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  1. Your a man of the people sir, constantly archiving awesome equipment of yesteryear for generations to come1 Just remember to send me an invite when you have it hooked up for a screening...
  2. ....so whats your address again? Take it the Char Griller is doing its job well?
  3. No it was the hardwiring of this connecter. (note the yellowing on the side from excessive current draw) To this... All current model units are done this way now.
  4. I haven't really experimented much in the way of tubes for my LS100 however I did end up replacing all tubes about a year ago with the following Genalex ECC82 12AU7 B749 Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7 ECC83 B759 Gold Pins Genalex Gold Lion GZ34 U77 Shuguang Treasure CV181Z As these were all replaced at the4 same time I cannot tell you which tube made the most impact but I did find it made a significant overall difference to improving the sound quality (mostly soundstage) but in saying that since installing 1000w mono's im finding the noise floor to be unacceptable and have pinned it down to the CV181Z's so will be on the hunt for a replacement soon to see if that makes any difference. Oh and BTW theres a potential mod that might need to be done to your LS100 to improve reliability which is the removal of a connector for the heaters, lights etc. which draws a lot of current and will slowly oxidise the connector. This suggestion was made by Dan Modwright himself when I raised the issue with him. Seeing your in Melbourne im happy to do the mod for you (im a qualified tech). PM me for more info,
  5. Wow who would have thought! Sounds like it will do then trick though.
  6. So one last thing before im out of ideas and it's one of those captain obvious ones but still may have been overlooked is have you made sure the volume for the Hi/Lo level (first pot on the LHS) is turned up as you have two volume controls for this and another for the LFE input.
  7. OK so is the RCA connected into the REL Low Level Input or the .1/LFE input? Reason for asking is I dont believe you can run the Low Level Input and Speakon simultaneously BUT you can run the Speakon and LFE simultaneously.
  8. Is the REL plugged into a different power point than the rest of the system? If so another thing to try is running the REL from the same power point as the amp as that can also reduce hum.
  9. Apologies if I missed your post but did you try my suggestion of grounding the black wire to the chassis of either the amp or other equipment? IMO your making it harder than it needs to be by using a RCA cable just to ground the sub. It should definitely work using just the yellow and red wires though as I and many others have used this approach to connect to class D or bridged amps in the past.
  10. Yeah definitely, the meat should always the star of the show however I personally cannot dispute the pure awesomeness of a nicely spiced crust surrounding the main event.
  11. Nice find and look great. As for your issue I have no personal experience with these but I assume you have played with the 3 buttons on the back as it appears pressing all 3 in ramps the overall curve downwards which will result in better bass. Also dont run it via the TRS jacks (im assuming you didn't) as that goes through a nasty DC blocking electrolytic cap that could easily roll off the bass response given its age.
  12. Mediocre!!!! Dirty Doug shrugs his nose up at that remark haha
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