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  1. Its the same gear I have had for years now mate, you have seen it in 3 different rooms over that time. Electronics apart from the speakers came from SNA .The cable loom ( Kimber mostly) I sourced from Audiogon over time. I got a stupid deal on the speakers from Interdyn when they first took over distribution in Australia. They basically gave them away to me. Thanks for the positive feedback, it really does sound magical to me. If you ever make it up here, by all means come by and have a listen yourself.
  2. A very good question that I am unae to answer. They are the black studio foam ones ...i got them locally from a studio supplier.
  3. Sounds fabulous Bass traps in 3 of 4 corners and one panel behind the table so far. I think i finally got to speakers placed right this morning as well. New tubes in the pre have 100 plus hours on them now so settled in just right Very very happy is how I describe myself at the current time
  4. One normally matches an amp to speakers not the other way around.
  5. Compulsory foot shot, taken this morning as I have my first coffee of the day. Thorens 124 Mk2 with 2m Black, Herron VTSP-2, ARC Ref 3, Ayre MX-R's and of course my PMC MB2's 🥰
  6. The 124 is a lovely deck for sure. Mine has been sleeping for a very long time, so long I had in fact forgotten just how good it sounds. Good luck with the rebuild.
  7. Buy with confidence. Stand up member with flawless track history
  8. Moved to a new pad, and got me a new room. Much better suited than the last one. One very happy camper over here Room is still a bit of a mess , getting there though. More tuning to do.
  9. Price upped to $2000 or $1000 cash and part trade for 1 meter KS 1130 XLR
  10. Even a KS- 1126 will do me
  11. Item: Kimber KS 1130 XLR cable - 2 meter Price Range: 2000 dolleridoos Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: need a longer cable. Also open to trade for other kimber cables or other brands in my stash thet I have in hand. E.g 1126 1130 1 meter options etc... hit me up by pm please if you would like to explore options with me Thanks for looking Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. probably more stable too 😜 congrats on the baby, heard the model a few up from this (the speaker not the baby) with the 4 woofers and they are sublime so these wont be far off. GLWTS and being a dad
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