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  1. FS: Amber 50b

    A classic
  2. I don't have a collection, I have one watch only - my favourite watch of all time. I wear it from when I wake to when I go to sleep. Yeah, it's banged up, because it's used and doesn't sit in a winder all day. I wear it. That's what watches are for. One day I might get it serviced, and buffed. And then, I'll go scratch it all over again.
  3. I've had my AP Royal Oak for 10 years now and still smile when I look at it, even all scratched up as I wear it all day, everyday. I hope I can say that about any of the audio gear I own one day. Keep the watch.
  4. Will the UMT stream Roon if I use my Mac Mini as a core over Ethernet?
  5. Oppo BDP 103AU Blu-ray Player

    Nope, sorry
  6. Item: Oppo BDP 103AU Blu-ray Player Location: Woolloomooloo Sydney Price: $450 + Shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not Used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Here's my Oppo BDP 103AU in excellent condition. It has been rarely used as I play all my music via Roon or Vinyl and most of my movie viewing is via Netflix these days, so I figured it's time to get another box out of the rack. I have all of the original packaging, manual and accessories. Plenty of reviews and info on the web, but I'm sure most already know what this is. Cheers! Pictures:
  7. FS: Coris LPM Upgrade for Oppo 105/105D

    Hi mate, Do you have any idea if this will work with an Oppo 203 by chance? Cheers
  8. SOLD: FS: KEF reference 104/2

  9. Oppo 203 vs 205

    I'm interested in possibly using either the 203 or 205 as a Roon endpoint to my Audio Note DAC via spdif. Anyone feel there would be much difference between the 2 for this application? Will it also be able to stream SoundCloud, and internet videos over my network if I'm using my Mac Mini as a core/server? thanks for the help.
  10. FS: Wireworld Starlight Cat8

    I'll take this at the 'Special Offer'price please.
  11. Hi, can you please explain what voltage this puts out via its twin outputs? Are they both 12v? How many amps? Do you know if it's possible to buy 5pin DIN cables to DC cylinder connector? I'm looking to power a hard drive and router
  12. Will this stream Roon if I use my Mac Mini as the Core? What is the colour?