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  1. FS: Van Damme 1 metre RCA interconnects

    @Bill125812 are these XKE cables with techflex cover? Would you say they're stiff or flexible?
  2. Lenco owners thread

    Can I ask who's making your plinth? Eventually I want to do a PTP6 and would be great to have a plinth built by someone who knows what they're doing. Btw, if anyone wants my surplus bits, I have the leftovers from a L75. The top plate is in good nick. The arm is in bits, but would be good for parts. I'll only need the platter, motor, bearing, idler/arm, etc for a PTP6 build.
  3. Wood Bodied AT95 Cart Impressions

    Very interesting @nkoulban. Can you tell us how you go about potting the cart? I have an AT95e which I was planning on upgrading to a Denon DL-110, but your mods have sparked my interest! How would your modded AT95SE compare to a DL110?
  4. FS: Interconnects and Power Cables

    I'll take both power cables please.
  5. FS: Wireworld Supanova 7 optical cable

    Damn, pitty this isn't mini to Toslink.
  6. Next in line for Mark Grant - Black Series DSP 2.5 Power Cord please.
  7. FS: AltJ/Asgeir Downloads

    Saw them at the Forum a year or two ago. Amazing gig.
  8. I can't believe this hasn't sold yet! Loving my (recently upgraded to latest spec) Quasi mini 20w. Realised again how 'right' it sounds (to me anyway), especially guitar, after seeing Bill Frisell at the Recital Centre last Friday night.
  9. WTS - ISCOIIIL Anamorphic Lens

    This is a highly desirable slab of glass! GLWS
  10. FS: iFi Gemini dual-headed USB Cable

    PM sent to buy.
  11. FS: Linear regulated PSU 12V 3A

    I'll take it please!
  12. I'll grab one of these if still available @musical physic

    I'm interested to know also.