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  1. Black Orange

    GS' next speaker - TAD CR-1, ME-1, PMC MB2BSE, Magico?

    If I was in your position, looking at keeping your main amp and the excellent DEQX (I use DEQX in my system too), I would buy the best and most cohesive sounding Stand Mounts or book shelf speakers that will match well with the amp. I will also buy a couple of Sub Woofers and integrate them with the mains using the DEQX. This way your amp is kept away from driving the demanding bottom end and using the DEQX you'll have much better control of the bass management and levels as it will be driven by a different amp to the mains. Integration with the sub and mains is seamless with the DEQX. I would look at Subs like the Rel G series, Rythmik etc. And book shelfs can be from the brands you were looking at Magico, Dynaudio, TAD etc. I have also been impressed Raidho.
  2. Black Orange


    Have a read of a white paper on the subject written by Roger Sanders. He designs and builds the Sanders Hybrid ELS speakers. The link is as follows: http://sanderssoundsystems.com/technical-white-papers/212-room-acoustics-and-treatment-white-paper My suggestion is to have the speakers at least a meter from the front wall, if not more. Side reflections are not that critical with most els speakers, unless they are curved like the Martin Logans. Distance requirements behind the listening position is as per any other speaker. Very important to have the listening position exactly in the middle of the two speakers to get good sound stage and imaging.
  3. Black Orange

    Roon 3 Pack discount

    I am confused! Am I in the group buy or out? I am still interested to get Roon so a little discount is welcome.
  4. Black Orange

    Roon 3 Pack discount

    Please put me in for a tentative. I will confirm by Monday, 3rd December
  5. Item: OE Pharos Manual Coffee Grinder - had the full VooDoo Daddy Mods done Location: Melbourne Price: $425 Item Condition: Perfect - Wanted to have a manual grinder but didn't use it much. Under 8 KG's of coffee ground Reason for selling: Too good a grinder to be just sitting on the bench. Become lazy and just use electric grinder. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is one of the best manual grinders with a 68mm Conical burr grinder. I believe the grinder is being offered at a great price as these grinders with the mods go for around US $450 A link to a forum discussing the mods is as follows: https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/pharos-removing-grounds-voodoodaddy-mod-t22866.html Pictures: To be added.
  6. Black Orange


    Amazing subs.... Ironic...my reason for not buying is the same as your reason for selling! GLWTS
  7. Black Orange

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    Wow now that's a coincidence ! I would love to see the good old boy again. And..if your parents ever decide to pass it on... there a loving home for it.
  8. Black Orange

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    Great idea for a thread ! My year Zero system was a National Panasonic stereo receiver (Ledsonic 2800) with matching 2 way speakers. Sounded fantastic. My parents had a boombox but I was never happy with the sound (early age audio snob!!!) and insisted they buy me a 'good music system'. My parents finally gave in and bought it for my 6th birthday. For my 7th Birthday I got a Phillips hifi turntable to go with the receiver. It was a good TT with a Linn like suspension. And yes...I was a spoilt 'only' child. Would love to find and buy these again when I have more space set them up. A video from the net of the receiver in action.
  9. What a great night !! A night of excess....food, drink, and fun. Good job Evil C for organising this, and a big thank you to all the SNA's who attended and made this another memorable SNA night out. Special shout out the all the SNA'ers who came from far and wide for the show and dinner. I believe every state and territory was represented last night. Glad Marc and Vanessa could join us too. Had decided to go to the show today but got up a bit worse for ware after the excesses of last night.
  10. Come down to Melbourne for a listen.....It's all hunky Dory here.
  11. Awesome mate. $55 is good for me. Let me know when I need to transfer the funds.
  12. Black Orange

    FS: Sbooster Linear Power Supply - 9 to 10 volts 

    Lol. Thanks for the reminder. Pics added
  13. Black Orange

    FS: Sbooster Linear Power Supply - 9 to 10 volts 

    Still available
  14. This is getting me excited !!!! I am happy with anything the group chooses as I am sure it will have great beers and good food. Awesome work Clive.
  15. Black Orange

    Stopping floor vibration

    Have a look at Auralex SubDude. They are designed to isolate subs and should work well in your situation. I have not used them myself but always read favourable reports. https://www.storedj.com.au/auralex-subdude-ii-sub-isolation-platform