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  1. PHO-700 Vs PHO-8

    Seeing the price difference I doubt the 700 would be an 8 with a double triode only. The company does usually try to keep their prices down.
  2. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    I try to keep a selective collection of vinyl records due to the storage limitation not to mention that I'm not reeeally into hoarding/collecting per se. The rest of what I might listen to is filled by streaming music services which offer a library bigger than any audiophile can possibly achieve.
  3. i like the look. industrial.
  4. @Hensa how much is a Shindo 301??
  5. If anyone ends up taking the lot and wants to toss obscure symphonies and contemporary classical please PM me
  6. Stylus guard source?

    The one that used to have been rid of. However you cannot rule out the possibility. The stuff is expensive and delicate ya know.
  7. Stylus guard source?

    What if the real men had cats???
  8. What ever happened to the ozone hole? You never hear about it anymore. The smokes they closed them off
  9. Lol i too skip his operas usually way too long (even for a Mahlerian/Brucknerite) and too much rap going on....
  10. @MLXXX makes sensible points. Another thing to consider, a DAC may have different tonal qualities from another. This may initially be perceived as though a new DAC sounds better as opposed to sounding simply somewhat different.
  11. Lenco owners thread

    I do have a Basik that requires a bit of rewiring & the collar. Basically I only have the arm itself. I don't think I'm motivated enough to try it myself. Wonder how much it would cost to have that done by someone else...?
  12. Stylus guard source?

    They wouldn't even comment on it....I've asked.
  13. Stylus guard source?

    @Citroen still sent them an email anyway....hopefully they have something
  14. can relate to that. when i only had VAC type RCM (KAB, Okkis) I ended up not bothering much probably because the result wasn't spectacular. not so with US + VAC cleaning.