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  1. When a woman hits you it hurts, when music hits you it feels good
  2. Sadly yes, in fact if you bother to read the t&c's for SNA i bet it says they own all our content, as an example. I am not saying the mods read our PM's but I do know it can be done with forum packages like VBB etc.. Unless you run end to end encryption using apps like Signal or PGP your communications are open to being intercepted. Even if you do, commercial grade VPN's and apps like Signal are no garauntee against high level attacks and are no longer considered 100% safe. If you want proof look at the leaks from Edward Snowden and the effort the NSA and co go to to get into networks.
  3. Nothing is private on the internet. Nothing.
  4. Item: Nvidia Quadro P4000 8GB GPU Location: Sydney Price: 900 (RRP 1,500.00ex) Item Condition: 9/10 - only used for testing. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: P- Cash pickup, Paypal , EFT only Extra Info: Surplus to my needs so looking for a new home. Genuine Nvidia OEM card, not a a cheaper version like Leadtek Pictures:
  5. sjay

    FS: 48 Vinyl Records (Sydney)

    Ok you got me interested but a visual inspection is required before i can commit. I am local so its no biggy for me. Will drop you a PM
  6. Because they are not full range....
  7. sjay

    Comparing my RP3 to a RP8

    I started with an p9, so nothing else to compare it to. Does sound good though, that much I do know.
  8. sjay

    FS: Vinyl Records Part 2

    Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door 1979 EX- EX- Swan Song P10726N Japan Insert $25.00 Simon & Garfunkel Collection 1981 VG+ EX- CBS/Sony 25AP2227 Japan/Obi Inserts $19.00  Simon & Garfunkel New Gold Disc Vol 1 1977 VG+ VG+ CBS/Sony SOPO42 Japan/Obi Inserts $15.00 please!
  9. second in line, pm if still available
  10. sjay

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Picked up a Rega P9 with Rb1000 (re-wired), Michell Techno weight, Ortofon Jubilee on SNA a few weeks back to keep my 124 company I always thought Rega TT's were the poor cousins of players like VPI & co, however this TT has reset that perception in a major way after a fellow member convinced me to snap it up.
  11. I have found the musical surroundings phonomena ii to be exceptional value in my own set up PMC MB2's >> Arye MX-R's, ARC Ref 3 >> MS P2 >> Thoerens 124 & Rega p9. Its worth your consideration for sure.
  12. PMC UK has been awesome to deal with, including when the local distributor was being a lazy ass
  13. lovely room, movies would be awesome for sure!