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  1. Wow, stunning speakers! Room looks amazing with exceptional audio equipment 😀 Congrats!
  2. 2 options to consider in Sydney area: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/epping/speakers/focal-jm-lab-chorus-705-bookshelf-speaker/1254973253 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mosman/speakers/wharfedale-diamond-10-1-bookshelf-speaker-pair/1255145787
  3. Thanks for the tips! That's what i was thinking regards flavouring the whisky. I'll skip the rocks/cubes idea then and stick to chilling the bottle and glassware. I like the small, cheap second fridge idea! Cheers 🥃
  4. Yeah, higher temps are the issue for me in Qld. Heading into warmer weather now, keeping it cool is now mandatory! 🥃
  5. Anyone use Rocks or SS cubes with Whisky? Or do you just chill your glass in fridge? I'm entertaining the idea, instead of using ice and watering down that liquid gold taste! I guess i can just rechill the glass quickly with iced water between multiple drinks?
  6. A very nice Fathers Day with my wife & kids. Nice present too!
  7. Very Nice! Cost more than most peoples homes! Dreams are free :-)
  8. It's like.... the centre-fold.... for amplification!
  9. This image from McIntosh website shows a different set up! probs just for photo shoot me thinks? Sorry! accidental double post! please delete.
  10. This image from McIntosh website shows a different set up! probs just for photo shoot me thinks?
  11. A new one on the shelf. Very nice drop! 🥃
  12. Can't go wrong with most tracks from Infected Mushroom. 😎 Especially the song "Spitfire" 2017 single. Sub and bass driver workout. I get a good chair massage form this track! Worth finding a very good quality recording, unlike the YT version listed below.
  13. Nice drop for a 2018 cheapy! Only $12 down from $20 at BWS.
  14. @tesla13BMW Not yet. I don't have enough time to start another project.... And I think i might need approval from the "Boss" 👰 to build an OB speakers. I don't think she will be very happy with the large foot print! 😒 A Pro Subwoofer (or two) is on the future list too. Nero 15" in 100 - 120 L vented.
  15. SB Acoustics 10", 8 ohm may be suitable? If you can find the 8 ohm version in Aus. New driver. https://sbacoustics.com/product/10-sb29nrx75-8-norex/ Very low Vas and will tune low in small enclosure. Big vcoil, big x max and should handle eq boost very well imo. I've used the 6 ohm 10" and they go very deep and smooth, both sealed and ported.
  16. Kick off with a JB.... Then later a glass or four of red me thinks 😋👍
  17. 😋👍 A splash of red to go with some tunes!
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