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  1. No longer for sale, cant bring myself to part with it.
  2. https://www.wilsonaudio.com/products/tunetot https://pmc-speakers.com/products/professional/active/twotwo8 https://www.aussiehifi.com.au/products/pmc-twenty-22-standmount-speakers?variant=45079100999 https://magico.net/product/q1.php PMC is your best option if bass is important
  3. Ayre Accoustics and Boulder are both based there, best you go and visit them both and tell us all about it
  4. Got this for the weekend to see what the fuss is about. Very thirsty little mofo in Dymanic mode....been a blast driving it today, until on the way home tonight it tired to get sideways dropping into 3rd gear on full boost going up the hill over gladesville bridge.Gave me a bit of a fright, lucky the computer kicked in and did it magic to keep traction. Stupid fast that is for certain. 375KW will do that in a 1600kg car
  5. sjay


    Welcome to SNA, you will fit right on in so please do make yourself at home
  6. There are a few good stores tucked away there including a Wilson dealer.
  7. Screen alone is worth 1400-1500. Priced very fairly. Disclaimer: I work for an HP gold partner.
  8. sjay

    Amp for PMC Twenty5.21

    There is a Pass Labs 150 INT for sale in the classifieds at the monent, going very cheap as well. Def worth a try!
  9. sjay

    Amp for PMC Twenty5.21

    Try something from Ayre, if you dare.
  10. sjay

    Amp for PMC Twenty5.21

    best you take them to the local store and start trialing out options.... Bryston, Rega, MF etc.. All come to mind.
  11. Practice making babies while the housing market bottoms out...then sell the speakers and buy a place.
  12. sjay

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Grab an older Ayre Accoustics integrated if you can find one. Class A/B and built by music lovers for music lovers.