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  1. Further information: Polymax XHD sound panels, new unused but have picked up some marks in storage. 1 x - 2400 x 1200 x 50mm 2 x - 2400 x 1200 x 25mm Must be collected by Saturday 24th 11am latest. They are squishy so you should be able to roll them somewhat to fit in a car etc. Photos:
  2. Further information: Sold as a lot- I'm moving & just need them gone so priced accordingly. Kenwood DP-880SG CD player- awesome player that was in my system up until recently. Kenwood DP-900 CD player- will need belts as tray doesn't want to eject. Kenwood DP-3010 CD player- didn't realise I even had this, plugged in & checked it played for 30secs which it did. No further testing done. No remotes for any of the above (unless I find some but presume not). Mitsubishi mini stack system, 'proper' hifi in a mini form factor. M-P04 Preamp- wor
  3. Thanks, I love everything ESS also, it is a shame you're so far away.
  4. Further information: Top of the line classic ESS speakers with the famous Heil tweeters. These were my forever speakers which I will regret selling. They are in good overall condition with everything working correctly, original paper 12" drivers which IMO sound way better than the poly cones that ESS moved to. Purchased from the original owner, he had refoamed the surrounds which isn't the neatest job but works perfectly & I've never felt the need to redo them in all the years I've enjoyed them. The grills have seen better days & could do with a recover, I've n
  5. Further information: 2 x unused DC blockers, I purchased several of these & these two were surplus. They worked well in my instance of reducing hum. Purchased directly from ATL Audio. These obviously must be built into an enclosure. Pickup ok but must be before the 18th Oct, or shipping anywhere will be $12.20 Photos:
  6. Further information: Picked this up from another member some time ago here- https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/258261-sold-nad-model-200-doa/ Not many of these 24kg beasts around. Never got around to having it repaired & now I'm moving & I just need to clear everything out. It is as it came- amp modules removed from unit etc but complete. Price is firm. Pickup only within 3 days of sale, ideally within the next week as I'm moving, or it will be withdraw from sale & disposed of. No I cannot hold, post, pack for your courier, or
  7. Sounds like a huge pain in the arse, I'm not sure I'd be as patient as you & I doubt I'd now ever consider Holton going forward. The different value caps he fitted seems sloppy, surely if you had a customer with an issue you'd at least check your remediation work. I'd expect this kind of hassle buying stuff overseas but seems poor form from an Aus manufacturer. Why would he not just send a new pair of modules for you to test. Do you have any option to cut your losses & return for a refund?
  8. Further information: I purchased these years ago from another SNA member, I had Atilla go through & refurb all drivers/surrounds etc. However many years later one bass driver has decided not to make sound, should be a straight forward fix as I'm guessing it's just the lead wire- Atilla had said at some stage he may need to look at it again. The crossovers & internal wiring were upgraded in the 80's, this involved bypassing the level control. These are great sounding speakers & worth getting going again, as I'm moving I just don't have the time to do it my
  9. Further information: As per the pics, mostly all new unused. Pickup ok from 3129 within 3 days of sale, or postage will be 15.35 anywhere in Aus. Price is firm. Photos:
  10. Further information: Bulk lot of what you can see in the pics, mostly all new except for the Kimber RCA's, a few bananas, & the old filament fuse lamps. There are 4 standard white fuse LEDS in that bag, 11 in the warm white (I have a sneaky suspicion one of the standard white may have ended up in the warm white bag). The wedge LED's are 8V ac/dc & will work at 6V. There's only one WBT terminal plate. Pickup ok from 3129 within 3 days of sale, or postage will be $15 anywhere in Aus. Price is firm. Photos:
  11. Further information: 2 x Kef B110 2 x Kef T27 1 x Seas H211 1 x Seas 25TNF All removed from working speakers. Price is firm. Pickup only from 3129 within 3 days of sale. Photos:
  12. Further information: Yaqin tube buffer, excellent way to add some tube goodness to an existing system. Caps have been upgraded to Jantzen Superior Z's, tubes are NOS RCA 6SN7GTA's (one is branded Magnavox but is an identical RCA). Comes with power cable & original box. Pick up is fine from 3129 but must be within 3 days of sale, otherwise postage will be 18.50 anywhere in Aus. Price is firm. Photos:
  13. Further information: Powertech variac, really handy thing which I was using to slowly power up vintage gear which had been sitting for any lenght of time. Like most of these the transformer does hum but it doesn't affect it's intended purpose. If collecting it must be within 3 days of sale, or postage is included in the price. Photos:
  14. zero1


    Hey Ant, As much as I'd like to help unfortunately I simply don't have the time to drop them anywhere , very sorry about that.
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