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  1. this sounds about right. i was also thinking that maybe because of piracy that Netflix cannot guarantee the security of their movies!
  2. but they have their own movies available in 4k
  3. As the title says i am wondering why none of the Hollywood blockbusters are available in 4k on Netflix
  4. yes but doing that engages a 3:2 pull-down, why i don't know!
  5. done this, if anyone has this tv download the test clip and test if your tv has the problem it is a major problem over on the avforums website.
  6. then why do the latest tv's manufactured from the middle of October not have the problem when they are running the same firmware?
  7. it is on free to air and built in apps, hdmi and usb for anything with 25p or 1080i frame rates. blu rays and uhd blurays are fine here is a test clip https://www.dropbox.com/s/uik0ysxskc9seol/720p.mkv?dl=0
  8. i have the Panasonic EZ950 oled tv which suffers from the dreaded 25p/50i motion stutter problem that is well documented on the AVforums website it is mentioned in the hdtvtest review http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk, Panasonic are denying knowledge of the problem.This is starting to look like a hardware fault as the newer tv's do not have the fault.
  9. be aware that the Panasonic EZ series suffers with a stutter problem on FTA it also has the problem on 25 and 50hz material, read here https://www.change.org/p/panasonic-address-motion-issues-on-panasonic-s-premium-oled-tvs and here https://www.avforums.com/threads/panasonic-ez952-4k-oled-stutter.2127740/ and here https://www.avforums.com/threads/panasonic-ez952-4k-oled-tv-owners-and-discussion-thread.2108262/ you should wait until this issue is fixed before getting this TV
  10. the new Panasonic ez series of oleds have a stutter problem for many owners even after being replaced. Panasonic have not acknowledged that the problem exists and as such owners are left in the dark as to whether there will be an update to fix this problem. Please sign the petition to help get Panasonic to release an update to resolve this issue, if you could share on Facebook as well that would be great. Thank You https://www.change.org/p/panasonic-address-motion-issues-on-panasonic-s-premium-oled-tvs
  11. it is official all of Panasonic 2017 pro hdr tv's will get the hdr10+ update, after talking to Panasonic Australia they said this will be by the end of 2017 but i will have a guess that it will be the end of September beginning of October.
  12. Thanks, i will get back to you regarding calibration.
  13. so i own the panasonic EZ950 and DMP-UB900(set to output 12bit 4.4.4) and would like some clarification on what settings i should be using for the two, i play blu rays and uhd blu rays(no dvd's) i used the spears and munsil 2 calibration disc and found that if i have the tv's colour gamut set to 709 that the colour space pattern does not display ideally but if i use the tv's native colour gamut setting then the colour space pattern is displayed pretty much perfectly,. My question is is this ideal, if not should i have two lots of settings one for blu rays and one for uhd and could someone please advise on what settings to use for each in regard to colour space output. Thanks
  14. i have the Panasonic TH-55EZ950U TV and the Panasonic DMP-UB900 player, i will be a little annoyed to put it mildly if these don't get the upgrade to HDR10+!
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