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  1. I would be happy to CNC route these out for you if you have a plan.
  2. Fair enough. It would be interesting to see how different they are to the DTQWT.
  3. Not a huge difference in size between the TL2 and the 3WC-15. Is there much difference in price if starting from scratch? Troels does state the TL1 is the best sounding speaker he has made. Was price the main reason you picked the 3WC Janus?
  4. If you plan on covering the out side face with either paint, vinyl or a veneer screwing all the joints together works well. Gives good clamping for the glue and helps locate panels. I would advice removing screws and filing with bog once all the glue joints are set.
  5. I tried the same with the DTQWT but with with 4 SS mono blocks. They were all the same so didn't have the same volume difference issues. I actually got a decrease in SQ which I put down to lower quality interconnects and speaker cable. I was expecting the bass section to improve with the extra power.
  6. Yes found that yesterday a good in depth review.
  7. No they have 30.8 everything else they order in. The importer has one in Australia I may be able to listen to that in one of the dealers. Would much rather pick one up second hand but not much chance of that.
  8. The things you have to do to hopefully get some action
  9. Thanks Dan Turning out to be very difficult to listen to one here in Melbourne. They are all happy to bring one into the country but no one stocks them.
  10. D Do you still have the XA 25? I am interested in possibly purchasing one any feed back would be great.
  11. Great shows my list could have been a lot longer but these are the ones that jumped out for me at the moment. I seem to have forgotten all the bad gigs. - Gillian Welch and David Rawlings at the Palais. - Beastie Boys Festival Hall - Charlie Hunter Trio Continental Hotel. Just about everything at the Continental was great best small venue in Melbourne. - Kaviah Jones Continental - C.W Stoneking Corner Hotel. This guy is a national icon if you ever get the chance go and see him do it. The closest thing to Tom Waits we will ever have. - Iron and Wine Forum
  12. I will look into Aspen amps I definitely like the idea of First watt or Pass labs.
  13. Yes I am looking at one of his newer amps as well. I recently swapped out RCA cables to one of Garry’s better cables. This made a huge difference far more detail and the sound stage increased greatly.
  14. New there are quite a few options around but not sure any of them will be better than what I have. I would rather buy second hand. Jeff Rowland 525 Moon Neo 330a Plinius P10 Plinius SA-103 Pass Labs XA 25 Sudgen FPA-4
  15. At this stage I am trying to stay away from a Valve amp but this may change down the track.
  16. Sounds like the XA 25 is a little better than the 30.5. Depends on what you read , some seem to suggest it is a little cold and over detailed. I am going to try and get out and listen to one this week. Unlikely one will turn up second hand though.
  17. I just found that both Amplifiers had different strengths and that I may be able to get the best of both in a different amplifier. My heart says warmer and my head says more detailed. I am not fussed on if they are mono blocks of a Stereo amplifier.
  18. I am still learning about the different power requirements in relation to sensitivity and Ohms. But reading around it looks like the Pass Labs XA 25 would be a good fit. https://www.passlabs.com/products/xa25/
  19. Hi Andy. Yes I am running Class A 15 watt. A using the two different amps for some time now I feel they both have strengths and weaknesses. I keen to try something that may be better. As far as low power I guess anything under 100 watts, I just didn't want recommendations for 400w Mono block beasts. I was thinking something like the below or a First Watt.
  20. I am after amp suggestions to run my Troels Gravesen DTQWT mkQlll . http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/DTQWT-mkIII.htm. These are listed at 94db and 4ohm so power should not be an issue. I am thinking solid state with a budget somewhere around 5 - 8k. I am presently running chord cutest to PrimaLuna Prologue pre and Cawsey 15 class mono blocks. I have also had a PrimaLuna Prologue power amp in the setup. - General listing volume around 70db - Room size 6m x 10m Cameron
  21. Further information: Amp has been upgraded to TUNG-SOL KT120 Power tubes exact hours unknown,I bought this as a package a couple oh years ago with the Premium Preamplifier. The power amplifier was used briefly for around 240 hours and works flawlessly. There is one small blemish on the face plate but otherwise in perfect condition. I am happy to audition the amplifier to serious buyers in Ivanhoe. PrimaLuna® ProLogue PremiumEL34/KT88 Switch The ProLogue Premium Stereo Amplifiers—as well as the Premium Integrated and Mono
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