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  1. I would second the suggestion of considering putting the sub money back into the speakers or elsewhere. Those speakers go down to the 35Hz (probably lower in-room response) which is pretty decent to be honest. Do do you need a rack for this?
  2. I haven’t come across any other than Furutech but if you’re getting a bunch I’d be happy to look into a bulk price. PM me if you need. You don’t want to solder mains cables, these just use a screw clamp.
  3. It's an Australian delivered unit but as with all of these, it is 110-120v/220-240v switchable.
  4. Item: Technics SL1210Mk2 turntable Location: Berowra NSW Price: $1,100, add $50 postage if required Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Need the space tbh Payment Method: Any Extra Info: This table has actually seen minimal use, acquired more for its legendary status than for playback. It hurts to list this but I'm running out of space and it just doesn't see enough usage to justify holding. It's in absolutely mint unmarked condition. The perspex cover is lightly scratched but nothing deep and a keen polisher could restore it fairly effortlessly (or replacements are available). I have the original box for this. Unsure the exact age but was purchased when Technics announced the end of production for their turntables (so 2010-ish?). As was purchased, this has a schuko power plug with an Aust adaptor. Price includes turntable, head shell, dustcover and original box (note no cartridge included). Also offering a generous discount on matching graphite platter mat and headshell should you want to upgrade this fine lady! https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/oswalds-mill-audio-graphite-platter-mat.html https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/oswalds-mill-audio-graphite-headshell.html Photos:
  5. He's using vinyl until he decides on his next move!
  6. I know right! K1 + G1 is about as good as it gets!!
  7. Just to chime in here mate, for anyone considering this, the warranty is 5 YEARS on all VPI products, and completely transferrable to the new lucky owner of this fine specimen GLWS.
  8. Ah well in that case it's most certainly the cartridge. But if you've got continuity then it may not be the wiring. Or perhaps the wire is just holding on but when it's cue'd up on the record it loses contact. Do you ever use a liquid stylus cleaner? Because on an MC cart this can make its way into the coils and cause corrosion. Either way I'd give the ZYX distributor a hoy and see if he can send it to them for inspection/repair if they offer that. I believe Pure Music Group are handling them? Fingers crossed!
  9. It's a good sign, but when you switched the wires at the peadshell to cart, did the faulty channel switch from left to right?
  10. I've personally never encountered an internal wiring fault in a cartridge but it's very possible of course. My only thought for testing this is to check for continuity between +ve and -ve pins on the cart itself.
  11. Item: Verity Audio Amadis S speakers (latest/current model) Location: Berowra NSW Price: $34K (RRP $48.9K) plus $400 delivery if required. Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: Payment Method: Any Extra Info: Delivered 2 years ago to our customer, these speakers have been lovingly owned. They feature a gloss makore finish with gorgeous bookend timber veneer, the new Verity Isolation platforms developed in conjunction with SRA, and represent a great saving from the new price! Photos: Photo for illustration purposes, actual photos will be available on request or when we take delivery (still at customer's home until his replacements arrive but can arrange for a demo at any time if required). https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/verity-audio-amadis-s-speakers-pre-loved.html
  12. We also have the matching G1 Grandioso word clock available at $20k down from $28k.
  13. Item: Esoteric Grandioso K1 Location: Berowra NSW Price: $25k (RRP $35k) Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Payment Method: Any Extra Info: Sold by us approximately 18 months ago, this unit is in immaculate as-new condition. Not a single mark or scratch, save $10k on Esoteric's top model single-box SACD player! https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/esoteric-k1-grandioso-sacd-player-pre-loved.html Photos: More available shortly
  14. This is what I use at home - lovely machine, will last forever, quick warm-up, silent operation, and a statement in the kitchen or lounge room! Trying to encourage a friend to buy it - stand by
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