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  1. Thanks unfortunately these are all for one only, other than the Fat Base which does have two available price is slightly out of my range at the moment with a new Power amp on layby. I have just remembered I still have the old two valves that I replaced. They still seemed good just replaced them as I wasn't sure how long they had been used for prior to my purchase of the amplifier second hand.
  2. Gee, looking for the above is a little like looking for needle in a haystack. Can anyone recommend a good local 5AR4 to get me back up and running? Whatever I get maybe in the system for some time so Ideally best available local.
  3. Thanks I will look around for new tubes. Just to make sure I should not use the amp until I have new valves?
  4. Correct Prima Luna Prologue Pre Amp. I tried to video the sparking but it burnt out before I manged to start the video. Is it a possible error in the Tube?
  5. One of my pre amp valves (5AR4) sparked on start up tonight this lasted about 5 seconds. I have never noticed this before and the amplifier is working with no notable affect. Is this normal?
  6. Thanks yes found it on the website in the end.
  7. Lovely job, where did you get the Braiding from?
  8. Don''t want to turn this into a suggested music post, but one album I discovered recently is well worth the listen is Ernest Raglan Below the Bass line.
  9. Sack Trolleys are perfect for moving speakers around. My last 2 pairs are both well over 50 Kg and have managed to move them around by myself with a trolley and Van.
  10. True would probably require a good front end to really test the difference.
  11. It would be great to get a few different TG speaker kits together and listen to the difference. Maybe that could be episode 3.
  12. If this was in Vic I would take this in a flash. With 5 days lockdown I would just about have them done by the end of the week.
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