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  1. More likely someone who worked very hard all their life and was successful at what ever they did, and are now enjoying the fruits of their labour
  2. Such a good movie, really enjoyed this one. 8/10
  3. I know. Rug will be used for critical sessions only. I think my phono stage was mishandled during the move as the right channel is borked The system is really loving the extra space, music flows through my home like never before. Life is good !
  4. new room is coming along....needs a big rug up next.
  5. Speaker placement is nearly sorted..sounds better by the day !
  6. I can sit back further but still working out how to settle things in the room. There is another 1.5m behind me available if I am selfish. I hope the neighbors liked Rimsky yesterday at 11am
  7. Pick the four hardest hit areas and donating it directly to the RFS chapters in those locations would work. Or if you can work out what honest NFP is actually helping families recover, then to them directly. To be a true charity , they need to donate at least 80 cents in every dollar they get given to their designated cause. The big guys just swallow it all up as admin fees and pay rises for themselves. You will do more good giving to the smaller fish. Another option is pick four families that got hit hard and send it directly to them, screw the tax dedications we can get from using an registered gift recipient as defined under ATO donation guidelines.
  8. Chucked a few bits in place to test the room out. Needs tuning for sure. Not as bad starting place though.
  9. I get wonderful results with my Arye Acoustics MX-R mono blocks. Other amps that I tried along the way to here are; Bryston 7B SST mono blocks - good for rock and roll but lacked the finesse I sought Musical Fidelity M7-700's - Jesus , these things were something like 1400w @4ohm. Only amps I ever tried that had enough power to make my MB2's squeak. Nice pair and well priced. Had the demo with the matching pre amp. Again great for rock , dance, hip hop and metal. John Lee Hooker was OMG good. But lacked the finesse I also craved Audio Research Ref 150 - wonderful amp but not enough grunt. I did not try the Ref 250's as my bank account at the time would have collapsed under the weight. Ayre Acoustics VX5 - Lovely bloody amp with the matching pre (KX5) but i wanted more power. That is how I ended up with the Ayre MX-R's, they do it all in spades. I ran the KX5/VX5 for a year or two until I found monos. Note: After the MF mono block demo I got over bring home serious kit to trial, there were others I wanted to try. The MF bundle was 90kg for all 3 units and lugging that up and down 3 flights of stairs killed me Hope this helps
  10. Just tore my room.down in preparation of moving to a new house. New room is more than double the size. So excited !
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