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  1. Ha I bet! This stuff wouldn't be far off though "Satan's Spit" REAL nasty stuff which has caused physical burns on my skin. Great on my morning eggs!
  2. If you want the "real" stuff @realysm42 id recommend going to the herb & chilli festival on Mar.14th. My sis will be there with her reaper feta along with a bunch of other fiery goodies. http://www.herbchillifestival.com.au/ Bought a ton of plants over the years from here as well and all have been good. Just posted Bunnings as its an easy option.
  3. Yep that is true. Purchase a white Buht Jolikia only to find it was a red one months later. Rang up and complained (as I intended to use it in a white sauce and all they offered as a refund of the sub $5 cost price....grrrr
  4. Your local Bunnings should cater for all your capsaicin needs as its where I got these.
  5. Damn right. Seeing him again in a few weeks. Billy "rocks on" on the world's largest PA podium (aka my speaker 🤣)
  6. Made even better by the fact that Miss Grace Jones is in it too! 👍
  7. Hahaha that funny as, oh the double entendre one could come up with that comment 😂
  8. First off some great stuff in here and glad to see some TB love by many 😁. Well here's my list of random stuff floating through my head at 3am. As others have correctly pointed out this list could very well be different in an hours time for the simple fact that every record is special to me otherwise why would we own it right? Here goes... Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield discovered via my favorite film of all-time, The Exorcist TB opened my eyes to instrumental music in a big way Turn Of A Friendly Card - Alan Parsons Introduced 25 years ago to me through a friend at work and I never looked back. Have all AP albums since then and love them all Moving Pictures - Rush Introduced 25 years ago to me through a friend at work and I never looked back. Have all Rush albums since then and love them all Flaunt It - Sigue Sigue Sputnik my "rebel" album as it was my first breakaway from following what my older sister listened to and loved the fact she hated them. Also remember buying the album during a year 7 trip into Melb. where I snuck away from the class to buy the LP at the original Central Station music shop for which I got into a lot of trouble for! Like A Virgin - Madonna What can I say other than this record brings me so many happy memories of my youth particularly the summer holidays Billy Idol - Rebel Yell The first time I remember being wowed by BI hearing the ripping guitar solo on the intro of the extended version of "To Be A Lover" over the radio whilst sitting in the backyard on a nice summers day. Had to know who that was and have loved him ever since, Picked this album though as it contains my two fav. Idol songs. Eyes Without A Face & Flesh For Fantasy which are two essential tracks for any night driving adventures through the cities of the world imo Abigail - King Diamond Anyone remember Pipe Imported records run by the eccentric german Daniel? Well i was 14 at the time walked in and asked him for the most "evil" record he had haha. He quietly placed this in the turntable and handed me some headphones and my life was instantly changed forever Oxygene - Jean Michel Jarre Ground zero for my introduction to "space music". Remember my girlfriend & I listening to this many times whilst staring up at the stars. Fun times indeed. 666 - Aphrodites Child Distinctly remember the torture my parents would put me through listening to endless Demis Roussos in the car during our holidays but oh how the tides turned when I discovered this album. Pure masterpiece of which nothing like this could ever be made again Killers - Iron Maiden My best friends brother had this when I was in grade 6. Didn't particularly like the music (then) but was awe inspired by that album cover and would gaze at it for as long as I could discovering all the little "easter eggs" it contained. This initial intro. led me to loving the band in later years so this album in particular is special to me Sehnsucht - Rammstein I was listening to some metal show on the radio driving home from work in the mid 90's pulling into my driveway when the DJ announced he was playing some tracks from this new band. My mind was blown as I just sat in the driveway for what seemed like an hour listening to this. Nothing like I've ever heard before So Red The Rose - Arcadia the best album Duran Duran never did and one I never tire listening to Into The Pandemonium - Celtic Frost My fav. metal band of all time introducing operatic vocals, drum machines and orchestral instrumentation into the mix this avant-guarde effort threw a lot of metalhead off kilter upon release which made me love it even more Under The Sign Of the Black Mark - Bathory legendary album from a time when Black Metal wasn't even a thing yet. Dark, sinister and scary as hell. Even the dead wax has "I hail satan" inscribed backwards into it....Love it! Lucifuge - Danzig the first metal band my girlfriend actually liked, bluesy rock fronted by evil Elvis so we listened to this one a lot Cat People - OST my introduction to Giorgio Moroder. Loved the film and the soundtrack is killer...no pun intended. Remember ordering the cassette after discovering the soundtrack was available by watching the end credits and seeing "available through MCA records". No internet back then but thankfully my mum ordered it for me somehow which reminds me I must ask her one day how she did that? Slave To the Rhythm - Grace Jones my gateway drug into GJ. My dads apprentice at the time gave him a copy on cassette which was weird as it was not the sort of music he would normally listen to but I loved its quirkiness from the start and was the first album I can remember dad & I both agreeing upon liking Welcome To the Pleasuredome - Frankie Goes To Hollywood another LP I never tire listening to, great songs and super production from the legendary Trevor Horn The White Room - The KLF this caught me by surprise as I wasn't really into dance music at the time but this one changed my mind and I love it Ecstasy - Lou Reed was a very late bloomer for uncle Lou but this album changed that for me along with seeing him live promoting the record which was a magical experience indeed Hounds Of Love - Kate Bush another intro album which made me the fanatical follower I am today. The opening drums on Running Up That Hill along with the synth line is pure gold...speaking of which Love Over Gold - Dire Straits anyone remember those long intermissions on the ABC where they would play music? anyway I remember Telegraph Road being played one time and loved its epicness but also love this albums dark brooding vibe Beaucoup Fish - Underworld This along with "Second Toughest In The Infants" are my go to's when I need some beats in my life. Desert island stuff for me Two Hunters - Wolves In The Throne Room IMO the absolute pinnacle of the second wave of black metal and different in that there not a satan worship band but more atmospheric and forestry for lack of a better word (yeah it late/early and my brain is not in gear yet)
  9. Electric Wizzard- Black Masses Sludge filled doom. Fits the mood nicely.
  10. The Devil's Blood - Come Reap EP Breaks my heart each time I listen to this highly underrated band (think Janis Joplin fronting an occult inspired Led Zeppelin) given I only had a few short years between discovering them and there tragic end. Start with the track Christ Or Cocaine.
  11. If I hadn't recently purchased an esky id be all over this. Looks very solid and I love the straight sides unlike most that are tapered. Also be creative guys, yeah great for your beers on a hot summers day but also great for holding that sunday roast that cooked that bit to early or any other large cook where the foods done before the guests arrive. Something like this could safely hold temps for up to 8 hours I reckon.
  12. Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium My favorite album from my favorite metal band. Distinctly remember this release shaking up the metal world with its classical instremuntation and operatic vocals along with it's avent-guarde arrangements. Had this reissue for a long time now so finally decided to crack it open and compare to the original release.
  13. Alcest - Spiritual Instinct. Perhaps my 2nd. Fav. Alcest release ever.....
  14. Gorgeous inside & out. If only I could afford [sigh].......
  15. Black Widow - Come To The Sabbat Singles Collection. Love the controversial debut of this band who like many more downplayed there satanic image on subsequent releases. Still an interesting listen from a groundbreaking 60's band.
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