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  1. So glad there finally up and running and that (thankfully) no damage occurred. The speakers should really open up with the new crossovers. For those who haven't seen these were the original. Note the originals also had that nasty sound robbing protector switch on the tweeter 😝 And these are the revised versions
  2. I also have the Metal Blade re-issues as well but im assuming (incorrectly?) these 2020 editions are yet another master???. Also agree the previous MB editions were quite listenable although not quite as good as the original RoadRunner first editions i have imo however having said all that i have been continuously frustrated for the past 30+ years by the lack of bottom end heft on any KD or MF releases "Them" being a particular victim to this which is one of my all time favorites.
  3. Good news for King Diamond & Mercyful Fate bangers. After endless crappy re-issues (and boy do I know as I got them all!) seems like they will be finally done right with full dynamic range intact and not squished piece of crap lifeless releases.
  4. Wow now this is a blast. Hadn't seen this and am only 1ep. in but man there's gold in here. Growing up in the 80's Melbourne scene there's a ton of memories and flashbacks to great times. I am wondering if my young mulleted head will pop up at some point 🤣
  5. A little more progress..... Due to its new colour scheme it shall henceforth be known as "REDRUM" with a nod to Mr. Kubrick
  6. Lockdown madness has well and truly set in here at the church with the following mashup summing it up nicely. EXTREMELY well done and any Danzig fan should give this a listen....love it!!!
  7. Not too much to add but made up some mounting blocks for the power supply boards so they can be secured to the chassis Also spent the last few days filling in all the redundant holes I had made with the previous arrangement. Was originally going to toss it and use a 10mm thick piece of perspex for the base I got from Bunnings but my damn drop saw was off a few degrees making a slightly angular cut meaning that idea was out! 🤬 So seeing the base plate needed to be fille, sanded primed & re-painted I decided to go Diablo red and give it some spiky feet So this is where its at as of today....
  8. Agree. Not only is it plagued with a myriad of different specs imo the connector itself is crap being not secure and fairly fragile. I also share the same problem that I have with USB in that for some reaso I always seem to have the connector the wrong way around when trying to plug in! Give me old school BNC connectors anyday like my old Sony W400 had 🙃
  9. If it remains the same when swapping left and right channels with right channel bias id try (if not already) Physically swapping left/right speaker cables (i.e left speaker cable into right channel) as there could be oxidisation/bad connectivity in the speaker cables and/or the speaker binding posts making one channel more resistive than the other. If still the same then physically swap the speakers left to right to see if the issue remains. If so it's an acoustical problem, if not then it internal within the speaker.
  10. Just purchased the Vinyl Flat & Pouch. Only minor issue is according to the manufacturer since the production of the pouch was moved from China to the US they haven't found a suitable resistive element for 230V hence a step down is required. I've got two so a non issue for me but could be an added cost for others. Shipping is also a stinging $108USD. EDIT: happy to flatten any treasured LP's for Stereonetters once ive got it dialed in.
  11. In no gamer but love Wipeout. Favorite game on the PS1 and besides the cool graphics what made it so special for me was the killer soundtrack with acts such as Orbital, Leftfield & The Chemical Brothers. This one looks pretty amazing too!
  12. More 80's throwback nostalgia by one of the bands that does it best. The Midnight - Kick Drums & Red Wine
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