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  1. flanders

    SOLD: FS: Cambridge Audio DAC Azur 851D

    Very nice pics! Metal/chrome/stainless is hard to photograph well.
  2. flanders

    FS: Richter Wizard MK1

    I would love these if still available. Will send a PM.
  3. I’d like these please! PM sent with intent.
  4. flanders

    SOLD: FS: Single KEF LS50

    Nice Frugel Horns! Did you make them yourself? Not selling those by any chance?!
  5. flanders


    How many inputs does the amp have?
  6. flanders

    SOLD: FS: cawsey ear science power cord

    Hi, I'd like to grab this, provided it's quite flexible and not the stiff Belden stuff?
  7. flanders

    SOLD: FS: McChanson MarzE KT88 Tube Amp

    Beautiful amp. Does this have 2 inputs? Also, what are the extra speaker terminals for?
  8. flanders

    Catman's Analog Musings

    I've just received the smaller A-D-A version, the miniDSP DDRC-24, from the classifieds. Hopefully the benefits of room correction will outweigh any negative impact the ADC/DSP/DAC has on the signal. Thoughts?
  9. flanders

    Rebuilding phono system completely

    Such a grandiose, subjective statement, without reason or explanation, is totally unconstructive and unhelpful; and maybe offensive to anyone who’s spent their hard earned money on a pair of these speakers.
  10. flanders

    Phono Stage Synergy ?

    Good outcome!
  11. flanders

    Catman's Analog Musings

    ....Which would mean having it in reach or on your lap? Not that I have any experience, but I think that's the beauty of PC controlled DSP, you can operate it from a laptop (and take room measurements) from your seating position. I'm wondering though, and @Happy or @andyr might be able to answer this: with a miniDSP, can you tweak the frequency response on the fly, while playing music?
  12. flanders

    Catman's Analog Musings

    Ideally you'd want to adjust this from the listening position (in real time) wouldn't you?