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  1. Tubularbells

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Yeah agree it does sound a bit hokey on the surface but there seems to be so many doing it who all claim to have had enormous benefits not only from a physical perspective but also a mental one as well (many report a significant reduction in anxiety after being on it for 4 or more weeks) but like everything you also have go in with a degree of caution and in my case I wouldn't be following it religiously (nor could I with any diet) but will use it more for a bump steer towards a better eating/drinking lifestyle. I find it incredibly hard to lose even 1kg even when im exercising every day (goal is 15,000 steps daily) and watching what I eat so am beginning to get desperate to try anything that might help.
  2. Tubularbells

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Im seriously thinking of giving the carnivore diet a crack in that as much as I love my carbs one thing I couldn't live without is meat so this could potentially work. Even allows small amounts of alcohol (WIN!) which if I were to be honest with myself is where I reckon the majority of my calories stem from. The past few weeks have been semi keto for me in that my carb intake has essentially been quartered (along with beer) from my usual eating/drinking habits. Well done @blybo for getting into the low 90's as im about 20 above you at present 😫 But yeah having a nice big fat ribeye for breakfast is something I would definitely look forward to!
  3. Tubularbells

    Lords of Chaos

    Oh and if you want to see a good non documentary style movie around black metal, I recommend this one.
  4. Tubularbells

    Lords of Chaos

    Black metal gone Hollywood....who would have thought! Been reading lots of stuff around this project for the last few years and unfortunately it seems like the old never let the truth get in the way of a good story has been used liberally on this one.
  5. Tubularbells

    Crossover modifications Melbourne.

    Na known the guy for 20 years and a designer he is not... Ive tinkered with crossovers for a long time but I reckon Paul Spencer is your man http://www.redspade.com.au/audio/services.php I could definitely help out with a rebuild though
  6. Tubularbells

    McIntosh to sell

    @knight2001dts This is for you!
  7. Tubularbells

    My System this morning

    Gee how I love that laboratory [ahem] music room. Dr. Frankenstein would be most pleased. Also bet is sounds better during a thunderstorm...."IT'S ALIVE!" 👍
  8. Tubularbells

    Sansui HiFi

    Protection relay kicking in could also mean the offset is out which only requires a tweak of a couple of pots, a quick and painless fix possibly.
  9. Tubularbells

    JBL Options...experience??

    No experience with the models you listed however what I can say is (strangely) the efficiency rating does not necessarily dictate the power required. Had the same results on two high efficiency speakers (Zingarli @94db & JBL@97db) both requiring substantial grunt to drive. That experience cost me thousands so just wanted to put it out there in the hope it might help others.
  10. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    This is the one im referring to https://www.discogs.com/Metallica-Master-Of-Puppets/release/632458 Wow got all 3 eh' that's awesome! It would be great for a comparo of of the box set release (should be the same as the current Blackened release?) as well as ive heard they have done a decent job on that one (not like the previous 2LP reissue that was garbage imo).
  11. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    You obviously haven't seen the cover of there "F**k Like A Beast" single then 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Tubularbells

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Ok finally got around to an informal session with these 3 albums. This is in no way a definitive test but more for my own curiosity whether there were any differences and as suspected there were. There is however some good news im sure you'll be pleased to hear..... Kicked off the session with my original aussie pressing which has been around the block more times I care to remember. In fact this copy needs a permanent vacation (in the bin!) as its so tired and worn but having owned this since I was 13 I just can't let it go 😪. As for the sound, well aprart from the constant surface noise it sounds very nice indeed. To my ears it has a real analogue sound which is to say its not at all harsh and is nicely balanced from top to bottom. If I were to nitpick id say its a touch compressed or polite but still blows any digital version ive heard out of the water. Next up is the Jap pressing. Immediately relieved by the lack of any surface noise the immediate difference that stood out was that the "politeness" of the aussie had gone with this pressing being more dynamic and lively. Jame's vocals really stood out on this version almost as if they'd given this a little boost around 2-3k and Kirk's guitar was perhaps better rendered by this but if I was being honest to myself that extra liveliness was just a little too much at times and I reckon given the choice id still opt for the aussie pressing. And lastly we have the elusive MFN 45rpm edition. In many circles this is the definitive pressing and on first listen i'd say there right (mostly). First thing that jumps off this record is just how much louder this is. An easy 2-3db in my estimation but with no loss of any dynamics. Its a front row experience Vs. a 20th row for the aussie. Everything is so clear and well balanced I can see how most love it. James vocals are best represented on this edition and overall i'd say this one is a winner. ......BUT then again there bloody expensive and finding one in mint condition isnt easy so based on that i'd be happy just to own a good aussie pressing and be done with but unfortunately my compulsive nature just won't allow that to happen 🤪. Anyway hope that was of some interest to you out there and remember to keep banging that head that doesnt bang!
  13. I wonder if a parametric EQ connected to a sub (reversed @ problem freq.) would yield a similar result? Yeah you won't have the mic to "listen" but once you know what the problem frequency then wouldn't it just be a case of dialing it in, setting the volume and throwing the 180 degree switch?
  14. Tubularbells

    Hi from St Kilda

    Greetings, what kinds of music are you into mate?
  15. Tubularbells

    Old Yamaha Ns 1000 Man

    I say let the Yammies sing loud and mighty! Nice setup man, vintage gear is not as "vintage" as many might believe imo....