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  1. Service agents Brisbane

    Hi Jason, If you are on the SouthWest side of Brisbane, I have had a lot of success over the years with the services of Watson Electronics in Sumner Park. Link http://www.watsonelectronics.com.au The last issue Watson Electronics (WE) rectified for me was a protection fault (Excessive DC current) on a Krell Evo-400e. The fault would shutdown the amp on start-up. WE worked with Krell, the Australian distributor Audio Marketing to identify and finally rectify. After 2-3 months of Krell suggesting tests and possible solutions and sending a few boards over to try (Note it is quite difficult for a manufacturer the identify the cause of a problem without having the unit back in their workshop. I was trying to avoid the courier costs to the USA and back for a 50kg unit). WE identified the issue was with the protection circuit itself. They ordered and installed new components for the protection circuit, fixed the problem and thoroughly tested the unit before giving it the all clear. The unit has now worked faultlessly for the last 2 years. Watson Electronics is High Recommended based on my experience. Gav