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  1. Krispy Audio

    Vinyl disillusionment

    I've found a huge difference in surface noise between different cartridges (different stylii shapes). Maybe it's time to try something else? Also had a customer with some feedback issues in his vinyl system which was remedied with some speaker resonance control and a little for his rack and TT.
  2. Krispy Audio

    SOLD: FS: Isotek EVO3 Aquarius

    RRP is $2,850, haven't seen them anywhere near $1,650 in the shops, that's well below wholesale! GLWS.
  3. I've had some exhibit the squeak, and talcum powder remedies it if it's annoying. I'd try that before glueing the pulley!!
  4. Krispy Audio

    Audiophile fuses

    aaaaaaaand yet another thread where anyone with an opinion differing to Z is called stupid, rather than people who have experience experimenting with various fuses feeling comfortable expressing their opinion as requested by the OP.....
  5. Here's an interesting point from our room to add to your comment @atavid - we had 3 racks full of components in our system, a power conditioner and cables, and a single pair of speakers. Dozens and dozens of people asked how much the speakers were. I can only think of a handful who asked how much anything else was.
  6. Krispy Audio

    FS: Micromega M-One integrated amplifier

    That's actually TBA in this situation, potentially the M-150 Micromega!
  7. Item: Micromega M-One integrated amplifier Location: Berowra NSW Price: $4,895 (RRP $6,500) Item Condition: As good as new (even has the screen protectors still on!) Reason for selling: Trade-in Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This was sold by us in April of this year, less than 6 months usage. It presents as new and has the latest firmware installed. This Class A/B 100w amp is slimline and can be installed on the floor, wall or in your rack. It has multiple analogue and digital inputs, a dac, phono stage, headphone amp and bluetooth. There is also an optional room correction board you can purchase should you wish. Extremely versatile and just run in so ready to enjoy! Full details: http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/Micromega-M%2dOne-integrated-amplifier-ex%2dtrade.html Pictures:
  8. Item: Esoteric F-05 integrated amplifier with optional DAC board Location: Berowra NSW Price: $10,995 (RRP $14,000) Item Condition: As new Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 120w Class A/B integrated with by-passable tone controls, in-built phono stage (mc/mm), and includes the optional dac board ($1,500 option). A versatile amp that will drive almost any speaker combination. Comes with a full function remote control, dual speaker outputs, and balance of new warranty (~18 months). This was our demo unit and has always been treated with exceptional care. Full specs: http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/Esoteric-F%2d05-integrated-amplifier-pre%2dloved.html Pictures:
  9. Absolutely. Also uses the same motor that was in their short run of VPI Classic Direct tables that sold at double the price. They ordered the 400x in order to get the motor pricing right down.
  10. I have put my name in the queue! Limited to 400 with a production date eta of Feb, get your pre-orders in now
  11. Had this in our store for a listen, and was genuinely surprised at how good it was tbh!
  12. Item: Genelec G One speakers (pair) in white Location: Berowra NSW Price: Old RRP $980, now $799 shipped for the last 4 sets. (New model is $1,090) Item Condition: 4 sets new, 1 set ex-demo Reason for selling: Clearing for a new model Payment Method: C/Card, PayPal, Cheque, Direct Transfer, Cash Extra Info: The newer model has gone from a Class A/B amp in these, to a Class D, so in some ways these clearance sets are more desirable! Full specs: http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/Genelec-G-One-(A)-3"-active-speakers-RUNOUT.html
  13. Krispy Audio


    No longer happening at Krispy
  14. Krispy Audio

    Tidal Speakers and GrooveWorks.

    Go Peter! There are a few companies now using Tidal speakers as a reference for listening tests - great that you're bringing them in!
  15. Krispy Audio

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    Skoda use it too. The concept is a strange one but it does the job I guess!