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  1. Gold star Ant! We need more helpful members such as yourself and hope some awesome karma comes your way for assisting the folks here on SNA the way you do 👍 🍻
  2. Tried to PM you but it appears your inbox is full. As I now have a courier (cheers @BuzzzFuzzz) I would like to purchase.
  3. I own a McIntosh C22 pre (2015 re-issue I believe) and love the functionality it offers as well as the way it sounds. I also happen to like most of the brands aesthetics but can see why people might be put off by it. One thing no one can argue about the brand is it's high resale value. For whatever reason ive noticed Mcintosh seems to retain value unlike some other boutique high end gear. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the brand has a rich history and like others of that ilk (such as JBL) seems to be trusted more than some others on the market.
  4. Yep truly scrambled Sir Egg. Im not lying when I say its affected my mental health greatly (yeah first world problems and all that but it truly has taken quite a toll and has almost made me want to give up on HiFi altogether and just return to my boombox from the 80's and just enjoy the tunes rather than the system as I did then......
  5. Damn seems ive spoken too soon as a few days back during what was an otherwise enjoyable listening session i began to notice the dreaded distortion in one channel rear its ugly head yet again 😭 Its really quite odd as its only appears on some recordings (or becomes obvious anyway) kinda like a tearing/scratchy sound on the trailing edge of instruments or a bit like a listening to a radio station that is slightly off tune. At first I thought it might have been an issue with the LP I was playing so tried another and same thing so I disappointingly switched off the system
  6. No shipping to Melbourne then....Damn! If you change your mind let me know.
  7. Im extremely pleased to communicate to you all I think the issues has now been resolved. 👍 So what's transpired from my last post was that i installed bypass caps on the power supply as suggested however low level distortion remained in one channel [sigh]. Ron (aka Ponytail here on the forum) kindly offered to run it through his noise and distortion meter in an effort to try and determine what's going on and alas the problematic channel instantly revealed itself to show a distortion measurement of nearly 3% @ just a few watts of power so armed with this info I passed it to Mr. Holt
  8. One of the best collections I've seen for sale on SNA. Don't do digital personally otherwise they'd be long gone.
  9. Good to have the Holton amp finally singing as it should. Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) - The Big Bad Blues (2020)
  10. Guy at work has a knife sharpening business so a potential solution is drop them off to me and i'll get him to sharpen them at cost price. Otherwise you're welcome to grab my Warthog V-Sharp Classic II Professional Diamond Knife Sharpener and DIY which is super easy and simple to use (and is my now go to)
  11. Welcome David, chat away...
  12. I could easily spend hours in that room listening to stuff! So many choices....
  13. Electricity is in the air, would have loved to have been there, The Cure - A Forest
  14. Worked @ Telstra for 25 years and am also glad im finally rid of them. If only people knew how dysfunctional the place is on the inside especially during the past 10+ years where anything and everything is offshored to save a penny seemingly not caring that customer service is now sadly almost non existent!
  15. Got a ham on the smoker as we speak. Brined for 7 days, rinsed & put uncovered into the fridge for 24 hours to set before going into the smoker using a mix of oak, hickory & apple wood. 7 hours in and it's just about done.
  16. Wow very impressive build there (perhaps the best ive seen). what do you mean by "but for now it’s time to ship this one home!"? So is this going to someone else or are you building it off site? Have you had a chance to fire it up and have a listen yet and what's this talk of new modules arriving next year?
  17. Moving onto America's answer to German thrashers Tankard. Wehrmacht - Biermacht Short, thrashy and to the point. Great album.
  18. Keeping it German Warlock - Fur Immer 12" single. Doro is easily the nicest (and most physically stunning) metal personalities I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and is right next to my hero Tom Warrior (Celtic Frost) in terms of approachability.
  19. Absent for far too long... Accept - Russian Roulette Monsterman is one of my all-time fav Accept tracks (and there are many) Bang on metal men. 🤘
  20. Great collection. If I didn't already own the records and digital downloads id be all over this.
  21. I have a couple of desolder stations but unless there's a ton of solder to remove I also find wick to be the most effective method
  22. Hope one of these finds its way into my santa stocking... https://myvinylairfreshener.com/products/my-vinyl-air-freshener?fbclid=IwAR0ssS0gDNf2Y5-9waLFSnqPMrtHihXRrU1Dnrn3cEVQzCgeF5IBy0llb8o
  23. Specs and reviews suggest it might be a good fit.
  24. Agree some class D designs are pretty good also.
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