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  1. Don't know why you decided to replace all small signal transistors as normally they'd be fine but suspect this distortion is due to an offset and/or bias issue (provided you didn't accidentally reverse a cap) so get hold of a service manual and check these.
  2. Na but im on the verge as many surrounding 'burbs are. Just a matter of time I reckon before Dumbo locks us all down.
  3. Agree @blybo With all the fancy cookers in my arsenal the humble Family Q still remains in high rotation.
  4. Wow love that album. So many good memories there.... Great sounding album to (sadly ive only ever heard it on CD)
  5. Mate, who said anything about beer....Its fine sipping bourbon time 😆
  6. Heilung - Futha For those not in the know think a tribal Dead Can Dance. Subsonic bass galore. Side 3 damn well rattled my beverage off the table onto the floor!
  7. Some of my best listening moments was when my son was 3-8yo as he would sit with me regardless of what I was listening to and make up his own little dance according to what ever I was playing. So glad ive captured it on video as he's now 11 and wants nothing to do with me 🤣
  8. Been playing around with sub positions today which is not easy to do with this REL but this position is promising (rear left hand corner)
  9. Rub it in mate (pun intended) as here in Sicktoria we're back in lockdown and can't do jack! 🤣 But jokes aside thats some lovely slabs of beef right there. Never heard of a Brahman hump before though.
  10. Heard nothing but good things about these ovens. Very tempted myself but my backyard already resembles a BBQ showroom so will have to stick to doing my pizza's in the Kamado (which still does a fantastic job) for now.
  11. Well why did you throw out the box then you knucklehead! 🤣 Lost a potential sale down in Sicktoria
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