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  1. @rmpfyf interesting topic. While you could make a second independent MEN system, I would be concerned under fault conditions of different potentials between the two earth systems. Ie I assume the suggested installation has the hifi system on one MEN and the rest of the house is on the other MEN and they are not connected. If you have your hand on the chasis of a HiFI component (earthed to one MEN system) and your feet In contact with the house (earthed to the second MEN system) and a fault occurs on one MEN , you may experience a large potential difference between the two MEN systems. BTW, I have a dedicated supply to my HiFi system and use the main MEN system. I also use a Torus AVR16 conditioner due to an intermediate disturbance that use to cause the transformers in my Krell power amps to hum on occasions. It commence about 4 years ago, day or night and for various durations. The amps were completely quiet before and would not hum at other people’s houses. I expected it was due to intermittent dc on the incomer but after trying many dc blockers nothing worked. Under advice from Len at Len Wallis I tried the Torus and the amps have been silent since. Plus I now have the bonus of voltage regulation. Also a disclaimer Note I am not an expert on this power supply topic and professional advice should always be sort to ensure a safe installation.
  2. @rmpfyf true, it would be illegal to separate the earth stakes.
  3. Note under Australian Standards 3000 there are requirements for earthing and neutral connections (Multiple Earthed Neutral (MEN) system) that must be complied with. Eg to avoid step and touch potential particularly under fault conditions. While more than one earth stake can be installed they must be connected to produce an earth grid to maintain the same potential, See the following link of an example installation. A licensed electrician will be fully aware of the requirements and insist that the installation is installed to code. http://www.novaris.com.au/images/stories/Sales Kit/SK10/The MEN Wiring System.pdf
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    Great to see Daryl continuing on the legacy and to see some of the technologies developed for the flagship WAMM making it to other new models. Replacement for the Alexandria XLF should also be on the cards eventually.
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    Welcome to the community
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    Audiohippo's System

    Looking good. How long has the film been on?
  7. Hi Crustycottage, The Eichmann Express Series 2 AC Enhancing Cable was a good addition to my system at the time. Glad you find it good on your Naim system. I'm using a Torus power conditioner these days.
  8. Item: Eichmann Express Series 2 AC Enhancing Cable (length = 2m) + Eichmann Power Strip Location: Brisbane, QLD (local pickup or will post if buyer pays all costs to post) Price: $285 + postage, if required Item Condition: 7/10 (Good) Reason for selling: Have changed to other forms of power conditioning Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes original box for Cable and Power Strip. Pictures:
  9. Item: Transparent Audio MusicLink RCA Interconnect 1m Location: Brisbane, QLD (local pickup or will post if buyer pays all costs to post) Price: $140 (price drop $170) + postage, if required Item Condition: 7/10 (Good) Reason for selling: These cables haven't been used for many years as my system is all balanced Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Local pickup preferred, but can ship Australia wide Transparent Audio cable include network technology to improve signal transmission and for noise rejection. Includes original packaging. Pictures:
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    Audiohippo's System

    Congrats. The room looks great. I’m sure the sound is great too.
  11. This ws the first day clearing the room before starting to install the treatments.
  12. Just one correction. Mine was not a new build. The made the changes to my existing home. I sent Rives the room dimensions and they worked out what I need to add. It was Actually our lounge Room and combined dining room. Very lucky to have a very understanding wife.
  13. Hi Kelossus, I tried several types of DIY room treatments based on designs similar to ASC tube traps and others. While they offered some improvement, I felt a more holistic approach should guarantee better results. And I was never happy with the unintegrated look. So after several years searching in Australia, I reached out to a Hi-Fi listening room acoustic treatment service offered by a company in the USA, Rives Audio. They provided a cost effective service which included a theoretical model of the treatments required, drawings to build the treatments and finally analysis of the measured results with advice on positioning, etc. Unfortunately Rives is no longer in business, however I have attached the basic plan for my room. After taking 12 months on weekends building all the treatments and fitting out the room, I couldn't be more happier with how the room sounds, feels and the integrated look. Now 6 years later, the room continues be my listening oasis. So if you can find a similar service, from a business with many years of home Hi-Fi listening experience, it is well worth the time and investment.
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    Welcome from Brisbane