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  1. Shop has long gone and Trevor now resides in Sydney from what I understand.
  2. Typically yes however last night I was playing just the first side on a few of Mike Oldfield LP's during his middle period where side a was a long instrumental and side b being standard vocal tracks. I never turn on the system unless im ready to commit to at least a couple of albums so instead use another setup for more casual listening
  3. Bigger than I thought. Looking forward to hearing them.
  4. Cheers Red. on wards and upwards as they say... Yeah im at approx 2.5m back with the speakers being about the same apart. Physically having to move your head up and down to capture the height of the speakers at this distance is still a bit weird for me.
  5. As stated earlier the room boom that was heard when you approached the back of the room has now all but disappeared (win!) however im still gravitating towards a near field listening position for some reason contrary to conventional wisdom. Maybe its partly because its the type of sound ive been accustomed to these past years (rightly or wrongly) but I cannot get enough of that huge wall of sound when up close and personal to the Sov's. Everything's so intimate & immense at the same time!!!! Weird huh.
  6. Yeah? Bought another Ashly FTX2001 (series3) yesterday though as a backup 😁 Under $400 landed from the US. These things are cheaper than dirt!
  7. Good point, Never used to use it until very recently so will definitely give it a try. Would make for a cheap solution if it helps with feedback 👍
  8. Dangerously close i'd say, volume kept on going up! Interestingly there was a limit however where I began to notice slight feedback into the turntable which ironically never had when it was right next to the speaker (both positions using a wall mount) so will need to look into some form of isolation device. Placing the racks along the back wall & filling up the arch behind it with a ton of @frednork traps seems to have had a positive impact in smoothing the room out a bit so the takeaway is to try and use existing furnishings before blowing a ton of cash on traps etc.
  9. All connected and spinning the first tunes with the new room config. Early days but sounds promising so far.
  10. The gift that keeps on giving...gotta love those cooks 👍
  11. So these are active then? I actually quite like how they look now and hope to get the opportunity to hear them one day.
  12. Geinoh Yamashirogumi sample @ 0.12 from the album "Ecophony Gaia"?
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