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  1. flanders

    DIY Tonearm

    Wondering about this also. Would be good to hear some feedback from owners, and clarification of the differences between models.
  2. flanders

    Linn Sondek LP12

    Looks the same as mine when I bought it (a 1977/78 serial number with Grace Tonearm). I paid $650 at a record shop about 8 years ago, but they seem to have gone up in value since then. In case you don’t already know, when you’re moving them around, it’s best to take off the outer platter, and put a couple of chocks under the sub platter to raise it slightly. Good luck with selling them, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble.
  3. Damn, missed it. Next in line please if sale falls through.
  4. flanders

    SOLD: FS: Chord and Wireworld Cables

    What length is the USB? Thanks
  5. flanders

    FS: Quad 66 CD Player

    Love mine! Interested to know what you’ve replaced it with.
  6. flanders

    WTB: Rega armboard for LP12

    I have an Origin Live one that’s as new, never used. Pre-drilled holes for 3 point mount. Seems to be the same build as my genuine one. Let’s know if you’re interested.
  7. Thoughts on this product regarding its impact on audio - positive/negative? I don’t really know anything about it, but an electrician mentioned it today. https://www.edgeelectrons.com/solariq http://reneweconomy.com.au/cutting-edge-grid-controls-kill-need-coal-48786/
  8. Wow, they are glossy!
  9. @joz, @Sir Sanders Zingmore, @Tone Malone; I'm totally hearing you about room treatment and DSP/EQ being the biggest upgrades/making the most difference. Our lounge room isn't exactly great acoustically. When I play certain music with piano, some higher notes really ring, uncomfortably so. When I walk over to our piano nearby and hit notes in the same area, they're around about the 6th octave. Maybe someone can tell me what frequency that is. I'd have to check again to pinpoint the notes. Herbie Hancock's 'The Imagine Project' album is an example of this ringing - the song 'A Change Is Gonna Come' in particular. I'd be interested in what other people hear when listening to this particular song. When I add makeshift diffusers (in the form of clothes horses full of clothes!) to the first reflection points, front L&R, this definitely tames the ringing.
  10. Sorry @wolster, my fault, will keep it clean.
  11. Thanks for all the replies so far, a lot of advice to take on board. @was_a, my DAC is listed in my signature - a 'Starting Point Systems' Battery DAC. Provided my speakers are reasonable, which I think they are, what kind of source are we talking, that's going to do my speakers justice? And does that mean my CD player is equally restrictive? @Blk plastic, it seems that way to me ATM. @blakey72, yeah the synergy thing, I think I've noticed this along the way with a few different amps. My current amp sounds more enjoyable and 'better' to me, which brings me to.... @andyr, over the period of weeks, months, even years after a change has been made, this is when I've perceived improvements which I have trouble detecting when I go back and A/B or A/B/A. And yes, these improvements could be more due to my preference. If I had to describe my current amp from listening over time, which could be totally delusional, I'd say it's more breathy, snappy, forward and has a presence/ambience or more 'live' sound, which I prefer to other amps I've had. And I wonder if this could be the 'synergy' at play, which @blakey72 mentioned.
  12. Although I’m not buying anything (I feel more inclined to sell things right now), I think this belongs in the ‘beginner’ section so that those more experienced and wiser than me can advise and shed some light. Like we all are, ultimately I’m hoping to improve my system. But I understand that my system is hardly what you’d call 'high end’ - another reason this belongs in the beginner/pleb section. If this comes across as stupid, it’s because I am. Please excuse the basic language. I’m in no way technical or expert in these areas - another reason…. Here’s my problem: I've been listening more critically to my gear lately, trying to make some comparisons, and I'm stuffed if I can tell a difference between anything much now! A/B’ing is a tricky thing, going from memory because of the break between music to switch items around, while trying to keep my self-diagnosed dyslexia in check and get the cables in order, while trying to restrain my self-diagnosed OCD and not check for the fifth time that the cables are in order. Do you find this to be a problem as well? The time-lapse I mean, not the dislexia or OCD. Improvements I've perceived in the past when making an ‘upgrade’ - which previously involved putting the component in place and telling myself, “yeah, I reckon that sounds better, it must, it’s an upgrade” - I can no longer confirm when I go back and A/B. What initially pricked my ears up was when I put a Schiit Eitr between my laptop and DAC and I couldn't tell the difference with/without it. Yes, a Schiit Eitr, so highly praised in internet land, didn’t make my atrocious sounding Macbook Pro (according to everyone in internet land) sound any better. Initially I thought I could hear an improvement, but