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  1. Such awesome speakers and the going prices are going down down....!
  2. Want to buy these if someone will buy my black LS50!
  3. Wonder if anyone knows whether this arm can be a drop-in for the Lenco L75?
  4. way too cheap for what these can offer
  5. Item: Sugden A21a Integrated Amplifier (ODG) Location: Bondi NSW Price: $450 + shipping if required Item Condition: Same as when I got it from Tivoli in 2016 (see below link) Reason for selling: Lost interest in audio and wanna buy new sneakers instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Please see the previous posting from Tivoli: Pictures: Pretty much the same as the pics in the link. Maybe some wear & tear that I can't detect. Great well-known amp. Was serviced by Tivoli in 2016.
  6. You been playing it big buddy....!
  7. Item: KEF LS50 in black (anniversary model) - to be swapped with white Location: Bondi NSW Price: SWAP Item Condition: Excellent - like new with packaging etc Reason for selling: White ones will look better with my other horns Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Please PM me if you'd like to swap. Pictures:
  8. Sorry I didn’t see this and was sold through gumtree
  9. Oh...was talking about ub5 as in the thread title
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