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  1. Congrats on the speaker choice. Many great speakers out there for us to compare and finally choose the right one that suits our listening preferences. Nice size room too.
  2. Further information: Six Billy Joel Hybrid SACDs from MoFi Restoration series. Mastered from the original tapes. Each album includes booklet, MoFi sleeve. Each album is individually numbered as a Special Limited Edition. Believe they are now out of stock and no longer can be purchased from MoFi.. Includes: Turnstiles #002133 The Stranger #01682 52rd Street #00979 An Innocent Man #02198 Glass Houses #01941 The Nylon Curtain #01453. Will ship at buyers expense. Photos: More photos available on request.
  3. Further information: SACD Norah Jones The Collection Box Set from Analogue Productions. Made in Austria. Includes Norah’s first 5 albums plus a covers SACD. Will ship at buyers expense. Photos:
  4. That’s the starting point. Try the Thor Hammer Height 149.86 cm w/o spike, Width 50.80 cm & Depth 65.25 cm. Weight 187kg each. But you do get Two 15 inch dual-spider woofers. If a pair of Thor’s are not enough then a pair of WAMM inspired subwoofers is always an option. https://www.wilsonaudio.com/products/thors-hammer/thors-hammer https://www.wilsonaudio.com/products/wilson-audio-subsonic/wilson-audio-subsonic
  5. No, we left Portland in 2009 due to the reduction in work.
  6. Hi David, Welcome. Lovely place Portland. Moved the family to Portland in 2007 for two years until the GFC hit and significantly reduced the projects happening at the aluminium smelter. Kids loved the country lifestyle. I also enjoyed listening to my HiFI on the cold winter nights with a glasses of red from just over the border.
  7. Great combination that will outperform most all-in-one subwoofer solutions. Wrong colour for me.
  8. I’m using Mike’s FoilFlex balanced XLR and speaker cables and find them detailed, dynamic and natural in presentation. From my experience that perform well above what their RRP price would suggest. Everyone’s system is different and these cables may give different results in other systems to mine but for those interested you may wish to give them a try.
  9. Further information: Oyaide 5N Pure Silver solid core Continental 5S USB cable. Great cable made in Japan at a handy length of 1.8m. Includes original packaging. Will ship if buyer pays postage. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Further information: Like new Siltech S8 silver mono-crystal XLR interconnects in 1m length. Purchased from the local distributor Absolute Hi-End. Includes factory packaging and certificates. Box has one damaged corner as per photo. Serial numbers available on request. Very hard cable to beat unless you move up to Siltech’s double crown or the ultra expensive triple crown. Will ship at buyers expense. Current RRP in USA $17.5K USD ($27.5K AUD) for 1m XLR. https://www.thecableco.com/empress-crown-interconnect-pair.html From the Siltech Website
  11. Congratulations on a great room. Well done.
  12. Further information: Two Kimber Silver/ Copper hybrid balanced cables available. 1m length each. $380 for both or $200 each. Will ship at buyers expense. Includes original packaging. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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