I was also keeping in mind that internet land was telling me that. I went on to make other A/B comparisons and couldn't tell a difference either, between: USB vs optical vs coaxial; MacbookPro-Audirvana-Tidal-SchiitEitr-DAC (24/96) vs iPhone-Tidal-SchiitEitr-DAC (16/44.1) vs CD player; DC Blocker vs no DC Blocker And now my old interconnects vs new ones! To the extent that I’ve compared (some things I haven’t compared), the only thing I now believe that I can flat out tell apart without doubt is my external DAC vs Laptop DAC. I can hear the difference between DAC/CD vs Turntable - but take away the surface noise and I wouldn’t bet on winning a blind test; and I reckon my mains filter reduces the bass and a bit of clarity when my amp is plugged into it. I accept that my system may not be 'good enough' for me to discern subtle differences, but I constantly read of others experiences, with systems of comparable esteem to mine, spruiking the benefits of item 'X’ and the ’night and day difference' it made in ‘lifting the veil’, and allowing them to ‘hear things they’ve never heard before’. I’ve read a few blind testing vs ‘using your ears’ debates and I’m aware of the evidence to suggest that I may not be the one with the hearing impairment. In fact, I may even be able to hear the scoffing coming from the guys with power cables. I might actually have a decent grasp of reality and an objective ear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m being realistic about my hearing. I’m not about to present myself with the 'StereoNet Golden Ears Award 2018' (which some self-adulating forum members would if you passed them a trophy), it’s just that I may not be going mad after all. I know objective is the wrong word, I should say sceptical, because I’m doubting what I think I should be hearing when A/B'ing, rather than trying to confirm a bias. Or maybe that’s still confirming a bias, but the other way around. In the end I’m being subjective. But that’s my point. Nearly everyone who carries on about the improvement of Item 'X’ (including myself on one occasion), is doing a similar A/B comparison to me. With the time-lapse between listening (while swapping bits around), is A/B’ing just a poor method of comparison? And even if there is a difference to be heard, am I just not going to hear it under those conditions, and it’s only a bias steering me one way or the other? During a break from writing this rather long winded, roundabout way of asking a simple quaetion, I just listened to Robin Thicke ‘Angel’ and it sounds amazing. So I am enjoying the music! I haven’t listened to that one in a while, but it used to be one of my test tracks, before I did a few ‘upgrades’. I could swear that the song sounds much better than it did before these ‘upgrades’. In fact, I could swear the whole soppy poppy album sounds better! In case you’re worried, I do skip past a few songs that I can’t stand! C’mon, it’s only a ‘test album’! I’m also listenening (and wanting to listen) at a higher volume lately. So this volume increase could be perceived as an improvement, or maybe the improvement is allowing me to listen louder. One thing I’ve learnt is that it’s very easy to get sucked into thinking one (the louder) component is better than another, until you volume match and the reality becomes stark. But in this case, I’m talking about the same amplifier, and I know that the dial is higher than it was. I could also swear that bass is deeper and more articulate than before I installed 'Bill’s cables'. I remember telling him this at the time (a few months ago), before I started this whole self-doubt thing. Anyway, thanks for reading. Essay complete! I hope it’s obvious that I’ve used a fair old dose of flippancy and sarcasm, so feel free to reciprocate. I’d rather keep it light hearted, with a bit of substance and solid advice thrown in for good measure. I just found this article, which is pretty basic, but written in my language and maybe answers my question. I’m 'all ears’ to keep on learning.
  13. Digital Man, the beauty of your setup is that you can walk into a shop with your laptop and try other headphones and even an external DAC and see if either/both make an improvement. If you already have a smartphone this could be used as your iTunes DAP as well. To use an external DAC with the iPhone you need a ‘lightning to USB camera adapter’ which Apple charges way to much for in order to unlock its digital output. There’s a USB 2 and USB 3 version of the adapter. The USB 3 version allows you to charge your phone at the same time.
  14. flanders

    AT95VL tip broken/removed

    Geez, that’s unlucky, I’ve had a few falls like that too and the tip stayed intact. Did you buy the cart/stylus locally?
  15. Thanks Bill, we spoke about that - the plan was to get you to make up some 4S11 cabes (dressed/terminated), but I decided to hold off until after the reno/rewiring, once I know exact lengths. I began to think it might be easier to use unterminated cable to pull through the wall plates and conduit (under the house). Then I came across RG213/U, then Mogami W3082. Going unterminated means I can try it out now and just run it across the floor, allowing a bit more length to cut it when I instal it properly.