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  1. They are close in terms of flexibility, very little difference in it. Overall diameter of V12 is roughly 12.5mm vs 14mm on the V10. V12 on the left, V10 on the right. The V10 as a feed cable is doublely important to have the wire gauge, also for amps V10 is the best. They are far more flexible than equivalent sized cables I’ve had here so I don’t think it would present an issue in a tight spot. We have one left in stock of the V10 with C19 btw!
  2. I've found with my P3s that they favour being positioned slightly wider than equilateral, whereas most others favour slightly inside. Try going wider; you'll improve soundstage width yet they hold the centre focus well still.
  3. Hey, we can offer the same discount for the C19 version, no problems. It would just need to be ordered in because usually for a feed cable people would go with the larger gauge V10. Please let me know and I can get it happening. I haven't got the ability as yet to test the cables with my noise analyser (and I've loaned it to a customer), but the NR tech is similar to the Delta. The separator now between Venom and Delta is the VTX geometry of the Delta. I'm using a Delta as a feed cable, and will shortly be running a mix of V10/V12 after my conditioner.
  4. Our Halloween Special is now LIVE! The first shipment of the brand new Shunyata Venom noise reduction power cables has landed and you'll save 10% from now until Sunday. For under $600, the NR-V12 offers a 12-gauge cable that surpasses inferior cables with its >12dB measured noise reduction @1MHz, high quality connectors, Fluorocarbon dielectric, techflex protection, and the security of serial number identification. https://krispyaudio.com.au/categories/specials-ex-demo/
  5. Bit late to this but just confirming they are the same pair I had for sale a while back. They didn't sell so went down to Melb to try. If you're genuinely interested in a pair of 40.2s, these sound as good as a brand new pair at nearly $10k off. The blemish is extremely minor, and in about the best place possible to have such a thing. You simply can't see it unless you sit behind the speaker and are directed to it.
  6. Item: Sota Sapphire turntable with Morch DP-6 chrome arm and Ortofon 2M Red MM cart Location: Berowra NSW Price: $4,760 (Retail package would be $9,533). Shipping +$80 if required. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Stock turn Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale once again - second time I've owned this! And the one I say I'll never sell, so is a reluctant sale. I'm offering this with a brand new drive belt, brand new Ortofon 2M Red MM cart (happy to discuss upgrades), and the Morch DP-6 tonearm with Precision Blue Dot armwand. For local pickup I can also offer the perspex dustcover at no extra charge (box won't allow for shipping interstate). One-of-a-kind plinth hand-painted by personal friend Renae Haak of Diabolic Tattoos in Newcastle. It was Canadian Maple which was prepared and hand-painted, and now protected by a layer of wax. https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/sota-sapphire-turntable-pre-loved.html
  7. He is what's inside retrieving your files as you navigate. It's an Aurendeer 😁.
  8. Item: Aurender N100H 2tb Black Location: Berowra NSW Price: $2,800 (price drop from $3,299 - retail is $4,499) Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Full specs here: https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/aurender-n100h-digital-music-streamer-2tb-ex-demo.html Photos:
  9. Hey Joey, I was commenting on the original post (whether he should go up from HL5s to 40.2s). Audiome - They're near polar opposite the Veritys to the Harbeths, but a valid comment given pricing. I'm still yet to hear a speaker image better than Verity Audio, and if you're after linearity and absolute analogue tonal accuracy, they're the ones. But they won't touch the 40.2s for lower frequency body and richness, and the Harbeths (all of them) are the least fussy about upstream equipment that I've come across. If classical music is your poison, Verity all the way. If you're after a great all-rounder the Harbeths are an easy choice imo.
  10. What are the room dimensions? In one of our rooms (3.7 x 5.5m) the HL5s actually sound better imo. In our larger 10x9m room the 40.2s show why they're 3x the price. You do get more body, a larger visceral impact, and just a greater sense of energy, but you're also losing the super tweeter and so I would say that transparency is slightly better in the HL5s. If your room is large enough, the 40.2s are supremely addictive and an absolute full-range speaker. They'd be my choice.
  11. Their trade-in scheme seems to oscillate. If you have no luck I'm always happy to consider cart trades.
  12. I don't have an open IsoTek here to test but will do so when I get a chance. I could do that with a kettle cable but if I make an adaptor cable I can also use a kettle cable for a baseline. The adaptor is handy because I can test just the cable itself. It's great to be able to see (as well as hear) the results for this stuff. Also the Shunyata has a C19 input. One of Shunyata's long-standing point of difference has been the non-current limiting design, and because of that I've never experienced any loss of dynamics. Their current capabilities are not hindered by high impedance electronic filtering. I've got access to multiple conditioning brands, but choose Shunyata for the reference system here.
  13. I agree. But don't forget this is in our shop, a commercial premises. It's not nearly as bad at home
  14. D is right, the cable is helping here as well. I'm going to make a link cable so I can measure the noise reduction of the actual cables. The entire Shunyata power cable range have NR (noise-reduction) built in (except the narrow-fit versions of them). So even if you already have a power conditioner you are happy with, a Shunyata feed cable could also be a consideration. "The Delta NR in Shunyata Research’s NR Series power cables incorporates ‘on-board CCI™ filters’ that provide power conditioning to each individual component." https://shunyata.com/products/power-cables/nr-series-power-cables/delta-nr/
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