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  1. Krispy Audio


    No longer happening at Krispy
  2. Krispy Audio

    Tidal Speakers and GrooveWorks.

    Go Peter! There are a few companies now using Tidal speakers as a reference for listening tests - great that you're bringing them in!
  3. Krispy Audio

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    Skoda use it too. The concept is a strange one but it does the job I guess!
  4. Krispy Audio

    Esoteric K-03X CD SACD Player

    Will trade this on a VPI Avenger or Grand Prix Audio Parabolica or Monaco turntable!
  5. Krispy Audio

    IsoTek Seminar Mon 24th Sept

    We're pleased to announce that Monday, 24th Sept, Krispy Audio will be hosting a presentation night with Bjoern of IsoTek, here to discuss the company and the merits of its products. We'll be listening to a high end horn-based system with pure class A amplification. There are 12 spots available for the night, which will commence 6:30pm. Exclusive event specials will be available to attendees on the night, and look out for some online SNA specials too (more on this soon). To register, please email info@krispyaudio.com.au and we will confirm your place. Krispy Audio is based in Berowra NSW. http://www.krispyaudio.com.au http://www.isoteksystems.com IsoTek is an English company making award-winning power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema systems.
  6. Krispy Audio

    AC/DC on vinyl

    Yep mine's George Marino remaster. Maybe I need to give it another go.....my system changes so often that it's hard to get a baseline for things like this. I've got a Boom Crash Opera LP I bought in the 80s as a youngster. It sounded thin and nasty to me but persevered and I try it on every iteration of system I have. About 5 years ago I suddenly hit the recipe for it to sound good (ie the synergy was right)!! Glad I stuck with it.
  7. Krispy Audio

    SOLD: FS: New HIFI Racks Duet speaker stands

    They come with spikes so are fine with carpet, mindful of the relatively small baseplate and light overall weight (ie 20kg maxi-monitors won't be stable!)
  8. Krispy Audio

    SOLD: FS: New HIFI Racks Duet speaker stands

    Bump $100, need the space
  9. Krispy Audio

    2019 projector releases ?

    I'm contemplating a Sony 270ES for home - hoping the price is reduced from the 260ES model! I've also just invested in a Stewart Screen so should be a good step up from the Epson and painted wall current scenario .
  10. Krispy Audio

    Tell me about 300B tubes.

    I found with my 300B pre and 300B Monoblocks, that rolling the 300Bs had the least impact on the sound. Changing the input tubes to NOS had the most profound effect (including a reduction in microphonics) followed by the rectifiers. For this reason I settled on the Gold Lion 300Bs as I find them very reliable and a step above the Electro Harmonix.
  11. Krispy Audio

    FS: VPI Scout Turntables (3x)

    Two down, one to go! Scout Jr still available!!
  12. Both available for demo I would like to add!
  13. Krispy Audio

    SOtM new 200 NEO versions

    Wanted to chime in here with the info I've been given from Crux. The upgrade cost going through local channels is $120 plus the return postage cost. So should be $200-ish. The Neo changes are simply a small tweak to the internal power board. And so with that second comment, I wonder if the better investment is to add a linear power supply if you haven't already...?
  14. Krispy Audio

    FS: VPI Scout Turntables (3x)

    The Scout Aries split and became the Scout 1.1 and Scout 2 (the 2 denoting a 2" Classic platter). From the Scout Aries, they went to an aluminium platter as you've noted. The only other change is the tonearm material (and I'm guessing here but I believe it went from aluminium to stainless steel or at least hybrid alum/stainless). There are some very minor changes for example the tip of the footer went from a steel ball to a rubberised foot, but they're otherwise very similar. The difference in my pricing is more reflective of their age; the 1.1 being the very last batch before they changed to the Prime Scout, so it's circa 2016.
  15. Krispy Audio

    FS: VPI Scout Turntables (3x)

    Scout "Aries" now sold