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  1. Dare at your own risk...

    Crack that seal.....baby!
  2. FS: Nightwish Picture Disc LP's

    Hell no, if it didn't already have duplicates of duplicates.... They were awesome to see live here in Melbourne a few years back. It was this very concert that changed the tide of my current system after which I was chasing dynamics and an overall big sound as opposed to a hyper detailed and super flat system.
  3. Why is everyone taking the piss of this for sale listing
  4. Dare at your own risk...

    ......the brown note
  5. Your correct however I guess I was coming more from my personal buying experience as I remember all the shops i used to by LP's from had the album sleeves on display only so you would pick up what you wanted and take it to the counter in which the sales assistant would reach for the actual vinyl itself along with the inner sleeve, give it a quick once over for any obvious signs of imperfection and then package it all up for the sale. This practice if continued today would imo stop the vast majority of issues we face today.
  6. Its tough as im not sure how much if it is warped straight from the factory and how much of it is warped due to poor shipping/handling practices. The game has certainly changed from a few decades ago where the majority of our vinyl was locally manufactured. Now it has to travel halfway or more around the world in order for it to arrive at your doorstep. Shrink wrapping is also a relatively new process and has proven that it has the ability to warp a record so thats not helping either. I have some ripper examples of warping and once has to replace an album 4 times due to severe warping until I finally got a playable copy......very frustrating.
  7. I studied audio/television repair for 3 years and then went onto do a diploma in electronics in the early 90's. Loved the audio/analog side of things but when it came to logic ccts etc, admittedly I struggled a bit will all those cursed 1's & 0's
  8. The church's new layout

    .....And on the 11th day, the resurrection! The church shall be mighty once again my friends but seriously thanks so much for all the well wishes and to those who personally reached out to me during those dark days offering accomo etc. Really meant a lot to me and proves once again that this is more than just a forum, its a community...
  9. Bloody Tonearm Wires

    Bugger I was in your neck of the woods all last week and would have gladly helped out.....good luck with the repair!
  10. Favourite Band Name

    Lawnmower Deth
  11. I'd love to take these off your hands. Metallica – Ride The Lightning – JP original 1st press w/OBI - $150 Metallica – Kill Em All – JP original 1st press w/OBI - $150
  12. album of the year

    Thanks @Steppenwolf appreciate it mate, tough times indeed but the discovery of HEILUNG has helped immensely. Such powerful stuff that penetrates to the core of your soul.