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  1. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    Happily! Like the hifi system, my coffee setup is always evolving. Already got sights on another lever machine Behind the scenes is a Green Bean coffee roaster. I'm roasting single origin predominantly from Ethiopia, but will be adding some variety so I can offer anyone a selection of regions to select from. That brings me to the grinder... I picked up a Mazzer Major which was ex-cafe. It hadn't been used in about a decade. It was in bad shape so I pulled it down. I thought whilst it was apart I may as well have it sandblasted and 2-pack painted (Holden Captiva pearlescent black). New burrs were installed. With my relatively low usage, grind retention was a concern so I replaced the doser with the funnel. I weigh the dose before grinding (hence the scales and test tube caddy), this way I can rotate beans and keep my doses fairly consistent. Machines - I alternate between the ECM Giotto and Elektra Micro Casa Leva. The ECM is great if I need to get through a few coffees quickly, but my heart belongs to the lever machine. Contemplating selling the ECM... I like to use Reg Barber tampers and just ordered a naked portafilter for the Elektra. The coffee sack frames above are actually 50mm thick acoustic panels I framed with maple timber, so offer a dual purpose!
  2. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    Thanks for all the encouragement guys, it's great to hear! There's quite a few build pics on my Instagram and Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/krispyaudio/ https://www.facebook.com/krispykables/
  3. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    Ha yes it's come a long way! Here's an early pic for everyone. This place used to be a gym. My kids were quick to claim the stretching bar as a skateboard grind bar!!
  4. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    I'm excited to announce the brand new Krispy Audio HQ! Located in Berowra NSW, it's been 3 years in planning (long story). We took the keys early Sept, then single-handedly fit it out including constructing some of the furniture and all of the acoustic panels/treatment. That's taken 4 months just to get to here, and I'm sure this will still evolve indefinitely.The aim was to create a warm, home-like experience with less emphasis on product bombardment, and more on the whole musical experience. Some of you have already visited, but I'm going to host an official opening on Saturday 10th Feb from 3-8pm. Due to space limitations this will be invite only at this stage pending confirmed numbers. But alas, we are open for business right now and available almost every day by appointment for a look/listen. We will be offering some fantastic specials on opening day, so stand by for these offers shortly. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, whether you've been a customer or not, because it's your support and enthusiasm that has enabled this to happen. The best moments for me are when I see you smile, shake your head in disbelief, or even cry as a result of a demo or something I've supplied that has enriched your life. It's such a great reward for all the effort.
  5. Are all XLR to RCA cables wired the same?

    Definitely not. Early '80s (I believe 1983 from memory), was when they standardised the XLR pin configuration so that Pin 2 was hot. Prior to this, there was no standard and so Pin 2 and 3 were used for hot depending on the country of manufacture. If you buy a new cable they'll be Pin 2 hot unless specified, and may or may not be bridged for cold to ground. You may be able to ask for one made as per your diagram depending on who's making it up for you. I can offer this if you're interested.
  6. Update - is sold pending customer trial.
  7. Little Fwend automatic tonearm lifter

    I haven't seen one on an RP10 but can't see any problems placing it on the bridge. And the steel bridge (assume it's steel) would mate well to the magnetic base.
  8. The main difference is the input method (RCA on the domestic range, XLR on the pro range), but then just some other minor differences like colour choice (black or white vs grey) and input sensitivity. As you climb the size in the pro range, some have inbuilt dacs too (eg 8330A) and Genelec's DSP of course.
  9. New Esoteric SACD jazz box set

    Strange, it's working for me....?
  10. Item: Shunyata Alpha Digital power cable Location: Berowra NSW Price: $845 posted (RRP $1,400) Item Condition: As-new Reason for selling: Payment Method: Anh Extra Info: Our ex-demo is for sale as the new range has just been released. This one is AU>C15 (standard configuration), and the ZiTron circuit is designed to reduce noise in higher frequencies as what usually occurs from digital equipment (although can be used for anything). Specifically designed for digital sources (eg CD players, streamers etc) or other digital equipment such as Class D amps. http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/categories/Specials-%26-Ex%2dDemo/ Pictures:
  11. Item: 3x white ArtVinyl LP displayers Location: Berowra NSW Price: $180 posted Item Condition: New, but weathered boxes Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are brand new, but the cardboard is just looking a little weathered from being in the warehouse. Frames are perfectly fine inside. RRP is $80ea, ie $240 for 3, now save 25% - reduced to $180. They are wall frames that hinge forward and hold your favourite LP. It's fast to remove, so they can be used as actual record holders, or just to hold the album cover. http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/Art-Vinyl-Play-%26-Display-LP-Holder{47}Flip-Frames.html Pictures:
  12. New Esoteric SACD jazz box set

    Only 2,000 of these bad boys being released by Esoteric, stock available now!
  13. Okki Nokki dealer in Sydney?

    Thanks for the plug Marc! Although now only offering the VPI RCMs (albeit at a higher price).
  14. SPR08Y's new room

    Can't wait to se how it turns out M!
  15. FS: Vermouth Black Pearl speaker cables

    Can't believe these excellent cables haven't sold! Now $800, any takers?