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  1. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

  2. Loved this album for years. Lightshine - Feeling. Great guitar tone on this.
  3. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Thanks for the link. While not entirely my thing It is definitely an interesting listen with it being all over the map. Godflesh was my initial impression with some Faith No More and black metal blast beats thrown in for good measure. F**k it I give up, its indescribable.......
  4. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Eating good tonight guys. Smoked ribs done low & slow, Pork fennel apple and white wine sausages i made a few days ago and the star of the show a couple of Wagu 7+ Tomahawks.
  5. Tubularbells

    Damage in transit

    Agree, I think there a 90% chance that screw is floating around in the packaging somewhere or fallen to the ground when he pressed open. Might also pay to have a good look around the area where you had it too just incase it did fall out before leaving your premises.
  6. Tubularbells

    Damage in transit

    My gut says the buyer has'n even attempted to see if it works as I reckon hes put it on his rack pressed open and saw the front face of the drawer flop down as well as a cd inside. If theres a laser alignment issue the screen will display "error" or similar when a disk is played. I think the buyer has just become nervous seeing what he has already as well as his apparent past experience with a Sony player. If I were you id ask him to prove its not working by getting him to play the DK disk you accidentally left in as obviously that was a known disk to be working before it left your hands.
  7. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Yeah taking its sweet bloody time it is too!
  8. Ok assuming its this one im playing it now....
  9. Yes .. $1500 Hello neighbour!
  10. These are literally walking distance from me if anyone needs any help with the purchase.
  11. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Your most welcome mate, spreading the word is what its all about as I have also come across a ton of good music (metal or otherwise) here on SNA. Hardest part is trying to keep up with all the recommendations isn't it!
  12. Tubularbells

    It's Salami Season

    Tried some of the sampler sticks today (Habanero & Cayenne) which had reduced in weight by around 35% already due to the thin casings I used and is tasting mighty fine. interestingly though im preferring the Cayenne slightly over the Habanero which is odd seeing I generally prefer the latter as my go to chilli. Still a way to go though to really bloom but really happy so far. Prosciutto also came out of salt today and is now ready for the long ageing process. Incidentally this is all hanging in the catacombs directly beneath the church (aka. listening room) so perhaps like plants it will react to some good tunes played from above 😁
  13. Tubularbells

    YouTube, currently uploading.

    Hell yeah! cheers bloke.
  14. Tubularbells

    YouTube, currently uploading.

    Whats in the vase, your neighbours ashes perhaps? Sounding pretty good from here but never mid those pretty boys how about some Danzig mate Mother or Devils Plaything?
  15. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Heathens, the witching hour is upon us.... Blood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients (die hard vinyl edition) Blues inspired doom rock with a strong Jethro Tull influence.