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  1. Wasn't one of the taglines something around "we can now record silence" or some such silliness? As the late, great John Peel, famously once said "life is noise". Personally don't like to hear the sound of my heartbeat between tracks or quiet bits so a little surface noise from the record, or the crack from my fireplace or even the sound of my dog snoring 🤣 whilst im enjoying some music is something I personally find comforting. Scratches or other irregularities on the record that are locked into each rotation do however frustrate me to no end...
  2. Yeah na that wasn't it (although it involved plenty of what I described 🙈 ). It was a post apocalyptic type film like Mad Max only with more gratuity in the blood and boobies department.
  3. I was 6yo when my dad (bless him) took me to see this at Wantirna Drive In back in the day. He had no idea about ratings (This being an R) so hid me under a blanket in the back of his mustard coloured Ford wagon purely so he didn't have to pay extra. Must admit the month following did induce vivid nightmares which I still remember to this day but what a film. One day i'll also work out that post apocalyptic "B" movie was shown before. It involved buggies equipped with rotor blades that lopped off the heads of those that came across it and a few nudie scenes that were frankly most
  4. Pics are everything. For example my Sovereigns are the first of 3 models released so at a minimum it would be good to know what specific model your offering to sell.
  5. Thai basil....nice but not my herb of choice when listening to music 🙈 😄
  6. Dan is one of the easiest guy's to deal with in the Hi-Fi industry. Super responsive and always helpful not to mention great sounding products. Bargain price too!
  7. I had the system absolutely cranking last night for the first time in forever and was blown away at how effortlessly it was driving those big old Sov's. Sound wise it was excellent too with the overall sound perhaps the best ive experienced so far in the church.
  8. Yep the Nord is essentially a dual mono Hypex NC400
  9. Getting blacker..... Winterfylleth - The Threnody Of Triumph
  10. One of the few metal albums that never fails to induce a tear from my old devil eyes. W.A.S.P - The Crimson Idol (original Vs. Reidolized)
  11. Continuing the unholy theme Merciful Fate - Return Of The Vampire, The Rare And Unreleased
  12. Blame @April Snow for my change in direction 😆😆😆 Michael Jackson - Bad Weird Jap pressing this as it sounds compressed and thin at normal levels but crank it and BOOM it comes alive. King of pop indeed.
  13. As does the great man himself. Feel terrible walking over him all the time though 😆
  14. Still sorting my amp saga out but good to be back enjoying tunes again after fasting for so long and cheers even if Easter is lost on me emotionally.
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