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  1. Very nice. We kicked off with a Bolly and followed up with the Tattinger, and it was in definitely in another league. The Bollinger lacked the elegance from start to finish and was less intense and more one-dimensional by comparison.
  2. Big day on Wednesday with a few drinking buddies for a mostly Penfolds perfect day. It was my birthday recently too so there was a cake and a celebratory glass of Penfolds brandy. I'm the old guy on the right. Gotta say that I'm not a Chard man normally but the 16A was stunning. The Grange was superb too but my pic of the reds was the bin 707. In a word, incredible.
  3. Although most class D amplifiers use either ICE power or Hypex modules and identical SMPS's, so at their core they're all very similar or near identical. The primary differentiator is the input stage (buffer) which adds almost insignificantly to the measured performance in most cases. This is very unlike class AB amplifiers which are mostly discrete designs with a wide range of topologies and ditto measured performance.
  4. For me, a few months is long enough. I come to class D without any preconceptions or bias, but my opinion ultimately only matters for me. If you're happy with class D then you should use class D because it's more efficient and occupies less shelf or floor space.
  5. ABX testing is meaningless in my opinion. The only valid test is the long term listening experience. I have NC500 and 1200 monoblocks and they're both great sounding amps, but as much as I want them to be as good as my class A,AB references they're not. However, my NC1200 mono's give me the best bass I've heard in my system so I use them to power the woofers.
  6. In that case there isn't much to be done, unless the new owner wants the caps upgraded in the dc servo, which is a more recent modification. I'm not surprised. The KAS was a great amp. My guess is that you found it to be a more refined sounding amp than the others but I would be surprised if bested the 1500 in the bass department. Some people find the ME's a bit brash or grainy in the treble, although my 1400 sounds silky smooth up top so it could be a system / speaker thing.
  7. Up to 100W class A into 8 ohms.
  8. My ME1400 works very nicely with my B&W 800 Diamonds too, particularly right now and during winter months ahead when the wasted heat is a blessing.
  9. That's top price considering age & condition and required servicing to bring it back to like-new performance. Aside from the usual foam replacement and bias calibration adjustments it will probably need to have many rail caps replaced as well as dc servo filter caps upgraded, and there's only a select few people in the country that you can trust to do the job properly.
  10. From my experience though, with a typical low distortion op-amp based "buffer", the Hypex amps are slightly harsh in the treble when compared with a typical low distortion class AB amplifier. It's not dramatic but it definitely detracts from the listening experience. Whether this is related to measured distortion or the distortion profile is unknown, but fwiw I have several class A and AB amplifiers that have a sweeter treble than the Hypex, and one of them is a low feedback design with 0.1% THD and the other is a high feedback design with distortion near 0.001% up to 10kHz, which is a bit lower than the Hypex. If the Purifi sounds more like typical class AB in the treble it would tend to indicate that the Hypex is to blame, even if unsupported by typical standardised measurements. Of course the guys over at ASR all believe that the Hypex are essentially perfect and that perceived differences with other similarly performing amplifiers are simply "imagined", but there does appear to be a significant consensus among audiophiles which they're unwilling to accept is of significance and worthy of further investigation.
  11. Yep, they're from Phil (81vintage) in Tas. Nicely built mono amps using NC1200 and SMPS1200 power supplies.
  12. There's also this one ... https://vtvamplifier.com/product/vtv-amplifier-stereo-purifi-audio-1et400a-amplifier/ I did have a few email exchanges with Tibor from Apollon, and in his view his best build version of the NC1200 is still king, but the only real difference I can see is a fancy discrete preamp stage, and I'm not convinced it will sound substantially different in the treble, and at $8500 with the current exchange rate it's a large risk that I'm not inclined to take. I haven't heard a Purifi but it's probably worth a try if you can get a decent build at a decent price, and assuming your speakers are not too nasty a load it might just tick all the boxes. Please share your findings if you make a purchase.
  13. I would argue that class D is now quite mature, with Hypex based offerings probably still leading the pack. The main problem with class D has been distortion above 2-3kHz, but the best from Hypex are able to achieve <0.01% THD up to 10kHz at most power levels which isn't dissimilar to many decent class AB amplifiers. If it's possible to raise the switching frequency in future the performance will get better but I'm inclined to think that this will be more of an evolutionary process. I'm actually using NC1200 based amplifiers to power the woofers in my B&W800 Diamonds and they give me better bass overall than any other amps I've tried. However, I still prefer the more seductive sound of a class AB amp driving the mids and tweeters so that's what I'll be sticking with for the foreseeable future. Class D treble is too crisp and "in my face" for my liking.
  14. Have you cleaned and demagnetised the heads?
  15. There's a guy not far from me with a pair of Denon POA S1's driving VAF I93's and it sounds incredible. I'll take some pics next time I visit. I know that Denon merged with Marantz nearly 20 years ago but I'm not sure if / or to what extent they retained their own R&D / engineering division, but it would be interesting to see a schematic.
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