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  1. I found this link below quite interesting! https://www.transcendentsound.com/full-range-single-driver.html Especially with regards to the comments about the speaker grill cover (ugly as a hat full of bum holes IMHO!) acting as a "diffuser and break up high frequency beaming". I would've thought the very poor & limited grill open-area (looks to be approx 50%) would cause more problems than benefits! I guess it's worth trying different grill materials with varying open-area, to customize the sound to your liking. It just needs to look much more attractive to me than the above pebble sieve.
  2. Certainly some very complex & interesting designs to be seen that's for sure!
  3. Anyone who thinks a single-driver loudspeaker lacks low-frequency delivery has simply never experienced our award-winning 9.87 System. This modular hybrid active system consists of two units coupled together to perform seamlessly as one. On top is our acclaimed second-gen passive Pi monitor that can be ordered with drivers of your choice. On the bottom is the mighty Pi-Bass. A woofer extension system that combines the Ripol® speaker design philosophy with our proprietary Acoustic Stealth Technology®. The result is a fully open system that moves close to zero air volume allowing for free placement within a room. The lower Pi-Bass module is equipped with 2 x 96dB neodymium woofers each (=99dB). These woofers are extremely fast and are driven by a 250W class A/B plate amp tuned by our electronics team. Given this unique combination, this system runs semi-active in that the Pi monitors on top need no crossover and are fed directly from the high-level speaker cable taps from a complimentary amplifier like our Voxativ T-211 Integrated (the perfect pairing). The bottom Pi-Bass woofer module has it's own amplifier and can be driven up to an onboard crossover setting of 120 Hz (recommended) with a full range of EQ to blend into any room. We suggest a line-level RCA connection from your preamp to the Pi-Bass for highest fidelity (although a high-level speaker cable connection is also possible.) The result is the most powerful full-range system the industry has ever experienced linear down to 20Hz in low-frequency slam. >> TECHNICAL DATA Frequency Response 20 - 20.000 Hz Driver VOXATIV AC-PiFe or others Efficiency max. 110 dB / 1W / 1 m Capacity 50 W sinus Dimensions (W x H x D) 16 x 47 x 16" (40x120x40cm) Color Piano Finish, white or black Weight 150 lbs (67kg)
  4. Yes, the Satori 7.5" coaxial is another driver of interest to me. Would make a great top end for a large floor standing speaker! http://www.sbacoustics.com/index.php/coming-soon/7-satori-coaxial/
  5. This new SB Acoustics FR looks good on paper! I don't think it will be too expensive, as it looks based off the budget woofer line of drivers. I'd like to try this one when it's available... SPECIAL FEATURES: Proprietary cone material with natural fibers made in-house Light weight foam surround Optimized whizzer cone for smooth high frequency extension Phase plug for controlled radiation Large spider for improved linearity Optimized motor system Vented reinforced plastic chassis Non-conductive coil former Long life lead wires Extended copper sleeve on pole piece
  6. Yes, W4-1320SJ driver. Dayton Audio Reference 5" woofers, 4 ohm series, 1st order xover at 500 Hz. 3" TB's in the bookshelf, sealed with ported SB acoustics 5.25" NRX woofers, 2nd order Xover at 620Hz. these TB's are great drivers with top class top end, really sparkle!
  7. Here's a few other FR driver projects of mine. W8-1808 Floorstanding in 110L. Tuned to 47Hz. W5-2143 Bookshelf speakers in 12L tuned to 55-60Hz. W4-1320SJ Centre channel, 4L ported, tuned 90Hz. Not pictured. W4-2142 bookshelf speakers, 7L port tuned to 65Hz. W3-2141 Bookshelf speakers in 2L, port tuned to 75-80Hz.
  8. This is my latest build with the W8-1808. The result has been excellent! Sealed in 22L with polyfill, 1st order xover. Bass is 2nd order, tuned to 35 Hz in 115L, rear ported, Series/Parallel giving the right sensitivity to match W8-1808. Very good in room response to high 20's. Xovers are external and located on floor behind speakers in little bamboo boxes. Measurements are taken 1 m in room. calibrated mic, calibrated with Audio Tool Program has been used on my Mobile phone. Unfortunately no fancy measuring device used... This was used in combination with my preferred in room listening /tuning. This my favourite project out of many Tang Band FR driver projects...
  9. Thanks! Not yet, but i plan to put one up soon when time permits...
  10. Testing my new DIY floor standing speaker project this morning! Not painted & bees waxed yet...
  11. What about a BF HT FLH sub? Huge output, with very low distortion and very little power required. https://billfitzmaurice.info/THT.html Yes, it's on the large side, but can you double its use for a piece of furniture? They come in 2 build sizes. small footprint tower style build with the same specs as the basic box build.
  12. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wynnum/speakers/paradigm-s8-signature-floor-standing-v3-loud-speakers-cherry/1215212531
  13. Focal Kanta No 2 Floorstanding Speakers - Black Gloss - Made in France https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Focal-Kanta-No-2-Floorstanding-Speakers-Black-Gloss-Made-in-France/153446364851?hash=item23ba1db6b3:g:myQAAOSwkbVcoAtc&frcectupt=true
  14. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/algester/stereo-systems/marantz-cd-63-mkii-ki-signature-ken-ishiwata-cd-player/1214277998
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