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  1. Further information: Is there any love for these free stands. Pickup in Carine. The plate is 400mm above the floor. They suit small floor standing or large bookshelf speakers. Years ago I used them with some B&W speakers. Those ones that had blue surrounds from memory!! Because of their triangular stance I don't know if you would want them around small children or large dogs as they look like they could easily tip. Although I never had a problem. There are some spikes with them that need a quick clean and blast of black paint.
  2. Further information: Due to a changed lounge room cabinet and TV layout and this does not fit anymore. Anyway, it was very rarely used. I bought it used myself and it is still very clean all over although I have put some small adhesive feet on the bottom. They are easily removed. As pictured it has the booklet, protective fabric sock and wall hanging adapters. Here is their link for specifications etc. https://www.martinlogan.com/en/product/motion-c Well packed postage can be arranged for $30.00 additional. Sorry about the poor photos. Tape measure not included 🙂
  3. Item: Martin Logan Sequel II speakers Location: Carine Price: $1,500.00 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Surplus, too many speakers, just too many! Payment Method: Bank Deposit, Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Priced for a quick sale. I have had these a few years now and enjoyed them immensely. I really do believe the first to hear them will buy, especially at this price. If you are chasing the 'stat' sound then these will grab you. The sound is detailed and supported with great bass. They are an Australian delivered 240 volt pair that are very well looked after, clean and upgraded because I could. The boxes were painted with a few coats of satin black. The oak sides have been rubbed down and multiple coats of polyurethane added. And of course the electrostatic panels themselves have been renewed with a kit from ERA which included recoating all of the membrane and adding a second feed wire to the panel for better signal distribution. These should last another decade at least I would think. Lastly, the binding posts were changed to newer ones that allow the banana plug to insert fully. I have the original boxes to make moving easier. Also included is the accessory box which includes 2 x 3 metre power cords, slider feet (fitted at present), spikes, brochure and manual. Sorry about the basic pictures.
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