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  1. Thanks very much to everyone for their input - very helpful. I bit the bullet and bought an H390 and wow... what an amp! I thought I loved the Rega, but this is just in a whole different league (as it should be for the price difference!). Having now heard what my speakers are capable of, the Rega definitely wasn't doing them justice. I was initially a bit concerned about a lack of bass with the Hegal, but very quickly realised that the bass is there in more than adequate amounts - it's just an incredibly tight and well defined bass that I clearly was not used to. I cannot get over how good even Spotify sounds, let alone some of the hi-res and MQA stuff that I have played. I'm couldn't be happier with this choice, and now just need Hegel to pull their finger out and roll out the Roon Ready update!
  2. Further information: I am the second owner of this Rega Elex-R amp, but both myself and the previous owner have taken very very good care of this amp. It was purchased new in December 2018 from Carlton Audio, and the original invoice will be included. This amp is built like a tank, and has a very engaging and musical sound. There are a lot of great reviews online, and it is a very well regarded piece of kit. It is in mint condition, and comes in the original box with remote and manual. Would suit a buyer who is considering buying this amp new. There is some very minor scuffing on the remote, however this could very easily be buffed out of the plastic if it bothered you - I am only noting this for the sake of full transparency. The amp has not skipped a beat, and has led a relatively easy life. I have never pushed it too hard. I am moving this amp on as I recently upgraded my speakers, which I though would benefit from more current than this amp provides. I had to spend significantly more on a new amp to get something that this one couldn’t give, so definitely don’t let that put you off! Pickup in Thornbury, or I can post at your expense (note it is very heavy though!) Photos:
  3. Thanks all - looks like the Hegel is the way to go.
  4. And sorry! One more question, which I can't quite find the answer to. Does the H390 have the 'wake on LAN' feature that the H120 does, where it will turn on when it detects a signal from the ethernet connection (eg. a started track in Roon)?
  5. Brilliant advice - thanks very much! I haven't been able to find anyone that has had experience with both the Elex-R and Hegel, so fantastic to know that you have. How would you classify the 'Hegel sound' vs the Rega? I do love how musical the Rega is, and am hoping that I'll be able to tune out and lose myself in the music with Hegel as I can with the Rega. Does the H390 fully unfold MQA through the Ethernet port? I've read conflicting info, but it would seem really strange for it not to given I would have thought most people would listen to MQA via Tidal through ethernet? And in what will probably expose my lack of knowledge, am I right in saying that a higher powered amp requires less volume on the amp? If that's the case, will I have a properly usable range to use on the volume dial? As in, it won't become too loud at 10 out of 100 steps?
  6. Hi guys - I recently bought some Dynaudio Special Fortys which I absolutely love, but they have exposed the fact that my Rega Elex-R amp is not quite up to task. So, I'm considering swapping it out and moving to something that also has some streaming capabilities. The perfect opportunity to perhaps reduce the number of boxes I've got under my TV. The Hegel range has caught my eye, and while the power levels of the H190 appear to be about what I need to do these speakers justice, I've read that the DAC in the newer H390 is a step above - is that correct? I also run a Burson Headphone Amp, so the digital out on the H390 is also appealing. I use Roon, so the impending (hopefully?!) Roon Ready update plus the fact that it has Spotify Connect (for ease of use for my wife and kids) makes it seem as though the H390 will make me very happy. So, is the H390 completely overkill for the likes of the Special Fortys? They're in a fairly large room, however they are never turned up ear-splittingly loud. I had briefly considered the Moon range given how well they apparently pair with Dyns, however they don't appear to have anything in the price range that will do what I need it to. No Spotify Connect for starters, and the Neo Ace is perhaps on the underpowered side and the next step up from that looks like its separates (or insanely expensive) which I'd like to avoid. I've also been advised that the value for money just isn't there with Moon anymore, after a relatively recently huge price increase. Any advice is very welcome! I should mention that just want to enjoy my music - I don't like analytical or cold sound. Thanks
  7. Thanks - they've got such a great sound, fair to say the sound coming from my Bose soundbar doesn't come close!
  8. I’d prefer not to at this stage, unless I can find buyers for both parts
  9. Further information: Selling a pair of Dynaudio DM 2/7 speakers in black ash, with matching DM Centre speaker. These are in excellent condition, with a couple of minor points to note below. I have owned these since new (approx 8 years) and they have not skipped a beat. Sound fantastic for their size and price, and a great introduction to the Dynaudio house sound. I remember walking into the store intent on buying speakers and a sub and as soon as I heard these, knew I wouldn’t be needing the sub! They’ve got great bass. I’m selling these because with two young kids, I’m spending more and more time listening through headphones and my wife preferred the look of a soundbar to go with the TV. The Bose soundbar doesn’t hold a candle to these, which I drove beautifully with a Marantz integrated amp. The speakers are in excellent condition, and come with the speaker grilles. As I was cleaning these I noticed two small dimples in one of the tweeters - they are not at all deep, and I never noticed any negative impact on the sound. No idea how they got there, but this was the extent of the damage as I have not attempted to fix them. One of the photos shows this, and if anything over-exaggerates them. There is also some scuffing on the bottom of the Centre Channel but this is not at all visible when the speaker is sitting on something (either with or without the removable plinth stand). These are fantastic speakers and will make anyone very happy! RRP on these at the time was $2300 and I paid about $2100. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Yes, that's the one. https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/conductor-v2-plus/
  11. Item: Burson Audio Conductor Virtuoso V2+ Location: Thornbury Melbourne Price: $900 $750! Item Condition: Mint, in box with all accessories and cables Reason for selling: NLR - simplifying Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This is a fantastic headphone amp / DAC that has rightfully received rave reviews. Can also act as a pre-amp. I’d suggest a quick google search of this unit, as others have done a far better job of summarising it than I could. Suffice to say, this sounds amazing and has very easily driven every headphone ever thrown at it. Purchased directly from Burson in Nov 2016, so still has nearly 2 years left of its 5 year warranty (not that you’ll need it, it’s built like a tank). This would make a great addition to any desk or hifi rack. Pickup in Thornbury after hours, or the CBD during business hours. Alternatively I can post at your expenses, however it is heavy. Comes in original box, with all accessories (including remote and USB and RCA cables). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Item: Cambridge Audio CXN Streamer V1 in black Location: Thornbury Price: $925 $775! Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: This unit hasn’t missed a beat since I purchased it new, and sounds fantastic. It is in mint cosmetic and working condition, and comes with the remote and power cord. I used this to stream music from my NAS, as well as Spotify and Tidal and it served me perfectly. Photos:
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