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  1. v1.0.4.5 has been released which adds filter map selections for ASRC, poly-sinc-ext2 and sinc-M filters.
  2. released which adds filter maps for closed-form-M and closed-form-16M, minor enhancements and fixes. Changed: Cover-art images preloaded in library and folder views for smoother scrolling. Changed: Added closed-form-M and closed-form-16M filter maps Fixed: Play button was "unpressed" when adding additional tracks to playlist during playback
  3. There is an alternative method available to control HQPe on Linux remotely where the audio library is hosted on the Linux PC: 1. Setup a Samba share on Linux to the location that contains the audio files. (Best to use a directory created under /media) 2. On the Windows PC, map a drive letter to \\<linux machine name>\<samba share name> 3. Configure this drive letter as the Library path in Alchemy Setup (and any sub-directories that point to the audio library). 4. Enable the Connect to Remote HQPlayer and enter the details for the Linux machine 5. For the Mount point, enter the path used in Step 1 to create the Samba share 6. A Scan can optionally be run in Setup Library or use the Folder browser to browse library by folder. 7. Full remote control of HQPe is available from Alchemy on Windows PC to play audio files hosted locally on Linux.
  4. released which fixes: Playlists with tracks on a local drive erroneously shows message "Playlist contains tracks on a local drive..." DAC Modes would not allow saving of DSD modes
  5. released with some fixes for remote connections: Fixed: Connection timeout issues with remote HQPlayer Fixed: Verify function in remote setup not functioning correctly Changed: Now shows HQPlayer version and platform when connected Improved support for HQPlayer Embedded. Filter names mapped to Desktop equivalent to allow the same filter maps to be used across platforms.
  6. No. The new version will upgrade over the previous install. If Alchemy is already registered, you can skip through the registration steps in the setup. The existing registration details will be retained.
  7. released with bug fixes: Fixed: Track next/previous would not function with HQPlayer 3.20.0 Fixed: Appcrash when last track finishes for dynamic replay gain mode Fixed: CD button not updated when switching to a zone with different cd configuration Fixed: Adding a second zone not updating the link button to show zone list dropdown
  8. New version released. The changes below have been made: Fixed: Playlist Album text is truncated in some cases Fixed: Custom Filter details not showing on album popup from right click Fixed: Cover art does not show when tracks or playlist first loaded Fixed: Track status display corrupted after playback completes with recent HQPlayer versions Changed: When filter map sample rate exceeds available dac mode sample rate, now defaults to Max available rate Changed: Updated to cater for new HQPlayer 3.19.0 library format New: Custom filter can now specify a specific sample rate New: Add option for auto playback as default and right click on Play button to toggle auto playback start as soon as tracks are loaded New: Add option to enable CD mode and show CD mode button when feature is available in HQPlayer version >=3.15.1 New: Zone function to allow up to 8 independent playback zones. Select alternate HQPlayer config xml to load for zone New: Specify config to load for Zone when connected to remote HQPlayer over the network. Requires HQPlayer version >= 3.19.0 New: Separate library and filter maps can be specified for a zone. Load specific default view for zone New: Dynamic replay gain stores per track gain adjustments when clipping occurs, which is loaded on next play to prevent any further clipping for that track New: Specify a replay gain offset for Fixed or Dynamic replay gain, which applies an additional 1-6db reduction for the whole album or playlist over the tag values. This is stored for the album or playlist where clipping is an issue with upsapmpling. New: Additional album & playlist context menu items to reset playback history
  9. New version released. - 24/02/17 - Changed: Modified track name display for non-tagged wav and dff files to full filename without the leading track number - Fixed: Adding a track to an existing playlist when currently playing would clear the cover art image - Fixed: Play status timer would flicker on some displays - New: Filter map entries can be re-ordered - New: Filter map entry output can be set to a specific rate - New: Filter map genre list is scanned from the loaded library (if present). When no library is loaded, a default genre list is presented - New: Playlists can be shared between users or PCs on the network
