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  1. Thanks everyone, appreciate you all taking the time to respond. I’ll go with the green layout to start with (based on reading the couple of room setup links) and see how it sounds.
  2. True, trying to keep the place open but it might be an option..I’ll see how it sounds.
  3. Thanks acg, Good to know on the glass. Open to suggestions on better options, Cheers...
  4. Thanks CDave and Ittaku, Two votes for green. 👍 My main concern with the green layout was the huge area of glass behind the speakers but maybe that's not so much of a problem if I move the speakers further away from the glass? There is also a wall above where the (moved back) seating position would be. Right on the dotted grey line there is a 1.2m high wall that 'floats' between the floor an ceiling. Would this be an issue for acoustics?
  5. Hi All, I’s been a while since I’ve posted but after some life changing events I’m in a new house and looking to get my system set up again. The space is open plan but the gear will need to go at one end of the space. I’ve included a poorly drawn mud map of the two options I thougt might work. One in red and one in green. The speakers are Hoyt Beford Type 2’s and a RELB1 sub. The overall area that I have indicated for speaker placement in the diagram is approx 5m x 7.5m My preference is probably for the red layout. If I were to go with the red layout is the best starting point for a listening position as shown as is it the dotted line version? Can anyone suggest other considerations? I will probably be placing several rugs in the house as it is timber floors. The ceiling is open above the area that I plan to use as indicated by the grey dotted line that shows the mezzanine floor. At it’s highest point it’s 7m. The glass windows/doors on the top of the diagram are not ideal. It’s a lot of glass at 4m x 3m. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I don't post very often, but that's where I have to draw the line!!
  7. Another option .... Krispy Audio. http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/ADL-iD%252d35R-3.5mm-to-RCA-Stereo-Cable.html
  8. Thanks ZB and Duc, I won't be fiddling with any amp innards. I've had a chat with stevenvalve so we'll do a bit of testing when I can make some time to drop in and see him. Hopefully it's not option two on your list ZB, that sounds bad!. Thanks for your input!
  9. Thank you VanArn, will do. Thanks SV, you have a PM. I think I know what you mean Thank you to all of you for your help it is much appreciated. Now I have to go plug in another amp
  10. The rebuild was done by a gentleman in Melbourne who also does rebuilds on Leak Troughline's. I was hoping to find someone local so I didn't have to pack and ship as the amp is quite heavy. It also took him over 12 months to complete I would certainly consider Earle, but .. (see above). Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciated.
  11. I'll have a crack at it. I don't have anywhere to host the image. I'll see if I can paste it in? ...that would be a no... Newb alert ...can anyone tell me how to upload a picture or does it need to be hosted on an external site like PBase?
  12. Hi Ortofun, thanks for that, will keep "stevenvalve" in mind if it comes to that. Hi Grassy, thanks but unfortunately the manufacturer is no longer an option. The amp was made about 1958.I've had another look at it and one of the EL84's does look a bit dodgy. I'll swap it out and see what happens. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Hi All, Looking for some advice from SNA guru's on my Leak ST20. It started to develop a slight hum recently. It would be pretty much balanced across both channels on startup but after 30 seconds it moves to the left channel and increases in volume. I tried swapping valves around to see if it moved from the left to the right but no real change. It did seem to reduce the hum a little bit. As I was listening last night I noticed the amp started to smell hot and that one of the EL84's was 'glowing' more than usual. Is this just a valve on the way out, or something more sinister? The amp was rebuilt only 18 months or so ago so all resistors etc should be OK? If I need to get it checked over can anyone recommend someone to look at it for me. I'm in the Blue Mountains. Cheers. MHG
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