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  1. Initially I suspected that the volume might be boosted, but it could be that the EQ'ing isn't necessarily flat and is actually boosted in some areas. Or, if the FR is being flattened, and the portion of the FR below the target response, outweighed the portion above the target response; the overall volume will now be louder.
  2. No probs. The desktop app has a 10 day trial, and costs 79 Euro. Mine just ran out, so I might check out the 'Reference 4 Headphone Edition' and se if it has more user control. My Atom arrived yesterday, so I'll have a listen tonight. For the life of me, I can't hear a difference between my tube amp and iphone/laptop, so will be interesting to compare. The only difference is that my iphone/laptop run out of volume and the tube amp has tons of power to spare.
  3. @Farpun You inspired me to pickup a used Atom amp. Surprising that someone was already selling it when it hasn't been around for very long - hopefully it's not broken! Will give my impressions when it arrives. Not sure if you saw my post in the 'post pictures of your headphone setup' thread - I asked if you can try out Sonarworks True-Fi with your setup and let's know what you reckon. Sounds good to me so far, especially the bass extension - I even have the bass lowered by about 2dB to my taste. Overall (with my settings) it opens up/brightens the HD600 a touch, better treble extension, with the upper mids-lower treble maybe being a touch more forward, but this adds 'air'. No apparent detriment to the mids. But my ears could be painted on!
  4. Nice simple setup! I'm really enjoying my HD600 now that I've had them for a few weeks. This may or may not warrant its own thread, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts if you give Sonarworks True-fi a go with your HD6xx. I'm listening with it 'enabled' now through the setup in my sig. It 'opens up' or 'brightens' HD600 a bit and balances them out more. The only negative might be the perceived reduction in sound-stage due the flatter response; and they can sound a bit more 'shouty' on some songs - there must be a dip somewhere in the low-mid treble that gets flattened out - at the same time this adds more 'air', especially in songs with trumpet, sax, female vocal, ride cymbal, etc. This all depends on how much you tilt the treble based on your age though. ATM I have it set at 30/35 yrs (I'm 42), which gives me a little boost that I felt the headphones (or my ears!) could do with. Without crapping on too much, overall, the EQ is subtle, but there's more extended bass and treble, without the lovely midrange taking a hit, which is an improvement IMO so far. Edit....Oh, and the volume takes a hit (-3db?) to avoid clipping, so that's part of the reason I'm asking if you can try it with your setup - to see if the Atom still has enough power in low gain. I did comment in another thread that the Grados I heard were the best thing since sliced bread, but I've since done a back flip and prefer the Senns for their more balanced sound! I'll take a pic of my setup at some stage.
  5. Good to see you managed to sell your very new speakers! I’m guessing you’re going for the Wireless? Out of interest, have you ruled out the Elac variety? There’s the new Elac Navis which is powered and wireless.
  6. I’m surprised that 11 pages in, no one has offered to bring their LS50W actives around to your place to compare.
  7. If you want "open and dynamic" in sound, I tried a lot of headphones on the weekend, and to my *inexperienced ears, nothing came close to the Grados for their openness and presence, and thoroughly enjoyable, emotionally involving sound. The RS1e though, which were the 'revised' brown banded version with less protruding drivers, didn't grab me. I couldn't put my finger on it - maybe they just weren't to my taste, however they're tuned or whatever. The Grados I loved were the SR125e and SR225e - they sounded slightly different to eachother, but very much similar. The other headphones I tried were various Beyerdynamics up to the T1 and Amiron, and Audeze LCD-2. Personal preference/taste seems to be such a big factor though. *My mate and I kind of gate crashed a listening session in a certain hifi shop in Carlton. The couple who were auditioning speakers were up for a chat and we were having a laugh and sharing our opinion of which speakers we preferred. We were told quite sternly by the proprietor that the 'auditionee' was one of the most experienced and "best listeners" in Australia, and to basically shut up and be quiet. I think he was worried that we were talking him into buying the cheaper speakers. I can understand 'most experienced' listener, but how does one achieve the status of 'best' listener?! Does it have anything to do with having the 'best' wallet?!
  8. My favourite is one that I can afford and won't make me cry when I (or someone else) breaks a stylus! That pretty much narrowed it down to the At95e. I then bought a Clearaudio Concept MM V2 at a reasonable price, which takes the same stylus with the plastic clipped off.
  9. Item: JohnBlue JB3 / John Blue No 3 - desktop speakers. Location: Castlemaine VIC. Price: $250 $225 Item Condition: Excellent, a few minor marks. Reason for selling: Moved to a headphone setup. Payment Method: Payal/EFT - post; cash - pickup. Extra Info: I bought these from a forum member here and used them lightly for 1-2 years. They're an open, detailed little nearfield speaker with surprisingly good bass. I don't particularly want to post these, so preference will be given to pickup, which can be arranged in Castlemaine, Mt Macedon (or Melb, but I'm there less frequently). More info here: http://www.johnblue-audio.com/ Pictures:
  10. What focal length or zoom range do you want? Fixed lens or interchangeable? Make those decisions first and it’ll narrow down your options.
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