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  1. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Speaking of which... Bathory - Hammerheart (original press) Track "Shores In Flames"
  2. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Going black my friend. Time to enter the eternal fire... Speaking of which the church is currently in flames!
  3. Metal: Currently Spinning

    too naughty
  4. Metal: Currently Spinning

    My personal recommendation for anyone looking into King Diamond would have to be either the Mercyful Fate album Don't Break The Oath or his debut solo Fatal Portrait. If you like what you hear and want to explore his"story" concept albums then Abigail or Them would be my first choice. As King would say......Stay Heavy!
  5. Our DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    Was thinking about the very same thing today while cleaning a batch. Wondered if a 10-15 min clean in 42 degree water would heat the vinyl enough to allow flattening of minor warps kinda like a sous-vide style of cooking. Probably much safer than the oven/outside sun method.
  6. Metal: Currently Spinning

    There's been some killer stuff posted of late no doubt due to Mr. Fuzzz's tireless post's keeping this thread alive. Lets keep it going and destroy all other genre related currently spinning threads.
  7. Source in Australia for bitumastic pads?

    This is what I use. https://www.jaycar.com.au/butyl-based-sound-deadening-material/p/AX3687
  8. Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    Thats GOLD! Never heard of that release so i'll have to try and track one down. If you dont mind me asking where did you find it? All i have is the original soundtrack which to be honest kinda suck (especially the utterly tragic remake of the Tubular Bells excerpt reminding me of those god awful K-Tel releases seen in the 80's of songs sung by non-original artists.
  9. Metal: Currently Spinning

    The King is in the house! ordered from Knucklebonz last year and has finally arrived. Disappointed i was 20 off from the 777 for sale so mine was number 646.
  10. Discogs and Insurance

    Started putting mine on Discogs a few years back, can be an excruciating process but well worth it if for no other reason you can see if you already have it while flicking through the racks at stores. Nothing add regarding your question though as mines bundled up with all other household items but regarding value id use the median as im sure your collection like mine and all others does not exclusively contain minty versions of all releases and as such not everything will command the highest prices seen on the site.
  11. DIY JBL Clones

    Using 4435's as rears!!!! That's priceless.
  12. Anyone else into BBQ?

    Bought direct from the manufacturer but in truth don't really use it much these days as the Kamado does such a good job at holding low temps anyway provided you use good quality lump charcoal (or any combustible that doesn't ash too much).
  13. Anyone else into BBQ?

    Yum! Quite a few with Kamado style cookers on here it seems.
  14. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Im still here. Great work on that Speed Kills comp as it has some of my favorite metal artists (Celtic Frost, Bulldozer, Destruction, Venom etc.) Great to see some [major] enthusiasm in posting, man you rip through your albums on a daily basis!!!!! People are tired of seeing my stuff so post away my friend.
  15. FS: 56 LPs Vinyl Various Pop/ Rock

    Good to see some Sigue Sigue Sputnik love! For those not in the know Flaunt It was groundbreaking in that it sold the space between tracks to advertising so is the only record in existence with ads! It was also one of (if not the first) to choose band members on appearance rather than ability so half the band hadn't even picked up an instrument a few months prior to its release. Also features founding member Tony James who appeared alongside Billy Idol in there former band Generation X. Produced by the mighty Giorgio Moroder Its truly an experience like no other.