  10. New version released. The list of changes below: - 26/01/17 - Fixed: Intermittant display corruption when swipe scrolling lists - Fixed: Display issue or appcrash when loading library using Cyrillic alphabet - Changed: Sorts mixed Cyrillic and English album names in correct sequence - Changed: 'Initialising...' status message now caters for longer initialisation time for new filters - Changed: Status message shows 'Connection to HQPlayer lost' when HQPlayer connection unexpectedly drops - New: Added poly-sinc-xtr-* options to Filter Maps
  11. New version released. The list of changes below: - 8/01/17 - Fixed: All setup tabs locked when direct library mode selected. Changed to lock only the library setup tab - Fixed: Default filter entry not showing in filter map list. Unable to delete or change default filter entry - Fixed: Folders view with muliple paths under same folder tree - back button was not handled correctly - Changed: Improved Browse folder window behaviour when browsing typed UNC paths - Changed: When no filter maps are defined, defaults to current HQPlayer filter selection - Changed: Moved filter dropdown to top of main window. Aligned filter selection panel closer to dropdown - Changed: Moved drive cache and volume/replay gain status to right of track status section - Changed: Compacted transport control area and cover art image to allow for larger playlist display - Changed: Album summary info has been moved to a tooltip display near the selected album icon - Changed: Reduced space taken below the album display and expanded the album list - Changed: Filter selection now shows invalid combinations with a --- - Changed: Install no longer requires a local HQPlayer instance to run. Can run as remote HQPlayer connect only. - Changed: Scrollbars and track list updated to match theme colors. - New: Control volume up, down and toggle mute with keyboard multimedia keys - New: Additional 'Not Played Since' Album view filter - New: Additional color scheme: 'Charcoal'
  12. New version released. If you are upgrading from a previous version, a one-time library conversion is required to use some of the new features. To convert the library, go to library setup and select Convert. - 3/12/16 - Fixed: Load on startup not saving correctly - Fixed: Button hover showing incorrecly on touch screen - Fixed: Shared Library not syncing on startup - Fixed: Track properties window filling entire screen when long tag values are present - Changed: Albums within artist group view are sorted alphabetically. - New: Displays date imported, last played, year and number of plays in album summary - New: Filter album view by date imported, last played, year, format, sample rate, genre, number channels - New: Library, folders and playlists view now selectable from main window - New: Select startup view as library, folders or playlists in settings - New: Theme editor tab in settings to edit existing themes or create new theme - New: Ramdomly play all currently displayed albums with Shuffle Play. Stop to skip to next album, Clear playlist to cancel Shuffle Play - New: Right click Pause to pause after current track completes - New: Right click Stop to stop after current track completes - New: Option to launch Alchemy Desktop on boot - New: Sleep timer option to stop playback after a delay or at a specific time. Option to shutdown, hibernate or sleep PC
  13. New version released. - 22/10/16 - Fixed: Library scan may create duplicate albums on rescan in rare cases - Fixed: Album info panel showing file type field incorrectly - Changed: Library scan report shows missing sample rate and channel information warning - Changed: Library scan shows total folders scanned as well as albums added in summary report - Fixed: Remove button in library setup would delete incorrect entries - Fixed: TagLib would reject flac file if metadata not to strict specifications
  14. New version released. The changes below have been made: - Fixed: Cover Art with capital filename extension not displaying - Fixed: Accents in album view not sorting correctly - Fixed: Replay gain was showing 0db
  15. New version released. The changes below have been made: - Fixed: Filter maps clear button would leave previous Genre selection. Now clears all previous list selections - Fixed: Initial startup on a clean install may result in main window too large for screen. Now starts at smallest size - Fixed: Library scan cancel does not clear previous partial scan results causing duplicates when scan is re-run - Fixed: Direct mode in setup was not disabling remote connect, library, dac modes & filters tab - Fixed: Missing or blank track title tag would cause library scan to not fill in channel, file type and sample rate information - New: Show Summary report after library scan to show how many albums were added and any errors found during the scan. Scan results are stored under C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Alchemy\Logs - Fixed: Display scaling now handles up to 150% scale setting - Changed: Drastically improved Album view initialization time for large libraries
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