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  1. I also agree and prefer the musicality of I30 (Class A/B) over the I32 Class D.
  2. I do have a CC 241 that l'm not using right now. I actually have 2 of these (one in use) and was quietly looking for a third to run 2 a set as side speakers in a HT. Color is either dark grey or black. Not sure l want to sell - but perhaps l can be tempted.
  3. Hugh Dean's amp are awesome. Build instructions are thorough. Consider this a $5-$10K bargain
  4. Item: Primare 30.5 amp in black or 30.7 (Class D) in black Price Range:900 to 1200 or market rate Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. I'll take it if still available - can arrange pick up in Melb
  6. I also find myself in a similar situation. I have the Primare SPA21 and find it to be excellent for music reproduction with my elac fs 249 speakers and for driving a 5.1 system. I'm looking to move to 7.1.6 and was looking to add a newer receiver and another amp for the additional channels. But like you which amp - another primare? What is wrong with your SPA21?
  7. These mate very well with Primare amps. Amazing sounding speaker with huge soundstage. I have two pairs - else l would have already pulled the pin here. GLWTS
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