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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Had to add that, we hear it a lot around here and a month later its for sale 😾
  2. Heard this table many times, its just wonderful and sounds very natural. Bit shocked to see it for sales @mlinvpp maybe an intervention is on order 😂
  3. Johny Blue certainly deserves its place on there.
  4. its that time of the day again however i was undecided with options this afternoon. Moved the old lounge out here today along with a coffee table since its such a wonderful veranda. Ended up going with the Cohiba in case anyone is wondering.
  5. Can anyone recommend a simple solution to hook spotify into an older luxman setup for my folks. It will have to be an RCA handoff into a luxman pre amp. I am hesitant to do it via a laptop into a dac as they scored my old NFB2 and it does not accept direct USB feed. The more boxes in the chain the more calls i will get night and day about issues. Being able to manage it via the TV screen with a remote considered a bonus for me Looking for something reliable and wont damage my bank account balance. all ideas welcome all feedback welcome
  6. Enjoying the afternoon rain with a tipple and a Partagas D4
  7. I should clean the room up but i just want to relax for an hour and listen to some music
  8. It shouldn't matter. A network is a network. It will add milliseconds of latency is all.
  9. This is quite a nice analogy that fits very well. I love both formats and listen to music daily but I only warm the phono up once a week or so ( Herron VTSP-2) for that reason. In the morning when I get up, I just want music to play so I can go about my morning, not fiddle with things, just enjoy the music in the house. When I actually force myself to stop and sit down and relax, its turn table time for me.
  10. are you running the latest firmware on the device?>
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