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  1. It is a Naksa 70 & was built by Hugh himself. Glad you seem to like yours, Naksa is certainly an acquired taste that's for sure.
  2. Also you could always just go & pay a small fee to have someone Test & Tag your cables once made, this will test polarity, insulation, & earth.
  3. Your mains cable & Clipsal plugs are AU compliant, the IEC's are rated for our electrical standards. You're doing the right thing asking questions as learning & doing it right the first time is important. The majority of horror stories originate from people who don't ask & think they know what they're doing, or just simply do outright stupid things. Things like daisy chaining power boards with high load devices & similar related ignorance is just asking for trouble, regardless of if the product is AU certified or not.
  4. I'm overweight so essentially count as 2 people, hopefully that doesn't mess the statistics up
  5. That thought did cross my mind 🤨
  6. Thanks, good to know it wasn't me doing something wrong!
  7. Yes it's normally just one cable, so multiple wall sockets will be of no benefit over a half decent power board.
  8. Not the end of the world & more just curious, but noticed there are 3 random pics of a subwoofer I've never seen before in my sold listing Just a glitch in the matrix?
  9. Beautiful looking system rickylo
  10. You're correct the transformer is cheap & low quality . A DC blocker isn't going to fix your transformer hum. Will drop you a PM.
  11. @Spider27 is that a Naksa 70 with the label in the centre of the faceplate?
  12. Further information: Classic Dynavector DV-20A. I don't know the hours as even I've had it in storage for years, but it's a nice sounding cart & a clear step up from any of the others I've been going through for my clearout. This could also be used as a trade in for 20% off a new Dynavector cartridge- which would save you more than my actual asking price Photos:
  13. Hi all, have received a ton of messages & to be fair I'm starting in order of replies. Sorry spamnoj you got pipped at the post, but you are second in line. I will work my way down the list if the sale falls through, thanks.
  14. Further information: 3 x Clipsal 1439SHD heavy duty mains plugs. New in packet. 3 x Oyaide IEC plugs. 1 x new sealed, 1 x unused but taken out of the packet so has light marks, 1 x lightly used but perfectly fine. Price includes shipping Photos:
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