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  1. How bad have lyrics gotten?

    Oh and will never forget when the kids were about 5yo, watching a video hits channel on Foxtel. Miley Cyrus came on with Wrecking Ball. I was in the kitchen and all I could hear was "NAKED!.......NOT NAKED.......NAKED......NOT NAKED" as they watched what they could before I raced in!! Couldn't help but laugh though I must admit
  2. How bad have lyrics gotten?

    Ha, wife and I were just talking about this the other day whilst listening to the song Glow Worm by the Mills Brothers. So simple and innocent, then we switch stations and we have to censor the words for the kids, or explain all the sexual innuendos!
  3. 60/40 coffee beans recommendation

    I just roasted some Costa Rican beans and although I didn't find them acidic, I found them a little bland as well. For me, Ethiopia is the land of sweetness. Specifically the Gambella region. If you can source some, worth trying for sure.
  4. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    They have a 600g and 1.2kg roaster, although that's the canister capacity. I would say I get about 400g (I have the 600g version). So I'd say 800-900g from the larger one. I thought I'd try a 1/4 mix of the Costas today with the Ethiopian just for fun (I realise a few days too early) and the taste was similar but more bland than usual. I'm actually after some brightness as I'm finding it is a little on the sweet side, so if they don't work will go to Columbian to spice things up. https://beans.net.au/pages/roasters
  5. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    Hmmm possibly. I'll be down for the Australian Hifi and AV Show on 19th Oct and there's a good chance I'll bring these down with me. If that's too far away and you're wanting to do something sooner, I wonder if I can entice you to make the trip up here?
  6. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    Balanced tamping lol. Nah 2 tampers because the Elektra MCaL on the left has a 49mm basket, and the Giotto has an E61 group with 58mm basket. The roasting machine isn't pictured, I use a Green Bean roaster. Just roasted some Costa Rican beans (something new for me) and may blend with my regular Ethiopian single origin. I've since sold the Giotto, in the next few weeks I'm hoping the next machine will here (most likely a Profitec Pro 800 lever).
  7. 60/40 coffee beans recommendation

    You wouldn't go 100% Arabica?
  8. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    Bit more information on the new room! https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/news/118-krispy-audio-opens-new-showroom-in-sydney
  9. Krispy Audio Grand Opening Specials!

    Well I hadn't considered that but never say never right!?!?!
  10. Krispy Audio Grand Opening Specials!

    Sorry I missed this in the lead-up! I've got the Genelec subs here with DSP that I'm using as part of my main setup. I can run you through it anytime if you wanted to pop in. It's interesting to see the before/after results with their EQ, time domain correction and phase calibration. Auto calibration but complete manual control if you need it. https://www.genelec.com/studio-monitors/7000-series-studio-subwoofers/7050b-studio-subwoofer
  11. Krispy Audio Grand Opening Specials!

    Sydney, only an hour or so by air
  12. Krispy Audio Grand Opening Specials!

    Thanks! Just did a group head seal replacement on the old girl so hopefully won't mind a little workout over the weekend. I'm still saving for a commercial lever machine!
  13. Krispy Audio Grand Opening Specials!

    Hi Michael, our Krispy Kables range of cables are all hand built by yours truly, and this is the product that first started my business twelve years ago.
  14. Krispy Audio Grand Opening Specials!

    I'll be opening the new store from 10-4pm this Sat and Sun and encourage the local fraternity to pop in and say hi! I've been in negotiations with suppliers and am happy to announce that there will be specials available in-store only which cover all brands, at discounts too good to publish! This is a genuine sale offer to those who can attend, but please email me an approximate time so I can ensure the coffee machine is warm and so I can give you details of where to find the store (it can be dubious especially on Sundays when the main centre doesn't open). [email protected] Brands on sale include Aurender, Bricasti, Eclipse, Entreq, Esoteric, Furutech, Genelec, Harbeth, Lumin, Manley, Morch, Shunyata Research, Transfiguration, Verity Audio, VPI turntables and WBT amongst others!
  15. I've had an Elektra for about a year now and love it! The spring may give you a little more consistency.