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  1. From what I read, he mentions he’s upset with the degradation of the original artist’s work, artist’s intent. Shouldn’t Spotify’s degradation be grouped into that camp if that is the core of his issue? Alternatively, if I’m incorrect in my interpretation, Spotify is certainly not providing anything close to his master version. I didn’t read anything there where he mentioned he has no problem with down sampling. Did I miss it? I agree with @Marc, ulterior motive perhaps.
  2. Am I the only one who finds it completely ironic that his catalogue is on Spotify? Talk about degradation!?
  3. And you all wonder why the females don’t get into hifi? Just read a few quotes from above. Take a cue from your boy @Rhinog66 he’s a true ladies man. Good luck with the sale. And at that price, you don’t need it!
  4. Hey, I never said these aren’t cool. Any KISS dolls rule in my book.
  5. What I’d pay for the first edition KISS dolls?!
  6. Hi everyone. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a TV installer on the Central Coast please? Looking for anyone who has had a good experience and is happy with their install.
  7. May I ask @TP1 what kind of room is it in? My living room is not bright, but it’s not pitch black either. I usually have some biased lighting on. How is it with handling regular free to air content? How far away are you sitting? Cheers!
  8. I hear what you’re saying, but Panasonic has sold out everywhere, but I’ve managed to find a new GZ2000 on close out with full warranty. Again, my main concern with that is sitting distance. If I was closer the Panasonic would be a no brainer over a Sony, but Panasonic don’t do a 77”. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of Samsung screens. I find them over saturated and the lack of Dolby vision is a concern for me. So, it looks like the A9G 77” will be the go.
  9. My thoughts have slightly altered. I can now score a 77” Sony A9g for $5999. A $2k step up from my budget, but I’m thinking it might be the go with Interest for 48months free financing and a 3 yr warranty from Sony. The Panasonic still seems like the bargain, and I just wish my 4m distance would do it justice, cause I would step all over that deal. I’ve checked, they’re all brand new, not seconds, refurbished or b stock. The Sony, is from Sony and the Panasonic is from Harvey Norman (who I theoretically despise), and comes with a 12 month warranty.
  10. Is there anyone out there with a 65” who sits a similar distance to me? Wondering how you feel?
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