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  1. Are they hippos by the fire? Very classy, Love it!!
  2. Just listening to some tunes through my new bookshelf/stand mounts beside my TV. Sounding very good now with 100 or so hours on them now. Extremely revealing and detailed and can't stop listening to them.
  3. Yes, i had a pair of Flagship Aaron Paragon P-3 Speakers in 2012 (see below). They had good solid, punchy bass and good overall sound, for what they're worth. Rear ported at the base, so give them some room from the wall to breath...
  4. Yep, bloody auto correct. My friend has the much cheaper W8-2145. It's very very close to the 1808 in performance. Good value imo.
  5. Thanks Dave. 1808, sealed into 24L. I really enjoy the signature sound of the TB drivers. To me the vocals, brass, piano & string instruments sound spectacular! I want to try the MA drivers one day, as I've not listed to these yet. I have the Frugal Horn XL plan I purchased about 4 years ago, but haven't built them yet.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I didn't know that was possible. Xover is removable, so i could try with/without.
  7. I've just completed a new speaker build this morning. Stand mount/Book shelf. 18mm Hardwood Ply, damped with heavy wool carpet + egg crate foam. PU expanding glue, no screws. Beeswax finish - no stain, natural wood colour. Tang Band 8 ohm W3-1364S. Sealed in 1L enclosure. Peerless 8 ohm HDS-P835025. Vented 18L, tuned to 50 Hz. Xover - custom First order solen split - Jantzen caps & inductors. Xover point 800-900 Hz. Zobel on both drivers. Front panel sprayed with pressure pack, Flat Iron colour.
  8. Good work! nice & heavy too. Do you intend on grinding away the inner holes a little, for the woofers to "breathe"? especially with 30mm face depth and also if flush mounting.
  9. I think this is same driver, renamed. http://www.sbaudience.com/index.php/products/subwoofers/rosso-18sw1000d/ Wagner sell it if you are interested. It's listed as in stock. https://www.wagneronline.com.au/new-sb-2019/speaker-drivers/audio-speakers-pa/rosso-18sw1000d-89886/1002105/pd/
  10. Ha....Lego solves everything! I'm just rock'n out to my new speakers.
  11. Wow! jazzman53, this really is next level DIY, High end craftsmanship here... Congratulations on this outstanding project, they look fantastic! I really admire your patience & precision with your work. Thank you for sharing , i'll be watching closely.
  12. FWIW, This is taken from the "PK" driver, not the "K". Measurements taken using the H250, 90 x 90 Constant directivity. http://www.sbaudience.com/index.php/products/horns/horn-h250/
  13. Fashion design? Luminous Intelligent Hi-Tech Optical Fabric Underwear...😆
  14. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/brisbane-city/speakers/bowers-and-wilkins-cm5-speakers/1244160665 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/nambour/speakers/sb-acoustics-10-sb29nrx75-6-norex-woofers/1244177845
  15. Have you asked how long it will take to get? I think the whole SB Audience range is on back order?
  16. Absolutely! .....Also with the crappy Aussie dollar at 0.60, it makes this range of drivers very attractive when buying in Aus! It's a beast of a pro driver...... 120L, box tuned to 32Hz with 2 x 4" ports is a great result! only at half Xmax with 300 watts! You may want 3 x 4" ports for above 300 watts. IMO, good price in Aus when you compare to buying other drivers from overseas with similar specs!
  17. Those Who Ride With Giants - Numinous
  18. No, I don't have the room for them. I aready have a BFM Table Tuba front loaded horn and another 12" sub for now. If i was to build one myself i'd try the SBAudience driver. But that's just me, you pick what driver you think is best for your design and budget. Slot port is fine, same result as tube. My 12" is slot ported. Saves buying port tube or down-pipe!
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