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  1. This appears to be sold, working through messages. Thanks
  2. Further information: Received from a friend as they upgraded this is a beautiful high-ish end Japanese integrated. Unlike lesser models this one is made in Japan and to a high standard. Large transformers and heatsinks. MM and MC switchable phono stage. RCA points are all gold plated as are the speaker binding posts. Thick aluminium face panel and solid chassis give it a real feeling of sturdiness. Controls are nicely weighted but the remote is not the greatest, feels slow to respond. Does have the facility to work as a pre or power amp also. Sound wise it is what you expect from a high current MOSFET design. A real chesty full sound similar to an Accuphase integrated like the E303 but not quite matching it in terms of pace. Best comparison would be to the Marantz KI Pearl Lite but where that skewed more towards colored musicality the Denon swerves onto the lane of detail and clarity. Like Marantz and Naim, the power figures (70w @ 8 ohms) don't convey the ability of the amp to drive speakers effortlessly. Got the box, most of the packaging and the remote. more info here: https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/denon-pma-1520ae-integrated-amplifiers.html Photos:
  3. Further information: A great sounding turntable (preferred this to the Technics SL-7 I had) and just a fantastic piece of design. Like you would expect from a direct drive unit gives great energy to the music. I got a lot of joy from this turntable and as a dad found the auto functions very helpful allowing me to use a turntable while handling dad activities either with repeat or auto stop. The motor starts up instantly and holds speed without issue. Stylus still good but with unknown hours, will throw in a fresh stylus though with the purchase. The cover is cracked and scuffed but would improve with some headlight polish. The fit and finish on this is exemplary and build quality high, motor is dead silent. A toroidal is used for example, check out the vintage knobs page for more details: http://www.thevintageknob.org/jvc-LE-5.html Photos:
  4. Further information: I picked this up from another member earlier this year wanting a quality but compact tuner as I was space short. I have now picked up a pre with an integrated tuner so it is no longer required. Build quality is excellent as expected from Cyrus as is the reception and sound. Comes with original packaging (easy to ship) and remote. More info here: https://legacy.cyrusaudio.com/support/legacy-products/tuners/fm6 Photos:
  5. Anyone looking for a simple office set up these are fantastic. The sounds much bigger than you'd think and beautifully taught. Music cast direct of Spotify also much better than from a Chromecast audio so streaming functions very good. Check the reviews for them at 6 moons if you're not convinced! https://6moons.com/audioreviews2/yamaha2/1.html
  6. well Schiit, that might be just what i need. thanks!
  7. I have a lenco project underway, could i ask what the main benefit is by using a speed controller instead of the mechanical adjustment? thanks.
  8. Could this be also used as a source splitter? So a single source could go to two amps and just have the pot fully open? Thanks.
  9. Never even considered that aspect of tubes, that's pretty cool.
  10. Let me know when you tire of it and I'll grab another table off you 😄
  11. I'll put a hand up if you're willing to pack for shipping?
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