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  1. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Metal and electronica. Perfect.
  2. Audio Music 833M mono blocks

    These were high on my list too after selling the Jeff Rowland but in the end I realised I literally had no space to put them, was worried about the heat issue during the warmer months (400w constant per mono) and also the fact I simply didn't have the money to drop unfortunately. Nice avatar btw Daz.
  3. Bunnings bass traps

    If you want a Bunnings bass trap you're far better off using rolls of roof insulation (left as a roll in original packaging) and put those in the corners instead.
  4. Metal: Currently Spinning

    New arrivals.Glad to see the Earache label challenge current consensus regarding compression with their FDR (Full Dynamic Range) releases.
  5. Suggestions for next hifi show

    Speaking of vintage wouldnt it be great to have a vintage (20+more years) setup next to a modern setup of equivalent value just to see how far technology has (or has not) progressed.
  6. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Not pulling anything as im far too stupid to understand Marty's S. Freud reference....
  7. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Yeah Doug1 and Doug2 just like B1 & B2 in bananas in pajamas (although that said ive always taken issue with that name as I cannot wear PJ's without thinking there's a banana somewhere down there )
  8. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Yeah Dougs the man! Ahh such fond memories of him as a young influential student. So great to finally meet up with him again at one of your recent gtg'ings
  9. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Ok no more talk of pulled pork okay!
  10. Our DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    Not good man... Hopefully the second one is ok.
  11. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Going back in time a bit. Amazing death metal by one of the forefathers of the genre. Original Combat pressing. Death - Leprosy
  12. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Satyricon - Volcano Love this album particularly the 10+ min closer "Black Lava" which for me is one of the most epic black metal tracks ever recorded.
  13. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Love that ST album which introduces a thrashier more metal sound than their previous albums . There followup Lights, Camera, Revolution was also great. Lost touch with them after that.
  14. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    Sat arvo would work better for me for sure. Public transport is a PITA from my joint though as it requires a hour train trip into the city and then another however long trip on your line to Syndal. Uber or taxi is another (pricy) option. Dammed if im going to drive though as xmas gtg at your joint requires sufficient lubrication to the point when i wouldnt know a steering wheel from a tyre.
  15. Metal: Currently Spinning

    Hellébore - Rencontre rapprochée du cinquième type Black metal-inspired, synth-oriented music for all the lunatics who wish for an alien encounter......what's not to like! Muddy depressive production by fark the bottom end thumps the crap out of you. Listen to it here... https://hellebore.bandcamp.com/