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  1. A lot of you would have heard about kosher salt and the benefits it has with its particular grain size allowing it to gently dissolve over the meat rather than clumping but personally have found it a little difficult to find locally and when you do it's usually overpriced so here is a great substitute thats cheap as. Available at some butchers and meat wholesalers is flossy salt and it's only about $15/20kg a bag. Really good stuff any WAY better than most other salt you find in supermarkets. I like to go one step further and cold smoke it but if you see it pick some up and give it a try.
  2. His and her steak (guess which one was mine) Black is how I like my coffee, magic and now steak!
  3. We just need burly blokes like @Yamaha_man to stand at the entrance to keep out the riff-raff or perhave to keep us in 😂 Although we did seem to hog that couch last year...
  4. Nice to hear some local opinions of this new turntable. Certainly looks the business 👍
  5. No worries Neil, If you want it i'll hold onto it for you so no stress in urgent pickup (unless you want to). Like I said need a bit of TLC but should come up alright.
  6. Bloody disgrace. Hope they promptly send you a new one
  7. Ever felt like bacon and eggs on toast with a sausage or two but couldn't be bothered cooking it all up? Well I just made the perfect solution, and im calling it my "Big Arsed Breakfast" snags! A complete meal in a sausage with toast, bacon, free range eggs and a little seasoning. Just had a sneak taste and was delish...
  8. Gee that looks fancy! Got a table with a cutout for a Komado thats currently out in the yard somewhat neglected. Requires a bit of a spruce up but should come up ok. Price is a 6 pack for anyone whos interested.
  9. Im too lazy to learn how to use stones so use these two idiot proof solutions for all my knives. The Tormek to re-edge and the Dick Rapid Knife Sharpener for touchup's
  10. Saw it just now based on Cafe's recommendation. Really enjoyed it and the use of pipe organ was an excellent choice for the menacing background music. Very well made and is up there with the best for war like action sequences. Still find it weird hearing aussie accents throughout though. Fav characters were the burly New Zealanders manning the heavy artillery and the Scott who never lost his sense of humour irrespective of what was going on. Recommended.
  11. Ohh yeah my best mate at the time was a massive SR fan & I remember enjoying the Surf Nicaragua EP along with this at his place on many an occasion.
  12. Yeah an outlier for sure but seeing im also an 80's pop tragic I fully get this release (as commercial and sellout as it may be) This along with Ram It Down (which also got a canning if I remember correctly) definitely deserves a relisten IMO although admittedly im getting soft in my senior years as id NEVER admit to liking those albums in the day.
  13. Remember like it was yesterday when this came out. Game changer for me, so evil and raw and the obscure band photo on the back cover made it even more alluring. My mum cracked it when she saw this album on my wall haha. See if you can spot it...
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