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  1. Or once you have connected the 203 to the new TV, using the onscreen display, set the output to 1080p only and then you should be able to route through the Integra via HDMI. Obviously you can do this through the menu system of the Oppo using the front screen before you get your new 4k display and you should be all good on the current TV.
  2. There's a review of the W5700 in this months edition of UK magazine Home Cinema Choice. Very favourable review, pretty sure I am legally not allowed to reproduce the review in full so here is the conclusion: 'Home cinema star. Overall, this is a superb UHD projector that boasts previously unobtainable colour coverage for a DLP display and a remarkable level of accuracy. Design and setup are home cinema-friendly. Brightness is somewhat limited but HDR performance remains impressive, amd motion handling and 3D are both excellent. Audition one 4.5 stars out of 5.'
  3. Do splitters work in reverse i.e. join?
  4. MI: Fallout 4K - $12.50 at Big W: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/mission-impossible-fallout/p/809744/
  5. I just had a look and cannot find this on the Oceania website, any chance you can post a link of where you check? Thanks, Ian
  6. MakeMKV Works great and can compress down to small file sizes without compromising picture quality.
  7. How about this: Mal Devlin Lounges
  8. I don't think the OP wants to buy a new player when he is getting one for free.
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