round top bloke. Buy with confidence. I shall resist the urge to splurge because a new phono would follow along with an MC cart...muuuuuust resist GLWTS
  7. WTT Kimber KS 1130 1M for KS1130 2M

    thanks Mike, 1 meter though
  8. I really should make deposits non refundable, i would be up a grand by now
  9. He is currently negotiating with his wife, could go either way.
  10. JB is quite leveraged and with their volumes they would buy 10-20% lower than I can
  11. this is the standard wholesale price from our supplier....
  12. thanks for the smooth transaction, looking forward to coercing my mate down the wabbit hole even further Might have to test it out here at home for a few weeks while I mind it for him, see what all the Plinius fuss is about
  13. WTT Kimber KS 1130 1M for KS1130 2M

    1.5 meter also OK, just.....