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  1. Good lord! Now I know why you own a forklift......👍
  2. Tubularbells

    Random smartphone pics of interest.

    Thats cheating though as those beasties would almost take the photo themselves!
  3. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    You mean offset Vs. vertical smoker? Offsets generally have more real estate for large cuts like full rib racks, brisket etc. and remember we're not talking total cubic cm's as verticals like the Weber Smokey Mountain, Kamados etc. have plenty but are instead limited by there diameter (which is why I also like Primo XL Kamado as its oval shape is better suited for the big cuts). For under a grand I still swear by my $500 pit barrel or for a little more versatility and $$ the Weber Smokey Mountain would also be a fool proof choice imo. Personally I wouldn't touch an offset in this price range as it will just cause too much frustration trying to maintain temps due to there thin and leaky construction. Your mileage of course may vary. Edit rant: In saying all that though BBQ really shouldn't be expensive and if you got the skills just a fire and a long stick will do but like Hi-Fi it's become a minefield causing confusion everywhere.
  4. Tubularbells

    SOLD: FS: Dance Music LPs/12"s

    Some treasure in there! As usual way too late....
  5. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Ive just messaged him on FB, Food looks really good!
  6. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Dude, if you think you had it hard imagine my surprise when my favorite band of all time (Celtic Frost) released "Cold Lake" 🤣 Man did I cop it from my mates at the time for buying that one.....
  7. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Perfect! Just waiting for a feed....
  8. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Looks like it was meant to be, what an awesome spot for a KJ! This guy's a pro, see how he's holding his glass of white!
  9. Tubularbells

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    These pics come as close to a religious experience as i'll ever get!
  10. Tubularbells

    Stereophile reviewer Steve Guttenburg

    The Audiophiliac & I go way back. Enjoy most of his content.
  11. Tubularbells

    The church's new layout

    Yeah pity no time for tunes but ive gotta make a cover for the new BBQ ASAP. May the Iron Maiden bring you many happy successful and happy cooks @jakeyb77
  12. Tubularbells

    Doug from North Ringwood Vic.

    Greetings Mr. T 😀 You have at least 2 of your ex students on here being myself and @knight2001dts (both of us from the same TV/Audio class before it was abolished) I went on to do the associate diploma which wasn't nearly much as fun, in fact I remember not enjoying it at all really as it was non audio based and rather tedious but think you were long gone before I had completed it (last few subjects took forever as I did via night school).
  13. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    #1 rule in BBQ is buy the biggest you can afford in which case get the Big Joe. Wish I had of been so wise when I got mine as although my classic is great you can quickly run out of real estate (even when using the extender rack) when cooking big cuts of meat. I ended up buying an additional offset smoker for my bigger cooks and im in a family of 3 (not including the fur child). Only downside is the accessories are a bit more expensive and you will use a fraction more fuel but its really a non-issue due to them being so efficient so you will still probably get 2-3 cooks from a basket of charcoal if you close down the vents after each use.
  14. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

  15. Tubularbells

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Wow you've actually managed to catch one of these rare beasts? Look forward to hearing your thoughts on how it performs (although everything I've read say they're great)