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  1. 6 hours ago, pete_mac said:

    Ah, that makes sense. Batch 4 would be pretty rare these days. 

    I managed to snaffle my batch 7 for $79 on special on-line at Dan’s... I don’t think I’ve ever finalised an internet purchase as quickly as this one!

    $79 super price! 👍

  2. 24 minutes ago, pete_mac said:

    Nice! Where did you manage to find batch 4? I grabbed a batch 7 example last year, and I think they are now up to batch 8. 

    Yes, batch 8 is the latest. 

    Picked it up from Dans on the sunny coast. They had heaps of stock, all checked out as batch 4. Heaps of dust on the top cap, sitting for a looonng time me thinks 😜👍

    I want to try the 12y & 18y one day, highly reviewed! 

    Cask Strength was a great buy at $97 imo. Not many quality CS whiskys for that price these days! 

    Glenfarclas 105 CS is around $140.

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  3. 38 minutes ago, Cloth Ears said:

    We went to Chief's Son yesterday to pick up my loyalty card (number 001!) and had a taste of the one aged in a belgian tripel cask (from Tar Barrel - ex MP Brewery). I was going to buy one...


    ...until my wife told me to buy two. So we could have one open and one for Ron! She's a keeper.

    Absolutely a keeper. 😁👍

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  4. On 25/02/2021 at 4:46 PM, pete_mac said:


    That's what he/she said! ;)


    You've inspired me to check out what I have awaiting opening. It seems that I have quite a few bottles on the run (with a few recent bottle-kills... RIP!) and only a handful of unopened bottles. Apart from a few repeat purchases which were on special and just couldn't be turned-down (the Lagavulin 16 and the Starward Nova) the other three are recent(ish) purchases or gifts.


    The BenRiach 2007 is a peated 12 year old single cask Australian Whisky Appreciation Society bottling at 60.7% ABV and was matured in an ex-Marsala wine hogshead cask. Bottle 176 of 295. Non-chill filtered and no added colour. This was a Christmas present from my wife.


    The Kilchoman Loch Gorm was gifted to me yesterday as a wedding anniversary present (love you wifey!!). She's a peated malt matured in sherry casks and bottled at 46%, ABV non-chill filtered and no added colour


    The John Walker and Sons Celebratory Blend is a bit of a curiosity and I grabbed it for $80 on special. I was drawn-in by a few positive impressions and the fact that it was bottled at 51% ABV, which is uncommonly high for JW. It will be interesting to see what she tastes like and whether the higher ABV carries stronger flavours. At the launch it was said:


    "The Celebratory Blend is inspired by flavours found in the stocktaking books from Walker's store, which were housed in Diageo's archive. We wanted to use only whiskies that would have been available to the family in the 1860s and to create a sense of the aromas and flavours of the shop." -Jim Beveridge OBE


    A friend received a bottle of JW Blue Label as a work Christmas gift, so we might do some blind tasting to see which we prefer. As per most whiskies from the Diageo stable (including the Lagavulin 16) this is chill-filtered and with added E150a caramel colouring. Worst case scenario, she'll make a decent whisky sour I suspect! :)







  5. On 25/02/2021 at 3:48 PM, Cloth Ears said:

    Decided to have a look at the unopened bottles. From left to right...

    (top - under 50%abv) Edradour 10YO; Chief's Son Imperial Stout; Chief's Son 2020 Distillers Select; Chief's Son Standard (Release 1); Chief's Son The Tanist; Chief's Son Single Barrel 05; Chief's Son Single Barrel 69; Chief's Son Imperial Porter; Chief's Son Single Barrel 001; Archie Rose Single Malt

    (Bottom - over 50%abv) Chief's Son Pure Malt; Chief's Son Standard (Release 1); Chief's Son Single Barrel 58; Chief's Son Standard 200ml; Chief's Son barrel tap (64% single cask - 100ml); Chief's Son barrel tap (63% single cask - 100ml); Ardbeg Uigeadail; Paul John Classic


    Some lovely drams on the shelf for sure! 

    Ardbeg Uigeadail is high on my list. Can't wait to buy this one! 👍

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  6. On 24/02/2021 at 5:53 PM, tripitaka said:


    A nice evening in Melb town for hanging out in the garden.

    A sweeter style wine to encourage wifey to join me.


    A Beautiful setting and lovely image. Wine in the glass colours just pop!  👌

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  7. On 11/02/2021 at 12:19 AM, TDX said:

    We have pet yabbies at home (for kids). Today one escaped from their home and my wife couldn’t find it anywhere. My son suggested maybe have a check daddy’s listening room.  Here we go, an audiophile yabbie 😆🦞 


    Were you playing B52's Rock Lobster by any chance? He's probs just rockin out! 😜

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  8. My 🥃 shelf to date.

    2 new additions:

    Mortlach 16.

    Dalmore - Cigar Malt Reserve. 




    Dalmore, I found for a bargain reduced price of  $125 at my local! Just a week or so ago it was $169 at Dan's. Now it's $185 🤯

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  9. New one on the shelf today. 

    I've been chasing this one for a while, but stock has been low around my locals. This was the last bottle I could find.





    And.....perfect timing too.

    New glassware arrived in the mail today 🥃😁👍





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  10. 8 hours ago, pete_mac said:

    Thank you Santa! 

    Australian Whisky Appreciation Society singe cast 12 year old peated malt, aged in a Marsala wine hogshead cask and bottled at cask strength 60.1%.  Bottle 176 of 295. 

    Tasting notes:


    Nose: Sweet smoked banana, caramelised toffee apple, clove and allspice

    Colour: Gold

    Taste: Honeyed malt and barbecue-smoked apple with banana skin, oak caramel and lingering orange syrup






    Very very nice Pete 👍

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