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  1. What focal length or zoom range do you want? Fixed lens or interchangeable? Make those decisions first and it’ll narrow down your options.
  2. Sold! I’ve run to my computer, but how do I place my order?! The only reference I can find is the link I posted earlier: https://www.jico-stylus.com/neosas.php
  3. Wow you must like the P77 to return to it after 20 years! Thanks for sharing your experiences. So you reckon the SAS 1 is better than the original stylus?
  4. So $400 is a retip or the whole stylus assembly?
  5. I'd love to know as well. I have a P77, but don't know the state of the stylus. Can anyone clarify which styli will fit the original P77 as a replacement? To my knowledge the The SAS 1 fits (which currently only seems to be available from Thakker, and a Shure N91E (not ED) fits, so therefore this Jico one should fit? I also came across this: "We resume taking orders of the Super Analog Stylus Series".
  6. Love the look of the Hammond cases you’ve been using, was just checking out the latest additions to your blog!
  7. Item: MiniDSP DDRC-24 Location: Castlemaine Vic, can post. Price: $350 plus post. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Bought here in the classifieds late last year, but never got around to using it. Payment Method: EFT, Paypal (you cover any fees). Extra Info: Comes with Walwart, No original box. The Dirac Live license is easily transferable. More info about the product here: https://www.minidsp.com/products/dirac-series/ddrc-24 No pics yet, will add some in the morning.
  8. If you can solder then you’re way ahead of me! The good thing about the Lenco is you can always chase up parts if you stuff something up. Yep, the PTP serves the purpose of isolating the motor, but I’m not sure about footfall, it probably still needs to be delt with so that it doesn’t reach any part of the turntable. I’ve got some ‘Paperock’ offcuts to use for a plinth. It’s 30mm thick, so planning on doing an upper and lower deck with metal or concrete ‘posts’ between the two. It’s been discussed in the Lenco thread.
  9. Does there happen to be a Klein III loaner unit to demo?
  10. Sounds like we’re in the same boat, but I’m further down the track (or river). I’m technically innept, but after stripping down a Lenco and fiddling around a bit, I feel confident I’ll be able to take on the project. There’s step by step guides for every component on Lenco heaven. I already have a good turntable, so I’m in no rush, but over time I’ve gathered components - PTP6, Sien bearing and a few Lenco tables. If you’re patient, Lencos come up for sale and seem to be selling at reasonable prices these days. If you’re lucky, one might come up here in the classifieds that’s already been serviced and replinthed. Speed change on the PTP6 is as easy as any other manual turntable, it’s just a slider. People build their own speed controller with ‘Nigel’s PCB’. You could just buy a Lenco and change the tonearm with a drop in replacement, and that’ll get you going.
  11. Yep, PTP6 is the one to go for if you don’t plan on using a speed controller. Do you have a Lenco btw?
  12. Yep, the above is spot on and well explained.
  13. I don’t notice as many Chord DACs in the classifieds as I do Curious USB cables! Is it just a case of a lot of them being in circulation?
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