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  1. Thanks Spottie was trying not to spend the $30 on audio tools but it may be the best option. I do have a computer stashed away in another room running Roon. It is a bit of a pain having to move it out int the lounge every time I want to play with REW. They should put out an app.
  2. Hi can anyone recommend an IPad app compatible with Umik 1? I want to run some basic tests on my speakers and use it to help improve my room acoustics.
  3. Christiane F great anti drug movie and David Bowie ENO soundtrack.
  4. The Tin Drum saw this a 13 year old boy left me with scars.
  5. Thanks for the information Doug I am not sure I am up to this complexity yet.
  6. Hi Doug Can you give ma an idea of the final cost for this and level of knowledge required? Are the instructions reasonable easy to follow even for a novice like me?
  7. Further information: Nad M51 DAC in good condition with no obvious scratches or marks and works perfectly. The remote as seen in photos is slightly coming apart but works with no issues. I have original boxes and packaging. This was an extremely popular DAC a few years ago and has a full range of inputs and outputs. It has volume control so can be used without the need of a pre amp. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Great stuff here I built some bass traps form this a few months back.
  9. Hi all Has anyone built the DTQWT Version 3 here in Melbourne? I would love to hear another version and get their opinion on the sound.
  10. I will probably do another weekend of listing at the workshop this weekend before taking home. Probably not much point in swapping to the .47 ohm until i have heard them in my room. The speakers weighed in just over 60 Kgs so too heavy for the Gaia 2 and the Gaia 1s are just too expensive. So I went with a temporary fix with some solid rubber feet from Richmond castors and some packers to give a 30 mm gap to the floor. New and old listening test on the weekend.
  11. It came the 1ohm which I am running at the moment and .47 Ohm. Which one did you end up with?
  12. Hi has anyone played with the different tweeter Resistors? I am running the 1 ohm but feel I could do with some more treble in the mix.
  13. Working on the base now 12 mm solid aluminum Laser cut then routed and sanded by me. Will drop them of for Black anodizing on Monday hoping to have them all set up and finished by next weekend. Now not sure whether to splash out on the IsoAcoustics Gaia 11 feet or make my own.
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