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  1. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Looks like I've got some catching up to do in this thread but for now am enjoying a warm fire and some shoegaze specialist tunes from Alcest Alcest - Les Voyages De L'âme
  2. Tubularbells

    The church's new layout

    And special thanks to @knight2001dts for his help. Had direct contact with the top engineers back in the day which has assisted greatly. All that's left to do is enjoy the fire and music.
  3. Tubularbells

    The church's new layout

    Come over Jake much better soundstage from my suburb.
  4. Tubularbells

    Long time reader...first time poster

    Hello sir, plenty to see, do & spend in here......
  5. Tubularbells

    The church's new layout

    Channel imbalance solved and it's on to more testing. Offset & bias optimised and these amps are sounding bloody fantastic. Running as monoblocks I finally found my endurance limit as 1kw of power xand 97db speakers made it LOUD (even for me). Anything more than 9 o'clock on the volume resulted in a nose bleed!
  6. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Go the Q I reckon. That little gasser still has a place within my BBQ arsenal and it the perfect choice for a quick, no fuss cook that will still be tasty.
  7. Tubularbells

    Currently Spinning

    Giving this on a listen now. Like what im hearing so far.....cheers for the recommendation
  8. Na if if I recall that table was ripe for picking during the Coopers tasting session (or maybe I just got lucky flogging someone else's beer 🤣)
  9. Crap......means i cannot scab your uneaten meal or un-drunk beers this year booooooo
  10. Tubularbells

    Currently Spinning

    Hahaha you said willy!
  11. Tubularbells

    Currently Spinning

    Thank you sir. Merlin ‘The Wizard’ 2018 The Company is just what I needed!
  12. Tubularbells

    Buying vinyl

    Another example of a clueless Discogs seller arrived today. Why does this kind of thing only happen to me with expensive out of print LP's. This genius thought paper and a smear of bubblewrap would make this record survive from Portugal to Melbourne!
  13. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Give it a whirl. Only potential issue is creating a cosy hidey home for your backyard critters 🤣
  14. Tubularbells

    Floorstanders or bookshelf for surrounds?

    More important I think is to get timbre matching the same (i.e. speakers with the same/similar drivers and design principles) as the extra bass you get from the rear floor standers may or may not work to your benefit due to room acoustics.