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  1. I know we're speculating, but wouldn't be surprised if they are getting the supply side and firmware needs aligned. At least to minimise customer disappointment. They do sound good, but batteries are dead 90% of the time I reach for them. Fingers crossed.
  2. These seem to have been removed from sale worldwide, which should help with the purchasing decision.... Oh well.
  3. Just to add - I figured out that the buds won't automatically disconnect when put them back in the case. This meant they continued to maintain a bluetooth connection when not in use, which drained the battery to zero every time. Manually disconnecting them every time you stop using them solved this, (whilst obviously less convenient), and the battery life is at published levels. .
  4. Ahh, yes. A few quick observations - They sound about as good as you’d expect from a Bluetooth, in-ear set up. They clearly have limitations, but are more than acceptable for the cordless convenience. Is there a Devialet sound? Having owned Phantoms, I’d say there kind of is - lots of bass, very defined highs. Pleasant, maybe a little electronic/sterile. Certainly better than the various Bose/Jaybird equivalents. I haven’t felt fatigued by the fit or the sound so far, so that’s a positive. I haven’t used Apple Pods, but guessing these are a step up as an audiophile s
  5. Mine turned up last night. Haven't taken them for a spin, but in the office tomorrow for a full day - so should give them a session then. Happy to report back.
  6. Hi, there. Sorry for the slow reply - been tied up over the weekend. My preference is to not ship. Appreciate the interest, but would prefer to avoid the process. Will update if this changes. Thanks.
  7. It's totally stock, as per the description on the Weston website. https://westonacoustics.com.au Tung-sol 6SL7GT and EH 6CA7 - cheers.
  8. Further information: I think we all know the value here. It’s always a joy to have a Weston Acoustics in the house, and inevitably I’ll buy one back in the future. The only issue for me is this - when I don’t have this set up in the system, I don’t have enough bench space to store it out of the way. Have simplified the amp to all digital, at least for now, so best to find a new home. All working as expected. Pick up from Lilyfield, Sydney. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this sect
  9. Thanks, @Prana69, very helpful. Will respond to your message. Cheers.
  10. Item: Thorens TD-160 or the like Price Range: 600-900 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I've been set a task of putting a vinyl system together for my sister. I've encouraged her to consider something 2nd hand and/or vintage, over an entry level Project or Rega. Something that can be tinkered with and upgraded. I'm happy to help out with a bit of DIY or refining, so can take on a project. Any recommendations or available options would be welcome. Cheers, David. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can
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