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  1. I was talking to someone else who had a similar issue when moving up the Prima Luna line. Are you able to recall if the amp character of the dialogue was similar to where you started with the prologue?
  2. Any previous or current owners able to give some insight on the character of these? Currently running NS1000m and curious as to how these compare. thanks.
  3. Hi Steve, can I check the height of those stands and top plate dimensions?
  4. The last NAD I tried was a 320 bee and that was on different speakers and sources. Character I would say was less detailed than the Pioneer although likely more forgiving of everything in the chain.
  5. ok seller, always has interesting stuff too.
  6. That Rega would be great. Keep the tubes for the future, I tried a prima luna recently and that didn't click for me on things like Zeppelin but it really worked on jazz. He's on the journey now!
  7. There's a older rotel pre and power combo from Len Wallis for just $750 which might be a suitable. Leaves room to then add a sub and streamer/DAC within budget.
  8. they look nice, but what are the purpose of the knobs? Guessing the black button on top is power? thanks
  9. @RonnieG thanks heaps for that! Unfortunately I took far too long and was pipped. It did however lead me to picking up an Accuphase E303 which I am loving right now! Will keep my eye out for a 2325 though. thanks again!
  10. You may have just missed out on some great Rega Planar Deals at Len Wallis. The amp and speakers will sound as good with vinyl as they do now with your other sources and given its a bit of a little legend of an amp, should make some nice music. You could look at an external phono if you find it is not up to scratch as a pretty cheap upgrade.
  11. When i was last in at RF Waves, Chamila was sorting out a few Cambridge Audio products. His turn around time is pretty good too.
  12. Would be a shame if we only end up with conglomerates. They did gorgeous work.
  13. Available on Amazon for a little tiny bit less too, but free if on Prime.
  14. I tend to find that rotel offers a more dynamic and exciting sound even if it's less accurate. Love a good rotel.
  15. Keen as mustard if no ones pipped me.
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