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  1. Barry White in the bedroom huh, Sounds like its gonna be a long night then (quite short in my case 🤣)
  2. And to those that only see a sprinkling of filter caps and think meh you missing the point as its a mirror image in the undercarriage (bit like me really) so we're really talking about 90,000uf per channel or in laymen s terms ive got the ability to weld my own door shut during the Carona crisis!
  3. New JBL in the house of the (un)holy. Good lord is all I could say when I pumped its glorious 1200w into the Duntechs. Will need a referb but for now this is the most fun ive had with my pants on.....
  4. I have a few players and would love to own the MD version of Diamond Life. Your a lucky man Dave.
  5. By no means an expert but as far as I know two visual things differentiate the V1 (mine) to the V2 & V3 is the single terminal backplate and the big ass rectangular plinth (as opposed to the rounder black ones employed later on) V1 is also slightly bigger I believe but not sure how true that is. Given the state of the present world i've already measured myself up and can fit comfortably inside one if the insidious Covid forces me to take a dirt nap.
  6. Preferred this to the Jubilee & black (seriously). If only the Chinese hadn't stripped me of my wealth! 😂
  7. Reminds me what would happen of Les Claypool (Primus) started a metal band. Your right in that it is definitely out there!!!! Might need to give it a few more listens to see if it clicks.
  8. Sounds like a fun project and and it appears you have a good foundation for which to start. As for your Q's 1. Rule of thumb is to replace the electrolytics starting with the largest and working your way down to the smallest (as usually the biggest ones are doing the heavy lifting and tend to age faster) but as there's only approx. 22 caps id personally be inclined to do all of them. 2. As for brands any respectable companies like Nichicon, Panasonic etc. will be fine 3. There is no issue using caps with a higher working voltage (some may argue ESR isnt as good) but just beware the caps have the same form factor and will fit into the designated position as higher voltage equivalents tend to be bigger. 4. Crackling could be a number of things but most likely a switch, potentiometer or dry cap but could also be a dry solder joint/bad connection. i'd start with giving all contact a good spray using contact cleaner (working the pot/switch as you do so). I use this for pots & switches. https://www.jaycar.com.au/contact-cleaner-lubricant-spray-can/p/NA1012 Also if you dont already own one you'll need a solder pump and/or solder wick to remove the solder from the components but im assuming you would already have this seeing you willing to undertake a project such as this and most importantly be safe! Ive been belted by mains voltage enough times now to know it need to be treated with care and respect so make sure its unplugged whilst doing this.
  9. Ohh yeah I remember the neighbours parties we used to frequently attend and "Its Raining Again" stood out for me as a child at the time, Nice one!
  10. Slight twist of the typical parents osmosis of filtering down the music you grew up on (and possibly hated at the time) but now enjoy im today talking about music (then) current they introduced you to that you actually liked. For me one big standout is 1987's electronic artist Megabyte - "Powerplay". Blew me away then and now as my folks were the typical Charlie Pride, John Denver type whose adventurous peak was Sky all those years ago but when mum came home with this CD it changed my life. https://www.allmusic.com/album/powerplay-mw0000195744?1585371429948
  11. Old school Mary Black for me right now.
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