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  1. Picked up 2 more on special/member offers. Glen Scotia $70 at FC Liquor Market. Bunna 12 $90 at Dan's.
  2. Nice colour in glass! 👌
  3. Yes, tis a very good one, i've got about the same left in my bottle! 👍
  4. Easter 🐰 left some goodies today! Ok it's not chocolate eggs, but much better imo 👌😁
  5. And the latest 18 yo is also very highly rated 👍
  6. Yes, back in action. I've been a bit slack of late... She sure does have sweet, long legs! Great match with the meal...😁
  7. Very tasty shiraz, with my home made, slow cooked, rich and meaty Spaghetti Bolognese 😋
  8. Clynelish 14, member offer at Dans for $91. Very much looking forward to this one 😁👍
  9. Yesterday I was shopping for a few bottles of wine for me and the Mrs and got sucked in by sales again! I've been wanting to try Glen Scotia 15 for a while now, so when it popped up for sale at $95 I jumped on it. Then I'd seen the Victoriana also on heavy discount for $115. So here they are!
  10. @Cloth Ears Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! 🥃👍
  11. Did you find any difference with the nose and taste of both batches?
  12. Yes, batch 8 is the latest. Picked it up from Dans on the sunny coast. They had heaps of stock, all checked out as batch 4. Heaps of dust on the top cap, sitting for a looonng time me thinks 😜👍. I want to try the 12y & 18y one day, highly reviewed! Cask Strength was a great buy at $97 imo. Not many quality CS whiskys for that price these days! Glenfarclas 105 CS is around $140.
  13. New Glengoyne on the shelf today. Cask strength 58.8 abv. Batch 04.
  14. Absolutely a keeper. 😁👍
  15. Settling in with a nice PN for the night 👍
  16. Some lovely drams on the shelf for sure! Ardbeg Uigeadail is high on my list. Can't wait to buy this one! 👍
  17. A Beautiful setting and lovely image. Wine in the glass colours just pop! 👌
  18. Were you playing B52's Rock Lobster by any chance? He's probs just rockin out! 😜
  19. The Glenlivet 15, picked up for a bargain price of $100 from First Choice. $30 cheaper than the other large name store! 😁👍. Replacing Glenlivet 12 Illicit Still, which btw is a fabulous dram.
  20. DoubleWood 12 is a fine drop and also part of my collection 🥃👍
  21. Do yourself a favour, duck down to BWS and grab 2 of these for $24, two for one deal. Very good red IMO 😋👍
  22. My 🥃 shelf to date. 2 new additions: Mortlach 16. Dalmore - Cigar Malt Reserve. Dalmore, I found for a bargain reduced price of $125 at my local! Just a week or so ago it was $169 at Dan's. Now it's $185 🤯
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