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  1. let me know your address, please. Is tomorrow daytime good with you for pickup? Regards Peter Mobilexxxxxxxx
  2. If it's available, I will take it. Can pick up and pay cash. Peter Tng
  3. I would like to take it if it's still available. PM send.
  4. I would like to take the following: 1--IMF speaker badges(X2) 2--Super compact tweeters (X2) cheers Peter
  5. My apologies. 2234 H should be A$600.00 Let me know the postage please.
  6. I would like to take: 1--JBL driver clasps X 16 + A$100.00 2--JBL2225H X2= A$200.00 3--JBL 2234H X2+A$400.00 Kindly let me know the postage to 2262.NSW please. Cheers Peter
  7. Are you willing just post all drivers and x'over instead of the 4 boxes? Regards Peter
  8. I will take this beauty. Please pm me your address and mobile nos. Cash on pick up.
  9. I would like to view the photos, if possible. Also, what is the estimate postage to 2262,NSW. Thanks and regards Peter Tng
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