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  1. Sweet! I was born in 1974 too.
  2. G_goodwin

    Silverline Audio Sonata gloss black

    Outstanding speakers and a deal to have
  3. G_goodwin

    FS: SOTM SMS-1000D with 2TB HD Lots of Music

    Can this stream Roon by chance? Cheers
  4. G_goodwin

    SOLD: FS: Audio Physic Tempo 25 Speakers

    Listened and lusted over the Tempo II's 20+ years ago. If these have any of the same signature, then, they are a bloody steal for $3500!
  5. Can't Bryan fix it @holliswhy?
  6. G_goodwin


    Let me know if you want to get rid of that Innuos!
  7. G_goodwin

    SOLD: FS: Isoclean power strip 4 position

    True.......very hard to find anything on the net. Is there a model number anywhere by chance?
  8. G_goodwin

    Relisted: Amber 50b

    A classic
  9. I don't have a collection, I have one watch only - my favourite watch of all time. I wear it from when I wake to when I go to sleep. Yeah, it's banged up, because it's used and doesn't sit in a winder all day. I wear it. That's what watches are for. One day I might get it serviced, and buffed. And then, I'll go scratch it all over again.
  10. I've had my AP Royal Oak for 10 years now and still smile when I look at it, even all scratched up as I wear it all day, everyday. I hope I can say that about any of the audio gear I own one day. Keep the watch.
  11. Will the UMT stream Roon if I use my Mac Mini as a core over Ethernet?
  12. G_goodwin

    Oppo BDP 103AU Blu-ray Player

    Nope, sorry
  13. Item: Oppo BDP 103AU Blu-ray Player Location: Woolloomooloo Sydney Price: $450 + Shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not Used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Here's my Oppo BDP 103AU in excellent condition. It has been rarely used as I play all my music via Roon or Vinyl and most of my movie viewing is via Netflix these days, so I figured it's time to get another box out of the rack. I have all of the original packaging, manual and accessories. Plenty of reviews and info on the web, but I'm sure most already know what this is. Cheers! Pictures:
  14. Hi mate, Do you have any idea if this will work with an Oppo 203 by chance? Cheers