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  1. Yes that flower power magnet looks impressive. I would have been very sad if I was unable to source the same midrange. I'll drop the dealer an email to let them know to advice anyone else who may have the same issue before sending the part for repairs. Cheers
  2. Thanks for your suggestions Mark. I'll do a bit more of a listen over the weekend to really make sure it is the driver and nothing else. Cheers
  3. Hi betty, You are a legend. I did as you suggested and it looks like it has fixed the problem. I'll do further listen on the weekend when I have time to just relax and listen to music. Was wondering if you made changes to the capacitors in the crossovers. I have read in some forums that people have successfully upgraded some components which provided a increase in sound quality. Cheers Alan
  4. Thanks for you suggestion. I will give this a try. I have never used the grill also and have now misplaced them.
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to reach out to try and get some recommendations about my options with my Focal Utopia Diva loudspeakers. I noticed that the mid range driver of the left loudspeaker started to have a slight grainy noise which while minimal is clearly heard with certain music and with male voices. I reached out to Focal Australia and they directed me to a Focal dealer which I have discussed the problem with. They advised that I probably need a new midrange driver, and sent a request for Focal to confirm whether I could get a replacement. I received a response that
  6. Item: Zeta, Alphason HR100MCS or Kuzma Stogi Reference tonearms Price Range: Negotiable depending on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking for either of above tonearms with a Linn mounting. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible.
  7. Hi all, Having been away for work overseas I have finally came home and was looking forward to setting up my hifi. Unfortunately after being boxed up and stored for about 5 years 3 of my components are not working. 1. Melos PS1 tube phono preamplifier which has lost one of its channel but also developed a hum. 2. Denon AUS 1 step up transformer for the DLS1 cartridge have lost one of its channel. 3. California Audio Labs CL2500 DVD player now only plays CDs. I was wondering if Sydney members have any recommendation about who and where I could get these repaired at a reaso
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