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  1. Awesome John, good choice going for the XL as I sometimes find my 18" classic a bit on the small side. Mines been neglected for far too long so fired it up a couple of nights ago to cook this. My charcoal of choice is the Heat Beads Hardwood Lump sold at Bunnings. A little sparky on startup but burns real consistent with long burn times and low ash. Was watching a vid on the new V3 Kamado's last night and they look great!
  2. Could be that the record micro switch is out of alignment as per the diagram below. PM me for more info if you like.
  3. Haha love it but do sound a bit boxy though id imagine
  4. Doesn't get any better than this gents. Grobschnitt - Solar Music Live Takes awhile to kick into gear but when it does strap yourself in for one hell of a ride.
  5. Ok not playing but thought you'd get a kick out of the shirt Greg from Ballistic BBQ sent me. As you know I love metal & BBQ so for me this was perfect!
  6. Ohhhh wish I has a bag of lazy cash as recently @evil c desecrated the church with his Meridian CD spinner and I was shocked how good it sounds as this is the first time 1's & 0's have been allowed in the sacred space
  7. Ohhhhhh getting close now! You know the saying, "with great power comes with great responsibility" not that it's applicable to you or I 🤘
  8. Im assuming your comment "amp only works with the 'CD in / direct' button on" means that you only get signal when you press the "CD Straight" button? As you can see in the block diagram below pressing the "CD Straight" button bypasses a lot of the circuitry which as you say can often have gone faulty due to poor contacts or dry joints. Have sent you a PM regarding repair.
  9. Personally i'd adjust it so it went up to 11 Na jokes aside cannot offer any other assistance as others have already described the procedure well.
  10. Ahhh silly me yes of course (should have taken notice of the scale on the Y axis). Ok in that case maybe production tolerance? Dunno how tight JBL were with their tolerances but you would like to think it would be way better than whats you've shown. As for being worn i dont know that drivers change that radically as they age unless there are physical signs of damage.
  11. Sure one of them isn't a fake as unfortunately there's plenty of those around. Im also concerned about the drop in level compared to the better one. Also a stretch but im assuming both have been properly gapped and there's no junk in the gap that would cause the diaphragm to misbehave.
  12. Cannot get a better pedigree than those shots in various studios. As i own 4435 im curious about your comments that these are even better.
  13. Congrats Dazza, really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the JBL's when they arrive. Onward and upwards as they say (that is until you come down again in a screaming heap )
  14. Playing some Hellhammer in tribute to the upcoming concerts in June after a 35 year absence. A deeply challenging band long before the days of the black metal scene i'll never forget the terror I felt as a teenager hearing this music for the first time. Of course like most everything else nowadays its fairly tame but back in the day man!
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