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  1. Saw them once and they had a barbers chair and barber on stage giving free haircuts to anyone who dared to go onstage 😆
  2. Bit of an update. First batch of Salami has been fermented and is now curing along nicely along with some Summer Sausage which has just gone in. Note the white mould growth (Mold 600) in just 5 days between the 5th and last pic. Salami Summer Sausage (Pork neck,Beef brisket & spices which will be smoked and re-hung in a few days time)
  3. Going to compare to the originals and previous re-issues where appropriate.
  4. The P9 came with 2 black belts I believe not white. Im using 2 white ones on my P9 and am not overly impressed by them as they make the table spin a touch too fast according to my KAB stroboscope. Apparently the best are the blue "Little Belter" is the best.
  5. Made 10kg of Kranskys today using a 70/30 pork beef ratio which worked out to be one pork shoulder, one pork neck and 1 flat of a brisket. Decided to put a good helping of carolina reaper chilli infused Gouda my sister made for me into half the batch and smoked for 2 hours on a hickory/apple wood blend until 65C.
  6. That's great to hear. I smoking some devil wings tonight as a matter of fact!
  7. The reply was as follows.... Enjoy the event! You purchased 1 ticket: Streaming Pass You will be able to watch the live stream on the receipt link below. You will also receive a reminder 15 minutes before the live stream begins. You can rewatch the stream for up to 72 hours on the same link. 1 x PREORDER: The Midnight Online *Signed* Poster
  8. Im also running the same sub. How much for postage to Melbourne?
  9. Came through via an email this morning so promptly bought tickets and am now looking forward to my first live stream performance. Kinda weird but i'll take what I can get during these Covid times. A one time only, online event live from California. Performing songs both new and old. Our first time performing as a five piece band, featuring our biggest production yet, and special guests. We can’t wait to share this special performance with you. https://events.seated.com/the-midnight-online
  10. Amps on there way back to Tassie for retrofit and Anthony assures me he will put on his glasses this time 😆 What i'd expect (and i'll be sending a message incase Anthony doesn't read this) is for the following to occur as it is becoming quite the saga that neither of us need in our lives right now. Replace input filter cap with correct value Thoroughly re-test both modules for noise and distortion using balanced inputs and not just a simple power test injecting a sine wave and measuring output voltage as I don't believe that test reveals the issue Explai
  11. I could but if the designer doesnt know whats going on then then who will?
  12. Had many PM's asking what's happening with this project so to save additional messages heres where im at. Received the modules back from Anthony a few weeks ago who has tried to fix the distortion I was hearing in one channel by adding a couple of filter caps to each amp module. Not sure what this was supposed to do seeing as the issue only presented on one channel but unfortunately an error was made with each module receiving a different value input filter cap (100nf & 470nf) which i suppose is easy to do given the small form factor but has unfortunately meant i've had to subs
  13. Next amp I service I'll send up a sample of my Devil Dust made from 100% home grown chillies mostly comprising of Reapers, Ghost, Habanero & Cayenne all dried and ground into what is essentially a weaponised condiment dust that will bring tears of joy and pain ☠️
  14. Well done and glad you liked. I too like more chilli but when cooking for the masses you have to be a bit cautious.
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