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  1. Hi Blair I have a pair of Rega Exon's 240 v , but not the 3 model , I was looking at moving my rega gear on soon .
  2. I was at Pat's Sept. last year and had 2 session's with these speakers and I must say they are wicked . Best system I had heard . Pat is such a great person , and very willing to help in any way. I have great respect for him. I would like to know if any one has heard his new speakers with the 3 x bakoon amps set up. Pat sent me some photo's any comments please PM me as I do not want to hijack this thread / sale.
  3. Hi Looking at building a new house in a couple of years and have a chance to have a Music room for 2 channel system only , not for movies. I have been on Acousticfields web site and like the idea of there carbon wall system , but to buy it and ship to New Zealand is just to costly . He does offer a design service , but I do not know if the carbon we can buy here is the same he sells. The other must is I want the room to look like a lounge . Just checking to see if any one has gone down this path and had success and who did you use and products . Room size at this stage 8.2 m long x 6.0 m wide and 3.66 height . Any help would be appreciated. cheers Lance
  4. Just to say the turntable has been sold elsewhere. cheers Lance
  5. Yep that is a ceramic platter , bit of a talking point when they come out. A good piece of history , even with the improvements to the music industry the P9 is not lost , still keeps up with the best in it's price range if not better. cheers Lance
  6. Item: Rega P9 Turntable , Apheta cartridge and Ios phono Location: Christchurch , New Zealand Price: $4800.oo NZD + shipping Item Condition: Excellent condition Reason for selling: Upgraded to RP10 rega Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Rega P 9 turntable excellent condition , 1 small mark on the wood surround . Apheta cartridge low hours . Ios phono pre amp like new . Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Hi Scott I have the Rega Ios MC phono if you are interested , the model before the reference Ios. Great phono and you can adjust loadings. cheers Lance
  8. I have the Tannoy Westminster SE speakers , love them. I had the Canterbury SE before , nice speaker but like the Westminster's better . Amps are Bakoon great sound very natural. Most of the time I use my antipodes DX , but still play vinyl , either way I do not think I would part from my Westie's .
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